How Canada Proved Itself to the World

How Canada Proved Itself to the World

Canada had proven itself when it established a formidable military force under Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie.

He was a man of principle and during his leadership, he put his soldiers’ interest before his and turned down offers of promotion in rank that would have served his interest and others above him.

Even though Canadians served in the British Expeditionary Force, Currie during his term, ensured that his four divisions stayed together and fought under Canadian command.

Currie was able to train the Canadian infantry units on how to use better models of tanks, aircraft, phosphorus bombs, Stokes mortar, and others. Their training involved anti-gas drills that simulated exposure to phosgene and mustard gas.

The infantry practiced not only for when they were attacked but also worked on locating enemy guns so they could be silenced right off the bat.

Another tactic that Currie used was investing in engineers as he believed them to be indispensable members of the force. The Canadian Corps had 3,200 engineers. Some of their tasks were building bridges or clearing roads, when necessary, and disarming booby traps.

Although the Canadian military started with almost nothing, it, at some point, became competent and a force to fear during the war achieving great victories.

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