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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: -^•*PTV*Vl>w^*Vc^T ^r* 1 > • • '•"•-, •'->'• f :'- • C A N A t> I * K I* :f' i'. iii. H CUSTOMS BROKER AND FORWARDING AGENT Ptimpt |W £JF«falrt StrtlM W. 6. MAY Pk-mt Ctfli >OH I? TMQC ITIfH Marlni In»uranc* Autofxaobti* Barton E. Field & Co. CuttMB Broken and F«nnrd«r« : 44 Yonge St. Phone A4el. 7513 OfficULBroken to Can Nation*! Bxhlhitior Invoice* Tourfct*' Roods PERLMUTTER&PAPERNICK Chartered Accountants 111 Fritrel PIUM Afci, m HUMPHREY, COLQUHOUN & CO, Auditors, Aooountants Trust*** in Bankruptcy Llquldltton, R«o«lv»r«, H Jettt St., Trail AfcUfc tttt-MM Offlc*t ADELAIDE 7051 MOSCOE & REIN60LD BARRISTERS, SOLICITORS t NOTARIES Mortife M»ncjr t* LMH SUITE 3, DAVIS BLDG. 139 Que«n St Weit Toronto LOUIS M. SINGER BARRISTER, Etc. METROPOLITAN BUILDING ADELAIDE AND VICTORIA STRS*TS TORONTO TKLSPHONKS: ELGIN 8391-2-3 Thompson, Ahern & CO. CoJ/om Hotat Broken & Pfeoo. Ad»i*Wi* 1451 40 Yonge St., Toronto The Fred W.Matthew* Co. FUNERAL SERVICE MS Sp*dbi4 AT*. Phone Trin. 0791 - Toronto E. W. J, OWENS, K.C. LAW OFFICES SUITE 7, IMPERIAL CHAMBERS 32-34 A4«4»!*« S< C., Toronto PHONE EU2IN 4961 14i TM^H S*^X VUta BINGHAM'S UMITED H T*. CAKDT*1 the indignation ;of,the ''N0ar J£a*t," a aerni^f&cial organ qfthe jBriiisJj'Clovern-mcnt; The right of an American Jew to criticize the policy of England is challenged and it is asserted that such pro-vocation n^y do auif^arm.t^aji good. It u further hinte^'tbal; ha^'ttyj American lews made greater pcogres* with the establishment of the^ agency, tta criticism would-haye boeji more in place. Fortunately k hfcjf become known that the reports circulated a. few weeks ago that "the propoeed ,Pak»tine loan, for twenty-two and a ha4f tnillion dollars, which passed the British Parliament, would D« delayed, was without foundation. The loan was to be guaranteed by the British Treasury and was to be used especially in the construction of the Haifa harbour and other improvements of a permanent character. The loan has thus far not been issued because it has not yet been decided which of the various Haifa harbour projects is to be carried out, and therefore work thereon, for which the loan is primarily intended, cannot be started. As soon as a decision is reached, the loan will be issued. Montreal (Continued from page 4} $5 each from Dr. B. Hyams, S. Wener, Mrs. S. Kirsch, Jacobys, A. Levin, Rosenbaum Freeman, S. M. Ogulnik, Mrs. S. Ross Vineberg, M, Garber, Isaac Kert, Barney Albert; 13 each from J. Kopstein and Mrs. B. I. Fainer; $2 each from M. Holstein, and $1 from E. Garber; Dave Finklestein, $5; N. Lande, $5; Peter Bercovitch,'$10; Dr. Max Wiseman, $3; George Rabino-vitch, $5; S. Lichtenhein, $5; S. W. Jacobs, $2; M. H. Grover, $5; London Sponging, $5; Kaufmap . Eurs, $10; Montreal Wool Stock Co., $5; Dr. A. Goldbloom, $3; City House Furnishing Co,, $5; Auerbach, $1; Mrs. J. L. Gittleson, $5; Rheinhart & Blackman, $7.50; Tailored Shirt Co., $5; Jack P'ineberg & Son, $10; Laurie Hat and Frame Co., $10; and Mrs. N. Klein-berg, $2. HADASSAH University Chapter of Junior Ha-dassah will hold the drawing of a raffle Sunday, May 22, at 3 p.m., at Zionist Headquarters. Public invited. Tea. Tel-Aviv Chapter rret May 9 at the borre of Miss Fanny Frank, 5165 Jeanne Mance Street, Miss Irene Reider presided. Of the $100 rrade on "A Night in Greenwich Village," April 10, $50 is being sent to Keren Hayesod and $50 to the Hospital Fund. Election, May 23. North End Chapter met at the horre of Mrs. N. Black, Bloomfteld Avenue, May 10. Mrs. L. Matthews presided. Mrs. M. Hornstein read a letter from Mrs. A. J. Freiman, of Ottawa, about the convention. Miss Dora BJack read a letter from Rabbi J. Berger. Mrs. L. Matthews distributed Keren Hayesod cards. Mrs. P. Brownstein netted $25 by raffling a silver tray, which she donated last season. Mrs. A, Poyanner STANDARD TORONTO, CANADA Tw» , M*j Zlrt Pasternak, Sager and Barnes present t\ e sweeping success of the season, MOLLY PICON -in- RUMSHINSKY &. JCALICKTS rvrw rnuilc*! hit "Mamele" KID MOTHER :KW> M. SCHWARTZ With the great Jewish priraa donna, Regina Prager, and the original caste. donated 13,i4.&«^*01*jh*r •new-grandchild, Lila. Bern ice Rabinovi Members' pai4i d\4t*. ,,- Tea.«ett«d Mrs. S. Leibof won the raffle of M. Taub thanked the tfworfc ENTERTAINMENTS FOR BRIDES-ELECT Mesdames Harry Edelstone and Jack Steinberg were joint hostesses at a mah iongg and tea Thursday, May 19, at the home of Mrs. Edelstone, Girouard Avenue, in honour of Mi&a Sylvia Bramson, a bride-elect. Present were:, Mesdames Adolph Gardner, Leo Livingstone, Reuben Stone, Harvey David Kelman, M. J. Glickman, Frank Bramson, Paul Silverstine, and Misaes Hilda Blumer, Rita Druxerman, Esther Darwin, Evelyn Rudolph, Laura Glickman, Nettie Adelstein, Violet Druxerman, Anita Bramson, Hyaiie Freeman, Dorothy Blumenthal, Hazel Bloomstone and Gertrude Glickman. APPROACHING MARRIAGE Mrs. L. I. Matts, SSlpliver Avenue, announces the approaching marriage of her daughter,;Florence, to Arthur Percy Rushton Coulhorn, of Surrey* England. Marriage latter part of June at the home of -the bride, with Rev. Abrarn-owitz officiating. DEATHS May 16, at Sudbury, Ont, Meyer Silverman, father of Mrs. Bernard Mendels, of 90 Notre Dame de Grace Avenue, and brother of Aaron Silver-man, of Sudbury, Ont., died in his 57th year. Funeral was from William Wray Chapel, 617 University Street, Tuesday, May 17, at 1.45 p.m., to Shaar Hasho-mayim Cemetery. Molly Picon L appearing at Standard Theatre, May 21 A PAUL NATHAN ISSUE What is intended to be a jubilee issue of the Central Verein Anzeiger, in honour of Paul Nathan's seventieth birthday anniversary, has been turned into a menorial issue. The is&ue of April 14 is dedicated entirely to the memory of the great philanthropist and ..-.„. are included Mr. Elka tie AdU Dr. arm iThi Tawblatt^ Drt )-eo Bacck %gjt,£duard tcin.\Qf. Jamyn SimonJcVhc ha^ ___ , _. _,__ r __—! 1 i n the irork .g^'tlje Hi&rve^iein aS[a i um ! ber of-other prominent personal it us in German Jewry. LOEWS Loew's is offering the week o) Ma 23, CQHstance Talmadge In'Venuaof Venice,' And it ia one of her daredtvilescalades that brings, her Into cohtact with ar, American artist in Venice. In the leading male role oppo«?te Miss Tai madge, Ajitonio Moretio appears as the .American artist. The director is Marshall Neilan. Included in the cast are Edward Martindel, in.the role of an American joMraalist; Julianne Johnston. as the artist's fiancee; Michael Vavitch, Arthur - Thalasso and others. Roscoe Ails and Katie Pullman top five acts of vaudeville. SHEA'S Hippodrome Continuous, 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. Matinee, 28c and 2c tax Nifhti, SOc and 60 tax Keith-Albee Super Vaudeville and first feature WEEK OF MONDAY, MAY 23rd Lovelier than the Venus de Milo and the hJgh-

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