Emergency Remote Learning via Laptops Has Become an Alternative in Canada

Emergency Remote Learning via Laptops Has Become an Alternative in Canada

Remote learning took most people by surprise. Many teachers did not see the importance of remote learning until 2021. The one thing that suddenly became inevitable in Canada was laptops.  Most schools started using emergency remote learning for their students.

Emergency Remote Learning via Laptops

Education employees have found themselves reverting to emergency mode to ensure that every child is taught in a risk-free environment. To keep sickness and the spread of the flu at bay, remote learning via laptops has become an alternative.

The governments in most countries have left the public systems to work out their resuscitation. To achieve this, many public officials have started implementing measures to ensure that the health and education sectors run seamlessly.

The consequences are enormous for everyone. Today, students make use of tablets and laptops to learn.

However, the Canadian teachers’ Federation CTF/FCE insists this emergency remote learning is bound to fail. The body fiercely argued that in-person funded education in the public sector is not the same as virtual learning and teaching.


The repercussion of remote learning is dire. Many families lack compatible devices and Wi-Fi facilities to support their kids in Canada. Some families depend on the food programs from their schools to keep their kids healthy and well-nourished. This set of residents has been cut out of the running economy of Canada. The students are bounds to suffer from mental health epidemics if remote learning continues.

Coming back from remote learning to in-person learning has put the system under strain after a long time. To ensure that schools in Canada reopen, the CTF/FCE wants the government to do the following:

  • Improve the ventilation in schools
  • Offer N95 masks to students, education workers, and teacher
  • Education workers and teachers should have prioritized booster shots
  • Reduce the number of people in a class for healthier co-hosting and physical distancing
  • Mandate the school to start contact tracing
  • Mandate that every school should report COVID-19 cases
  • Families and education workers should have adequate rapid antigen tests.

While emergency remote learning has become an alternative to studying, the CTF/FCE insists that such practice may not take care of the inaction in the system. This does not mean the schools should sleep on it.

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