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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: November 27, 1964 TORONTO .CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW 85 MEETINGS HOLY BLOSSOM * Temple: Rabbi W, Gunther Plaut: Twenty-one members of the Youth Council, accompanied by Gordon Wolfe, boarded the bus for Rochester, N. Y., for a week-end of worship, and study, and social events, as guests of Temple Brith Kodesh, in Rochester, for the North-East-ern Lakes Federation of Temple Youth. They were: Meryl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Barruch, 108 Mona Drive; Sandy, of Mr. and Mrs. S. Borins, 132 Ava Road; Philip, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Bregman, 15 Fraserwqod Avenue; Janet, daughter of Mrs. Helen Charney, 6 Collegeview Avenue; Roslyn, of Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Greene, 450 Castlefield Avenue; Martin, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Herman, 89 Ranee Avenue; Bob., of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kirzner, 63 Westdale Drive; Ellen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Levy, iaO Brighton Avenue; Louise, of Mr. and Mrs. M. Lieberman; Carol, of Mr. and Mrs. I. Liss, 564 Old Orchard Grove; Arlene, of Mr. and man was in a blue, silk gown; with a beaded bodice; and had a wristlet of red roses. Mrs. Grossman, grandmother, wore a silver-toned and blue gown; and Mrs. Shacter, grandmother, wore a flowered, brocaded gown. Each naU a wristlet of white orchids. Those who joined the family to light the candles on the cake were: Mrs. Laya Xudelman, 1001 Eglin-ton Avenue West, great-aunt; Mrs. Malka Shacter, of Los Angeles, Calif., great-aunt; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Grossman, 31 Fraser-wood Avenue, great-uncle and freat-aunt; Mr. and Mrs. Joel Krakauer, uncle and aunt, and daughter, Gayla, 2 4 Artreeva Drive; Mr. and Mrs. David Grossman, uncle and aunt, and Stephen, .{ Meadowbrook Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. S. Zeldin, 446 Coldstream Avenue, uncle and aunt; Mr. and Mrs. J. Blustein, uncle and aunt, and Miss Judy Blustein, David, Mnrk, and Norman, 83 Forest Heights Drive; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Grossman, uncle and aunt, and Dianne, Morley, and Harvev, 15 Acton Avenue; and Miss Karen Zeldin, and Arthur Zeidin. 446 Coldstream Avenue, cousins. Seated at the head table with them were: Rabbi and Mrs. David Mon-son, and Rabbi and Mrs. M. Kir-shenblatt. Izzy Brookoff, cousin, of New York, asked the blessing over the challah. The masters of ceremonies were: Melvin and Stanley Grossman, the brothers of Bobby, the bar-mitzvah boy; and he spoke. A centrepiece of blue-toned and white roses, with matching tablecloths and napkins, were the table decorations. Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Teplinsky, 104 Tavistock Road, celebrated the bar-mitzvah of their son, Avery Louis, who was called to the Reading of the Law. at the Beth Am Synagogue. He is brother of Miss Elaine Teplinsky. Mr. and Mrs. Teplinsky were hosts to two hundred guests, at Kiddush and luncheon. Mrs. Teplinsky wore a blue, two-piece suit; with a beige blouse; and beige accessories. Miss Elaine Teplinsky wore a red wool dress; with a white fur hat; and black accessories. The same evening, Mr. and Mrs. Teplinsky were hosts to two hundred and forty guests, at a dinner-dance and reception, held in the synagogue hall, Mrs. Teplinsky received, in a gold and white, brocaded gown; and had a wristlet of mauve orchids. Miss Elaine Teplinsky wore a blue satin, peau de soie gown, with beaded trimming; and a wristlet of pink orchids. Seated at the head-table with the Mrs. A. Perly, 11 Roberta Drive; Mark, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Sarner, 221 Richview Avenue: Barbara, daughter of Mrs. David Shanoff; 2121 Bathurst Street; Wendy, of Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith, 32 Kilbarry Road; Edward, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Sweet, 24 Eu-phrasia Drive; Richard, of Mr. and Mrs. L, C. Sugarman, 203 Coldstream Avenue; Linda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wein-berg, 527 Spadina Road; Bill, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilson, 126 HillmoUnt Avenue; Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Yolles, 7 Blue-jay Place; and Bill, of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Zener, 217 Hillhurst Boulevard. CANADIAN Council Of Reform Congregations: Second biennial convention will be held November 27 to 29, at the Park. Plaza Hotel, in Toronto. The Canadian Council represents four thousand families in nine congregations. The founders were Temple Emanu-El and Temple Beth Sholom, in Montreal; Holy Blossom Temple and Temple Sinai, in Toronto; Anshe Sholom, in Hamilton. Two new congregations have been formed in Toronto, Temple Emanu-El, and Beth El; joining the Beth El Congregation, in Windsor formed two years ago. Thirty-five families formed the Vancouver Reform Congregation, this month. Delegates from all the^e cities have registered for the Biennial. Max E. Enkin, O.B.E. of Toronto, is president of the Canadian Council. Mrs. S. Shanker is chairman of arrangements. On Friday evening, Dr. Harry J. Stern, Rabbi, of Temple Emanu-El, in Montreal, will deliver the sermon, at Temple Sinai. On Saturday morning, at Holy Blossom Temple, Rabbi family, were Rabbi and Mrs. Albert Raab, Cantor and Mrs. Nathan Lieberman; Dr. and Mrs. Harry Korman, of Union, N.J., uncle and aunt; and David Teplin-sky, of Saskatoon, Sask., uncle. Miss Elaine Teplinsky, sister, was master of ceremonies. Mr. Teplinsky, father; and Avery Louis, the bar-mitzvah boy, spoke. The centrepiece on the head table was of mauve chrysanthemums, pink gladioli, red roses, and pink carnations, with leaves sprayed in gold-colour. The tablecloth was of white !ace; with matching napkins. Henry Brudner, 3690 Bathurst Street, uncle, asked the^pblessing over the challah. Those CigKo participated in the candle lighting ceremony were: Dr. and Mrs. Harry Korman, of Union, N. J., uncle and aunt; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Glickman, of Montreal, Que.; Janet and Ann Louise Chinsky, 211 Johnston Avenue; Sharon, Marlene, and David Reiss, of North Bay, Ont.; David, Brian, and Gary Shapero, 32 Denmark Avenue; Eric King, 3 Picton Crescent; Rachelle and Ellen Hornfelt, 48 Hucknall Avenue; Miss Myra Pancer, 91 Neptune Drive; Mrs. Martin Rapp; and Linda and Francine Teplin, 355 Betty Ann Drive, all cousins; and friends of Avery Louis: Lawrence Applebaum, Lawrence Gef-fen, Jeffery Baker, Philip and Larry Spring, Andrew Friedman, David Debora, Brian Saltzman, and Colin Cooper. Out-of-town guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reiss, uncle and aunt, and David, Marlene, and Sharon, of North Bay. Ont.; Mr. and Mrs. H. Shan-field, and Karen, and Steven, of Windsor, Ont., cousins; and Mr. and Mrs. A. Noodleman, of Buffalo, N. Y. WORLD WIDE TRAVEL SERVICE Specialising In planning h*my"»««* trip* — HM! delightful fnterlud* arranged fust for yew — atk for our expert travel counsellor. 300 Wilson Avenue - Downsvlew ADRIAN C. ilMBERTII Ml* 5-5661 Jerome D. Folkman, of Columbus, Ohio, will speak at the service; and Kiddush will be observed. Dr. Marshall Sklare will speak at the luncheon, on "Crises Facing Jewish Family Life." In the afternoon, there will be seminars, led by Dr. Ben. Lap pin, Dr. Ben. Schlesinger, and Ben, Kavfetz; and chairmen, Rabbi Bernard Bas-kin, of Hamilton; Rabbi Sheldon Waldenberg; and Rabbi Louis J. Cashdan, of Temple Emanu-El Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut, of Holy Blossom Temple, is chairman of the banquet and dance, Saturday. On Sunday, Rabbi H. Leonard Poller, of Temple Beth Sholom, in Montreal, will conduct the morning service; and Norman Buckner, of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, will speak, Rabbi Jordan Pearlson, of Temple Sinai; Rabbi Stern, Rabbi Poller, and Lester C. Sugarman, executive director of Holy" Blossom Temple, will lead discussion groups, at workshops; followed by discussion on education, led by Heinz War-schauer, and Norman Buckner; and on social action, led by Sydney M. Harris, Q.C. Lawrence Marks, Q.C., of Montreal, will be chairman of the luncheon. Rabbi Bernard Baskin, and Leon Ka-hane, the student Rabbi leading Beth-El Congregation, in Don Mills, are participating. birch Drive; Ronald Nefsky. 64 Grangemill Crescent; Joseph Hart-man, 150 Fenside Drive; Gerald Morton, 31 Country Lane; Stanley Zernit, 124 Roywood Drive; David Edson, 89 Canlish Road; Arthur ail v. 5R Fortro-^e Avenue; Stanley Freeman, 46 Rollscourt Drive; and Samuel Siegelman, 14 Paper* birch Drive. Mrs. I, Mudrick is chairman of Adult Jewish Education. The Chanukah dance is at the Synagogue, 1415 Don Mills Road, on December 5. Mrs. H. Ginsberg, 21 Colonnade Road, is social convener. ^-Steven Gellman, aged seventeen years, son of Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Gellman. 40 Ridge Hill Drive, shares in $11,600 with thirteen other young composers in the twelfth annual Student Composers' Awards, sponsored by Broadcast Music, Incorporated; for a piano concerto. He started piano lessons at the age of nine; and began writing music at the same time. In 1962 and 1963, he received scholarships from the Royal Conservatory of Music; and, in 1964, he received the Ada Wagstaff Harris Scholarship for Composition. In March, he played his prize-winning concerto for piano and orchestra, on a CBC Symphony Concert, directed by Boyd Neel. He is the brother of Paul, aged eleven years. BETH EL Synagogue is a new Reform Temple, led by a student rabbi, Leon Kahane: Sisterhood, president, Mrs. Ronald Nefsky, presided, at the November meeting, at the Synagogue. The program featured film strips of Jewish people around the world, and their customs; and a round table conference comprised of members of the Sisterhood who have moved to Toronto. Mrs. Ralph Fondberg, Mrs. A. Mingail, formerly of Calcutta, India; Mrs. R. Guetta, formerly of Alexandria, Egypt; Mrs. L. Gotz, formerly of Johannesburg, South Africa; Mrs. E. Koenka, formerly of Istanbul, Turkey, took part. An executive meeting took place at the home of Mr?. Edward Sheffman, 182 Fenn Avenue. Members present were: Mesdames L. Finkler, 58 Bunty Lane; I. Weinberg, 3 Cicada Court; L. Drexler, 55 Paperbirch Drive; J. Gerskup, 60 Norden Crescent; I. Mudrick, 27 Paper- * JEWISH FAMILY * And Child Service annual meeting was at the Jewish Home for the Aged, 3560 Bathurst Street. The board of directors is: Stephen E. Berger, president; Ray D. Wolfe, Abraham Berlin, Mrs. Herman Goldenson, Mrsr Mark A. Levy, vice-presidents; Mrs. David Vise, treasurer; Julius Wiener, honorary treasurer; Mrs, Louis J. Cole, secretary; Jerome D. Diamond, executive director; and Dr. Allan Brown, Marshall A. Cohen, Dr. Arnold Epstein, John D. Fien-berg, Gerald Goldenberg, Henry Goodman. Emanuel Grossman, Bryant Kassirer, Joseph Kronick, Dr. Irwin Lightman, Benjamin Manson, Dr. Oscar Pascal, Howard Perlmutter, Dr. Samuel Raxlen, Jack M. Rose, David Rotenberg, Alex Rubin, Murray Rumack, Samuel Sable, Jack Shindman Alex Siegel, Saul Sigler; ana Mesdames Milton Cadsby, Jack Cowan, Leslie Crangle, Samuel J. SHALOM! When in Paris you are cordially invited to visit FREDDY of PARIS World-renowned TAX-FREE Gift Shopping Center All brands of the finest French , PERFUMES A fantastic choice of GLOVES and BAGS Manufactor+d etui fond mmfe In our own factory toadtd, Mavvali, Altlfaror, Cvtst**!, «tc. . . . Unbrella*/ Scarves Oold-

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