Duncan MacPherson – Canada’s Political Cartoonist through the Years

Duncan MacPherson – Canada’s Political Cartoonist through the Years

The book entitled “Professional Heckler: The Life and Art of Duncan Macpherson” by author Terry Mosher is a biography of one of Canada’s highly sought-after figures in the field of political cartooning. It covers his journey as a political cartoonist in the 1950s and the years after.

Duncan Macpherson’s career began to skyrocket with his works for Maclean’s magazine. His fictional illustrations became covers of magazines and books. He had several remarkable works and some of which include the 1957 Christmas issue of Maclean’s magazine as well as the cover for the 1977 book “My Childhood and Yours: Happy Memories of Growing Up.”

Another notable work of his was when he worked side-by-side with Bob Allen, a sought-after contributor to several popular magazines. He became the illustrator of Allen’s articles for Maclean which revolved around Allen’s life at home with his wife and daughters.

Allen’s character eventually evolved into a new character named John Q. Public. This character became a regular in Macpherson’s works which appeared in the Toronto Star. Macpherson’s brilliance in the field of cartooning proves that he belongs in the genius category.

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