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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: SOVIET DENIED UKRAINIAN INSURRECTION. ADMITS POGROMS '- 7 V-.'! 1 • / ;London (J., C. B.)^OfBcial .advices received here from Soviet authorities emphatically^ deny that there has been ail insurrection in the' Ukraine. While it is admitted,that small bands have appeared at the frontiers and that -in their - march through the small towns h^ve massacred the peaceful population, it is, assured that these marauding groups have since been disbanded. The pogroms are, accordingly, traced directly toTthe Ukrainian "roughs." DEPORTED PALESTINIAN COMMUNISTS "ARRIVED IN ODESSA Constantinople (J.1 T. A.)—The 17 Jewish Coirimunists, members of the Jewish Socialist Labor Party, deported /torn Palestine by order of the High Commissioner, following the Jaffa riots, have arrived in Odessa and are believed to be proceeding to Moscow. GEORG BRANDES MIGHT HAVE BEEN tJ. S. CITIZEN New York (J> C. B.)—The NeW York "Evening Post1' reproduced an article from the "Politiken" of Copenhagen, which recites the, difficulties Brandes had experienced in securing an audience in the United States. The writer goes on to say that'there was a time.when America had a fair chance to receive Brandes as s naturalized and permanent-citizen. That was Lvthe '80's, when the University of Chicago was trying to establish a chair in Danish, with Brandes as its first incumbent. Great interest has been aroused by the prosecution in Vitebsk of a number of "Melamdim" on the charge that, despite orders to the contrary, they secretly gave Jewish children' instruction in Hebrew. It is reported that as many as ten thousand Jews attempted to get to the court when the case was called. The Zionist organisation of Hamilton at its last, meeting, decided to launch a , PMnpakn for the, collection of the , rvreh Ha^e odpJedges.' Tne campaign cpjb^nces ¦Decemper 21, and will last through the Cbinuka week, ;, •H;,'/-1 EDMONTON Leo Fmgard/of Winnipeg, Man., was. a guest in Edmonton, November 29th ana 3<>th. ...... . Both from a social a> well as financial standpoint, the whist drive given by the Hadassah Chapter on Sunday, November 20th, was. a .success. The following were the prize winners; Mrs. E. Kramer and M. Rosenberg, first; Mrs. J, Iftuttig and-N. Hardin, second; Miss K. Nelson and A. Hardin, third. A competent manager is Mrs. E. J. Gordean, who has been named as the convener of the big bazaar to take place in Edmonton, January 26th. under the auspices of the Local Council of Women in aid of the TaJmudTorah fund. The conveners of the various booths are as follows4. Mrs^L. Wender, baby booth; Mrs. Dolgoy,\general booth; Mrs.- M. Rotmart, linen; Mrs. M. Shubin, apron booth; Mrs. William Diamond ^refreshments; Mrs. A. Griesdorf, towel booth; Mrs. E. Kramer, sweater booth; Mrs. J. Saslo, fish pond; Mrs. W. Diamond, groceries; and fortune tellers, Mrs. W. Levine and Mrs, J. E. Sameth. Mrs. H. E. Friedman spent the last week-end at Calgary as the guest of Mrs. A. H. Goldberg. OTTAWA The Independent Order B'nai' B ith, Ottawa Lodge No. 885, held a meeting on the eve of Saturday last. Nominations for officers were held, but an el en n became unnecessary, owing to the fact that Dr, Harry Dover, president for the past year, was re-elected by acclamation, and with him practically all the officers. —- The officers include: Vice-president, J. J. Marks; monitor, Benjamin Gold-field; assistant monitor, M. H. Levy; financial secretary, B. H. Fogle; corresponding secretary, K&Jman Smith; treasurer, A, Lerner; warden, Dr. A. Slone; guardian, Dr. J.^ Nathanson; trustees, M. Freedman, J/Abelson and A. SchaJffer. Reports submitted by the different committees showed that the ty-ganiza-tion may feel proud of its standing. - On Sunday evening, November 4th, Ottawa Jewry responded en masse to a call for a mass meeting held under the auspices of the Zionist Council of Ottawa. The large assembly hall of the King Edward Hebrew Institute proved inadequate to accommodate the large crowd numbering' about six or seven hundred people. It was therefore necessary to hold the- meeting in the Adath Yeshuroon synagogue, Leon Goldman, secretary of the. Canadian Zionist Federation, was the speaker of INVESTMENT AND PROTECTION A CROWN LIFE ENDOWMENT POLICY is the Ideal Combination of Protection and Investment, It it a constant unfailing incentive to sar<*. Our Compiny piys 90% of profit earnings to our participating policyholders. CROWN LIFE INSURANCE CO. M. KAPLAN & SON - General Agents 11 Colboraa St. Phone: Main 2H7 the evening. The speaker was preceded by.A. J. Freiman, president of the Zionist Federation of Canada, who in a very matter of fact manner reminded his'hearers of their'duty to the Zionist cause, and not to forget what the Keren Hayesod stands foo . "The success of rebuilding the Holy Land," he said, "depends upon the measure of support the Keren Hayesod,will receive from Jewry in general, and from Canadian Jews especially." In a (ew brief remarks, J. Holzman, president of the Ottawa Zionist Council, who presided at the meeting, introduced Mr. Goldman. Mr. Goldman told of the experiences and impressions he gathered at the Zionist Conference held this year at Carlsbad, Crecho-Slovakia, where he went as a delegate and where he came in contact with 400 other Zionist delegates assembled from all parts of the world. Many of the delegates at that conference came from distant lands at the risk of their lives, and he related how some of the delegates coming from Soviet Russia were compelled to disguise themselves when leaving that country. "The rumors of the foreign press antagonistic to Zionism," he said, "had a very disquieting effect upon some^of the delegates before the opening of the conference, but after listening to brief addresses by Prof. Sokoloff and Dr. Chaim Weitzman, the head of the world Zionist movement, there was a feeling of relief that is almost indescribable, especially among those delegates who have come from countries that are not worthy to have their name3 mentioned in a synagogue." The horrible tales related by the delegates from Russia surpass all reports that press dispatcher have given; it is too horrifying to tell. One of the Russian delegates, said: "We will give you millions of rubles, but what are they worth? Our brothers in Austria and Germany can give you billions of marks and kroner, but what is their value? All we want is a place to go to give us a ch'anc? to save the honor of our wives, daughters and sisters." - In speaking on the problem of immigration, the speaker commended the noble work of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Frieman in connection with their zeal and self-sacrifice in assisting all in their power, both morally and financially, and interceding on behalf of the immigrants coming to Canada. Forty delegates came from Palestine, the speaker said. When one of them was asked about the Jaffa pogroms, he replied: "Our brothers in the Diaspora need not picture to themselves that a pogrom in Jaffa is a similar affair to on in Ukraine or Poland. There we defend ourselves and when we fall in the attempt, we have the honor of giving up our lives in our Holy Land, for our own soil, and with our lives' blood prepare that soil for future Jewish generations, who will judge us by our present actions, and we must not fail in our duty to our nation." "Now, my friends," he said, "my object in coming to Ottawa is to remind you—you—and you—of our duty to those who are sacrificing themselves bothcIn Palesti ne and in the European' countries that the rebuilding of Pales-time may be ushered in in our time. And only by subscribing, and paying up in full to the Keren Hayesod, can we accomplish our aim. This is the most critical period of .our history; the leaders must be encouraged in their work, the Keren Hayesod must be supported. Give all you can, for others are giving up more than we ask of you . . . their very lives." The speaker urged the organization of Young Judaean societies'; also imploring the Hadassah to continue the good work, concluding with the remarks :-^Tbe Balfour Deciara-tion which granted Palestine to the Jews, stands good, and it is now up to. the Jewish people of the world to make it a Jewish home." Canadian Storage Battery Co. Ltd llMlf SIMCOE STREET PHon«Ad«L ISO . S#rrk* SUtfOn, 2S72 Dun das St Wait Phoo* Junction 1128 ^ Where Quality is Held Aloft and Washing Done with Water Soft MAKES CLOTHES LOOK BETTER and WEAR LONGER New Method Laundry LIMITED Phone^Main 7486 We Know How Sock¦ darned, buttoni i«wn on and mending done—no chary*. Line Up with Big Men! Here are a few of the prominent IMPERIAL LIFE POLICYHOLDERS in Canada: ¦ RT. HON. ARTHUR MEIGHEN. ottawa, ont. Premier of Dominiorfof Canada HON. E. C. DRURY - Toronto Premier of Ontario HOf^TsiR THOMAS WHITE Finance Minister of Canada Oct. 1911—Aug. 1919 SIR MORTIMER DAVIS - Montreal President Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada, Limited SIR EDMUND WALKER - TOfiomo President Canadian Bank of Commerce We axe proud of such distinguished patrons. May we terve youT BERNY VISE 20 Victoria St. Ad. 6658 IMPERIAL LIFE ASSURANCE CO, OF CANADA — THE — YORK VILLE LAUNDRY Established 1873 Do it the "Soft Water" way WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF Fine Family Work Telephone Main 1580

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