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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW DECEMBER 4, 1958 fe: O Llf* lKvr«K« o 6fMp luvrtiKt o Accltart • HMlth MURRAY J. KATZMAN 66 King Streot Wesf •UI.i IM. MUS lll.i Ml. MSOJ • V I *• C I C« M » • •• l«l .f'KI-vl.IIIII. •••••» EVERYBODY DESERVES THE BEST ... FOR THE BEST IN MUSIC MURRAY GINSBERG ond HIS ORCHESTRA M iMrtkrttt An. Ml. «t» \ OR CALL THE ST. CHARLES EXCLUSIVE TAKE-OUT SERVICE LOCATED AT 3011 Bothurst St. 1 block below Lawrence Plaza 2969 Bloor St. W., RU. 7-1891 BE. 2-1186 Froo Forking Froo DoUvoty FOR THE BtSI IN MUSIC CALL MURRAY ALTER and his Orchestra RU. 2-3931 (Additional Toronto News on Pages Four, Seven and Eight) Dr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Lei-bel (nee Queenie Besner), and children, Roslyn Dorothy, Allan and Esther Rachel, 291 Forest Hill Road, had Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Besner. her parents; and Dr. and Mrs. William Cohen, and Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Schwartz, all of Montreal, Que., visiting them. Mrs. Freda Brash, 42 Avenue Road, had visiting her, Mrs. H. Herman and daughter Miss Hattie Herman, 5242 Weatbury Avenue, Montreal, Que. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eisen spent their wedding trip at the Nevele Country Club, in Ellen-ville, N. Y. Mrs. Eisen is the former Miss Rhoda Pauline Beder-man, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bederman. Mr. Eisen is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Eisen, 6 Reiner Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Snow spent -their—wedding—t*te—H*—Mwnni SOOCKOU) Fatuous for Chinese Foods 5594 Yonge St. At Finch Are. For Fast Free Delivery Service Call BA. 1-9319 —BA. 1-9310 Air Conditioned for Your Comfort. Free Parking ft Rear. FOR SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS IT'S ZUCHTER'S STARLIGHT ROOM CATERERS WEDDINGS . BANQUETS BAR MITZVAHS • SHOWIRS J15 AdaUlee St. W. EM. 8-4447. JOTS RUG SERVICE iMraHoHo*, stafa »Mrti*f, weav ic- i»§. AN woHt IS Eta KM*, Twwto M. 74011 M. 741M COLLEGE MEMORIAL W m»-w- — - -^— -7*-w----"f> ~~~ ~ f ------ ---------------------- Beach, Florida, at the Algiers Hotel. Mrs. .Snow is the former Miss Gloria Lass, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Lass, 24 Wigam Crescent. Mr. Snow is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Snow, 116 Dell Park Avenue. Albert Levine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Levine, 344 Northcliffe Boulevard, returned via Trans-Canada Air Lines after spending two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Manny Perry, of Miami Beach, Florida, parents of his fiancee, Miss Sandi Perry. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Rothman, 647 Woburn Avenue, who celebrated their twenty-ninth wedding anniversary, are leaving on December 8, via Trans-Canada Air Lines for Miami Beach, Florida, where they will spend a four-week holiday. Mr. and Mrs. A. Wittes, 6 .King's Point Drive, will be in Montreal, Que., for the bar-mitz-vah of John Jeffrey, son of Mr, and Mrs. Maurice G. Sibales, 5565 Trans Island Avenue, on December 5, at Beth Hamedrash Ha-gadol Synagogue. Mr. and Mrs. A. Rubinoff, 300 Winnett Avenue.'will take up residence at 111 McAllister Avenue, on December 15. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Charen-doff, formerly of 14 Kainona Avenue, have taken up residence at 650 Briar Hill Avenue. Miss Elaine Rosenberg, 531 Douglas Avenue, returned home via Trans Canada Airlines after spending a week in New York. While there she was present at the marriage of her cousin, Kenneth Roth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roth, to Miss Paula Te-nenblatt, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Barney Tenenblatt, which took place at East Point House, in Freeport _L, I, -Mrsr-Tfcnme ning Avenue, returned via Trans-Canada Air Lines, after a visit of four weeks in Mandoza, Argentina, with Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sclar, Dr. and Mrs. M. Sclar, and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sclar, all cousins. On their return trip they stopped at Santiago, Chile, to visit Mr. and Mrs. J. Waga, and at Tampa, Florida, to visit Mr. and Mrs. R. Gruenwald. Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sacks, 46 Sparrow Avenue, was called to the Reading of the Law, in celebration of his oar-mitzvah, at Beth Israel Synagogue. He is the brother of Sheldon, aged nine years; grandson of Jacob Horowitz, 46 Sparrow Avenue; and of Mrs. Jenny Abra-movitz, of West Lodge. The same evening one hundred and fifty guests wera received at Murray House. Mrs. Sacks wore a blue organza and lace gown, cut with a round neckline; and a bouffant skirt; and had a pink orchid corsage. Seated at the head table with the above family members were: Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Horowitz, uncle and aunt; and Irving Eisner, Hebrew teacher. The head table was adorned with a center- piece of fall flowers and blue candelabra on a blue table cloth. Mr. Horowitz, grandfather, asked the blessing over the challah. Gordon Horowitz, uncle was master of ceremonies. Those who lit candles were: Jacob Horowitz, Mr. and Mrs. A. Saxe, Mr. and Mrs. H. Horowitz, Mr. and Mrs. S. Sacks, Mr. and Mrs. M. Horowitz, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hettler, Mr. and Mrs. G. Horowitz, Mr. and Mrs. L. La-vine, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Glas-ner, all uncles and aunts; and Perry Tepperman. Here for the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Halpern, cousins, of Buffalo, N. Y. and Mr. and Mrs. John Grossman, of Oshawa, Ont. Miss Katie Englishman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Englishman, 2535 Keele Street, and the fiancee of Daniel Brass, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Brass, 18 Stadacona Drive, was guest of honour at a miscellaneous shower, with one hundred and sixty-five guests, at the Murray House. Hostesses were: Mesdames Max Brass, P. Kaufman, grandmother of the groom-elect, 18 Stadacona Drive; A. Zeiler, of Sarnia, Ont; J. Manly, 18 Stadacona Drive; H. Stansman, 321 Vaughan Road; S. Kaufman, 329 Arlington Avenue1; M. Urovitz, 12 Wynn Road; and Miss Lilian Brass, 32 Bordon Street; all aunts of the groom-elect. Mrs. Englishman, wore a blue satin peau de soie dress, fashioned with a low neckline, and a sheath skirt. Mrs. Brass, wore a royal-blue, silk faille sheath, styled with a bouffant over-skirt. Miss Englishman wore a blue silk organza dress, which had a heart-shaped neckline; and a full skirt; with a wristlet of pink and blue roses and carnations. The head table was adorned with a centerpiece of chrysanthemums and roses; with white candelabra a White table cloth. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kraisman, 66 Viewmount Avenue, were guests of honour at a fortieth anniversary dinner party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Cohen, 38 Robbie Avenue, given by their children and grandchildren: Mr. and Mrs. Cohen and Elaine; and Mr. and Mrs. Murray Biback, and Gail Elaine and Donald Martin. The table was decorated with a large cake in the shape of a forty with white candelabra on a white table cloth. Here for the occasion were: Mr. and Mrs. A. Lebove, Mr. and Mrs. H. Galens, and Lieutenant Gilbert Galens, of Okinawa, Japan, and Garry; and Mrs. H. Swinkin, all of Detroit, Mich. Miss Dianne Yarmus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Yarmus, 505 Glengarry Avenue, and the fiancee of David Balinsky, son of -Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Balinsky, ~476 Dundas—Street West,~^was~ guest of honour at a miscellaneous shower at the Murray House, with one hundred and five guests present, given by Mrs, M. Balinsky; and by Mrs. Harry Tweyman, 476 Dundas Street West, grandmother of the groom-to-be. Mrs. Yarmus wore a clue silk dress; fashioned with a sheath skirt; Mrs. Balinsky wore a beige shantung sheath dress, with a draped skirtj and Mrs. Tweyman, a navy-blue crepe dress; with a sheath skirt. Each had a corsage of red roses. Miss Dianne Yarmus, the honoured guest, wore a rose-coloured dress, styled with a fitted, pleated bodice; and a bouffant skirt; with a wristlet of pink and white roses. Seated at the head table with the above family members were: Mesdames S. Yarmus, H. Yarmus, sisters-in-law of the bride-to-be, F. Kates; R. Stomin, aunt of the groom-to-be; and H. Flom, cousin of the groom-to-be. The head table was adorned with vari-coloured fall flowers, with pink candelabra, set upon a white table cloth. Bernard Barney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ell Harry Coopennan, 25 Prince Charles Drive, was called to,the Reading of the Law, in celebration of his bar-mitxvah, at the Yavneh Zion Synagogue. He is the brother of Earl; grandson of Mrs. Goldie Cooperman, 170 Osier Street. A Kiddush luncheon was observed. The following evening at Adath Israel Synagogue two hundred guests were received. Mrs. Cooperman, wore a gold-coloured organza gown, fashioned with a round neckline; a bouffant skirt embroidered in deeper shades of gold-colour; and long white satin gloves; and a mauve orchid corsage. Mrs. Goldie Cooperman wore a teal-blue crepe gown, styled with a V-shaped neckline; and a gored skirt; with a corsage of pink feathered carnations and roses. Seated at the head table with the above family members were: Mr. and Mrs. J. Coodin, Mr. and Mrs. A. Shuster, Mr. and Mrs. H. Frimeth, and Mrs. S. Block, all uncles and aunts. The head table was adorned with 'candelabra, blue MURRAY HOUSE ft000 VJOOD SERVICE The Majestic Room Seats 450 People. All Four Dining Rooms Fully Air Condition*! SIPMATI RITCHIMS, Strictly KM!* Uafcr SvMnttlMi if DR. tAUl DAVI» OCHS 207 Beverley St. • Phone WA. 2-3200 fet Proprietor*: Mr. and Mra. JACK A RONS. For Weddingi, Bar-Mitxvoht, Stage, etc. Reserve The Modern Air-Conditioned KING DAVID HALL or TOP OF THE TOWN ROOM accommodation far 25 to 300 - Coll Hie Town House Restaurant Catering Ltd. 881 Egllnton Ava. W. RU. 1-JStt Atk ttt mbout perking facUitiet. ts :aii« 3 FS :i .3•_£ 3 -3-r ri iJi dragons, a blue, white, and gold-coloured cake; and a gold-coloured menorah. Classmates of Bernard: Lionel Mandel, David Man-del, Paul Oguasheivitz, Joel Stei-ner, Neal Naiman, and Irving Donsky; Cantor S. Weinstein, and Jack Frimeth, a cousin, 4ook part. Earl Cooperman was master of ceremonies. Jack Coodin. uncle, asked the blessing over the challah. Those who lit candles with the family members were: Norman Coodin, Mr. and Mrs. E. Frimeth and Jack; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bass and Deborah Susan; Mr. and Mrs. M. Frimeth and Cheryl Fran, all cousins; Mr. and Mrs. M. Gershuny, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frimet, Rochelle Waldman, Elaine Kirsh, Joel Steiner, and Paul Oguasheivitz, classmates. Here for the occasion were: Norman Coodin, of Los Angeles, Cal, :Mr. and Mrs. J. Coodin. Mr. andMrs. A. Shuster, and Mrs. S. Block, all of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Stern (nee Anne Gurvitch), King Street East, Prescott, Ont., were guests of honour at a twenty-fifth anniversary party, at the Seaway Hotel, given by ' their children: Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Stern, 730 Ontario Street, Mr. and Mrs. Hil-liard Stern, and Miss Reva Stern, all of 55 Broadway Avenue, Toronto; and Miss Ruth Stern, of Prescott. Mrs. Stern received in a black crepe cocktail dress; fashioned with a sheath skirt, which flared at the back, with a scooped neckline; and had a corsage of red roses and small white chrysanthemums. Mrs. Sandor Stern wore a powder-blue, two-piece chiffon dress; styled with a scooped neckline and was sleeveless. Mrs. Milliard Stern wore red, de-lustered satin; which, had bell-shaped sleeves and skirt; with a_ scooped neckline.: Miss R«va Stern wore .a pale mauve organza, with a scooped neckline; and three-quarter-length puffed sleeves; with a bouffant skirt. Miss Ruth Stern wore a green wool dress, with a fur collar and long sleeves. Mrs. Sarah Stern, 224 Palmer-ston Avenue, the mother of Mr. Stern, wore a two-piece blueprinted dress. The table was 'decorated with white and yellow chrysanthemums and four candelabra; with a large anniversary cake in white and pink with red lettering. AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER and his ORCHESTRA 84 Laurekfest Are. ML 3-3933 WE FEATURE: CUSTOM MADE PLASTIC COVERS EJa>t-g.auoa crystal>claar, water proof; fire redstart) completely tat proof. Each piece fitted with Individual zippers. Cut In your awn bouM ky Toronto's foremost cutter. Don't cover the beauty of your set. See it through our covers. Shur-Fit Plastic Covers Company For free estimates please call, Sidney Zono, ML 3-1038. STOPS HEADACHE FAST JACK YOUNG ML 34)053. Slngar of Your Favourite Songs and his ORCHESTRA Tacoma Avenues, Buffalo. Relatives and friends are invited to be present and remain for the Oneg Shabbat following • the services. No cards have been sent out Donna Marsha is the granddaughter of Mrs. Bertha Olanow, 182 Concord Avenue, Toronto; and of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lazar, 219 Nassau Avenuer BIRTHS BAS-MITZVAHS Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Murray Alter (nee Shirley Puterman), 12 Corwin Crescent, on November 22, at New Mount Sinai Hospital, a son, Larry Sheldon; grandson of Mr. tmd Mrs. A. Futerman, 103 Chiltern Hill Road; and of Mr. and Mrs. B. Alter, 44 Fairleigh Crescent; great-grandson of Mrs. Lieba Futerman, ,124 Grange Avenue; and of Mrs. Norma>- Alter, 96 WUlcocks Street My highly personalized service ensures you of detailed and careful planning, that results in a beautiful dignified and memorable_ wedding. __ 3-7782 Mr. and Mrs. David Olanow, 375 McKinley Avenue, Kenmore, N. Y., formerly of Toronto, announce the bas-mitzvah of their daughter, Donna Marsha, on Friday, December 4, at eight o'clock, at Temple Emanu-El, Colvin and Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weizenbluth (nee Lillian Freed-man), 631 Fairlawn. Avenue, on November 21, at New Mount Sinai Hospital, a son, Fready Fabian; brother of Larry, aged seventeen years; Morton, thirteen; Doreen, eleven; and Murray, three; grandson of Mr. and Mrs.' I. Freedmah, 531 Fairlawn Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Goldberg (nee Phyllis Snitzer), 147 Clifton Avenue, on November 21, at New Mount Sinaf Hospital, a daughter, Wendy Beth: sister of David, aged two and one-half years; granddaughter of Mrs. Goldie Goldberg, 676 Davenport Road; and of Mr. and Mrs. Mac Snitzer, 202 Strathearn Road. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Steinberg (nee Ann Bodanis), 146 Shaftesbury Street, on November 24, at the New Mount Sinai Eos- Eital, a son, Gordon Murray: rother of Larry Aaron, aged three years. CLASSIFIED ST.CLAIR and Atlas Axenue: three, large, newly decorated rooms; modern kitchen; garage: private drive; quiet home. Call RU. 2-2907, after 6.00 p.m. BATHURST-WILSON District: Room and board in Orthodox home; every convenience. Call ME. 3-9386. __PRACTICAL- NURSE, exper^ ienced in caring for new-born babies; also children in parents' absence; convalescent ca*es; excellent cooking if requested. Call ME. 3-9890 or BA. 5-0160. PRACTICAL NURSE, experienced in caring for new-born barbies; also children in parents' absence; convalescent cases; excellent references. RU. 1-1309. BATHURST-EGLINTON: Furnished room; kitchen facilities; gentleman or single woman. Call RU. 1-1092- ST-CLAIR-Atlas District: Far-nished room in dean, quiet home; with or without board. RU. 7- 7869. A RELIABLE woman will baby-sit any time, or look after household in family's absence. Phone LE. 2-0366. 1DAZEL70Y WINE On sale throughout the year for every simcha, "Mazel Tov" is a Strictly Kosher wine that fulfills in the glass the sweet rich promise of its name. 'Mazel Tov" is a wine you'll "remember" at every sip. A wine you'll drink and serve with pleasure. Keep "Maze! Tov" wine in your home ~ for everyThappy moment, every haf^y dmcT On sale in Quebec at most QLC stores, In Ontario, "Mazel Tov'* wine is available at any LCBO store, at every Bright'* Wine* store, or for free delivery in the Toronto area of three bottks or more, phooe: TftAIMTtOMAi. WINK LE. 4-7667 nes SINCE 1874

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