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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: 6 THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW JULY 1, 1968 fecial Vote*—Toronto Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Tanztnan, of Saint John, New Riunswiok, were here as guests of the Ontario •Motor-' [.vague and attended the convention of the Canadian and American Automobile Association. Dr. Tanzman is president of the Maritime Automobile Association and was elected to the executive of the Canadian and American Automobile while here. They also visited with their son-in-law. and daughter, Dr. and Mis. Mclvin Brown, and Heidi Rachel, 10 Shatl-mar Boulevard. Mrs. Haiold Spiogelnian and Marci. la Collinson Boulevard, left for Chnrloitetown, Prince Edward Island, where Marci will participate in two summer plays at the Confederation Centre Theater. Mrs. Bessie Potter, of Toronto, visited her sister. Mrs. M. Marco-vitz, of Montreal, Quebec. Mrs. Chaim Block, of Buenos Aires. Argentina, is visiting with her hrother-in-Iaw and sister. Mr. and Mr-, Irving Lewis, 56 Palm Drive, whom she lias not seen in forty years. Mr., and-Mrs. S. \V. Gwartzman. 28 Knighlwood Road, returned from a Bnai Brith convention, at the Concord Hotel, in Kiaincsha Lake. New York. • S. Donner. 21 Tichostor "Road, has. returned from a vacation to Tel-Aviv and Batyam. Israel, via Air Canada, ami El Al Israel Airlines. 'Mr. and Mrs. M. Kopita. of New York Ci.ty. are visiting with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mandel. and Corey and Robin. 299 Homewood Avenue. Mrs. J. .Salt/.man, and Steven, Brian and Susan, 57 Dovehouse Drive, are spending the summer months in Crystal Beach,'.Ontario. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kalian, and Trevor Steven, 51 Cocksfield Avenue, returned from a holiday in Atlantic City, New Jersey; and Rochester, New York, having travelled by ear. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rosen, 5603 Randal! Avenue. Montreal, Quebec, were visiting with Mrs. Rosen's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Myer- Jacobson, 30 Men in Road. Jack Loomis.'of Boston, Massachusetts, is visiting with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Sylman and Lawrence and Cindy, 05 Frankton Crescent, on the occasion of the birth of his grandson, Elliot Barry. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Swimmer, formerly of 30 Sultana Avenue, have taken up new residence at .35 Cedarcroft Boulevard. Mrs. Ida Klayman. and her son-in-law and daughters. Mr. and Mrs. N. Lastofskv, and Mrs. Ren'a Cohen, all of 296 Hillhurst Avenue, arc spending the summer months at their home, in Crystal Bench. Ontario. *• Mr. and Mrs. David Goldfarb. and Henry Goldfarb, formerly of 110 Rajah Avenue, have taken up new residence at 35 Canyon Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Levy, formerly of 751 Lawrence Avenue West, have taken up new residence at 35 Canyon Avenue. Mr. and Mrs.. R. Sherman, and Mona Lynn and David, .formerly of 150 Fairhofme Avenue, have taken up new residence at 15 Rock-ford Road. David Burstyn. son if Mr. and Mrs. L Burstyn. 81 Almore Avenue, is on a two-week vacation, to New York; and Washington. I).C. where he will visit with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Burstyn. of Caroline Acres, in Washington. He travelled bv -ar. Mrs. Lillian l-ar and " Kikr. Sue. of Ottawa. Ontario; and her hi o'Jui-in-law and f Euclid-Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. Cutler's brother-in-law and sister; and Dr. Paul Cutler, of Los Angeles, California, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cutler. 0 Kingsbridge Court, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Harry •Cutler. Mr. and Mis. B. Feldman, 102 Neptune Drive, visited their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Steinberg, of Montreal. Quebec. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Strauss, 45 Tournament Drive, were in Montreal, Quebec, for the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Anna Abraham Strauss, who died at xhe Ross Pavilion of the Royal Victoria Hospital. Mrs. Sophie Rozan. 130 Old Forest Hill Road; Mrs. Shirley Glazer, 2121 Bathurst Street; and Mrs. B. Hass and son, Paul. 182 Honiton Street; will be in Montreal, Quebec, for the marriage of Miss Donna Gail Caplan, daughter of Mrs. Sylvia Caplan. 31 Radcliffe Road, and Maurice F. Caplan, 7461 Kinpsley Road, to David Stellar, son of Sir. and Mrs. Charles StcL lar, of New York, on July 3, at Beth Hillel Synagogue. In Montreal. Quebec, for the marriage of Miss Marilyn Sohmer, daughter'of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sohmer, 2185 Nantel Street, to Gerald Myers. 4836 Isabella Avenue, Montreal, son of William Myers. 196 'Bolton: Avenue, Toronto! and the late Mrs. Lillian Myers, on July 3, at Shaare Zedek Synagogue, will be.;..'his father, and. his sister. Miss Sharon Myers; Mrs. Richard Vaile, and son, Gerald, 35 . Westover Hill Road; Mr. and. Mrs. Abe Piehosky, 30 Purdon Drive; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Piehosky, 9 Benner Avenue; all cousins of the groom-to-be; Mrs. L. Shafer, 153 Kennard'Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. J. Leston, 86 Clavhall Crescent; Miss Marilyn Shaw, 223 Bolton Avenue; and Miss Sylvia Buchanan, 50 Ferrier Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. William Barnes, 13 Silvcrtoh Avenue, entertained, at their home, to honour the tenth wedding anniversary of their scrn-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs./ .Milton Barries. 5 Glen Morris Street. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Barnes have two children. Micka, aged six years; and Daniel, one. Milton Barnes is the conductor of the St. Catharine's Symphony Orchestra; conductor of the Toronto Repertory Assembly of Music, at Edward Johnson Concert Hall, at Queen? Park; and conducts for the Canadian Broadcasting .Corporation. Those present were: Mr. and -Mrs. Jack Nissin. and Bernard Nis-sin. ?0:$ Shaw Street^ Mr. and Mrs. F. Cash, and Bella. 24 Roberta Drive: and Mr. and Mrs. B. Barnes. 1600 Bathurst Street, uncks and aunts; Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kane. 78 Fullwell Crescent: and Mr. and Mrs. T. Falus. .">:• Luvcrne Avenue, cousins; Mr. and Mrs. S. Lerman, 65 Wasdale Crescent: and Dr. and Mrs. J. Frecdman and Mrs. ?»L Roher. of Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Barnes are leaving for a two-month vacation to Europe, on July 4. via Air. Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Antflick. 71 Kinghigh Avenue, entertained in their* home to honour the visit of iheir seon and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Antflick, and Lynn Eileen aged seven months; and of Harvey Antflick's stepfather and mother. Mr. and Mrs.-Harry Kaufman, all of Los An-geles. California; and of Harvey Antflick's uncle. M0 Yorkview Drive, on April 26, at the New Mount Sinai Hospital, a son. Marc Lawrence; brother of Pamela Joy. aged two years; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Louis ("loth. 5:'i9 Douglas Avenue; and of Mrs. Ar.r.e Stra-herg, 100 York-view Drive. Godparent* are Mr. and Mr<. A. Stiashcrg. 139 Almore Awr.ue. uivle ar.d aunt.. Louis Cloth, grandfather, held the baby during the toreir.ony. DEATHS Isaac Eric Pusitz, died on May 8, at the age of seventy-one years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bertha Pusitz; two brothers: Nathan Pusitz, 14 Elway Court; and Dr. M. E. Pusitz, of Topeka, Kansas; and one sister, Mrs. J. Smith (Esther), of Cooksville, Ontario. Rabbi M. J. Burak officiated at the funeral service. Interment was at Bathurst Lawn Cemetery. Shiva was at the home of his brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pusitz, 14 Elway Court. Jack Piehosky, 4 Erica Avenue, died on May 9, at the Doctor's Hospital, at the age of forty-seven years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Zelda Piehosky; a son, David Piehosky, 4 Erica Avenue; two daughters, Miss Sandra Piehosky, 4 Erica Avenue; and Mrs. Bernard Koffman (Rochelic), 555 Sheppard AvenW West; a grandson, Paul Koffman; one brother, Albert Piehosky, 30 Purdon Drive; two sisters: Mrs. R. Vaile (Bessie), 35 Westover Hill Road; and Mrs. J. Leston (Mary), 86 Clayhali Crescent. Rabbi David Monson officiated at the funeral service. Interment was at Mount Sinai Memorial Park. Shiva was at the home. Mr. Piehosky was a member of Beth Sholom Synagogue; and one of the original founders of the Tri-Bell Club. Mrs. Lily Goldstein, 52 Glenarden Road, formerly of Hamilton, Ontario, died on May 3, at the New Mount Sinai Hospital, at the age of eighty-six years. She was the widow of the late Benjamin Goldstein; and is survived by four sons: Dr. Maurice Goldstein,' of Chicago, Illinois; Dr. Maxwell Goldstein, of Fontana, California; Samuel Goldstein. 540 Douglas Avenue; and Irwin Goldstein, 17 Fraserwood Avenue; and two daughters: Mrs. Jean Lepofsky, 21 Mayfair Avenue; and Mrs. J. Shona (Goldic), 52 Glenarden Road. She was the mother of the late Dr. Wilfred Goldstein. Rabbi David Monson officiated at the funeral service, assisted by Rabbi S. Langner. Interment was at Mount Sinai Memorial Park. Shiva was at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. Shona, 52 Glenarden Road. Max Pechenick, 3560 Bathurst Street, died on June 3, at the Bay-crest Hospital, at the age of eighty-two vears.. He is the husband of the'late Mrs. Pearl Pechenick and is survived by three daughters: Mrs. S. Flash (Lily), 11 Watford Avenue; Mrs. C. Townsend (Toby), 33 St. Arfdrews Street; and Mrs. A. Davis (Evelyn), 6 Esterbrooke Court; five grandchildren: Mrs. Solomon Fich-tenbaum (Frances), 86 Invermay Avenue; and Mrs. F. Mather (Marlene), 35 Canyon Avenue, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. S. Flash; and Jay, Shawn, and Robin, children of Mr. and Mrs. A. Davis; three great-grandchildren: Pearl Norman, Sheldon Allen, and Janice Michelle, children of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Fichtenbaum; a sister, Mrs. S. WohL (Esther), of New York City. Rabbi S. Langner officiated at the funeral service at College Memorial Chapel. Interment was at Bathurst Lawn Cemetery. Shiva was at the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. Davis, 6 Esterbrooke Court. Julius Solomonovici, 46 Verwood Avenue, died on May 19, at the Western Hospital, at the age of fifty-five years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lisa Solomonovici; a son, Rudy Solonidnovici; Miss Carol Solomonovici and Loretta; one brother, Monel Solomonovici, of Ramat-Gan, Israel; and two sisters: Mrs. Karolo Ocneanu, and Mrs. Nina Ada, both of Ramat-Gan, Israel. Rabbi Joseph Kelman officiated at the funeral service. Interment was at the Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Section, of St. Clair Memorial Park. Shiva was observed privately. CLASSIFIED AN EXPERIENCED, practical nurse, will care for children in parents' absence and convalescent eases. Will live in, if necessary. Cail RU. 1-2143 or RU. 2-6563. HARRY SHEFFER 534-7561 KILVINGTON BROS. LTD. MONUMENTS 1357 ST. CLAIR AVENUE WEST TORONTO Mr. ar.d Mrs. Myer .Taoob-v.n, -.0 Mer.iii Read, the engagement of their daughter, Miss Rhona Myra Jacobson, to Leon Piatt, Born, to Mr. and Mr<. Jack De Hor.d (nee Gloria Gold). 291 Raglan Avenue, on May 14. at the New Mount. Sinai Hospital, a daughter. Shelli Darler.e; sister of Jordanna, aged five years; COLLEGE MEMORIAL CHAPE *41 GtJUf* ft. - WA. l~M1t

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