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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: \ MARCH 11, 1949 THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW 13 r i WE GUARANTEE YOU 10 DAY DELIVERY ON CUSTOM MADE Draperies - Slipcovers - Bedspreads OUR DECORATING SERVICE REACHES TORONTO'S FINEST HOMES toby brown fabrics Interior Decorating Department 2902 BLOOR ST. W. (The Kingsway) MU. 5602 Toronto Meetings • JEWISH VOCATIONAL Service annual meeting will be held on March 16, at 8.15 p.m., in the board room of the United Jewish Welfare Fund, 150 Beverley Street. Dr. H. Sanderson, director of guidance, of the Vocational Guidance and Placement Service, of Buffalo, N.Y., will speak on "The Occupational Planning Needs Of Jewish Youth." pe, will give sormonettes; Mrs. Bernard Vise and her daughter, Mrs. I. Lightmnn, will light the candles; Mrs. Irving Eisen find her daughter, MLss Mona Eisen, will road the service. Mrs. A. H. Levinsky is convener of ushering, with these mothers and daughters on the committee: Mrs. M. K. Botnick and Miss Ruth Botnick; Mrs. P. Pasternak and Miss Harriet Pasternak; Mrs. A. Rabow and Miss Judith Rabow; Mrs. G. Manace and Miss Elsa Manace. Dr. Abraham Granoviky, of Jerusalem, will addresi a public meeting at the Royal York Hotel, in Toronto, on Sunday evening, March 11 Kenneth W. MacTaggort, of Toronto. will ipeok. E. E. Gclbcr will preside. Dr. Granovsky it world chairman of the Jewish National Fund, and a member of the Israeli legislature. Howard, Norecn, und Susan Freeman ; Beverley and Lenore Freeman; Eric and Bonita Freeman; Elaine und Barbara Freeman; and Brenda und Sharon Lockshin. Mr. Freeman was the treasurer of Sta-show Congregation. Funeral services took place from the United Hebrew Funeral Parlour. Rabbi A. Kelman officiated. Burial was in Rosclawn cemetery. Shiva was at the home of the daughter. David Finklestein, aged seventy-six, widower of the late Mrs. Lena Finklestein, died on March 3. He is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Rose Lipsitt; Mrs. J. Abram (Violet), of Brooklyn, N.Y.; Mrs. S. Levine (Rhebti); Mrs. D. Galit-sky (Ruth); four sons: Albert, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Louis and Sydney; Harry, of Desert Hot Springs, Calif.; two brothers, Joseph^.of Brooklyn, N.Y.; Henry; two* sisters, Mrs. S. Fishman (Sarah); Mrs. S. Mittell (Dora); six grandchildren, Martin and Anita Abram, of Brooklyn; Norman and Elaine Levine; Lea Ellen Finkle, of Desert Hot Springs; and Michael Gal-itsky. Mr. Finklestein was a life member of McCaul Street Syna-K<>tfue where services were held, Rabbi R. Slonim officiating. Burial was in Dawcs Road cemetery. Shiva was at the home, 36 Sullivan Street Plan To Honour Distinguished Leader's Birthday • GRAND ORDER OF ISRAEL Ladies Auxiliary social, at the home of Mrs. A. Sax, 381 Grace Street, had as hostesses Mesdames N. F>eisman, E. Chowsky, M. Bront-man. Next meeting is on March 14, at Radomer Hall, Mrs. J. Ross presiding. • SHAAREI SHOMAYIM Sisterhood Purim tea is on Sunday, March 13, from 3 to 6 p.m., at the home of Mrs. Jacob Kofman, 236 Lonsmount Drive; friends invited. mall, L. Umansky, T. Collis, P. King, J. Gary, S. Fisher, T. Mur-kin, D. Shulman, R. Harris, R. Ball, R. Hurwitz, A. King, S. Snider, K. Axsmith, H. Ross, K. Greben. • CANADIAN JEWISH Congress: Miss Mary Palevsky will survey the work done in Canada for the resettlement and rehabilitation of Jewish immigrants. She has had a long experience both in the United States and abroad as an administrator of programs of relief and rehabilitation. Associated with her will be Morris Zelditch, director of social planning of the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds. The last year and a half has seen an unprecedented influx of immigrants into Canada and it is felt that, since services were given to them on an emergency basis, the time is appropriate now for an evaluation and assessment of the work done. Toronto, the second largest city in Canada, has absorbed a large percentage of immigrant families, and will be one of the food points of the survey which look* to ^future plana. • HEBREW WOMEN'S SOCIAL Service Convalescent Home Purim celebration, at 210 Beverley Street, heard Rabbi A. Kelman speak. 1. Swerdlow entertained and M. Bor-shay read his writings on Purim. The president, Mrs. H. Kamarner, was the hostess. Conveners were: Mesdames R. Chowsky, H. Freed-man, L. Applebaum, S. Ely. • BNAI BRITH WOMEN, Upper Canada Chapter 544, at the Royal York Hotel, elected: Miss Betty Goodman, president; others, Misses Doris Hoffmintz, Sandra Eisen-berg, Mrs. Leonard Wodlinger, Mrs. Ben Epstein, Misses Doris Goodman, Min Pushkoff, Sara Tubcrman, Pearl Goldman, Gertrude Ross, Mesdames Samuel Shapiro, Ben. Pellman, James Spergel. Cards Of Thanks The family of the late Fred Rose wish to thank their many friends and relatives for their many acts of kindness during their recent sad bereavement. BIRTHS • FOLKS FAREIN Ladies Auxiliary Purim party will be held on March 20, at the Folks Farcin Building. A Queen Esther will be chosen. Conveners will be: Mesdames B. Rocklin, M. Reikin, Y. Fink, S. Ehrlick, F. Berlin. Everybody welcome. WOMEN'S Organization annual Purim dance, on Tuesday, March 15, presents a full floor snow, and a Queen Esther beauty contest of which the judges will be: Mrs. Dora Wechsler, Ross Ballard, Ben. Sugarman. Convener is Mrs. H. Goldblatt, with: Mrs. B. Estrin, publicity; Miss Anne Soko-loff, tickets; Mrs. M. Pancer, floor show; Mrs. S. Freeman, Queen Esther contest chairman; Mrs. S. Weinberg, secretary. A tea will be held at the home of Mrs. H. Trach-ter, 50 Braemore Gardens, on Sunday, March 13, 2-8 p.m., for children in Israel. Conveners are: Mrs. E. Cohen, Mrs. E. Borovoy. • LEIBOWITZ _CIRCLE meeting, at the home of Mrs7~X. Leibowttzr College Street, had present: Mr. and Mrs. J. Borovoy, Mr. and-Mrs. J. Leibowitz, Beatrice Street; Mr. and Mrs. L. Slippoy, Mr. and Mrs. R. Goldstein, Mr. and Mrs. E. Leibowitz, Mr. and Mrs. J. Leibowitz, Manning Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. J. Leibowitz, Dufferin Street; Mrs. H. Leibowitz, Mr. and Mrs. L. Cohen, of Hamilton; I. Antwerp and A. Antwerp, of New York, N.Y. A Purim party takes place on March 13, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Leibowitz, Beatrice Street. • HOLY BLOSSOM TEMPLE, Rabbi Abraham L. Feinberg: On Friday, March 11, at 8.15 p.m., Sisterhood mother and daughter service. Mrs. William Wolman, president, will bring greetings from the Sisterhood; Mrs. A. G. Volpe and her daughter, Miss Jennie Vol- // you tea** Cryttal and CrytUil Lamp* at Wholesale Price* SEE BURTON SANDIER 68 DundAA Street West • MIZERA LADIES AUXILIARY meeting was at the home of Mrs. R. Claire, 494 Palmerston Boulevard. The executive discussed their pledge to the new Mount Sinai Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Mandell, and Mr. and Mrs. M. Laufer were guests. • HADASSAH Chapters: Rishon, at the home of Mrs. S. Wise, 19 Forest Ridge Drive, heard Mrs. S. J. Zacks speak on Israel. Herzlia Purim party is on March 14, at the home of Mrs. H. Jeffreys, 195 Hill-hurst Avenue. Hostesses are: Mrs. M. Mandell, Mrs. H. Jeffreys; Queen Esther met at the home of Mrs. 0. Rosenfeld, 2679 Bloor Street West. Mrs. M. Dorfman and Mrs. I. Hahn brought in money. Mrs. 0. Rosenfeld was presented with a gift by the social convener, Mrs. L. Wainer, for her new home, 2679 Bloor Street West. Next meeting, on March 14, is at the home of Mrs. B. Smith, 17 Croydon Road. Hatikvah meets on March 14, at the home of Mrs. S. Posluns, 268 Lytton Boulevard. Box social is on March 20, at the home of Mrs. R. Gross, 920 Avenue Road; convener, Mrs. R. Gross, HU. 5785. Elisha and Rayah dance at Club Kings-way, on March 16, offers professional entertainment and cocktail bar. Mrs. I. Elkin, REdfem 5558, and Mrs. H. Solomon, ME. 7610. Nordia dance, on Marcft 22, at Club Kingsway, has as conveners: Mrs. K. Revens, MI. 2931; Mrs. M. Green, MO. 8962. Next meeting at the home of Mrs. 0. Bobkin, 327 Richview Avenue. Sholom annual sherry tea is on April 3, at the home of Mrs. H. Satok, 50 Wembley Road; hostesses, Mesdames S. Torno, M. Mandell, H. Satok. Beth Gan tea was held at the home of Mrs. I. Karp, 18 Claxton Boulevard, in aid of Youth Aliyah. • ZIONIST ORGANIZATION: Dr. Abraham Granovsky, World Chairman of the Jewish National Fund, and Kenneth W. MacTag-gart, staff writer of the Globe and Mail, will be guest speakers at a meeting to celebrate the opening of the Constituent Assembly of Israel, on Sunday, March 13, at 8.30 p.m.. in the Concert Hall of the Royal York Hotel, sponsored by the United Zionist Council. E. E. Gel-ber will preside. Dr. Granovsky arrived from Israel to discuss a $100,000,000 land development program in Israel which will convert 25.000 acres of neglected Arab-owned land into fertile, productive areas. Mr. MacTaggart just returned from an extended stay in Israel. Hazamir Choir will sing Israeli songs. • EASTERN STAR, Deborah Chapter, at a dessert limcheon, at the home of Mrs. J. YudVen, 316 Lonsdale Road, discussed plans for the annual dance on April 6, at Club Kingrway. Mrs. H. Lepofsky is worthy matron; M. King, worthy patron, Mr*. A. King, associate matron. Conveners are: Mesdames J. Yodken, R. Lester, A. Savein; program* Mias Dorothy Lepofsky, Mr*. G. Lehrer; captains: Meadame* B. Umansky, L. Hash- • BNAI BRITH Youth Organization is presenting its annual revue, "You Sleigh Me", for six consecutive Sunday nights, until April 3. Invitations from Bnai Brith House, 492 Spadina Avenue, phone KI. G923 or PR. 2835. Those in the singing chorus are: Misses Molly Anisman, Merle Barren, Geraldine Barshay, Shirley Bernstein, Violet Bloom, Ruth Bograd, Shirley Blu-menfeld, Ruth Brown, Grace Gar-shon, Joy Donn, Phyllis Elite, Phyllis Erenberg, Lillian Friedman, Mil-ly Gibbs, Myra Ginzler, Irene Goldman, Florence Greenspan, Anita Greenspan, Edith Grossman, Ruth Harris, Zelda Halperin, Alice Johnson, Helen Kate, Claire Klein* Ann Krandel, Norraa Kroll, Charlotte Lauder, Rita Laufman, Debby and Madelon Ostrich, Yetta Perlman, Florence Plant, Francis Reinstein, Florence Rosen, Nancy Rossman, Linda Schwartz, Sylvia Schwartz, Edith Sherman, Fay Sherman, Belle Shuster, Hilda Silverberg, Gertrude Sky, Catherine Smith, Ruth Smith, Pauline Starkman, Frances Starr, Mary Teachman, Ruth Tepperman, Dorothy Torneck, Dorothy Wasserman, Sharon Wolf-son, Claire Woolf; and Murray Bernbaum, Avrom Buckstein, Milton Cohen, Samuel Davis, Vernon Dubinsky, Charles Feldman, Harvey Gerlock, Melvin Goldberg, Saul J. Goldberg, Saul «L Goldman, Murray Greenspan, Wilfred -Grosman, Jed Joseph, Henry Kamerling, Manuel Kates, Allen Kazman, Morry Kertzcr, Norman Kleinberg, Sidney Kroll, William Mondrowtz, Arthur Neller, Frank Risman, Ezrin Ros-lyn, Carl Rotman, Gerold Siegel, Saul Solomon, Louis Weinstock, Allan Young, Samuel Zarctsky. Those in the dance chorus are: Misses Miriam Breslove, Gloria Cohen, Faye Firestone, Mildred Gross, Adele Koven, Georgina La-quer, Maureen Lindover, Lyla Martin, Minnie Moskoff, Shirley Pearl, Mildred Segal, Joyce Tennen, Eleanor Weinrauch, Audrey Weis-berg, Estelle Zade. Comedians are: Harry Bornstein, David Brunner, Samuel Cohen, Allan Gelman, Hersh Harris, Norman Winkler, Arthur Udaskin, Miss Lyla Martin. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. S. Hof-lezer (nee Pauline Leightman), 458 Euclid Avenue, at the Mount Sinai Hospital, on February 20, a daughter, Sheila, sister of Goldie. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Rosenfeld (nee Shirley Waxman), 2679 Bloor Street West, at Women's College Hospital, on February 25, a daughter, Marlene Janice. Grandparents are: Mr. and Mrs. H. Waxman, of Hamilton; and Mr. and Mrs. 0. Rosenfeld, Bloor Street West. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. L. Strauss (nee Jerry Okner), 318Vj College Street, at Mount Sinai Hospital, on February 18, a son, Jack, brother of Allan Barry. Grandparents are: Mr. and Mrs. 0. Okner, Dundas Street West; and S. Strauss, Bor-den Street. Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. H. Sherman, 115 Kendall Avenue. Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. P. Balaban (nee Sharon Harris), 11 Relmar Road, at the Toronto General Hospital, on February 17, a son, Stephen Allan. Grandparents are: Mr. and Mrs. L. Harris, 121 Glenayr Road; and Mr. and Mrs. S. Balaban, 109 Whitmore Avenue; great-grandparent is L. Samer, 56 Rose-neath Gardens. S. iBalaban held the baby during the ceremony. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Ososki (nee Bertha Jamison), 11 Cobalt Avenue, at the Mount Sinai Hospital, on February 25, a daughter, Phyllis Barbara. Grandparents are: Mr. and Mrs. W. Jamison, 11 Cobalt Avenue; and Mr. and Mrs. H. Ososki, 2130 Davenport Road. Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, Jr.; former Governor Herbert H. Lehman, Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. John Haynes Holmes, and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt head the list of notables on the National Committee of Sponsors for the celebration of Dr. Stephen S. Wise's seventy-fifth birthday in March. Prominent persons from all walks of life, as well us organizations, Jewish and non-Jewish, in which Dr. Wise has been active, are sponsoring a diamond jubilee dinner to honour Dr. Wise on Sunday, March 20, at the Hotel Biltmore, in New York. In an interview in his study in the Synagogue House of the Free Synagogue, Dr. Wise said: "I was born in Budapest, the birthplace of Max Nordau and Theotlor Herzl, on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1874. Possibly I acquired at birth my innate love for Zion and my lifelong career as a fighter. I came from a fighting family of rabbis. My grandfather fought for Hungary's freedom. My father fought at his father's side. I have battled throughout my life for many causes. First for Zionism, together with some of the great men of American Israel — men like Dr. Gustave Gotthcil, Prof. Richard Gottheil, Dr. H. P. Mendes and Justice Louis D. Brandeis, that great Jew and one of the greaU»si—Americans. "My second battle has been for the Jewish people through the American and World Jewish Congress, for the millions of Jews everywhere who could never become rebuilders of Palestine. They required protection, the only protection Jews ought ever ask, viz., equal political rights. Together with Justice Brandeis, Judge Julian W. Mack, Justice Felix Frankfurter, Nathan Straus, Louis Lipsky, Pin-cus Ruttenberg and others, we founded the American Jewish Congress movement. .It was largely a protest against the undemocratic management of American Jewish affairs. With Justice Brandeis first as our visible and later our invisible leader, we insisted that American Jews regardless of their geographical origin or economic status were intelligent enough to manage their community affairs and not have them managed for them by well-meaning, generous philanthropists. "Then followed the World Jewish Congress in 1936, which I helped organize with the aid of some of the most distinguished Jews of European lands. Among them was Dr. Nahura Goldmann, a brilliant statesman. The World Jewish Congress has endeavored to safeguard the rights of every minority so that the rights of Jews may not be suffered to become inferior. We who seek to safeguard our minority rights must be prepared to battle for protection of any minorities. "In the course of more than fifty years of service, I have also been privileged to found the Free Synagogue and the Jewish Institute of Religion, the latter now merged MARRIAGES with the Hebrew Union College, as one of the outstanding schools for the training of men for the rabbinate.. The distinction of this theological seminary is that both faculty and students are free, not committed in advance to a particular form of doctrinal loyalty. "But my abiding interest is the Free Synagogue. I have made its inspiration my starting point rather than its work my goal. A synagogue is not an end in itself. It is a means of service divine and service human, above all, such service as brings men nearer to each other within the bonds of undoc-trinal fellowship." With respect to the future, Dr. Wise declared: "I have four basic hopes. One is for a peaceful world in which justice will reign for all peoples and faiths and races. Secondly, I wish my country ^o become more completely and triumphantly a democracy, a land in which every religious Kr°up and race shall be wholly free to make its own ethical, spiritual, educational, artistic contribution to the treasure store of American life. America belongs to all its people; all its people must enrich and ennoble it." "Third, I wish the Free Synagogue to reassert the democratic ideal of Israel, to democratize anew in its new building, which I pray will be completed soon and in my lifetime, the spirit and form of the present-day Synagogue. The pioneer inspirations of the Free Synagogue must be kept alive — freedom of the pulpit, freedom of the p*w, and, lastly, that, prophetic freedom and development which aimed at social justice, including social service, clean and wholesome city, state, national and international government. "Fourth, for my people, I wish to see men and women of good will in every Christian Church in the world, Protestant and Catholic, come to recognize that it is not only un-Christian but indecent to treat Jews as they have been dealt with throughout many centuries. I also wish to see my people putting away the timidity with which they have been too long afflicted. I see them not only free but using that freedom to right wrong wherever inflicted or threatened, free as a people in their own land of Israel and free from assault in other lands upon the right of Jews to live as man with men." The diamond jubilee dinner in celebration of Dr. Wise's birthday will be presided over by Henry Morgenthau, Jr., and among the prominent speakers will be U. S. Supreme Court Justice William 0. Douglas, Bishop G. Bromley Ox-nam, Dr. John Haynes Holmes, and Hon. Eliahu Epstein, the latter representing the new State of Israel. Representatives of many congregations will attend, as well as those from national bodies served by Dr. Wise during his more than fifty years of service to Jewry and the nation. EDELSTEIK-SOLOMON • GRAND PRDER OF ISRAEL Ladies Auxiliary annual supper dance had as hostesses: Mesdames A. Berkan, M. Weiser, E. Estrien, A. Golden, H. Gelfund, J. Koskie. APPROACHING MARRIAGES Mr. and Mrs. David Kalnitsky, of Oshawa, announce the approaching marriape of their daughter, Gilda, to Ben. Aidelman, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Aidelman, Beatrice Street, the marriage to take place on Sunday, March 13, at Shaw Street Synagogue. The approaching marriage of Rita, daughter of A. Silverstein, 377 Palmerston Boulevard, and the late Mrs. Bayla Zluta Silverstein, to Louis Brown, of Kincardine, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. S. Brown, of Kincardine, takes place on March 13, at Yeshiva Torah Chaim. ENGAGEMENTS • LADIES INDEPENDENT Society at the home of Mrs. S. Eisen, 296 Robert Street, elected: president, Mrs. S. Devoretsky; Mesdames S. Freeman, H. Firston, Presentation were made to: Mesdames S. Devoretsky, B. Renard, H. Firston, S. Freeman. A cheque for $25 was given to the Histadrut Next meeting »t the home of Mrs. S. Freeman, 263 Vaughan Road. Mr. and Mrs. M. Hiltz, 60 Bor-den Street, announce the engagement of their daughter, Lillian, to Morris, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Borlak, of Brantford, the marriage to take place on March 20, at Yeshiva Torah Chaim. • DELPHIAN SERVICE GROUP annual chanty tea is at the home of Mrs. L. Rosenberg, 92 Burnaby Boulevard, on March 26, from 2-6 p.m. Mrs. M. Vemick, 481 Euclid Avenue, announces the engagement of her daughter, Betty, to Jack, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Weinberg, 950 Danforth Avenue, the marriage to take place in December. DEATHS Max Freeman, agfed sixty-two, died on March 1. He is survived by his wife, Mrs, Anne Freeman, 672 Shaw Street; four *ma, Ben, Flanders Road; Louia, Mountaoel Avenue; Jack, Hilton Avenue; Nathan, Atlas Avenue; one daughter Mra, L. Lodcihin (Sylvia), 672 Shaw Street; and eleven grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kalles. 81 Wells Hill Avenue, announce the engagement of their daughter, Ber-nice Beverley, to Sander Maraott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Mamott, 261 Vaughan Road. Mr. and Mrs, P. Wasser, Bath-urst Street, announce the engagement of their daughter, Ruthe, to Martin, wn of Mr. and Mrs. N. ZareUky, Bellwood* Avenue, the marriage to take place on September IS, at Men of England Synagogue. The marriage of Frances, daugh- | ter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Solomon, 365 Montrose Avenue, Toronto, to William, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Edelstein, 132 Marlboro Avenue, Ottawa, took place at Adath Israel Synagogue, on Sunday, February 27, at half-past two o'clock. Rabbi E. Schild officiated. The bride was given in marriage by her father. She wore a floor-length gown of white satin, with a sweetheart neckline, long fitted sleeves, fitted bodice, and very full skirt, trimmed down the front with seed pearls, which extended into a long train. Her finger-tip veil, trimmed with orange blossoms, was fastened to a satin bonnet, and her bouquet was of white roses, trimmed with rosebuds and streamers. Mrs. H. Frankel, sister of the bride, was matron of honour, in a pale blue crepe dinner gown, with a round neckline, and pink hat and gloves. She carried a basket of pink roses. Misses Estelle Rubinoff and Edith Greenberg were bridesmaids, in blue Uffeta off-the-shoulder gowns, with very full skirts, and had matching bonnets. They carried baskets of flowers. Miss Lorraine Posen was junior bridesmaid, in a pink taffeta gown, with a square neckline, puffed sleeves, fitted bodice, and a hooped skirt- Her crown was of pink taffeta, and she carried a basket of pink flowers. David Pullan was best man. Carl Solomon, brother of the bride, was junior usher. Mrs. Solomon, mother of the bride, received in a fuchsia-coloured crepe dinner gown, trimmed with sequins, and bugle beads, with a navy-blue straw hat, navy gloVes, and a corsage of fuchsia-colored roses. Mrs. Edelstein, mother of the groom, assisted in a grey crepe dinner ?own, with matching hat and gloves, and a corsage of yellow Tea roses. The bride and groom left on their honeymoon to New York, and Philadelphia, PaM the bride travelling in a dark blue suit, pink feathered hat, and grey accessories. They will reside at 426 Hinton Avenue, West End, Ottawa. Millions of Canadian and American women • have looked to ROUX tints, rinses, bleaches and dyes to solve their hair colourinq problems. You. too, will be happy with the results. ROUX AT rout MAimr SALON, fc OR DfPAKTMIMT STOtl.

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