Vaping’s Impacts on Art and Industry

Vaping’s Impacts on Art and Industry

Vaping activity is becoming more common here lately. All around, we see people vape – from parks to malls. Sometimes, you can even see people vaping in cafes. Various vaping devices are also becoming easier to find on the market.

Many youngsters and people who try to quit cigarette smoking have been drawn to vaping. This led to the increased usage of vaping devices. Moreover, vaping has influenced some industries such as global art and industry.

Vaping’s Impact on Art

In today’s world, vaping has become a new form of art. With the increasing popularity of the culture, many vaping enthusiasts want to take it to a whole new level.

Those individuals have turned vaping into a more competitive and skillful game. Some of them call themselves cloud chasers. They aim to produce the thickest and biggest vapor cloud.

Others are more drawn into vaping tricks, and they can do several basic vaping tricks. Some are even capable of creating more complex tricks.

Popular Vaping Tricks

The most basic one is making a single “O” form using the vapor. Starting from this single O, they will jump into more complicated trick combinations. Other popular vaping tricks are the “Tornado” and the “Dragon.”

The Tornado

You will need a room with minimal airflow and a table or any flat surface to do the Tornado. Place your mouth as close as possible to the table and exhale all the clouds slowly. Put your finger in the center of the cloud, then raise it quickly to make a tornado form.

The Dragon

The Dragon trick is really cool. It is essentially blowing out of the cloud through the corner of your mouth and both your left and right nostrils. This will require some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will look like an expert.

The various combinations of tricks have made vaping art really popular among teenagers and young people. Some of the pioneers of this art form are Daniel Walsh and King Titus.

Vaping’s Impact on the Industry

Vaping has been claimed as a safer alternative compared to cigarettes. This claim played a significant role in the rise of the vaping industry. Many cigarette smokers stated that vaping had helped them cut down their nicotine intake.

The industry of vaping has seen incredible growth over the past few years. Thanks to the many customizable parts constructing a vaping device, it has made many job opportunities.

Different vaping devices have different parts. However, generally, they have atomizer, cartridge, sensor, and battery. The cartridge is filled with juice. The juice itself comes in many flavors and nicotine levels.

Many local and international brands pop up in many places. Many online and offline vaping shops have emerged, too, even in small cities. They provide customers with many options available to suit their needs.


The potential growth of the vaping industry is still enormous. There’s always room for new creative and innovative brands. It is even predicted that, in 2025, the vaping industry can grow up to 20% globally.

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