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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: NOVEMBER 24, 1950 THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW 15 TORONTO MEETINGS • Ari$ .Ben-T«vim, Consul of Israel to Canada, will visit Toronto on Monday, November 27, and will be available for interviews and consultation on matters relating to Israel between 9.30 a. m. and 6 p.m., at the Royal York Hotel. Mr. Ben-Tovim may be reached at the Consulate Offices, 1260 University Street, Montreal, to arrange for { time of appointments. — i • GOEL TZEDEC Synagogue Junior Congregation services were conducted by: cantor, Michael Spivak; gabbai, Robert Kaplan; >/p*arnaa, Andy Levine; Torah portion, Robert Kaplan; called to the f. Torah, Leslie Kert, Ronnie Rais- Iman, Elaine Shapiro, Judy Weiner, Jerome Graff, Edgar Cowan; Donald Berlin, Elaine Shapiro, Shelley Godfrey. D. M. Levi, of the senior congregation, preached the '•• sermon. For the luncheon, donated by the Sisterhood, Mrs. M. Joel and Mrs. E. I. Shapiro were hostesses, assisted by Judy Freed-hoff and Judith Weiher. • D'ARCY TALMUD TORAH Sisterhood met at the home of Mrs. H. Korolnek, 19 Cormaught Circle, who donated the raffle which was won by Mrs. D. Grossman. $100 waa given to Youth Aliyah. For the annual card night, on Wednesday, November 29, in D'Arcy Talmud Torah auditorium, the ticket convener is Mrs. J. Greenbaum, WA. 6698; social convener, Mrs. I. Salsberg. Meeting at the home of Mrs. C.Killen, Crang Avenue. Mrs. MJCoroInek,vice-president,presided. |100 was donated to Youth Aliyah. • MIZRACHI WOMEN Deborah Chapter met at the home of Mrs. E. Rose, 84 Major Street, and completed plans for the annual tea to be held on Sunday, November 26, at the home of Mrs. M. Tanen-baum, 424 Rosemary Road. Mes-daznes: S. Kurtz, M. Weisfield, M. Klyman, D. Ochs, are convening it. Mrs. D. Ochs gave a reading which was followed by a discussion. • HAPOEL MIZRACHI Women Etzion Chapter met at the home of Mrs. Joseph Klingman, 262 Beatrice Street. Mrs. Jack Lu-botsky is president. Mrs. Samuel State, treasurer, reported orv the success of the annual tea held at tha home of Mrs. Sidney Waverman, 25 Wells Street. A rummage sale, convener-ship of Mesdames Frank Rubin, Joseph Klingman, Louis Price, Jack Lubotsky, H. Balinsky, Samuel State, gave proceeds for homes in Israel which are sponsored by the organization. Mrs. Sidney Waverman read an article from Israel, of how incoming Jews celebrated Simchas Torah, each in their own custom. Refreshments were served by the hostess. I • The campaign for a New Jewish Community Centre (YM-YWHA) and new Jewish Home for the Aged, from November 20 to December 17, has a goal of $2,750,000. Of this, $1,500,000 will be needed for the centre; and $1,250,000 for the home. Campaign headquarters are at 150 Beverley Street. The centre will include the YM-YWHA and give the Jewish community a structure at the corner of Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue; and the new Jewish home for the aged will be located on land at Bathurst Street, south of Wilson Avenue. Samuel Godfrey, 0. B. E., and Abe Posluns are campaign co-chairmen; Mrs. Samuel Godfrey, Mrs. Percy Hermant, Mrs. David Meltzer are women's division co-chairmen. Assisting in the campaign executive are: Louis Borsook, Charles Foster, Arthur E. Gelber, Samuel Lunen-feld, Abraham Rovner, Ben. Sadow-ski, M. B. E.; Sol. F. Samuels, Jule Allen, Arthur Cohen, David A. Crpll, K.C., M.P.; Samuel Kronick, Elias Pullan, Gurston S. Allen, Frank Gerstein, Jess Kaplan, Mark A. Levy, David Meltzer, Henry L. Nathanson, J. Irving Oelbaum, Henry S. Rosenberg, K.C.; Morris S. Till, Samuel J. Granatstein, Samuel Breslin, Meyer W. Gasner, Abe Levine, Harry S. Man dell, Phil. Lewis, Harvey Blackstein, Herbert J. Weiss, Eddie Gould, Abbey Muter, Jack Culiner, Glen Frankfurter. All *M to lode •* **c*, will to m h • SINAIS sixteenth annual Valentine dance, to be held on February 14, has as volunteer captains: Mesdames Joseph Solomon, M. Freedman, S. Lytle, Ben. Friedman, M. Halpern, Jack Strauss, Ben. Fish, P. Stancer, Jack Kay, Bert Cowan, M. Freedman. SPECIALIZING in weddings, corsages, and bar mitzvahs. Also'fruit baskets for shivas. • City wide delivery , aw. WAUEN, HUM, ? Tradt N«M 476 Bloor St., W. ME 4431 BUY FROM REVIEW ADVERTISERS, SAY: "I SAW YOUR AD IN THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW." HI Your Heed quarters KLING CREDIT Jewelltrs 269 Queen St. W. (at MeCatl St.) Phone EL. 8021 • ANSHE LIDA Synagogue Sis-terhood: Mrs. J. Black, convener, of the tea at the home of Mrs. J. WU*w, 11 W«U» Hill ,Av«uw_, thanked the member* for their, work. Mrs. R. D. Green and Mr*;; B. Litowitz, were elected sunshine conveners. Hostesses were: Mes-dames Alec Litowitz, L. E. Litowitz, S. Hennick, L. Goodman. Next meeting will be a social on December 11, in the synagogue, convened by: Mesdames S. Finkel, A. Ten-nant, Jerry Wiener, H. Mandel. • LITHUANIAN-LATVIAN Society will observe the seventh anniversary of the loss of the Lithuanian-Latvian Jewry at a memorial service at the Hebrew Men of England Synagogue, on Sunday, November 26, at 7.30 p. m. Speakers will be: Rabbi N. Shapiro, of Goel Tzedec Synagogue; Rabbi I. Hurwitz, L. Zuker, representative of the Canadian Federation of Polish Jews of Toronto; Reverend Cantor Nathan Stolnitz; and Cantor Jacob Zigelman, will lead the liturgical part of the program. • In Minneapolis, Minn., for the convention of the National Women's League of the United Synagogues of America, were: Mesdames Arthur L. Soles, Strathearn Road, vice-president of the Eastern Canadian Branch of the National Women's League; E. Ben-stein, Shannon Street, president of Beth Hamidraah Sisterhood; Lawrence Kabot, St. Clair Avenue West, president of the Shaarei Shomayim Sisterhood; Samuel O. Freedhoff, Bathurst Street, president of the Goel Tzedec Sisterhood; and Albert Saunders, Rich-view Avenue, vice-president of Goel Tzedec Sisterhood. Ian, Collegeview Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coblens, Palmerston Boulevard; Mr. and Mrs. John Elias, Avenue Road; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Erwinne, Ridge Hill Drive; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Finkelstein, Bathurst Street; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Freidman, Glen Cedar Road; Mrs. A. Frankel, Dewbourne Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ganz, Whitmore Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. H. Gertner, Glen Cedar Road; Mr. and Mrs. M. Goldenson, Forest Ridge Drive; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Goldman, Warren Road; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Goldstein, Northcliffe Boulevard; Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Granatstein, Eglinton Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. David Greenglass, Conrad Avenue; Mrs. Sylvia Green-berg, Oakwood Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greenglass, Strathearn Road; Mr. and Mrs. Lou Green-spoon, Braemar Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Max Grosberg, Spadina Road; Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Handler, Clovelly Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Heller, Winnett Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hornfield, Whitmore Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. David Kagan, Ava Road; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kerbel, Eglinton Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Kirschner, Gloucester Grove; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kirschner, Whitmore Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kline, Chiitern Hill Road; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lastman, Fairleigh Crescent; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Leipciger, Glen Cedar Road; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Libitz, of Tillsonburg; Mr. and Mrs. P. Litowitz, Ridelle Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Mil-stein, Eglinton Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Morris, Bathurst Street, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Naf-tolin, Stayner Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pollock, Glenarden Road; Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Posen, Rosebury Road; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rich, Avenal Drive; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rich, Westover Hill Road; Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Rovner, Ridge Hill Drive; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Salkovitch, Strathearn Road; Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Schwartz, Atlas Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schwartz, Winnett Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. A. Morris Sha-pira, Markdale Road; Mr. and Mrs. Issac Shenfield. Arlington Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shields, Aid-burn Road; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shore, Howland Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Murray Solnik, Glen Cedar Road; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Starr, Castlefield Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stein, Fairleigh Crescent; Mr. and Mrs. B. Steinberg, Elm Ridge Drive; Mr. and Mrs. Murray J. Steinberg, Whitmore Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Swartr, West-over HiU Road; - Mr. and Mn. Stephen Szigeti, Eglinton Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Max Walderman, Chaplin Crescent; Mr. arid Mrs. Murray Walderman, Winnett Avenue; Abraham Winter, Westpver Hill Road. In charge of a testimonial dinner, in the Synagogue, for Leon Offman, president, given by the board of directors and the building committee, of which Mr. Offrnan has been chairman for three years, were: Louis Soupcoff, Harry Arnoff, Jack Dubiner, Louis Cappe, Joseph Caplan, Henry Don-sky, Sydney Freeman, Jack Lavine, Louis Haber, William Rother, Harry Polevoy, Mac Shore, Max Way-Ian, Ben. Wortsman, Harry Unger-man, Harry Englander. dah Washer, Dr. I. Frankel, Rabbi; Rabbi I. Schild; S. E. Abella, B. Altman, I. Aufgang, H. Eisen, M. Tarnovsky, Charles Garfunkel, H. Korolnik, A. Kurtz, M. Kurtz, J. Zeifraan, A. Raitblatt, H. Rubinstein, H. Salb, N. Sokol. • PHILADONS met at the home of Mrs. M. Wilensky, 8 Heathdale Road. Mesdames H. Baker, P. Banks, J. Raider visited bunny-brook Hospital and distributed cigarettes and confections. Mrs. M. Cohen reported on the rummage sale. Delegates at the Youth Aliyah dinner, held at Murray House, were: Mesdames M. Winkler, president who presented a cheque for $600, on behalf of the Philadons; L. Zuker, H. Dvoretsky, J. Romm. 'Where Kashiuth is King and Quality Rules" on* Meats 12ft Poultry Delicatessen CITV-WIO£ DELIVERY -:- SPECIAL ATTENTION TO OUT-Of-TOWN ORDERS Brunswick at Harbord Brunswick at College Ml. 0941 OUR DELICATESSEN DEPARTMENT AT 172 HARlORD STREET IS OFEN EVERY SATURDAY NJGHT UNTIL MIDNIGHT Listen to tht JEWISH HOUR CHML, 901 en y*«r rflol EVERY SUNDAY MORNING — 10 TO 11 A.M. FREE CITY-WIDE DELIVERY MAIL OUT OF TOWN ORDERS TO 7 BRUMSWICK AVE., TORONTO. • HADASSAH: Queen Esther Chapter met at the home of Mrs. V. Nusyna, 15 Windley Avenue. Mesdames M. Margel, S. Sugar, J. Smith, donated funds for the village in Israel. Mrs. J. Sugar brought a donation from the La-gover Society Ladies Auxiliary. Mrs. J. Slovin, president, gave a vote of thanks for co-operation for the bazaar. Mrs. 0. Rosenfield donated a set of records which was won by herself. Next meeting at the home of Mrs. 0. Rosenfield, 2679 Bloor Street West. Schmarye Levine Chapter met for a luncheon meeting at the home of Mrs. E. S. Klebanoff, 407 Glenayr Road. Mrs. L. Levy gave a vote of thanks to the hostess. High Court Voids Real Estate Pact Barring Jews. Negroes • SONS OF DAVID Ladies Auxiliary social meeting was at the home of the social convener, Mrs. H. Title, 281 Markham Street. Refreshments were served by her, assisted by Mrs. M. Gulko, Mrs. N. Aarons. A charity tea, at the home of Mrs. R. KJeinberg, 340 Crawford Street, convenership of Mesdames P. Goldfoot, M. Gulko, R. Kleinbergr, B. Yaffa, H. Title, proceeds to Israel. All products bearing H* SHOPSY label art sfricriy KOSHER • BETH SHOLOM SYNAGOGUE. Rabbi David Monson: At service, on Friday, December 1, at 8.15 p. m., the following new members will be inducted: Mr. and Mrs. Max Appleby, Whitmore Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Axelrod, of Woodstock; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Banack, Hawarden Crescent; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bergman. Whitmore Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Bemholtz, Dewboume Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bernstein, Ridee Hill Dnve: Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Borden, Wembley Road; Jack Cap- • MIZRACHI dinner, on Monday, November 27, at 6 p. m., at Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue Hall, will have as guest speaker, Rabbi Wolf Gold, a member of the praesidium of the Mizrachi World Federation; member of the executive of the Jewish Agency; chairman of the Jewish Agencies Commission for the development of Jerusalem; and author of the book, "Nivi Zaav". He came to America trt attend sessions of the Jewish Agency executive. He is acclaimed as one of the outstanding Jewish leaders and orators of today. Also on the program will be Isaiah Bernstein, leader of Hapoel Hamizrachi, and editor of the Mizrachi daily, "Hatzofah". S. Wortsmar>. treasurer of the Mirra-chi Organization of Toronto, and national chairman of the Mizrachi Expansion Fund, is chairman of the arrangements committee for the banquet; and for the public mass meeting after the dinner. Assisting on the committee are: Rabbi Ju- Announcement CANADIAN TELEVISION FILMS TAKE COLOR MOTION PICTURES of Wed dings md Social Events For in formation coll WA. 5950 53 YONGE STREET T 0 R 0 N TO Montreal Deaths (Continued from Page Four) funeral service took place, overflowing on to the street where long lines of mourners awaited the passage of the funeral hearse to pay their last respects. Officials said it was the largest funeral ever held in Montreal for a member of the Jewish community. Representatives of the Provincial Government, the City of Montreal and the Montreal Police Department as well as the consul for Israel in Montreal, A. Ben-Tovim, attended services. Represented were all the Jewish organizations of the city. Funeral eulogies in the synagogue were delivered by Rabbi S. Hers-horn and Rabbi P. Hirshprung. Tributes were also paid by Councillor Max Siegler and Lazarus Phillips, K.C., O.B.E., who spoke on behalf of the family. Funeral orations at the grave of Rabbi Cohen were delivered by Rabbi B. Goldzweig and Rabbi C. Zambrow-sky. Interment was in the cemetery of the Congregation Chevra Thilim. Rabbi Cohen i* survived by tw.o daughters, Mrs. J. Presaner (Anna), of New York; 1O*. B. P. Fierst (Miriam), of Mount Vernon, N. Y.; eight grandchildren, Mrs. George Copeland, formerly Miss Leba Pressner, of Washington, D. C.; Mrs. Leon Climenko, formerly Miss Sylvia Pressner, of River-dale, N. Y.; Herbert Fierst, of Washington, D. C.; Mrs. Alfred Berman, formerly Miss Leba Fierst, of Mount Vernon, N. Y.; Leonard Fierst, of Mount Vernon, N. Y.; Mrs. Robert Meyersberg, formerly Miss Sybil Cohen of Washington, D. C.; Miss Phyllis Cohen, of Montreal; and Mrs. H. Carl Goldenberg, formerly Miss Shirley Block; and thirteen great-grandchildren. He was the father of the late Mrs. Sol. Segal (Goldie); Mrs. Myer Block (Etta); Louis and Lazarus Cohen, all of Montreal. William Bloom, aged seventy-nine, died an. November 8, at his home, 4860 Hutchison Street. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Libby Abrams Bloom; a daughter, Mrs. J. Podlog (Tzirl); and three grandchildren, Chaim, Myron, and Moishe Podlog. Funeral service took place from his home, Rabbi S. H. Hersvhorn officiating. Burial was in Chevra Shaas cemetery. Shiva was at the home. The Supreme Court of Canada on November 20 declared invalid a covenant that prohibited the sale of certain properties along Lake Huron to any person of the Jewish, Hebrew, Semitic, Negro or colored race or blood. The property is located at Beach of Pines near the Lake Huron resort town of Grand Bend, Ont. The Supreme Court in its 4 to 1 decision, reserved judgments of the Ontario Supreme Court and the Ontario Court of Appeals. Mr. Justice C. H. Locke disagreed with four of his colleagues on the Supreme Court of Canada bench. He did not think the court should interfere with the unanimous judgments of the Ontario courts. The Supreme Court of Canada held that the covenant was against the public interest, was unenforceable on racial grounds and was a restraint on the freedom of sale of property. "The high court declared void a daughter of the late Mrs. Leah Tinkler. Funeral service and burial took place in< Bogota. Shiva was at the home of her father, S. Tinkler, 785 Querbes Avenue.___________ Lawrence Cossman, 4520 Wilson Avenue, aged forty-eight, died suddenly on Thursday, November 9, at Fort William, Ont. He is survived by his father, David S. Cossman; four brothers, Jack Siegel, of Newark, N. J.; Edward, Lewis, and Benjamin Cossman-; all of Montreal; and five sisters, Mrs. Nathan Levin (Leah), of Richmond, Virginia; Mrs. Jack Cossman (Fanny) ; Mrs. David Grobstein (Ethel); Mrs. James Jasaby (Jean); and Mrs. Robert Berry (Eva) of Ottawa, Ont. He was the son of the late Mrs. Anne Cossman. Funeral service took place from Paper-mans., Dr. C. N. Denburg, 'Rabbi, officiating. Burial was in ;Shaare Zion cemetery. Morris Green, aged forty-eight, 5604 St. Urbain Street, died suddenly on Friday, November 10. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Becky Perminter Green; a daughter, Mrs. R. Brasgold (Shirley); a son, Morton; two grandchildren, Leiba and Muriel Brasgold; his mother, Mrs. Brandel Green; a sister, Mrs. H. Zaslovsky (Sarah); and three brothers, Max and Ben, of Cleveland, Ohio; and Barney, of Toronto, Ont. Funeral service took place from Paperman's, Dr. C. N. Denburg, Rabbi, officiating. Burial was in Ukrainian cemetery. Shiva was at the home. covenant which had been in effect since 1933 when a group of people banded together and bought property at the Beach of Pines. They agreed the property should never be sold to anyone of Jewish, Hebrew, Semitic, Negro or colored race or blood. The case arose when Mrs. Annie Maud Noble of London, Ont., who had agreed to the covenant, sold her property to Bernard Wolf, of London, member of the Jewish community, in 1948 for $6,800. They jointly sought a court order declaring the covenant did not bar the transaction, but the Ontario courts ruled the covenant was valid and enforceable. Now, the 'Supreme Court in a four-to-one decision has ruled it was not enforceable. Among reasons given for throwing out the covenant, one was that it was void because it was personal and did not run with the land through future transactions beyond the original one between covenantor and covenantee. Another main reason was on the ground of uncertainty, in certain respects, such as that the covenant failed to indicate the intention of the parties as to the amount or degree of the prohibited race or blood that might be permitted to own the property. Denburg, Rabbi, officiating. Burial was in Russian Polish cemetery. Max Weisbureh, aged fifty-three, of Spring Valley, N.Y1, died suddenly on November 11. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. S«lma Bernstein Weisburgh; a daughter, Miss Aileen Weisburgh; a sister, Mrs. H. Gold (Sarah), 6327 Cas-grain Street: -and two brother*/ Charles, 1055. Bernard Avenue West; and Casper, of Buffalo, N.Y. Funeral services and burial took place in Spring Valley. Donald, (Doodie) Bloomfield, 4885 Queen Mary Road, aged thirty-iwo, died on Tuesday, November 14. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bloomfield; a brother, Sheldon; a sister, Mrs. Louis Gold (Ruth); two nephews, Ronald Bloomfield, Gerald Gold; and a niece, June Bloomfield. Funeral service took place from Paperman's, Rabbi Solomon Frank and Dr. C. N. Denburg, Rabbi, officiating. Burial was in Spanish and Portuguese cemetery. Mrs. Leah Mettarlin Cherry, 3957 Clark Street, aged seventy-nine, died on November 9. at the Jewish General Hospital. She is survived by a son, A. H. Mettarlin; one daughter, Mrs. M. Dubin (Sarah); eight grandchildren; twelve great-grandchildren; and a sister, Mrs. J. Usheroff (Sarah). She was the mother of the late Max Mettarlirv. Funeral took place from Paperman's. Rabbi Charles Bender officiating. Burial was in Adath Israel cemetery. Shiva was at the home. Jacob Cossman, 4855 Harvard Avenue, aged seventy, died suddenly on Tuesday, November 14. He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Reuben Schwartz (Jean); Mrs. Robert Kossman (Joyce); a son, Howard; three grandchildren, Robert and Catherine Schwartz, Andrew Kossman; one brother, David Cossman; and two sisters, Mrs. Malca Kirsch, and Mrs. Elc* Mendelsohn. Funeral service took place from Paperman's, Dr. C. N. Denburg, Rabbi, officiating. Burial was in Shaare Zion cemetery. Miss Mary Tinkler died accidentally on November 9 at Bogota, Colombia, South America. She is survived by her father, S. Tinkler; four sister*. Mrs. J. Wise (Sarah); Mn. L. Victor (Rose); Miw Rae Tinkler, Mrs. H. F. Pollock (Bess); and three brothers, Louis, of Bogota, Colombia, Sooth America; Jack, of Toronto, Ont.; and Hyman, of Montreal. She was th« Mrs. Sarah Simon Bruker, 1430 Mackay Street, died on Monday, November i3. She is survived by her husband, Max Bruker; two sons, Morris and Ernest; two prar.dchildren, Mitzi Bruker and Anne Bruker; two brothers, William Simon, of New York; Charles Simon, of San Francisco, Calif.; and three sisters, Mrs. R. Ralph (Rebecca); Mrs, Eva Silver, of Washington, D. C.; and Mrs. Rose Poster, of Los Angeles, Calif. Funeral service took place from Paperman's, Dr. C. N. Denburg, Rabbi, officiated. Burial was in Kir;g Edward and Chevra Kadisha cemetery- Shiva was at the home. Mr*. Anna Shneiderovjtch'wsky, 4155 Esplanade Avenue, died on Saturday, November 11. She is survived by her husband, Morris Pniewsky; one son, Dr. Roman Pniewsky; a daughter, Mrs. S. B. Bloom (Helen); and two grandchildren, David and Edgar Pr.iewsky. Funeral services took place from Paperman's. Rabbi So-tomon Frank officiated. Burial was in Spanish and Portuguese, Mount Royal cemetery. Shiva was at the home of her daughter, Mrs. S. B-Bloom. 5785 Plantagenet Avenue- Michael Latsky, 5409 Macdonald Avenue, died suddenly, in his sixtieth year, on November 15. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hilda Lipsey Latsky; two daughters, Mrs. Norman Cardon (Lois); Mrs. Saul Gerson (Dorothy); a son, Norman; and three sisters, Mrs. J. Levine (Sally); Mrs. A. Shalinsky (Rebecca); and Mrs. George Roth (Annie). Rabbi Wilfred Shuchat officiated at the services. Burial was in Shaar Hashornayim cemetery. A native of Russia, Mr. Latsky came to Montreal forty-five years ago after spending some time in England. He became interested in the grocery business and at one time he was a partner in the Thrift Stores. A member of Shaar Hashornayim Congregation, he took an active interest in the Jewish Welfare Bureau and in the Zionist Organization. He belonged to the Lodge of the Covenant, A. F. & A. M., and was a past District Deputy Grand Master. Solomon Schreier, 11 St Catherine Road, widower of the late Mrs. Anne Kops Schreier, died after a lengthy illneas, at the Royal Victoria Hospital, on Friday, November 17. He is survived by a son, Theodore Schreier, of New York; five daughters, Mrs. H. Baumholx (Rose); Mrs. J. Gelfand (Ruth); Mrs. P. Cohen (Fay); Mrs. F. Roll (fiea); and Mrs. A. L. Alexander (Hilda), of New York; ten grandchildren; and four greatgrandchildren. Funeral service took place from Papermaa's, Dr. C. N. Iron Flrtmon Mfj. Co. ^^« ^^^^^^^^^^^^B Mi^OT^v^^P^B

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