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Canadian Jewish Review

Canadian Jewish Review
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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: THE CANADlAftt JEWISH BBVIEW ¦ppp School of Ari ind Design MONTREAL OF FINI Day and Evening Courses PAINTING — DRAWING — BASIC DESIGN — MODELLING It SCULPTURE — COMMERCIAL ART — GRAPHIC ARTS — ILLUSTRATION —. TEXTILE DESIGN PART TIME CLASSES CHILDREN'S CLASSES JUNIOR COURSE NON-PROFESSIONAL PAINTING CLASSES FOR BEGINNERS TEACHER TRAINING IN ART TEACHING Principal — Arthur opens Oct 1st for SYLLABUS Educational Dept. of the Museum, $430 Ontario Ave. y^ire or 'Phone fecial ttrteA—Montreal Rabbi and Mrs. M. Halpern, and Pnina. and Ruhama, formerly of 2080 Place St. Louis have moved to 2295 Lafortune Street. Rabbi and Mrs. E. Engel, and Sarah, formerly of 5555 Hutchison Street, have moved to 1060 Shore-crest Avenue, Chomedy. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lionel Kotler spent their wedding trip at the Carillon Hotel, in Miami fieach, Florida. Mrs. Kotler is the former Miss Alice Reva Stein-wald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steinwald, 4300 Dupuis Avenue. Mr. Kotler is the son of Mrs. Anne Kotler, 445 Dufferin Road, and the late Ben. Kotler. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lauter-man, 3220 Ridgewood Avenue, spent three weeks in New York, and Atlantic City, N.J. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goldstein, 4875 Dufferin Road, returned via Air France, after spending five weeks in Europe and Israel. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Slatin, of Budd Lake, N.J., are visiting her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosenthal, and Eileen, Daniel, Tom, and Beverley, 5726 Cote St. Luc Road. Miss Judi S. Zeisler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Zeisler, 564 Grosvenor Avenue, was in Israel for seven weeks. Mrs. Ida Levine, 5950 Cote des Neiges Road, spent a week in New York, visiting her daughter, Miss Nina Levine. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bernstein, of Forest Hills, N.Y., spent their wedding trip at the Concord UMvonity 4-71 §7 For Asm- Mftxvafc or WodWoo •#** <£ P. Petottem 6 S*u DANISH SILVERSMITHS •Uo l«o«lriag A Ratilvorint C F. PtitrsM, mi fcUckty St., MMfrMl y< <<<<<<<<<<<<<< \rf For the finest in music ^ LENNY RUBIN ; n' and his orchestra U Vr WE. 23655 - > t Htw Acccptinf Foil and Winter Bookiaft. >. J> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^ ZUf4Ct ^OXU&f SdloH SPECIALIZING IN Permanent* — Haircuts Tinting — Tips — Shading MME MARIA, Prop. Astittii by Hole** and Michelle 45S3 Doccrlo llvd. - HU. 2-30AO Coro Haute Coiffure Beauty Salon Stylists SpedJ Opetmg Prices no stairs to climb 5217 Decorie Blvd. HU. 6-8159 next to Snowdon theatre Hotel, in Kiamesha Lake, N.Y. Mrs. Bernstein is the former Miss Sharon Wienstein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Wienstein, 4710 Circle Road. Mr. Bernstein is the son of Mrs. Charles Bernstein, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and the late Charles Bernstein. Mr. and Mrs. Barney Helfield, 6680 Legare Avenue, spent a holiday in Niagara Falls, Ont.; Toronto, Ont.; and Buffalo, N.Y. Mr. and Mrs. H. Lazare, 5560 Lavoie Avenue, who spent ten weeks in Israel and Europe, celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. They have a son, Mark Lazare; and two daughters, Miss Sharon Lazare; and Eileen, aged twelve years. Mrs. Lazare is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Schwartz, 8246 Stuart Avenue. Mr. Lazare is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. Lazare. Mr. and Mrs. David Rudie, 6151 Cote St. Luc Road, spent their wedding trip in Jamaica, the British West Indies. Mrs. Rudie is the former Miss Dolly Ruth Min-dess, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mindess, of Winnipeg, Man. Mr. Rudie is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Rudie, 5982 Westbury Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. A. Smilovitch, and DwjC,. ^STI9Cumberland Avenue; and tneir niece, Donna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Salfcz, of New York, spent two weeks in Atlantic City, N.J. Dr. and Mrs. Alton Goldbloom, 3980 Cote des Neiges Road, returned from Lisbon, Portugal, where Dr. Goldbloom attended the International Congress of Ped-i&tries* Steven Miller, 473 Dufferin Road; and, Mark Lazare, 5560 Lavoie Avenue, spent ten weeks in Europe. Mrs. Samuel Epstein, and Lori, and David, 6827 Mountain Sights Avenue, spent a month in Platts-burg, N.Y., where Mr. Epstein joined them weekly. Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Brown-stein, 575 Glengarry Avenue, spent their wedding trip in Miami Beach, Florida. Mrs. Brownstein, is the former Miss Miriam Goldin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Azar Goldin, 4892 Jean Brilliant Avenue. Mr. Brownstein is the son of Mrs. Falgie Brownstein, 575 Glengarry Avenue, and the late Carl BrowTtitein. Mrs. Ro*» Bloch, of Lake Placid, N.Yif visited her son and and daugKter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Leon BIpch, and Jules Barry, and new-bdrn daughter, Penny Helaine, 304 Tournelle Road, Pont Viau. Mr. and Mrs. Beno Hubler spent their wedding trip on a Caribbean cruise. Mrs. Hubler is the former Miss Freda-Lee Shapera, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Shapera, 5649 Queen Mary Road. Mr. Hubler is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Hubler, of Istanbul, Turkey. Mrs. A. Pascal and daughter, Miss Phyllis Pascal, of Los Angeles, Calif., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Levy, 3120 Linton Avenue. Mr. and lira, A. Arkin, and Michael, 18 Dixiana Court, Toronto, Ont., visited with Mr. and Mrs. Myer"$nit2er, and Jeffrey Martin. Mark Howard, and Ian Mitchell, Prince Charles Street, Chomedy. In Saint John, N.B., for the bar-mitzvah of Leonard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gomberg, Join our group to Europe) with extension to Israel/ mid-October. For further Information. Phono RE. 34951 YacttA Sal Cmtry Club family ceaotry cJofc. for roilAw WrHQ Aos 1 $00 eMflM00]F SOfOf^ to form • Atoofroal 25. 90 Lelnater Street, who was called to the Reading of the Law, at Shaare - Zedek Synagogue, were: Mr, and Mra. Alex Mdgelonsky, 7804 Kildare Road; Mr. and Mrs. Gus Garber, 6575 Clanranald Ave* nue: and Samuel Mogelonsky, 7804 Kildare Road, Mrs. B. Dryen (nee Dorothy Finegold), of Los Angeles, Calif., was Tiere for the funeral of her father, Abraham Finegold, 2290 Girouard Avenue. Mr. and Mrs, Y. Levy, formerly of 6022 Jeanne Mance Street, have moved to 3120 Lintoiv.Ave-nue. Mrs. Vera Levikoff, 6126 Bour-ret Street, spent three weeks with her soris-in-lawand daughters: Pr. and Mrs. I. Leber, and Paul, and Martin; and Mr. and Mrs. B, Kupferman; all of New0York. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cohen, 4610 Plamondon Avenue, spent their wedding trip in New York, Atlantic City, N.J., and in Niagara Falls, N.Y. Mrs. Cohen is the former Miss Charlotte Steingart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Israel Steingart, 4655 Plamondon Avenue. Mr. Cohen is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Cohen, 5212 Cas-grain Street, Miss Rose Brownstein, of Los Angeles, Calif., visited her mother, Mrs. Faigie Brownstein, 675 Glengarry Avenue. Here for the marriage of Miss Carole Miriam Kastner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Kastner, of Sillery, Quebec, to Brahm Bernard Steinberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Steinberg, 4947 Glen-, cairn Road, Montreal, which will take place on September 23, at the Windsor Hotel, will be: her parents; and Moishe Myer and Richard Kastner, brothers of the bride-to-be: Mr. and Mrs. J. Hend-ler, Mr. and Mrs. M. Katkin, all of Sillery, Quebec; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bernstein, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klein, and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cram, all of New York; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Genser, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Plotnick, and Mr. and Mrs. George Mann, all of Toronto, Ont.; Mr. and Mrs. J. Litwin, of Campbellton, N.B.; Mr. and Mrs. N. Kastner, of Edmund-ston, N.B.; Mr. and Mrs. Max Steinman, Morris Pollack, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Pollack, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pedvis, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Schwartzman, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Rosenhek, Mrs. Brauna Salmonovitz, Ben Salmonovitz, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sternlieb, and Jacob Woloshen, all of Quebec City, Quebec; Mr. and Mrs. William Pencer, of Cambridge, Mass.; Reverend and Mrs. B. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rock-more, and Sidney Miller, of Lynn, Mass.; Mrs. Edward Krause, and Sheldon Krause, of Detroit, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Lieff, o*rO* tawa, Ont.; Mr.' and ¦ Mrs. Mde Loiter, of Huntington Woods, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Weber, of Brooklyn, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Friedlander, and Miss Marilyn Friedrander, of Forest Hills N.Y.; and Mr. and Mrs. Simon Kreindler, of Barbados. Here for the bar-mitzvah of Robert Joseph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Mazliach, 5552 Borden Avenue, who will be called to the Reading of the Law, on September 22, at Shaare Zion Synagogue, will be: Mrs. Arnold Noti, of Israel, his grandmother; and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Zeif, and Fred Schorb, of New York. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Green, formerly of 6100 Wilderton Avenue, have taken up residence at 5000 Bourret Street. Miss Eleanor Merle Gilbert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Gilbert, 4992 Borden Avenue, spent some time with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ziff, and son, Daniel Ziff, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who is her fiance. Dr. and Mrs. Morris Freedman (nee Victoria Dinovitzer), of New York, are visiting her mother, Mrs. Bertha Dinovitzer, 5899 Victoria Avenue. While here they will be present at the unveiling of a monument to the memory of her brother, Oscar Dinovitzer, on September 23. Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Schwartz, and David, of Vancouver. B.C., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Schwartz, 8246 Stuart Avenue; and were present at the mar- BAR-MITZVAHS Robert Joseph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Mazliach, 5552 Borden Avenue, will be called to the Reading of the Law, on September 22, at Shaare Zion Synagogue. He is the grandson of Mrs. Arnold Noti. of Israel, and the late M. Schonhaus, of Roumania; and of Mrs. Rebecca Mazliach, 3195 EI-lendale Avenue, and the late Joseph Matliach. Kiddush will be observed. A dinner dance in the Synagogue hall will take place the next evening. Donee Art Studio Totlooo KodUotky, 4Utt+* 4755 Voo Horoo cents* Vktorlo Avo. KDj*. mmd Cote St. toe CLASSICAL lAiltf, MOAflN OANCI AMD Ktt*-m CLAIMS FOt LAfttfS, MOOtfttt JAZZ. ay airport RI. 14333 HU. 6-5231 •1*j r riage of Miss Esther Brenda Nei- ; man, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Neiman, 714 McEachran Avenue, to Stephen T. Gertsman, son of Mr. and Mrs; Ralph Gertsman, 946 Dunlop Avenue, at Beth El Synagogue. Mr. and Mrs. Max Gross, formerly of 4702 Courtrai Street, have moved to 4835 Maplewood Avenue. Mr. And Mrs. Gross spent a week in New York for the bar-mitzvah of their nephew, Saul Klighaunt, son of Mr. And- Mrs. Henry Klighaupt, of New York* Mr. and Mrs. Morton J. Glick-man, 615 Roselawn Avenue, Toronto, Ont., will spend the High Holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Glickman, 821 Pratt Avenue, who were in Old Orchard, Maine, and in Boston, Mass.,. for two weeks. Mr/and Mrs. Seymour Epstein, 2820 Darlington Place, spent their wedding trip in St. Jovite, Quebec. Mrs. Epstein is the former Miss Judith Roslvn Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Miller, 4675 Lacombe Avenue. Mr. Epstein is the son of Mrs. Pearl Epstein, 3915 Plamondon Avenue, and the late Harry Epstein. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Solomon DeJong, and daughter, Miss Jean-nette DeJortg, of Boston, Mass., visited her parents; Mr. and Mrs. John Margolese, and her brother, Saul Margolese, 5644 Jeanne Mance Street. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weiner (nee Rita Kaufman), of Toronto, Ont., were here for the funeral of her father, David Kaufman, 665 Wiseman Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. H. Caplan (nee Chainie Goldberg), of New York, were here for the funeral of her father, Jack Goldberg, 5276 Mar-iette Avenue. Mrs. Frank Slovitt, of Quebec City, Quebec spent several days at the home of her brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Chisling, 7242 Wiseman Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. M. Zornberg, and Eleanor, 4992 Dornal Avenue; and her sister, Mrs. A. Kader, 4200 Van Home Avenue, were in Toronto, Ont., for the marriage of Miss Arlene Sky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sky, 650 Eglinton Avenue West, to Barry Martin Laibovitz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Laibovitz, 530 Euclid Road; all of Toronto, which took place at Adath Israel Synagogue. Mr. and Mra. 5. B. Schwartz, 8246 Stuart Avenue, returned on the S. S. Zion after spending two months in Europe; and in Israel, where they visited his sister-in-law, Mrs. Sarah Schwartz; and his nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Engelberg. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lennett, 2996 Bedford Road, honoured the engagement of Miss Susan Lee Gordon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gordon, of Rego Park, N. Y., to their son, Melvyn Lennett, at a dinner at their home. Mrs. Ben. Goldman, 5722 Palmer Avenue, was hostess to sixty-two guests, at \a luncheon at Des jar-dins, in honour of her daughter, Miss Helaine Goldman, the fiancee of Marvin Mandelzys, son of Mr. and Mrs. I, Mandelzys, 5432 Trans Island Avenue. Miss Goldman wore a beige, brocaded sheath; with a corsage of mauve orchids. The table was trimmed with an arrangement of pink and white carnations. The marriage will take place on May 26, 1963, at Shaare Zedek Synagogue. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Waxman, 4165 La Pel trie Street, were hosts to forty-five guests at a dinner at Heral Hall to celebrate the engagement of their daughter, Miss Bess Waxman, to Nat Kravits, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kravitz, 6635 Trans Island Avenue. Mrs. Waxman was in a brown, brocaded, satin sheath, with its own coat. e) JjJJ2^^2Jj"^ Btotta I HARRY SiLVBtSTBN Tfc EXCELSIOR LIFE Insursnee Comptmy zmi aochajs* mma. lo mm •m.1 BJ. tJ7*7 i SSf. 14771 WONDERLAND NURSfRY AND KINDERGARTEN 47S5 VAN ¦OtXS AVt, corwr Victoria m t H * fMn RI. 1-9333 HU. 4-5231 MilBEL EGERTON Pta & Sfagaf AoVfti oi»d Children fShtefee in N.D.G. emi Wi HU. 943S6 HAj Q» Q».P» Q».Q»M* If U Com$ 4 floaf-. • • U Cbas less *t mm MM& ROOMNQ & Til -.//Asffctlt ^»0Lm.*y*ii • Um FIseriAf i$\ teraefd AvtM Cenur Jo^ae Meace Street Dor: C*. 2-3384 J NifM CeMst RI. 74341 a-343R) o AU MATttJAU SOU AM StmitS ftll KTtMA'rl . Id CHAJNUKAH TOUR TO ISRAlL wWh step^ovefs -'In Rome/ ZwrUk And fmHs tinder Hie leadership ef MR. SYDNEY LfVITSKY troup leaves December 17th, and returns Jonoory 1 Jth PRICE; $617.00 CcMdran Cvrreswy For farther Montmlhn pfcono or wrfre VITA TOURS CANADA, LTD. 1255 UNIVERSITY ST., MONTREAL — UNIvorrirv 1-1217 or phone MR. LEVITSKY — 48flU8$20. MONTREAL PLASTIC SUP COVERS Curtom-Made for all kind* of ChetterfleMs and Chair*. Hoavy and Glast-Clear( Showing Furniture Coleerlnf — Separate Carert for Cushions — Liquid and Dutt-Proof. 5185 Decarle Blvd., Room 6 HU. 9-1 MR Bar-MHzvahs - Weddings - Annh/ersarh* - Daneef THE BUDDY KAYE ORCHESTRA TEL. 744 PattooiM Brri«w Adv*rtiMr«. S«r> "/ **» V"* si im A* Cmtsdim Jnrkh JtrrW. CONGREGATION ANSHEI OZEROFF Are now accoptlna roservaHons for their new and beaHtifal, HWf air cond^'oned ivnogoaue, for weddings, bar-mftxvohs, and atl seeml funcHortj. f0f intornefiM MR. HYMAN TISHLER. 5380 BOURRET, corner Coolbrok tff AV. t-litl For your fine furniture direct from' factory WHOLESALE PRICES CARPETS, BEDROOM SUITES, KITCHEN S|T5; etc. We also do re-upholstering. Ralph Kleinberg ri. 9-8510 TJtidbw/L 4397 St. Lawrence Blvd. (borwoon Alt. Royal and Maria Ann*) Tels: VI. 4-3447* MIDTOWN ARE NOW DISCOUNT STATIONERS Wo DEDUCT your discount of 20% on all visible manufacturers' pro-priced items of stationery — school supplies — leather goods. It will pay you to stop by and shop at our newfy-raaoYOted premises. COLES NOTES AND TRANSLATIONS IN STOCK w- ¦> fsrat ystr REAL ESTATE CoasoH Sam Perehnan Realties RgM Phones 277-9240 Member of the Corporation of Real istate Brokers of the Province of Quebec* Mrs. Kravitz wore a black, brocaded sheath. Each had a corsage of red roses. Miss Waxman was in a black, pean de soie sheath, made with a sequinned bodice. Her corsage was of white orchids. A three-tiered pink and white engagement cake trimmed the table. The marriage will take place on June 9, at Shomrim Laboker-Beth Yehuda-Shaare Tefillah Synagogue. To Have Your Home Ready For The Holidays, Call SERVICE MASTER OF LASALLE Responsible Carpet & Furniture Cleaning In Your Home Free Estimates RE. 8-5 577 WET BASEMENTS MADE DRY ...NO DIGGING! PATENTED METHOD No. 383TM CosyrifH 1*65 No kn)ary (a lawikSy SSMee«V FREE tTTIMATO w^awmw «htks NO MINIMUM NO JOB TOO SMALL Easy Ttntts HU. 6-4171 Yukon ¦osMieiit WoteHptWif^(CK^UA MONTREAL 4110 SHEJletOOM ST. W.

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