Toronto Light Festival at the Distillery District to Cheer You Up

Toronto Light Festival at the Distillery District to Cheer You Up

Last January 17, the Toronto Light Festival showcased several art pieces that enticed visitors. Here are some of the art pieces we saw during the light festival:


The nine Sydmonauts sculptures welcomed the visitors at the entrance. The artwork paid tribute to the works of astronauts and mathematicians in the field of space travel.


The interactive pieces of mushrooms were inspired by the cultural value of mushrooms that are considered symbols of good luck.

Cloud Swing

This piece brings back memories of your childhood when you see it. The swing sets are underneath huge suspended clouds. The clouds are dimly lit when the swing seats are unoccupied, and the clouds fully light up once they are occupied.

The Palace of Winds

This is a piece of art wherein laminated plywood, fluorescent thread, and black lights are used to bring about a design so elaborate that gives that ancient yet dreamy vibe.


Submergence is the highlight of the light festival. The work used 5,000 points of light that are separately controlled. It allows visitors to experience an environment where real and virtual elements are combined.

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