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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW AUGUST M, 1MO MEUBLES D'ART INC., 8 Present* hit latest ertationa in period and contemporary ft furniture: DtNING ROOM FURNITURE BEDROOM FURNITURE COFFEE TABLES in his showroom located at: 3152 ST. CATHUINI STREET EAST. LA. 54231 // k Conn € Floor . . . it Cottt to* * BaOfF BROS. FLOORING & TILE febfctf • Vtofl - UM *• •<•» «r» **HWf*« f»r SHItWIN WILUAMS PAINTS 251 iamard Ava», C«raat JMBM MaMt Street. Ct. 2-JIM Nifte callat U. 7-4S41 OL 2-1412 AU MATWAU MU AM wmiD Hll ESTIMATE Dr. Harry J. Stern, Rabbi, and Mrs. Stern, and daughters, Misses Stephanie and Justine Stern, 8238 Weatmount Boulevard, travelled in Israel, England, and Europe for six weeks. Mrs. S. Leon Mendelsohn, 10 Renfrew Avenue, and Miss Laura Weiner, 3710 Westmount Boulevard, are spending some time at Jasper Park Lodge, in Jasper, Alberta. Dr. and Mrs. Allan S. Wain-berg, of Philadelphia, Pa., spent their wedding trip in Niagara Falls, Ont.; and Cape Cod, Mass. Mrs. Wainberg is the former Miss Marilyn Smukler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Smukler, of Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. Wainberg is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morris Wainberg, 5011 Roslyn Avenue. Mrs. Leonard S. Dickman, and Drew and Clifford, 3261 Cedar Avenue, sailed from New York on the Olympia for a six-week holiday tour. Reuben Specter, Q.C., and Mrs. Spector, 624 Carleton Avenue, Montreal, spent a holiday in England and Europe. Mr. and Mrs. William Comisa-row, of Edmonton, Alberta, are spending some .time with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morris Wainberg, 5011 Roslyn Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Genser, 4800 Cote des Neiges Road, spent several days in Ottawa, Ont. Dr. Charles Shagass, of Iowa City, Iowa, formerly of Montreal, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Shagass, 2785 Bedford Road, has been promoted from associate professor to a full professorship of psychiatry, at the State University of Iowa. He holds the degrees of Master of Science, and Doctor of Medicine. Mrs. Shagass is the former Miss Clara Wallerstein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wallerstein, 4829 Fulton Street. Dr. and Mrs. Shagass have three children: Carla, Kathy, and Tommy. Martin Kleinfeld, of Jerusalem, Israel, formerly of Montreal, will visit his father-in-law and mother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. A. Golden-berg, 2247 Maplewood Avenue. At present he is touring the United States as a delegate of the Israeli Government. Prior to that he spent a week in Switzerland; and a week in London, England. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kaminsky, and Earl, 4635 Bouchette Avenue, spent three weeks at Brown's Hotel, in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Miss Toba Gontoynick, 835 Mc-Eachran Avenue, is spending a two-week holiday in St. Louis, Mis-souri, with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Diamond. Walter Cohen,'son of Mr. and Mrs. David Cohen, 6381 DeVimy Avenue, was a counsellor at camp in Lac Carre, Que., this summer. Mrs. Abraham Herman and Shirley, 178 Bernard Avenue West, are spending the season at Fourteen Island Lake, Que., where Mr. Herman joins them at week-ends. Ralph Malcolm Segal, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Segal, 927 Rockland Avenue, spent the season in Arundel, Que. His brother, Howard Leonard Segal, spent several days in Burlington, Vermont. , Mrs. H. Rosenberg, and son, Irving, aged twelve years, 4839 Jeanne Mance Street, are visiting her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. I. Mackler, and Allan Richard, aged five years, and Stephen Wayne, three, of Springfield, Mass. Miss Eleanor Mayne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Nathan Mayne. 4624 Van Home Avenue, visited her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. B. Mayne, of Toronto, Ont., for a month. Ben Gersovitz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Gersovitz, 6977 Querbes Avenue, spent the summer as coun-sellor-in-training at Lac Que-nouilles, Que. Mrs. Abe Ruchotsky, and daughter, Anita, of Brooklyn, N. Y., visited her sister, Miss Rebecca Silverstone, 3130 Van Horhe Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gurevitch, 4840 Maplewood Avenue, spent seven weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Montevideo, Uruguay. . Mrs* Joseph Merowitr, and De-bra, 636B Bloomf ield Avenue, spent two weeks at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. . Mr. and- Mrs. Max Rothstein, 6305 DeVimy Avenue, spent several weeks in Ste. Agathe, Que. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stein and daughter, Miss Sheila Stein, 4620 Van Home Avenue, toured Europe for three months. Mrs. Charles Schachet, 5365 Es- Elanade Avenue, and her son-in-iw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Andre Reisman, and Sydney Michael, aged six years, and Audrey Susan, two and one-half, of Bi Fly TCA turbo-prop the Rolls-Royce way MONTREAL-NEW YORK 9 flights daily TORONTO-NEW YORK 12* flights dolly • 11 on Sol oil by turbo-prop Viscount — most frequent non-stop Fly TCA Viscount, world's most popular turbo-prop airliner. AU flights non-stop. See your Travel Agent or phone TCA for reservations: MONTREAL TORONTO Hunter 9-3411 Walnut 5-2311 WEATHER-WATCH RADAR for tmcoik flymg! TKAN8-CAHADA AIR LINES falo, N. Y.t spent ten days at Ast-bury Park, New Jersey. Harvey and Edward, children of Mr, and Mrs. Louis Gampel, 6800 Waverley Street, are (pending the season at Camp Bnai Brith, at Petit Lac Long, Que. Misses Hannah Slattner. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Slattner, 6710 DeVimy Avenue, and Eleanor Pomerantz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Pomerantz, 3825 Girouard Avenue, spent a month's vacation at Miami, Florida. Misses Ricky Schaffer, 4416 Carlton Avenue, and Ethel We-ner, 6062 Jeanne Mance Street, spent two weeks travelling to Pennsylvania; Atlantic City, N J.; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Maryland; and New York. At Starlight, Pa., they attended the international convention of Bnai Brith Young Adults. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Schwartz, and Allan. 6028 Macdonald Avenue, were in New York for several days. Lyon W. Jacobs, Q. C., and Mrs. Jacobs, 4861 Cote St. Luc Road, were at Bradley Beach, N. J., for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. M. Rosenberg, and daughter, Miss Rhona Rosenberg, 4092 Mackenzie Avenue, spent a mpnth at Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. 0. Marcovitz, of 3900 Bouchette Avenue, spent several days with the latter's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Moe Gurevitch; and her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. David Goodenday, at St. Alban's, Vermont. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pomerantz, and Mark and Carl, 4689 Seventh Street, TAbord-a-PIouffe, Que.; and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baser-man, and Bonnie, Mark, and Sa-bra, 11302 Tardivel Avenue, spent a week at La Minerve, Que. Fred Diamond, son of Mrs. Hilda Diamond, 4886 Montclair Avenue, and of the late Ben. Diamond, spent the season at Camp Cayuga, at Schroon Lake, N. Y., where he was a counsellor. Myer Blum, 4696 La Peltrie Street; Harvey Gubin, 4261 Barclay Avenue; and Barry Cherry, 6985 Dupuis Avenue, spent a two-week vacation at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Leonard Sitcoff, 3895 Linton Avenue, spent three weeks in Rockaway Beach, N. Y., as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Myer Braf-man. Miss Sheila Feig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Feig, 4925 Jean Brillant Avenue, spent the season as counsellor, at Camp Bnai Brith, in Ottawa, Ont Misses Sandra Landsman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Landsman, 4969 Victoria Avenue, and Roslyn Karp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Karp, 4884 Jean Brillant Avenue, spent two weeks at the Sea Gull Hotel, in Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Felsenstein are spending their wedding trip in Miami Beach, Florida. Mrs. Felsenstein is the former Miss Anne Feldberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Feldberp, of Ottawa, Ont. Mr. Felsenstein is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Felsenstein, 5070 La Peltrie Street Manny Andes, 4500 Linton Avenue, spent a Week in New York; and Atlantic City, N. J. Gerald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Shapiro, 3081 Eighth Avenue, I'Abord-a-Plouffe, Que., celebrated his ninth birthday at North Sutton, New Hampshire. He is the brother of Lome, aged four years; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Pinsky, 624 St Germain Avenue; and of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Shapiro, 4855 Montclair Avenue; great-grandson of Morris Pinsky; of Israel Benditsky, both of Montreal; and of Mrs. A. Shap~ shay, of New York. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gilletz, and Andrea, 3825 Dupuis Avenue, spent several days in New York visiting her brothers-in-law and sisters: Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rosenblatt, and Joel Lawrence, Barry Paul, and new-born son, Carl Philip; and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ru-bien, and Irwin Mark and Roberta Joan. Evelyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Andes, 4500 Linton Avenue, U spending the tea ton at Lac Brale, Qn«, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Davis, 4456 Dnpoia Avenue, wen in New York, where they spent some tiraa with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rosenblatt (nee Mildred Dsvis, formerly of Montreal), and Jo«l Lawrtne*, Barry Paul, and new-born son, Carl Philip. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Levin, and Cynthia and Richard, of Glendafo, Calif., spent a month with her brother-in-law and siitsr, Mr. and Mrs. Tad. Morton, and Lynn, 4*60 Mayfair A vena*; and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Waaaennan, 4*62 Mayfair Avenue; and SamoeJ Wssstrmsn, and Mr. and Mrs. L. Berlin, snd Frsdtrick, 4660 Walk-ley Avenue. Hers for the marriage of Mist Evsiyn KaU, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kata, 6040 Bcrdtn Av«-no*. to Philip Gold, SOB of Mr. J tor the finest In musk £ LENNY RUBIN and his orchestra WE. 2-3655 and Mrs. J* Gold, 2110 Bedford Road, at Chevra Kadisha-Bnai Jacob Synagogue, were: Mrs. Fannie Mauser, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glazer. of Brooklyn. N.Y.; aunts and uncle of the bride; Mr. and Mrs. J. Joseph, of Long Island, N. Y.; Reverend and Mrs. S. Schriber, Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Freedman, Mr. and Mrs. Saul Sherman, of Ottawa, Ont; Mr. and Mrs. S. Steinberg, Mr. and Mrs. Hymart Steinberg, and B. Steinberg, of Sherbrooke, Que., cousins of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Lemkov, 5853 Decelles Avenue; Mrs. E. Wolkove, and Miss Lorna Wolkove, and Norman, 465 Harris Street; and Stanley Bercovitch, 2440 Cote Vertu Road, spent some time at the Hotel Marcy, at Lake Placid, N. Y* Misses Rhoda Travitsky, 4715 Plamondon Avenue, and Ruth Op-penstein, 3098 Goyer Avenue, spent their holidays at Kiamesha Lake, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Cohen, 4650 Courtrai Street, spent their wedding trip in the Pocono Mountains, of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Cohen is the former Miss Roslyn Gelber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gelber, 8572 Birnam Avenue. Mr. Cohen is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cohen, 953A Rockland Avenue, Mr. and Mrs. Max Goldberg, of New York, are spending several days with their son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Moe Weis-berg, and Alexandra and Amanda, 6905 Victoria Avenue. Abe Liberman, 3921 Linton Avenue, spent two weeks at Palm Beach, Florida, while there for a convention. Miss Marcia Ziger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ziger, 6507 Trans Island Avenue, went via Trans-Canada Air Lines to Mexico; and to California to visit with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Abrams, and Richard Neil, Wendy Joy, and Brian Lee, 8256 Morse Avenue. North Hollywood; and Mr. ana Mrs. Charles Abrams, and Mr. and Mrs. A. Skulnick; all formerly of Montreal. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rubien (nee Lillian Davis, formerly of Montreal), and Irwin and Roberta, of Long Island, N. Y., spent some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Davis, 4455 Dupuis Avenue. Mr. and Mrs, Edward Andes, and Moe and Abbey, 4500 Linton Avenue, spent a ten-day holiday in Connecticut; Philadelphia, Pa.; Long Island, N. Y., and New York. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Shninovitch, 766 McEachran Avenue, spent a vacation in Atlantic City, NJ. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Jacobson and daughter, Paula, 2365 Bedford Road, spent their holidays at Mallet's Bay, Vermont Paula spent a week's holiday with Mr. and Mrs. Mac Gunner and children, Franceen, Irene, and Laurie, 2407 Bedford Road, at their summer home in Trout Lake, Que. Mr. and Mrs. M. Felsher, 788 Wilder Avenue, spent their holidays in Atlantic City, NJ. Here for the bar-mitzvah of Kol-man, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Kenigsberg, 8618 Birnam Avenue, who was called to the Reading ox the Law, at Beth Aaron Synagogue, were: Mr. and Mrs. R. Zil-bert and children, Sheldon and Adele, of Glace Bay, N.S.; Mrs. N. Rusakov, of Sydney, N.S.; and Mrs. E. Abramson of Sydney, N.Y. Dr. and Mrs. Don Boyaner and children, Frank, Lee, and Marline, 460 Bertrand Street, spent some time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Boyaner, of Saint John, Tfieroee DetkNirlen, prop, of fffio ART & BEAUTY SALON favffa* ys« t* M/f for • fas* «o«MrfNrftai irfffc Laurence Deslaurlers, R.N. !• tkclrclytlt ihort*«v« method to pwrnMtfltly romovt MftfflMW on Itfft, arm, ftct, tytbrow* and haw lint. CLOSO AU MT MOWAT IrKIAL ON MtMANINTI OfflUI Wit* TWI AM WITHIN IUCM Of Wilt IUMIT 2033 Msarffcld — VI. 2-9*4* - VI. 2-9147 *UwfM4 PM* Uf COMMERCIAL CIVIL DOMESTIC Hfehty 'i' ___11___ Of AH «!•* MM. AV. MU1 94 IMW* • 117 Ctonhr M VISIT YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD GIFT SHOP Finest selection of china and sterling for Bridal Registry Mn, Roa Marks Maals, (Prop.) 4954 QUMH Mory Rood RL MONTREAL PLASTIC SUP COVERS Cmtsm-Msds fs? all fcJad« sf CfcaiNrflddi *»4 Clialrt. 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