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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: mabch l;>im t THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW births Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rublnoff (nee Barbara Shate), 23 La seel les Boulevard; on February 11, it New Mount Hospital, a daughter, Leslie Beth; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Rubmoff, 028 Lonsdale Avenue; and of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shatz, 325 Richview Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Max Ordon, of Chatham, Ont; of Benjamin Kendall, 2d BrookyieW Drive; and of Jacob Binder, 24 Brunswick Avenue. Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Irving PUel (nee Rhoda Sweiman), 4864 Bathurst Street, on February 16, at the Toronto General Hospital, a daughter, Elise Stephanie; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Sweiman, of New York: and of Mr. and Mrs. M. Pixel, 666 Woburn Avenue. Argentina Jewry And Its Inseparable Companion, Fear sy iav)» ihmsomkhay ili6h The Buenos Aires Jewish com- American flush of self-confidence munity, which consists of 860,000 or the Israeli pertness. It is a look Born, to Mr. and Mrs, Louis L. Tepperman (nee Lenora Lewis), 1035 Davenport Road. on.February 14, at New Mount Sinai Hospital, a son, Paul Manleyj brother of Shelley Fern, aged two years; and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lewis, of Hamilton, Ont.; and of Hyman Tepperman, of Niagara Falls, Ont., and the late Mrs. Pearl Tepperman. Born, to Mr. and mrb. Marvin Goldblatt (nee Marian Trefler), 600 Lawrence Avenue West, on February 11, at the New Mount Sinai Hospital, a daughter, Linda; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Trefler, 699 Lawrence Avenue West; and of Mr, and Mrs. Jacob H. Goldblatt, of Portland, Maine. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. L. Tobias inee Wendy Waitaer), 60 Roy wood )rlve, on February 13, at the New Mount Sinai Hospital, a eon, Brian Curtis; brother-of Colin, aged two years; grandson of Charles B. Watson, of London, England; and of Mrs. Rose Cowan, or Glasgow, Scotland. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Feldman (nee Doris Kolber), 32 Menin Road, on February 11, at the New Mount Sinai Hospital, a son, Gerald; brother of Karen, aged eight vears; brothers, Shelley, six; and Michael, four. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Allan Swartz (nee Marian James), 99 Lyon Avenue; on February 12, at New Mount Sinai Hospital, a son. Jordan Jay; grandson of Mrv and Mrs. Moe Swartz, 330 Hopewell Avenue; and of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar James. 2 Heathdale Road; freat-grandson of Mrs. Rose ames, 20 Admiral Road. Born, to Dr. and Mrs. Elliott Siegel (nee Pearl Strauss), 97 Old Colony Road, on February 14, at Toronto Western Hospital, a son, David Iser; brother of Evan, aged five years; and Ericha, four; grandson of Mrs. Minnie Siegel, of Hamilton, Ont., and the late David Iser Siegel; and of Mrs. Rose Strauss, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and the late David Strauss. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Goldman (nee Toby Kendall), 3896 Bathurst Street, on February 17, at Toronto General Hospital, a son, Richard; brother of Jacqueline, aged two years; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Mottle Goldman, 2603 Bathurst Street; .and .of Mr. and Mr a., Kenneth Kendall, of Lon-t don, Ont; and great-grandson of quebec city a fine hotel in the heart of historic quebec city tfc« ritku •/ africa's m*ij wabw eltr an uunor »t oar totri tat ati4*l um parluaitat, waru-faatMM daf ftrla terrac*. ta* caarca af natr* dam* *m vktoirw. montaurtaey palla. lie d'ortcaas. lac beaaport aa4 st*. aaaa a* baaapn arc all vitals «asjr iritinx aiauaea. par falavr, rcmrvalwaui wrlta maaagar HOTEL SAINT-LOUIS ii st. l«au st.. qtttoe — ih-1771 children's camps CAYUGA boys - girls SCHROON LAM, NIW YORK au land amd watu spotts cam* ownid hotsu •otlin flit asia all amttlcan latutiau hayeks * rot cowmets CmUi tna tudmu, hu. 1-4747 - monti ial wrhe: ruth & BILL fineman, 197 holmes d«u, albany t, r Y. ottawa tfrtbikhtlvi wamtu 4 HURRY I ENQUIRE ABOUT: 63 days — student tour to europe 8 countries departure by boat june 28th, 1963 returning by boat august 29th, 1963 limited numfeef ef foe fwetfue jefocsitfhosaf cm! - mt*m i-7m4 a1untic ntthc 1mvel 4fsg ckseea t|itititiiii-r montreal births Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Moishe Applebaum (nee Ray Braiter), 1710 OBoudrias Street, on February 10, at the Jewish General Hospital, a son, Michael Mark; brother of Howard, aged five years; and Myra, two; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. S. Braiter, 6677 Trans Island Avenue; and of Ger-shon Applebaum, 6168 Durocher Avenue, and the late Mrs. Ida Applebaum. Godparents are Morris Applebaum, 5)56 Durocher Avenue, uncle; and Mrs. Fanny Shul-man, 4750 Fulton Street, aunt. Eli Braiter, 6275 Clanranald Avenue, great-uncle, held the baby during the ceremony. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Moses (nee Florence Altman), 4604 Ninth Street, Chomedey, on February 8, at the Jewish General Hospital, a son, Stephen Lawrence; brother of Marvin Michael, aged nineteen months; grandson of Mrs. Annie Altman, 1273 Lajoie Avenue, and the late Manuel Alt-man; and of the late Mr. and Mrs. Moishe M. Moses. Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. M. Orloff, 4625 Bourret Street, cousins. Louis Moses, 5060 \ Grand Boulevard, uncle, held the baby during the ceremony. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Engel (nee Frances Ziskinder), 1367 Martel Street, Chomedey, on February 7, at the Jewish General Hospital, a son, Bruce; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. A. Engel, of Montreal; and of the late Mr. and Mrs. B, Ziskinder. Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. A. Statner, 1206 Forest Avenue, uncle and aunt Morris /Ztekjfider, \ 1214 Forest, AvenUe, uncle7,heid th ing the ceremony, fthe baby dur- Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pedvis (nee Marilyn Steinberg), 410 Kenaston Avenue, on February 5, at the Jewish General Hospital, a son, Richard Michael; brother of Williamf aged eight years; and Penny, five; grandson of Mr. and Mrs*. Samuel Steinberg, 26 Aberdeen Avenue; and of Saul Pedvis, of Quebec City, Quebec, and the late Mrs. Anne Pedvis. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Sugarman (nee Shirley Polowin), 1463 Louis Crescent, Chomedey, formerly of Ottawa, Ont., on February 6, at the Montreal General Hospital, a son, David Hirsh; brother of Jeffrey, aged sixteen years; Richard, fourteen; and Helen, ten; grandson of Mrs. Dina Polowin, and the late Jacob Polo-win; and of Mrs. Jessie Sugar-man, and the late Hyman Sugar-man, all of Ottawa, Ont Godparents are Mrs. Dina Polowin, grandmother; and L. Bavitch, 3170 Tremblay Street, cousin. Frank Gabbe, 6015 Borden Avenue, cousin, held the baby during the ceremony. Born, to Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Quastel (nee Eva Torngren), of Jerusalem, Israel, on February 6, a son, Jonas Peter; first grandchild of Professor and Mrs. J. H. Quastel, 3488 Northcliffe Avenue, Montreal; andxpf Mr. and Mrs. G. A. L. Torngren, of Sweden. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rosenthal (nee Bstelle Kaminsky), 4700 Plamondon Avenue, on February 1, at the Jewish General Hospital, a daughter, Debra Susan; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kaminsky, 4682 Kent Avenue; and of Mr. and Mrs. Max Rosenthal, 2465 Mantha Street Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Inhaber (nee Frances Shapiro), 2436 McNulty Avenue, on February 3, at the Royal Victoria Hospital, a daughter, Heidi Joy: sister of Howan* aged four and one-half years; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Shapiro, 167 Finchley Road; and of Mr. and Mrs. M. Inhjief, 4677 Lacombe Avenue. Bora, to Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Reinish itm Seadra Blostein, formerly of Ottawa, Ont), 824 Devonshire Avenue, Chomedey, on February 5, at the Jewish General Hospital, a eon,, Mark William: brother of Sasati Marlene, aged two and one-half years: grandson of Mr. and MrVJ. RelnUh, 6099 Trans Island Avenue; and of Mr. and Mrs. L. Blostein, of Ottawa, Ont Godparents are L. Blostein, grandfather: and Mrs. Morris KrolL tfit Fielding avtfro*, sunt. Mr. Reteisfc, AaWalMr, held the baby d*rfa*A members (the largest section of Argentine Jewry) is the second largest in the Diaspora and one of the few outstanding examples of communal organisation, of activity, and of ardent Jewish consciousness. Despite the shattered economy of the State, the majority of Argentine Jewry is well established and those few community members who have not yet succeeded in achieving economic independence' are very efficiently and at the same time very constructively' supported not only by the local Jewish institutions but also by the more affluent individuals of Argentine Jewry, who on the whole have an open heart and purse. Using its own resources only, the Buenos Aires Jewish community has achieved even more than could be expected of it Hardly any of the local Jewish youth attend non-Jewish schools. No Jewish children are to be found in other than Jewish kindergartens. Many youth meeting centres, clubs, camps, and organizations have scheduled weekly activities, led by reputable members of the community who devote a great deal of time, energy, and finance for the upkeep of those educational and social facilities for the Jewish youth. Every Jewish school, even the non-Zionist, features Hebrew and topics concerning Israel. There is a great and eager demand for Jewish spiritual and educational leaders and a considerable number of lecturers and teachers on permanent contracts are annually being imported from Israel, U.S.A., and Great Britain. An elaborate Jewish press is maintained and a flood of Jewish books by world-famous as well as by obscure Jewish writers is annually printed in Buenos Aires; manuscripts are sent in from all over the* Jewish orifrld; a separate section specializes in educational volumes, short stories, poems and translations from Hebrew and English alike. The network of Jewish libraries in Argentine is presently undergoing a process of intensified expansion and supplies of Jewish books on almost every aspect of life are provided as donations by the Jewry of Buenos Aires to libraries such as the newly-established Central Jewish Library in Rio de Janeiro in memory of the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes, and the Jewish library in La Paz (Bolivia). A Yiddish theatre is catering for a large and eager public, adapting for the stage a considerable number of Jewish books. It also features many new plays by young Jewish playrights as well as Jewish classical plays. Recently there were performances of Di ^Macha-sheife, Tevie der Milchiker, Der Ferkishifter Shneider, Hundert Toysend Guldens, Motke der Ganev, and Yiftah's Tochter. A wide network of Jewish clubs and various social meeting centres are being maintained. A lecture on almost any aspect of Judaism is always notr-«ely a welcome, but also, a .celebrated event A Jewish holiday, whether religious or national, is observed with devotion and there is a tender, warm response to Zionism. As extraordinary as it may seem — the pulse of the Jewish community of Argentine is the Israel Embassy. The Israel Ambassador to Argentine, and his diplomatic staff, residing in a comfortable, almost luxurious building, a gift from a group of prominent local Jews, are ever busy with guidance and advice on all Jewish matters. The Israel Embassy seems to be the backbone of Argentine Jewry, Israel — their faith; and if the elder members of the Argentine Jewish community feel that K is already too late for them to immigrate to Israel and begin reestablishing themselves there, a large number of them encourage the youth to go to Israel. The local Jew is recognised by the look in his eyes. This look contains nothing of the Australian "punch* or the secure British benevolence; nor has it any of the of fear. Fear that has been an inseparable companion of Argen-. tine Jewry throughout the last three decades. It cannot be said that Argentine ~ Jewry suffered a great deal more than the Argentine population as a whole under the constant tension and terror of the pre-Peronistlc Instabilities and under Peronistic dictatorship. But factors such as the envious hatred of the illiterate towards the Jew, and the stiff intolerance of the Church-controlled pre-Peronistic government, or the neo-Hitlerism of wartime Argentine, as well as the great number of Nazis that found asylum in Peronistic Argentine after the second world war, undermined the confidence of Argentine Jewry. Despite the largely advertised favours that Peron granted to his Jewish citizens, he never really succeeded in convincing them that the anti-Semitic measures in the earlier days of his reign were a matter of the past; never for a moment did the local Jew really accept this. Concealing their fear behind the stereotyped smile expected by the Peronists — the Jews of Argentine constantly awaited further outbursts of anti-Semitism. Furthermore, this constant lack of stability isolated Argentine's Jewish citizenry from the Catholic-pervaded culture of the country as well as from the culture implements of the Peronistic 'Justici-alismo' thus compelling the Jewish community not only to retain a "great deal of the rhythm and .habits of the various parts of Europe from which it originally deprived but also to contradict the (Continued on Page Seven) ',1 MOST FREQUENT SERVICE TO NEW YORK FLY tcavanguards tca viscounts toronto-new york $28°° up to s rilshis daily economy oni way montreal-new york $2500 up to 7 flights daily tconomy one way TRANS-CANADA AIR LIMES AIR CANADA .See your Travel Agent or call TCA at ; montreal hu. 9-3411 toronto 925-2311 The Canadian Jewish Review is still the only Jewish publication in Canada printed in any Language reaching the Jewish community which is not sponsored by a group or an organization and which is able to claim membership in the Audit Bureau of Circulations. resorts — new york Snjoy a memorable festive 'Passover at the Goncord cantor jacob barkin one of the world's foremost cantors, will conduct traditional Passover services. sh0l0m secunda celebrated conductor-com pose r, will direct the magnificent Concord Choir. fAllof the GoncordV famous sports facilities and activities-plus sparkling entertainment -will continue throughout the 'Passover holiday. world's foremost resort hotel wamesha lake, n. y. in me heart of the bttutrfuitotskill mountains (only 90 miles from n.y.c) riy parker. general manager FOf kmmdtale reterverJom ohona vour toeattnwtf af«MocttONTlCCLLO, n.y. 1840 monti til office: HUnter 1-3947

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