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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: 8 THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW december SB, ISIS BE SURE to VISIT the NEW Confucius Room Dine la Comfort la rti Rieaalisl Far the laat la Cameos Peed to The Hanking Tavern tt-tt blikabsth bt t0b0mto CCUt Of OR CALL THE ST. CHARLES EXCLUSIVE TAKE-OUT SERVICE LOCATED AT 3011 Bathurst St. 1 block below Lawrence PlaM RU. 1-5216 Free Parklag Free Delivery of t6e Steert Mr. John Weiise, Catering Manager, h at your service for all Sfmchoi or Club efrelra la the beevtifful. \%*U*ue Room* Davenport oad Dupont FRU Perking FodlMos. Phone WA 4-9508 Wa ara araaa1 to umom tna bat* taaa. apsatatW axdactra aa far taa saw Taatsla Steal " Um. BanqueU • Wedding Reception* -Birthday Parti*! - Butinots Ale*tings - Bar tiiteyoJu Bowling BanqueU, eJc La< big. km. a«r Maaacar, aariiaiDy raw affair. CaS bf S-41U. W» tra apafianr artaaJsai aa4 fuaB-fM wtta MirttMi aarrlca. tna ftaaat f»*4 aai aaadaaa wtS aayatetaS sat-rata aalana to aatfafaatorOr «¦ janr raaatraauMta. a fixb hotbl Baaia af Um fa xt*} JACK YOUNG Orchestra Singer of Year Favourite Songs Far All OccasJofts ML S-0053. •Social l/]ote6 — Toronto ____Mrs. Harry Stone and daughter, Miss Michelle Stone, 347 Cortleigh Boulevard, and her brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Stone, 600 Steele Street East, returned from the Hotel Algiers, in Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. B. Houpt, 559 Rushton Road, are taking a vacation in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lurie, 141 Old Forest Hill Road, and their son, Stephen, will spend the mid-season holidays with her father, Ridge Drive, have taken -up residence at 30 Fraserwood Drive. Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Brown, 70 Garthdale Court, will spend a one-week holiday, in Vineland, Ont. Paul Siskind, of London, Ont.; Mendel Greene, of St. Thomas. Ont.; and Arnold Freedman, of Brantford, Ont.; all of 22 Elway Court, here, went home for the mid-season holidays. Mr. and Mrs. P. Bluwol, 67 Robert Street, had their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. MURRAY ALTER and hit ORCHESTRA — FOB ALL OCCASIONS — -Saul -tevln—anii-hl5rttothitf-in^^htt^ I RU. 2-1*31 law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Titchell, in North Miami Beach, Florida. Eddie Sokoloff, 45 Prince Charles Drive, returned from a skiing trip at Collingwood, Ontario. Edward Weissj 6 Fitzroy Terrace, will take his vacation at the Royal Victoria Hotel, in Dunn-ville, Ont., and commute to Selkirk, Ont., for winter sports. Miss Susan Kashtan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Kashtan,,47 Pinewood Avenue, and Miss Pearl Cohen, daughter oft Mr. and Mrs. Sidney L. Cohen, 346 Ridelle Avenue, will spend a few days visiting friends in Detroit, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gotlieb and their son, Gary, aged fifteen years, 77 Wembley Road, will spend two weeks in Miami Beach, Florida, at the Royal Palm Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Civin, 30 Vinci Crescent, and their son, David, aged eleven years, are leaving on a three-week vacation in Miami Beach, Florida. En route, they will stop at Washington, D. C, where they will visit her cousins, Dr. and Mrs. J. Rosens-weig. Miss Marilyn Jacobs, 64 Wem- bley Road, will take up temporary residence at 2157 Holland Avenue, Bronx, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Latchman, 1998 Bathurst Street, will fly to Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, Cal., for three weeks. In Phoenix they will visit his grand--mother,—Mrsr- N;-Latchman7^attd-her daughter, Miss Belle Latchman; in Los Angeles they will visit his uncles and: aunts: Dr. and Mrs. Irving Lipton and family; and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Berrin and family, all formerly of Toronto, Ont. Miss Frances Weinstein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wein-stein, 116 Old Forest Hill Road, is attending Junior College of Neu-chatel, at Neuchatel, Switzerland, where she is working toward her senior matriculation. It is an all-Canadian school with eighty students, near the French border, and the students live in private "homes in" which "French" is the spoken language. Before school commenced this fall they toured Paris, and London, and Belgium for the Brussels Fair. Miss Wein-stein will spend her three and one-half week winter vacation in Morocco and Spain, stopping in Tan-giers, Madrid, and Barcelona. Next spring she and a fellow classmate, Miss Birdie Lando, of Vancouver, B. C, will spend three and one-half weeks in Israel. Miss Wein-stein will enter the University of Toronto next fall, as a modern language major. Mr. and Mrs. T. Myers and children, Miss Lorraine Myers; Judy, aged fifteen y«ars; and Martin, nine, formerly of 635 Bathurst Street, have taken up residence at 2 Muirkirk Drive. Mr. and Mrs. D. Weisberg and sons, Norton Weisberg, and Berry Weisberg, formerly of 119 Elm Montreal, Que., visiting them. Out-of-town guests who will be present at the bar-mitzvah of Leon Herman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pinkus Herman, 107 Vlewmount Avenue, who will be called to the Reading of the Law on January 17, at Torah Emeth Synagogue, are: Mr, and Mrs. Max Pepper, and Philip Grosberg, all of Los Angeles, Calif., uncles and aunt of Mrs. Herman; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ash and his brothers, Philip Ash and Simon Ash, all of Detroit, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Ash are Mrs. Herman's brother-in-law and sister. Mr. Herman's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. H. Trzesniewsky, of New York, will also be here. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Levy, 75 Dupont Street, went to Benton Harbour, Mich., where they visited for a few days with his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Levy, 125 Sherman Crescent, who entertained for them at several gatherings, and motored with them to Skokie, 111., to visit their sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Alec Hurwitz, 4509 Main Street, for a week. They were present at the marriage of the latter's son, Simon Hurwitz, to Miss Shirley Thomas, of Chi-hose who entertained BAR-MITZVAHS Howard Stephen, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Goldberg, 22 Turner Road; and his cousin, Jack Marvin, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Steiner, 4 Don-nacord Drive, will be called to the Reading of the Law, in joint celebration of their bar-mitzvah, on December 27, at Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue. Howard Stephen is the brother of Jeffrey, aged nine years; and of Laurie, six; grandson of Benjamin Metter, 22 Tur-ner Road, and the late Mrs. Yetta Metter; and of Mrs. Goldie Goldberg, 1 Acton Avenue; and the late H. Goldberg. Jack Marvin is the brother of Alan, aged eight years; and of Ronald, aged five years; grandson of Benjamin Metter, 22 Turner Road, and late Mrs. Yetta Metter. A dinner and reception will take place that evening at the Synagogue. for them in Skokie, were: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis, 6150 North Hamilton Street, at a dinner party; Mr. and Mrs. M. Singer, 2754 Arthur Avenue, an evening; and Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Becker, 2425 West Pratt Avenue, an evening. Barry James, son of Mr. and Mrsr A. Zonr 44 Robins Avenue," was called to the Reading of the Law in celebration of his bar-mitzvah, at Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue. He is the brother of Miss Rochelle Zon; and of Lome, aged nine years; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. W. Hurowitz, 44 Robina Avenue; and of the late Mr. and Mrs. I. Zon. A buffet luncheon at their home had forty guests present. A white birthday cake inscribed in blue decorated the table. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jacobs, 64 Wembley Road, gave a cocktail party at their home in honour of the engagement of their daughter, Miss Marilyn Jacobs, to Hillel Emil Meshberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Meshberg, of Bronx, N.Y. Mr. Meshberg and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Meshberg, were here for the occasion. Miss Marilyn Jacobs wore a blue, rose-printed, peau de soie dress, fashioned with a bubble-shaped skirt, and a scoop neckline; with blue shoes. Her corsage was composed of blue carnations and a white gardenia. A late buffet dinner was served, a white engagement cake serving as a centerpiece for the table. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. S. Allen, brother-in-law and sister of Miss Jacobs; Mr. and Mrs. D. Gross--man, Mr. and Mrs. D. Jacobs, Mr.- Gregory, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pugen, 21 Northmount Avenue, will be called to the Reading of the Law, in celebration of his bar-miLzvah, on January. 10, at Temple Sinai Synagogue. He is the brother of Diane, aged fifteen years; grandson of Max Pugen, 186 Ossington Avenue. Steven Franklin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Troster, 9 Relmar .Gardemv-will-^be- ealled— to—the- Reading of the Law, in celebration of his bar-mitzvah, on December 27, at Beth Tzedec Synagogue. He is the brother of David, aged nine years: grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Troster, 1654 Bathurst Street; and of Mrs. S. Salsberg, 59 Cecil Street, and the late Abraham Salsberg. Leon Herman, sonj of Mr. and Mrs. Pinkus Herman, 107 View-mount Avenue, will be called to the Reading of the Law in celebration of his bar-mitzvah, on January 17, at Torah Emeth Synagogue. He is the grandson of the -late—Mrv and Mr»r Lazer Gelkopf;-and of the late Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Herman. A dinner and reception* will take place the following evening at the Synagogue. Sydney Elliot, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Moroff, 275. Win-nett Avenue, will be called to the Reading of the Law in celebration of his bar-mitzvah on January 17, at Torah V'avodah Synagogue. He is the brother of Daniel, aged seven years; grandson of Mrs. Nettie Signer, 297 Arlington Avenue. *ry 1 ad m son FOR SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS ZUCHTERS STARLIGHT ROOM CATERERS WfDOfMOS - BANQUETS RAR MfTZVAHS . IK St. W. BAR MITZVAHS WEDDING RECEPTIONS £ PRIVATE PARTIES ANNIVERSARIES CLUB AFFAIRS PUb jaar next affair fat tSa saaattfvny aaaatataS artrata aaaa««t SaBs *f tkw faaatoaa M O t t l Mara BrUca A MP LB FBSS PASSING a'fata* out oar faavlooi lit lilUllul for tfca ftoaat food arteai at aapalar Cafl BO. «-4*tt far BaaarratSaaa and Mrs. W. Jacobs, and Al. Jacobs- all uncles and aunts of Miss Jacobs; Mr. and Mrs. J. Green-berg, and Mr. and Mrs. A. Shore; all cousins of Miss Jacobs; and Philip Bernstein, of Bronx, N.Y. A "pidyan ha'ben" was held at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Norman Allentoff, 391 Tillbury Avenue, Ottawa, Ont., in honour of their first-bom son, Michael David; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gross; 582 Indian Road, Toronto, who were present with their daughter, Miss May Gross; and of Mr. and Mrs. A. Allentoff, 41 Rushol-me Drive, Toronto, who were*not present due to the illness of Mr. Allentoff. Dr. and Mrs. L. Hoffman, of Ottawa, are the god pares ts; and S. Hoffman, of Ottawa, cousin of Dr. Hoffman, took part in the ceremony of the redemption. The baby lay on a silver tray, dressed in a long, white nylon gown and cap, trimmed with lace. The silver coins, given for redemption by the baby's father, to Mr. Hoffman were presented back to the mother, Mrs. Allentoff. The latter wore a eold lame sheath; and had a white orchid in her hair. Mrs. Gross wore a black, off-the-should-er sheath. Miss May Gross, twin sister of Mrs. Allentoff, wore a white, hoop-skirted gown, made with a high neckline, and a small collar; and had pink roses in her hair. Among the forty guests were X. Metrick, Q.C., and Mrs. Met-rick, of Ottawa. A buffet dinner was served at a table adorned with white gardenias, and blue and white candles. The home was decorated with blue and white tapers; and arrangements of gladioli, roses, and sweet peas, in mixed colours. APrROACI BNG MARRIAGES The approaching marriage of Miss Helen Okun, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Okun, 282 Winona Drive, to Arthur Iancu, son of Mrs. Mindla Iancu, of Israel, and the late Mendel Iancu, will take place on Sunday, December-28r at Congregation Machzikey Bnai Israel, Rabbi David Monson officiating. The approaching marriage of Miss Ruth Fromovitz, daughter of Jack Fromovitz, 119 Brunswick Avenue, and the late Mrs. Lily Fromovitz, to Irving Hanick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hanick, 36 Robbie Avenue, takes place on. Sunday, January 25, at Torah Emeth Synagogue, at half-past five o'clock, with Rabbi David Ochs officiating. The approaching marriage of Miss Shelly Gains, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gains, of Hamilton, Ontario, to Edward Richmond, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Richmond, 31 Hilltop Road, Toronto, takes place in Hamilton, Ont, on Sunday, December 28, at five o'clock, in Beth Jacob Synagogue, Rabbi A. Simon officiating. BIRTHS Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Huck Shiner (nee Sandra Sky), 83 Elm Avenue, on December 6, at New Mount Sinai Hospital, a daughter, Catherine Sue; granddaughter of Bernard Shy, of Toronto, and : ENGAGEMENTS Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Waxman, 38 Camberwell Road, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Sharon Waxman. to Garry Shuster, son of Mr. end Mrs. Jack Shuster, 22 Blaydon Avenue. For First Class INTERIOR PAINTING A DECORATING Call C. W. SchrMidwr 4 SON LTD. IE. KltSI MURRAY HOUSE r/)0 i^OOD FOOD ruK Wood service aTfje iflajeatic fcoom fteata 450 fkoplt All Four Dining Rooms Fully Air Coitdttioned ¦BPABATB XJTCEBKS. Strictly Kaafctt Vmd DB, BABBI DAVID OCBB 207 Revarley St. Phone WA 1-3100 fat tefertnefles) JACK ARONS--— WE FEATURE: CUSTOM MADE PLASTIC COVERS EJflht-ejeugt crystal-clear, water proof; tire reelsteati cswpletely proof, lack piece fitted with ladividuel zippers. Cart la your ewa by Toronto's foressoet cutter. Doa't covet the lsetity ef yew eel It through our covers. Shur-Frt Plastic Covers Company For free estimates please cell, Sidoey Zo*e, Ml. 3-1058. AHAVATH ACHIM - NACHLATH ISRAEL SYNAGOGUE end modem eir-ceadlHanad auditorium seetisf 300 people it sveilasls for waddings, ber-mitzvehs, seaqeets. ReetoaBbls rates. AH esterete welcome. STRICTLY KOSHER. for informotkhi Call RU. 2-5640. 27S Veefmni Road. SHAAREI TEFILLAH CONGREGATION 1*00 Bathurst Street It Proud To Announce The Appointment of Faye R. Brown as their exclusive Caterer — two social halls accsmandais, ISO te 400 — 150 to 200. AJr-Cc**thoao4 Pall Dates Still Available. Telephone — Congregation RU. 7-1631-2; WA. 2-562f. THE NEW MATH ISRAEL SYNAGOGUE 17 Soytr_-------_------_— — (lW** NartS af WDsaa) (1 kfeck Baat at B«mmnl) Amaaanca Bxclaarra' Catarlaa a? Mitchell Caterers Taraata'a Laaaiag Kaakar Catarara. Twa Sadal Halla accaataMeatlme 7N aaapk — ASauuata Parkis« Opan far laraarrian., For Catering, Jack Leneck For Phono ST. 8-5791 TORONTO For Waddings, Bar-Mirxvahi, Stags, ate. Resarya Tha Modarn Air-Condltionsd KING DAVID HALL or TOP OF THE TOWN ROOM eecommoaVHon for 25 to 300 Call tha Town Hoaso Restaaroat Coterlaf Ltd. 881 EgUntosi Ave. W. ' RU. l«lS8t Ask us about parking facilities. AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER . ....... JANUARY TO DECEMBER . . MURRAY GINSBERG and his ORCHESTRA 86 Laarekrest Ave. ME. 3-3953 tbA late Mm. Catherine STrv: and of Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Shiner, 349 Spadina Road; great-granddaughter of Mrs. Bella Hermant, 111 Cortleigh Boulevard. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Berg (nee Carole Ahrams), 144 Lyon Awynue, on December 3, at the New Mount Sinai Hospital, a daughter, Deborah April; sister of Sberyl Robin, aged thirteen, months; granddaughter of Mr. and. Mrs. L Berg, 630 Vesta Drive; and of Mr. and Mrs. A. Abrams, 144 Lyon Avenue; great-granddaughter of L. Gotfried, 630 Vesta Drive; of Mrs. S. Abrams, 9 Roofieau Road; and of B. Berg, of B*y Pine, Florida. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. William Lebovic (nee Ethel Bloom), 23 Meadovracres Drive, on December 3, a daughter, Rose Ranee, sister of Michael, aged four years; Ellen, sged two snd one-half; and Shelly, one: granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Bloom, 1164 College Street West; and of Harry Lebc-vie, 12 Dobbin Road, snd the lste Mrs. Ross Lebovk. Born, to Mr. snd Mrs. Murray Goldmintx (nee Betty Rosenfield), 22 Appletree Court, on December 8, at New Mount Sinai Hospital, a daughter, Debra Honey; sister of Harvey Kerry, aged two years; granddaughter - of Mr. snd Mrs. Harry Rosenfield, Music of Distitictian SAM SILVER end Hit Orchotfra i RU. 24S14. 12 Peru Street, Lancashire, England; and of Samuel Goldmintx, 44 Romney Road. Toronto Classified CONGENIAL LADY will share lovely, famished apartment with business girL Bathurst-Eglinton: convenient transportation. Call Ho. 3-8103 or Ho. 5-5543. A PRACTICAL NURSE, experienced in caring for new-born babies; also children in parents4 absence; convalescent esses. CsD Ro. 1-1309. THREE-BEDROOM apartment for rent in luxury triplex; unfurnished; 163 Marlee, near Lawrence; oversixe hring-^hning room; powder room; two bathrooms; free washer-dryer, and garage; $146. a month. Ru. 1-2854. Music? Archie Ginsberg AND HIS ORCHESTRA OF COURSC JPewtuiiMg Etrteyteiuutiut -3-9S74 C mm 4 » V After Thsjotr* Snocks Fomify Sundoy DwYnKB Ultra Modarn BANQUET ROOM: Now ArmUUe 71 Km*) St. E. EM. 44179

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