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Title: CTN-1-23_0011

Full Text: PADDY WING New York―A fine exponent of "Artistry in Ballet ―Taps," Paddy Wing"― formerly of Vancouver and now of New York―has danced his way to the top in the show business in the short space of four years. Paddy was a bookkeeper who took up dancing for recreation to fill his evenings. After six months, he was asked to perform at so many local functions in Vancouver that he took a flyer at an amateur contest, which he won. Spotted by an agent, he began a professional career which took him all over Canada, then to New York where he played .^2 consecutive weeks as the dancing star of the famous China Doll Night Club on Broadway. Since then, he has hit practically every city in the United States, working the leading spots. There is no monotony to his style, for he keeps plentv of varietv in his fast offerings. CONTINGENT for the B^E.G. from Hong Kong are seen in lower top photo. They comprise Manager J. Skinner, B. Gourley (capt. bowling team), B. Da Luz, J. Da Luz' B. Lid-dell, A. Coates, Stephen Xavier and Cheung King Man. In lower photo, taken In Empire Village' the athletes mingle with welcomers Wayne Thorn, Mr. and Mrs. James Lawson and Olivia Lawson ; Francis, Dennis and Mrs. Jack Dong, and Betty Jung. (Photos by Jack Dong:) •

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