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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: GUARANTEED results on sets from $55.40 up. We show you how to operate and install properly. LESTER RADIO EQUIPMENT CO. 2 TRINITY SQUARE Phone Adelaide 1731---Evening* RING LESTER-Adelaide 801ZJ Mi Yoaf* St. Main CS«2 BINGHAM'S LIMITED Noon Luncheon Afternoon Tea 11.30-2 p.m. 3-5 p.m Ereninf Dinner 5.30-H £>.m. Maker* ol Polly-Anna Chocolates "THI GI-AD CANDT" Dry Wash The most economical and satisfactory service for this season. Everything nicely washed in pure rain soft water and pure neutral soap. Then dried soft and fluffy by our new drying process. Just 'Phone, our Driver will explain this service Swiss Laundry ADELAIDE 0954 NOW PLAYING J. M. Barrie's Fairyland Fanta«y Peter Pan 19 With BETTY BRONSON ERNEST TORREJNCE VIRGINIA FAIRE ANNA MAY WONG Pantages next WEEK Douglas McLean IN "NEVER SAY DIE" SHEA'S The bill at Shea's next week is headed by George Whiting and Sadie Burt in "Several Songs," and Maude Fealy and Grace Valentine in Angie Breakspeare's comedietta, "Forget-me-Nots" and "Applesauce." George Whiting and Sadie Burt are among the best singers of songs. Their new act is "Several Songs." Maude Fealy and Grace Valentine have been recognized stars for several years. Miss Fealy won her reputation in the classic and modern drama, Miss Valentine in farce. Both have been seen in vaudeville separately, but their joint appearance is somewhat of an event. They have the assistance of Hugh O'Connell. James Watts presents a treat in travesty on classic dancing. Mr. Watts was one of the stars of the Greenwich Village Follies and other Broadway productions. Shura Rulowa, who has a corps de ballet, and Joseph Hahn have gained artistic recognition in America. Miss Rulowa, assisted by a quartette of girls and a man, presents the characteristic group of solo dances of Russia including the pirouette. Florence Seely and Co. are seen in a novel dancing act called "Kat Knaps." Will J. Ward calls his act "Songs and Stories." Marcheta, an Igorotte girl from the Philippines, is an unusual violinist. The Tom Davies Trio, who motor in a slatted saucer that is bottomless, develop so much speed that the centrifugal force keeps them from falling. An Aesop's Fable completes the bill. EMPIRE Clark & McCullough have given "Monkey Shines," their popular new revue coming to the Empire Theatre New Year's week, a genuine Broadway touch. This entertaining burlesque is said to rival in more points than one some of the nationally famous musical productions bearing the O.K. of the Great White Way. In the first place, they have departed from the usual one car show, requiring as they do, two seventy-foot baggage cars to transport the vast volume of scenery and effects used in the production. And they have costumed it in a manner that bars all criticism, there being an array of exquisite gowns seldom seen in productions whose admission price is less than three dollars. As to chorus, the producers of this show have also sought the Broadway type, the personnel being far above the average usually attracted to a strenuous road tour, George Shelton, Al Tyler and Wally Sharpies are featured comedians. Midnight show, New Year's Eve. Election returns New Year's night. JEWISH BOYS' CLUB Annual Chanukah entertainment of the Club, Sunday evening, December 28, at the Garden Theatre for six hundred boys. A boxing tournament is being held at the club-house under the direction of B. Rothstein, athletic director. Three teams, 75-pound, 95-pound and 100-pound, are being entered in the Y.M.C.A. Community Basketball League. The coaches are: 75-pound team, H. Lahman ; 95-pound team, B. Rothstein; 110-pound team, H. Kasky. Last year the Club won the championship of the 75-pound section. A debate has been arranged with the Giris' Club, for Sunday, January 11, on "Resolved that the Learned Professions should Be Closed to Women." Affirmative, Bovs' Club, QUEEN ESTHER LODGE An open meeting will be held by the Queen Esther Lodge, Judaean Benefit and Friendly Society, on Monday evening, December 29, at 8 p.m. at Orange Hall, Euclid and College. Dr. Minnie Cohen will lecture, Sir Herbert Samuel will leave Palestine in April and his successor will assume office in July, according to information given out today privately _ in circles ck*ely connected with the High Comrruasjoner. EM 1 BbRLErSQUE' COLU TEMPERANCE ST. DAILY 2.10 and 8.10 NEW YEAR'S WEEK CLARK & McCULLOUGH Stars ot Irving Berlin's Music Box Rerue, their new and novtl rtrui "Monkey Shines" with a gT*at east, headed by GEO. SHELTON AL. TYLER WALLY SHARPLES BEATRICE TRACEY, MABELLE YORK. BABE SHAW, HAZZARD AND LANDRY and the 6—ORIGINAL ENGLISH HIGH STEPPERS—6 A Real Beauty Chorus of Youthful Hint*r* and Dancer* MIDNIGHT SHOW—NEW YEAR'S EVE Commencing after regular evening performance. Elections will be announced New Year's Night LADIES' BARGAIN WEEK-DAY MATINEES YOUNG JUDAEA At the Standard Theatre, Sunday, December 21, Young Judaea was host to 1,700 of the young people of Toronto, parents and friends. A Chanukah entertainment, consisting of two plays and a model Young Judaea meeting was given. The play under the leadership of Miss Eva Bloom, told the story of Chanukah, in verse, accompanied by music. Taking part were: Bob Ryman, Jack Rykus, Sam Goldhar and Miss Selena Herman. The camp fire scene was staged by the boys of the Sampson circle under the leadership of Ben Friedhof. The dancers were: Misses (ioodman and Fox. Murray Griss and H. I^app supplied the music. The second play was directed by Miss Selena Herman and was staged by three girls from the George Eliot Circle. It was entitled "The Making of a Young Judaean" and was adapted from a war play by Miss Herman. In the Macca-bean circle model meeting E. E. Gelber, president of Toronto Young Juciaea, and Samuel J. Rodman, of Montreal, national director of Young Judaea, spoke. L. Borsook was in charge of the staging and Miss Freda Shekter supplied the costumes. Monday night five new circles, three of boys and two of girls, entered Young J udaea. This week is the completion of Young Judaea week, which has for its various features,besides those already mentioned, a dance and a meeting of the mock parliament. The leaders will gather Saturday night a4~ii.e home of Mrs, D. Dunkelman, 56 Rowan wood Avenue, for a meeting of the Leaders' Training Corps. J. L. Cohen will open his series of lectures on the philosophy of Zionism. L O E W S WEEK of DEC 29th JOHN GILBERT NORMA SHEARER CONRAD NAGEL in "The Snob" A Thrilling Society Melodrama The London Steppers heads Big Vaudeville Bill Standard Theatre Cor. Dundag and Spadina Phoae Trinity 4310 Friday and Saturday Evening and Saturday Matinee December 26 and 27 JACOB GORDON'S Great Play Your Own Blood Prkts $150, tf.00,75c, 50c, 55c Henry Morgenthau, former Ambassador to Turkey, told of his work in connection with rehabilitation of refugees in Greece for the League of Nation*, over station WEAF last week. He also described plans for observance of Golden Rule Sunday, designed to aid Near Eaat Relief orphans.

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