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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: THE CANAPIAH JEWISH REVIEW . *• • C- •""•V" ^ Congregation Beth Molsbe of Oirtremont Durocher & Lajolt Avenues are pleased to onnouhct that thelrmo»t modem Synagogue and banquet hall Is available for wtddings, Bar Mitzvans, meetings and all social functions. Services every day, morning and evening. for Information ph/on«; RABBI $, i. KLEIN SAM PttELMAN, President 274-4444 277-9240 CONGREGATION BETH AARON 8125 Stuart Avtnue Newly-renovated, modern, enlarged anM? 2116 ftUURY STREET 842-S806 USTER KUIN COTE DES NEI6ES CHAPEL Ms* con MS NIWO the Brotherhood Award of Merit. The Hon. Paul Martin. P.C., M.P., Secretary of State for External Affairs of Canada, will be guest speaker. On February 12-14 the young people will attend a programme. The Dean of the KaHah will be Rabbi Henry Skirball, assistant director of Temple Youth of the National Federation. The theme of study will deal with ethics through the week. The young people will assemble in Ivry North and be joined by Temple groups from the New York State area. Gerald Miller Youth Adviser, and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stein will assist. At the Institute on Judaism, Dr. Samuel Sandmei, Provost of The Hebrew Union College, in Cincinnati, Ohio, spoke on "Scripture As Literature"; and "We Jews And Jesus." Dr. Carl Herman Voss spoke on "A Christian Speaks His Mind." The invocation at the luncheon was pronounced by Rev. Dr. Rudolph J. Berlis. Words of tribute to Dr. Stern who founded the Institute for Clergy and Educators twenty-four years ago were spoken by Rt. Rev. James S. Thomson, and Rev. Father Walton Hannah. Head table guests were: Bishop Paul Gregoire, Professor Charles Adams, Dr. John Astbury, Rev. Father Irenee Beau-bien, S.J.; Rev. Dr. C. Ritchie Bell, Rev. Dr. Rudolph J. Berlis, Rev. Dr. Everett Briard, Dr. Samuel Cass, Rabbi; Dr. Solomon Frank. Rabbi; Rev. Dr. Francis Doxsee, Dean Stanley B. Frost, Professor John Hughes, Rabbi Isaac Teicher, Canon Eric G. Jay, Principal George Johnston, Principal Robert Lennox, Rev. Leonard Mason, Rev. Dr. M. F. McCutch-eon, The Rt. Rev. Kenneth Naylor, Dr. Dennis S. Penton, Principal Robert C. Rae, The Rt. Rev. James S. Thomson, Headmaster Robert A. Spiers, Rev. Dr. Douglas Smith, Rev. Victor C. Rose, Melech Ra-vitch, Rabbi Alfred Landsberg, Very Rev. William C. Bothwell, Rabbi H. Leonard Poller, of Temple Beth Sholom; Dr. Alton Gold-bloom, The Rt. Rev. Hugh Alexander MacMillan, Rev. Dr. Charles Este, Dr. Samuel Lewin. Temple officers and board members present were: Hyman Grover, George Hollinger, Lawrence Marks, Q.C.; Alfred \. Miller, Samuel Paper-man, Irvin Gertsman, Eugene Stearns. Alvin J. Walker, Samuel Wechsler, Nathan Izenberg, Norman Rill, James Raymond, Maurice A. SchWartz, William Hoffman. Henry Benjamin. JEWISH GENERAL Hospital Alumnae Association, and the Student Council of the School of Nursing are giving a spring fashion show on February 23, at 8.00 p.m., in the Nurses' Residence. Fashions are by Holt Renfrew and Company. Proceeds will go to student nurses' scholarship to enable two students to attend the International Council of Nurses convention in Europe this June. Door prizes; refreshments. Miss Roslyn Klai-man is president of the Association; Miss Gail Yanover, of the Council. Conveners are Miss Lita Gibbs; and Mrs. Frank Entis. * BNAI BRITH * Brotherhood festival of song and dance is on Sunday, February 14, at 8.30 p.m., In the Grand Salon of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Hosts are Laurentian Chapter of Bnsi Brith Women, Mrs. Ralph Kronick, president; Mount Royal Lodge,- Burton Fitch, president; Shalom Chapter,. Mrs, Murray Deskin, president: and Maple Leaf Lodge, Gerry .Cohen, president. Participating In the program are: Father Marcel Laloade, of the Congregation - de Sacre Coear; Superior of St. Joseph Oratory; and choir. Lea Petite Chanteors Du Mont Royal, directed by Rev-erend Father Laandre Brault, of the Congregation de Sacre Coear; the choir, with Father Henri La-londe; Tempi* Emanu-El choral ••group, directed by Cantor Otto Staeren; Dr. Solomon Frank, Rab- >*Jfj***** *£-£2SfMftjfr Martoexu uftnti* nian dance ena^blf Peto? runcuk, director;, Alexander, e-remeta, conductor i and the host choir, Laurentfon Choral Group, Mrs. Abe Scotland, director, * ADATH ISRAEL Synagogue, Rabbi Charles Bender: The Men's Club will present as guest speaker at the Breakfast Session, on February 14, Tom Cherington, radio commentator; The twenty-fourth annual celebration when fifty-seven pupils of grade-two classes will begin the study of The Bible is on March ?• The twenty-fifth anniversary celebration is on March 18, (Purlin), to mark twenty-five years since Rabbi Bender has been with the religious leader; and also the twenty-fifth anniversary of the dedication of the Synagogue. The silver Jubilee committee, headed by Joel Sternthal, honorary president, is: A. Ballington. G. Brown, B. Chaionoff, D. S. Dubin, B. Fig-ler, L. Glazer, Q.C.; M. Greenblatt, I. N. Knight, C. I. Mendelsohn. Mrs. Samuel Rabinovitch, Samuel Shiff, H. A. Starr, J. Steinberg, B. M. Sternthal, N. J. Trehub, Mrs. J. L. Waxman. Unit mteting February 18. at 1,00 p.m., is: Ethel and Max Rostrogovltch, luncheon, at the home of Mrs. Mary Merinekl, 4v5 Bourret Avenue; at 8.00 p.m., U: Hesha Betwtt ami Row Moss, at the home of Mrs, S. Gold, 326 Cote Vertu • Road. The Chalm Revxen Junior Unit met at the home of Mra. Ray Kobulnik, 4322 Plampn-don Avenue; and at the home of Mrs. B. Kayman, 1469 Van Home Avenue. ZICHRON * KEDOSHIM Synagogue, Rabbi Jacob J. Zlotnick: Inter-Faith Forum sponsored by the Brotherhood and Sisterhood is on February 16, at 8.00 S.m. On the panel will be Justice ohn O'Meara, Roy Wellington States, and Rabbi Zlotnick. Mrs. Leo Bruck is Sisterhood president; Mra. W. Thaw is program chair* man. Abe Gurmen is Brotherhood president. Public invited; refre»h-ments. JEWISH CONVALESCENT Hospital Marcovitch - Schneider Unit met at the home of Mrs. H. Schneider, 6301 King Edward Avenue. Mrs. D. Cohen, vice-president, presided. A new member, Mrs. H. Simon, 4710 Decarie Boulevard, was welcomed, Mrs. H. Schneider, secretary, reported on the new building. David Russman Unit met at the home of Mrs. R. Green, 2495 Ekers Avenue. Mrs. S. Finkel-stein, president, presided. The raffle was won by Mrs. J. Lipman, who gave a contribution. A meeting will be held on February 16, at 1 p.m., at the home of Mrs. S. Silver, 6211 Lennox Avenue. Gabriel Timmerman Unit met at the home of Mrs. M. Goldfarb, 595 Bloom-field AveTiue. Mrs. G. Tessler, president, presided. A meeting took place at the home of Mrs. B. Shet-zen, 2705 Kent Avenue. Esther Rachel Unit gave donations to the Golden Book, on the death of their member, Mrs. Rifke Caplan, 4834 Isabella Avenue, for the Unit; and for the president, Mrs. A. Meltzer, 4575 St. Kevin Avenue. SHAAR HASHOMAYIM Synagogue, Rabbi Wilfred Shu-chat: Jeffrey David, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Lazare, 36 Ab-deen Avenue, will be called to the Reading of the Torah on February 13. At the Men's Breakfast Forum, on February 14, at 10 a.m., the guest speaker will be Nahum Wil-chesky, on "The Prophets of Israel." The chairman will be Irving Brott; the sponsor, Sam. Schacter. The Women's Institute of Jewish Studies open meeting and breakfast is on February 16, at 9:45 a.m., when Dr. John B. JB. Garstang, professor of Classics, at McGill University, will be the faculty guest. The topic is: "The Encounter Between Hellenism and Judaism." Discussants representing the student body of the Institute will be Mrs. Lome Abramo-witz. and Mrs. Humphrey Kassie. Mrs. Sydney J. Cohen, chairman of the Institute, invites women to attend. DEATHS if PYTHIAN SISTERS * Recia Stanfield Memorial Temple, Number Four, business meeting is on February 16, at 8.30 p.m., at 5650 Victoria Avenue. Officers are: Mesdames J. Tracton, past-president; M. Sherman, president: Miss Molly Stanfield, and Mrs. S. .Epstein, vice-presidenta; Mesde-mes 8. Popock, manager; £. Rosen, treasurer; A. Stanfield, secretary; D. Garmaise, inner guard; S. Friedberg, outer guard; J. Shapiro, pianist, and press correspondent. Mrs. Sherman will preside. Refreshments. WOMEN'S ORT A testimonial luncheon, in honour of Mrs. Max Weissler, is on February 17, at 12.30 p.m., at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Marvin Rosner, 5549 Macdonald Avenue. Mrs. Sydney Engel is regional Israel Bond chairman; and the luncheon^ is part of Ort's Israel Bond program. Ashdod Group met at the home of Mrs. S. Varkony, 5719 Parkhaven Avenue. Officers are: Mesdames J. Aberman, A. Nunes, H. Samel; presidium; B. Feig, recording secretary; F. Wex-ler, treasurer; S. Varkony, Jerusalem School project; B. Sidler, telephone, and bonds. The meeting on February 16, at 8.00 p.m.. is at the home of Mrs. H. Samel, 6400 Lennox Avenue. Guests and prospective members invited. * BETH ZION Synagogue Third lecture discussion series heard Harvey Golden, executive director of the Y.M. -Y.W.H.A., and Louis Novick, executive director of the New Maimo-nides Hospital And Home For The Aged, speak of "The Family And The Community." The series was under the joint sponsorship of Beth Zion Synagogue, Sydney Phillips, chairman; Cote St. Luc Lodge, Bnai Brith, Charles Roth; Hercules Lodge, Knights of Pythias, Maurice Steinberg; Menorah Chapter, Bnai Brith Women, Mrs. Michael Adler; and Y.M.-Y.W. H.A.. western branch, J. Feldgaier. * SHAARE ZION * Synagogue, Rabbi Maurice S. Cohen: Sisterhood Breakfast book review is on February 16, at 9.15 a.m.; discussion. Dr. Trade Weiss-Rosmarin, of New York,- philosopher, author, and editor of the Jewish Spectator, will review a book on inUr-marriage. Mr*. J. G. Wright la chairman. Ticket conveners are Mesdames L. Bell. S. Goldstein. H. H. Laiar, and J. Scott ^HOSPITAL OF HOPE* Unit meeting February 16, at 8.00 p.m., U: Either Caplan. at the home of Mrs. A. Uditaky, 6760 Clanranald Avenue, Unit meeting February 16, at ijOO p.nx, is: Mor-decai and Essie Baker, at the home of Mrs. M. Baker, 9S0 Dunlop Avenue. Units meeting February 17, at 8.00 pjn,. are: Fraid-PhiL Cohen, at UM how of Mrs. B. daman, 2575 Goyer Avenue: L J.. Borria, at UM bow* of Mrs. J. 4*41 PtaMOfea Arson*. David Grill, 4710 Queen Mary Road, died on Saturday, December 26, at the Jewish General Hospital, at the age of twenty-nine years. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Grill, of the above address; a brother, Manny Grill, 4613 Eighth Street, Cho-medey; and a sister, Mrs. Ben. Bauer (Fay), of Dovrat, Israel; two nephews, Peter and Charles; and a niece, Elizabeth, children of Mr. and Mrs. Manny Grill; and two nephews, Kami and Gil; and a niece, Eris, children of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bauer. Funeral services took place from Paperman's. Rabbi Jacob J. Zlotnick officiated. Burial was at North End Vilkomirer Cemetery. Shiva was at the home. Moe Heitner, 1850 SL Louis Street, died on Friday, December 4, at the Jewish General Hospital, at the age of fifty years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Toba Lesser Heitner; three children: Roslyn, aged thirteen years; Michael, eleven; and Lois, seven; a brother, Sydney Heitner, of Montreal; and a sister, Mrs. Mac Sobel (Lillian), 5760 Melling Street. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Sol Heitner, of Montreal. Funeral services took place from Paperman's. Rabbi Morris Hal-pern officiated. Burial was at Kehal Israel Cemetery. Shiva was at the home. Louis Ziss. 8162 Birnam Street, ged sixty-eight years, died on Wednesday, January 13, at the Royal Victoria Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Paula Sexer Ziss; three sons: George Ziss, 4503 Seventh Street, Cho-medey; Max Ziss, of Philadelphia, Pa.; and Joel Ziss, 1434 Beverley Crescent; seven grandchildren: Rebecca, and Vicky; daughters of Mr. and Mrs. George Ziss; Linda, Gloria, and Lorraine; daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Max Ziss; and Sheldon, and Robin; son, and daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Ziss. Funeral services took plact from Paperman's. Rabbi Solomon J. Spiro officiated. Burial was at Labor Farband Cemetery. Shiva was at the home. Abraham Singerman, of Montreal, died on Wednesday, January 20, at the Jewish Hospital of Hope. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Jennie Fair Singerman; three sons: Max Singerman, 6822 Wild-erton Avenue; George Singerman, 5656 Beaucourt Street; and Dr. Tassy Singerman, 4901 Van Home Avenue; eleven grandchildren: Mrs. Cyril Tunis (Roslyn); Mrs. Shalom Endieman (Sally Ann); and Mrs. M. Forshpan (Reisha); children of Mr. and Mrs. Max Singerman; Jack and Herbert, SOBS of Mr. and Mrs. George Sing-erman: Harriet, Hilda, and Zellaj daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Tassy Sfogerman; Roslyn, Bernard, and Donald, daughter, and twin sons of Mrs. Anne Singennan, of Los Angeles, Calif., and the late Samuel Singennao: four great-grandchildren: Heather. Lorraine, and Shawn Tunis; and Dahlia Endieman; and a brother. Charles Sing-trman. of Montreal He was the father of tha late Louis Singer-maa; aad tba brother of the Ute Lrfba fttttftrman; aad the late " jSorka Barman. Funeral serv- iperman's. 8abM.of- A V JEWISH 5170 Voii «rt iJeatjrf * *»*&**wit»*tit* » f • NURSERY SCHOOL PROWUUWE m>**>*TATION AVAILABLE RfOlSTfrATlON NQW OWN Per InfornMtiem 7 & 1.9719 Offlc* Houm Mwirffy to Friday 9.1 IMQUIMII rot 1M5-19M KINOfMMflM AND (DAY tCHOOU. - AJOUtMT/ON WIIC BIRTHS Born, to Mr. and Mra. Harvey Colton (nee Joyce Klein, formerly of New York). 3822 La Peltrie Street, on October 6, at the Jewish General Hospital, a daughter, Esther; sister of Yaakov, aged six years; and Layla, four; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Klein, of New York; and of Mrs. Ghana Colton, 468 Westminster Avenue, and the late Rabbi J*. L. Colton. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gechman (nee Rosalie Small, formerly of Montreal), of Garden Grove, Calif., on October 16, at St Jude Hospital, a daughter, Stacy Dawn; first grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Small, 8164 Wiseman Avenue; third grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Gechman, of Miami, Florida. Born, to Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Genender (nee Joan Ross, formerly of Toronto, Ont.), of Brooklyn, N. Y., on October 18, at Long Island City College Hospital, a son, Mark Robert; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Genender, 4860 Cote St. Luc Road, Montreal; and of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Ross, of Toronto, Ont.; great-grandson of Mr. and Mrs. I. Neiman, 5972 Hutchison Street. Etigemore Street, on December 11, at the Jewish General Hospital, a §j», Mark Howard j brother of teven, aged four mtfj and Susan, two and onerbalf; grandson of Mr. and Mra. Max Yates; and of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dizgun. Godparent* are Mr. and Mrs. Stanley BeHtzky, Mr. Dizgun, Sandxather, held the baby during e ceremony. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Alexander (nee Deena FHleberg). 2820 Darlington Place, on December 28, at the Jewish General Hospital, a son, George Bernard; grandson of Mrs. Ida Fitleberg, 4595 St. Kevin Street, and the late George Bernard Fitleberg; and of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Alexander, 1788 Glendale Avenue; great- grandson of Harris Fittleberg; and of Mrs. Leah Kate; both of Montreal. Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Shulman, 3350 Linton Avenue, cousins. Mr. Alexander, grandfather, held the baby during the ceremony. Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Irving Dizgun (nee Eileen Yates), 5681 ficiated. Burial was at Workmen's Circle Cemetery. Shiva was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Max Singer-man. Mrs. Frances (Frimsie) Spindel, 4955 Dornal Avenue, died on Friday, January 8, at home. She is survived by her husband, Samuel Spindel; and two daughters: Misses Caroline, and Anita Spindel; her mother, Mrs. Rose Kalman, 4970 St. Kevin Street; a brother, Abe Kalman, 4319 King Edward Avenue; and a sister;'Mrs. Sylvia Ladin, 4970 St. Kevin Street. She was also the daughter of the late Samuel Kalman. Funeral services took place from Paperman's. Rabbi A. Bernard Leffelf officiated. Burial was at Hebrew Sick Benefit Society Cemetery. Shiva was at the home. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fagen (nee Sherry Gold), 3420 El-lendale Street, on October 19, at the Jewish General Hospital, a son, Shawn Jason; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Max Fagen, 7542 Stuart Avenue: and of Mr. and Mrs. David Fefergrad, 108 Villeneuve Street West; and of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gold, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; great-grandson of Mrs, Annie Gold, of Freehold, N. X Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fagen, 8010 Birnam Street, uncle, and aunt. Max Fagen, grandfather, held the baby during the ceremony. BUENOS AIRES POLICE FIND HIDEOUT OF PLOTTERS AND A PLAN TO ATTACK JEWS Jacob Baron, 6031 Sherbrooke Street West, aged sixty-two years, died on Saturday, December 26, at the Jewish Hospital of Hope. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Rose Klarman Baron; two sons: Maurice Baron, 326 Alexis Nihon Boulevard; and Albert Baron, of Paris, France; a daughter, Mrs. Sydney Seltzer (Terry), 1091 Snorecrest Street; seven grandchildren: Cheryl, and Marcie; children of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Baron; Barbara, and Mark; children of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baron; Allan, Marilyn, and Earl Seltzer; two sisters: Mrs. H. Shainak (Bella), of Detroit, Michigan; and Mrs. Zizel Lipmanovitch, of Belgium. Funeral services took place from Paperman's. Rabbi A. Bernard Leffeli officiated. Burial was at Farband Labor Zionist Cemetery. Shiva was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Baron. Isaac Babb, 2060 Norway Road, aged sixty-two years, died on Sunday, January 3, at the Royal Victoria Hospital He is survived by his- wife. Mrs. Stella Sbar Babb; VJL son, Irving Babb, 5187 Duro-cher Street; two daughters: Mrs. Jack Finkelstein (Judy), 2062 Norway Road; Mrs. K. Bochner (Selma), 1972 Norway Road; four grandchildren: Rhonda, and Ronald Finkelstein; and Clifford, and Steven Bochner; a brother, Rabbi A. Babb, of Peterborough, Ont; four sisters: Mrs, L. Gasoi (Sarah), 654 Querbes Avenue; Mrs. S. Fish (Miriam), 2788 Bedford Road; Mrs. A. Karel (Lily), 4855 Plamondon Street; and Mrs. J. Robin (Yetta), 6275 Northcrest Place. Funeral services took place from Paperman's. Rabbi Allan M. Langner officiated, Burial was at Farband Labor Zionist Cemetery Shiva was at the home. (Continued from Pag« One) ties of explosives and weapons that were to have been used by the terrorists in their assault against the Jewish leaders. The arms cache was found in a shed used by the Sanitation Department for the storage of tools and construction materials. There, the police agents said, they also found documents outlining an anti-Semitic plot According to the afternoon newspaper, Cronica, the terrorists included Horst Eichmann, son of the Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann, executed in Israel. The newspaper said they were planning to use some small planes to drop explosives. Among the documents captured by the police were maps of Buenos Aires, Argentine capital, and a detailed description o( the homes of twenty-five Jewish businessmen and civic leaders. The police did not disclose their names but said that special agents were immediately detailed to protect them. In addition, scores of swastika flags and hundreds of pamphlets •with Nazi propaganda were said to have been seized by the police. Cronica, with represent* the view of the Peronist labor organizations but is generally hostile to Nazi organizations even though these say they support the return of the exiled former dictator Juan D. Peron, according to the New York Times, said thst the police also found $2.23 million in $100 bills. In the past there have been reports that Nazi terrorist organizations had received heavy subsidies from Arab League officials in Buenos Aires. VERSATILE, WHAT-A-MAN TYPE Dr. Joseph Cooperman, 9007 Larke 'Ellen Circle. Loa Angeles, Calif., formerly of Montreal, died suddenly on Tuesday, January 19, at home. He is survived by his wife, Mra. Pearl Aranoff Cooperman; four sons: Lionel Coopermaa, Gary Cooperman, Ronald Cooperman, and Karl Coopermaa: a brother, Moa Coopermaa, of Loa Angeles; and two sisters: lira. Ben Dardick (Gertk), of Loa Angelea; and Mra. winiam Badpnaa (Roae), 46*0 Plamoodon Street. Montreal. Ha was UM brother of the late Singtr Cooperman, of KoatraaL FuMral servkea aad tarial took pla«« la Lot ABC***. Suva wa* aTtha (Continued from P*gt One) the United Hunts Racing Association and of tha National Security Industrial Association. Mr. Taiahoif* dnbtf included tha Wlafs, UM Rockefeller ftptar Luadtaoa* Jftd the Town of New Yotkj of LOB —---------------------- ------—--------^^^"^^ r ^ m ,W. L, a&4 aad Tenals. of ^~-^-s—^---s~i~ ~"i-*~ r— ^r^£ * '~^^~^~* ~ — Pott WaaUaftta, L. L 6«rrt*mf are his wldpw, Mrs. ClairY TaAodl a dajttJsW,J

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