Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Greeks/Peter D. Chimbos

Good accounts of social and economic conditions contributing to emigration from Greece to North America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are Lewis Sargent, Greece in the Nineteenth Century (London, 1897); Henry Pratt Fairchild, Greek Immigration to the United States (New Haven, Conn., 1911); and Lucy M.J. Garnett, Greece of the Hellenes (New York, 1914). A Greek perspective on the Macedonian issue and history is found in Evangelos Kofos, The Macedonian Question: The Politics of Mutation (Thessaloniki, 1987).

General works dealing with historical, social, economic, and demographic aspects of Greeks in Canada are those by George Vlassis, The Greeks in Canada (Ottawa, 1953); Efrosini Gavaki, The Integration of Greeks in Canada (San Francisco, Calif., 1977); Peter D. Chimbos, The Canadian Odyssey: the Greek Experience in Canada (Toronto, 1980); Stephanos Constantinides Les Grecs du Québec (Montreal, 1983); Robert W. Albert, Les Grecs (Don Mills, Ont., 1983); Stephanos Constantinides, “Les Grecs du Québec et les médias,” Études heleniques/ Helenic Studies, vol.1, no.1 (1983), 9–22; Stephanos Constantinides, “Secteurs d’activités et conditions de travail des Grecs du Québec,” Études Helléniques/Hellenic Studies, vol.1, no.2 (autumn 1983), 45–54; Leonidas C. Bombas, “Greeks in Canada: A Researcher’s Approach,” Études Helleniques/Hellenic Studies, vol.2, no.1 (1984), 47– 62; Denise Desrosiers, Quelques groupes de femmes québecoises: similitude et/ou divergences quant aux caractéristiques socio-démographiques (Colombie, Grèce, Haiti et Portugal) (Montreal, 1984); Tina Ioannou, La communauté grecque du Québec (Montreal, 1984); and Wallace E. Lambert, “Greek Canadians’ Attitudes Toward Own Group and Other Canadian Ethnic Groups: A Test of Multiculturalism Hypothesis,” Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, vol.18, no.1 (1986), 35–51.

Other useful information on Greek-Canadian communities is found in Peter D. Chimbos, “A Comparison of the Social Adaptation of Dutch, Greek and Slovak Immigrants in a Canadian Community,” International Migration Review, vol.6 (1972); Efrosini Gavaki, “Urban Villagers: The Greek Community in Montreal,” in Jean Leonard Elliot, ed., Two Nations, Many Cultures (Toronto, 1983), 123–47; Peter D. Chimbos and Carol Agocs, “Kin and Hometown Networks as Support Systems for the Immigration and Settlement of Greek Canadians,” Canadian Ethnic Studies, vol.15, no.2 (1983), 42–56; Nadia Bredimas-Assimopoulos, “Dynamique ethnique et évolution socio-politique du Québec: le cas de la population grècque de Montréal,” Sociologie et sociétés, vol.15, no.2 (1983), 105–16; Calvin Veltman and Tina Ioannou, Les Grecs du quartier Parc-Extension: insertion linguistique dans la société d’accueil (Montreal, 1984); Peter D. Chimbos, “The Changing Organization of Greek Canadian Communities,” International Journal of Comparative Sociology, vol.27, no.3–4 (1986), 208–16; George Karlis, Perceptions of Greek Immigrants and Descendants Toward Greek Culture and Participation in the Hellenic Community of Ottawa (MA thesis, Acadia University, 1987); and Geraldine Thomas, “Women in the Greek Community of Nova Scotia,” Canadian Ethnic Studies, vol.20, no.3 (1988), 84–93.

Studies that deal with the social mobility of Greek Canadians include Peter D. Chimbos, “Ethnicity and Occupational Mobility: A Comparative Study of Greek and Slovak Immigrants in Ontario City,” International Journal of Comparative Sociology, vol.15, nos.1–2 (1974); Michael G. Tzanakis, Occupational Status, Achievement Process, Ethnic Identification and Income: The Case of the Greeks in Canada (MA thesis, McGill University, 1980); Peter D. Chimbos, “Occupational Distribution and Social Mobility of Greek Canadian Immigrants,” Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, vol.14, nos.1–2 (1987); Peter D. Chimbos, “A Comparative Study of Intergenerational Mobility: Children of Immigrants in Canada and Children of the Same Age Cohort in a Greek Village of Origin,” International Journal of Family and Marriage, vol.1, nos.1–2 (1993). Archival materials for Greek Canadians in Ontrio are described in G. Scardellato, ed., A Guide to the Collections of the MHSO (Toronto, 1992), 185–207.