Top 5 Shows to Look Out for on Netflix Canada This September 2020

Top 5 Shows to Look Out for on Netflix Canada This September 2020

1. I’m Thinking of Ending Things

This screenplay is an adaptation of the psychological thriller novel by Canadian author Iain Reid. The story revolves around Jessie Buckley’s trip to the family farm of her boyfriend, Jesse Plemons, to visit his parents. From there, several unpleasant twists of events occur.

2. Ratched

The series focuses on the villain, Nurse Mildred Ratched, who worked as a nurse at a hospital in California when World War II ended. The series shows the evolution of Ratched as she becomes the monster that viewers would eventually understand and love.

3. The Duchess

This series shows how Comedian Katherine Ryan lives her life in London as a Canadian single mother.

4. Love, Guaranteed

The rom-com film is about a man who decides to sue the dating service that falsely guaranteed his success in finding true love. He hires a lawyer to defend his case, but in the process, he may have found his true love.

5. Record of Youth

A Netflix Original Korean Drama series that shows the struggles faced by three young people who are looking to succeed in the fashion world.

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