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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: pl^^^fsp*^^^^*^ VV4* •'•> V • ' ' ?»'.>"•' .**''•- V '' '" ' . Notembw IS, If25 CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW 13 Social Life about 25 Years Ago— Do You Remember?— Additional Baron de Hirsch School children participating in exercises at the Montreal institution: Annie Klitzner, Ella Reindolph, Lily Valinsky, Emma Rotchstein, Ida Levine, Annie Goldberg, Ida Levy, Esther Rosener, Nellie Rosenthal, Frieda Tetzner, Bessie Wiseman, Ida Wulforwitch, Rosie Stein, Harry Genzer, Sam Schwartz, Myer Seidler, Max Spillman, Ephraim Allman, Moses Levitt, Abraham Handle-man, Harry Figelson, Louis Rose, Sarah Gronin, Jennie Burman, Bessie Brigger, Eva Gold, Dora Moucldey, Bessie Manis, Mami Glassman, Rebecca Allman, Polly Lightstone, Jennie Trett, Rebecca Klitzner, Rosie Glassman, Ida Gold, Annie Vinegoost, Julia Eldridge, Dinah Myers, Fanny Gold, M. Seidelberg, M. Levitt, H. Block, H. Epstein, David Cohen, Harry Saxe, Jacob Silcrout, Meyer Engel, Joseph Crechevsky, John Iseman, Joseph Albert, Moses Omstein, Mary Besner, Ella Knip, Annie Abrams, Annie ^Schliefer, Ettie Lehrer, Annie Flanders, Ray Lightstone, Dora Douch-man, Fanny Eldridge, Rose Rosenthal, Mary Steinberg, Rose Golden, Rebecca Selcovitch, Jennie Miller, D. Hirsch, L. Weber, J. Schildkraut, E. Lehrer, Louis Block, Abraham" Cohen, M. Finkelstein, M. Bercovitch, H. Schwartz, Hyman Ornstein, Sam Backman, Katie Gold, Eva Franklin, Rachel Gewartz, Sarah Greenspon, Either Simanovitch, Sam Feldman, Jacob Rubinovitch, Abraham Schildkraut, Michael Schwartz, Jacob Rosenberg, Dora Rosenthwaite, Rachael Harris, Sarah Lightstone, Ettie Turner, Ida Albert, Ida Golden. Mrs. Annie Schloman, wife of M. L. Schloman, died after a lingering illness of nine months' duration. She was a daughter of Mrs. Hannah Wartelsky, of Montreal, and a sister of Herman Silverstone, of Perth, Ont. In her thirty-ninth year, Mrs. Schloman left five children, the youngest six months old. The funeral took place from the home. 28 I > Hutchison Street. Burial in the German and Polish cemetery, Mount Royal. Miss Fanny Schwartz died shortly after falling unconscious on the floor of Richmond Hall at the wedding of S. H. Farber and Miss Rapp. Her home was at 194 Murray Street, but she was taken to the home of Maurice Joseph by Dr. Trudeau and some friends. When her family doctor, Dr. A. W. Haldimand, arrived she was in a convulsion, and died. The wedding proceeded, everyone being under the impression that Miss Schwartz had fainted, but when the guests heard the news, every one went home at once. OTTAWA Miss Clare Kert spent the last week-end in Montreal visiting her sister, Mrs. S. Ryan. * * • Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Holzman and Miss Eva Abramaon motored to Kingston last week-end to visit Mr. and Mrs. L. Abramson. * * • Miss Jean Fogie, of Toronto, spent a few days here, the guest of her unde and aunt, Mr. and Mrs, E. Bernett. * » • Mr. and Mrs.- Sara Darwin, accompanied by Mrs, J. Franklin and Miss Bee Sugarman motored to Montreal Last week-end. * • * Mr. and Mrs, Cbas, Kert and Moriey are spending a few days in Montreal with Mrs. Kert's parents, Mr. and Mrs, S. Kolber. * • • Misses G. and L. Zithere, of Montreal, spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Moe Feller. * • • Mr. and Mrs. S. Sbenkman, of Montreal, accompanied by Miss Elsie Qsmaa, motored to Ottawa last weekend and were the roests of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs, M. Max entertained last Saturday evening in honour of their daughter Sarah's fourteenth birthday. * * * Roy Saipe, of Smith's Falls, Ontario, spent last week-end in the city. * * * Mrs. A. Marcus, of Ottawa, who was the guest of Mr. and Mrs, H. GertJer, Esplanade Avenue, has returned. JUNIOR HADASSAH DANCE The Junior Hadassah Chapter gave a dance Last week-end at the Talmud Torah Hall. Money donations were received by Mrs. J. Dover. The refreshment table was in charge of Misses Shelma and Syrvia Dover, assisted by Mrs, B. Mendels, Mrs, E. Burnett and Mrs. J. Kizell. Orchestra music. AUXILIARY TEA Mrs, H. Freidman was hostess at a tea at her home, 295 Cretghtoo Street, in aid of the Murray Street Synagogue Auxiliary. The tea table, which was centred with chrysan them urns, was presided over by Mrs, M. Liberman, assisted by Mrs, N. Wolfe and Mrs. Cooper. Miss Etta UberrrOH cut the ice*, assisted by Misses Doris Wotfe aod Ethd Kirsfcoer. received by Mr*. N. For Your Savings Your First Thought IS SAFETY Open your account with us and your savings are secured by the entire resources of THE PROVINCE ? Become a depositor to-day and receive security coupled with courteous service. The Province of Ontario Savings Office TORONTO BRANCHES: Cor. Bay & Adelaide Su. - - Cor. University & Dundas St. 549 Danforth Avenue LOAF THAT MOTHKK RAK1N0 IDEAL BREAD CO. LIMITED 183-193 Dovercourt Road PHONE LAKESIDE 4874 From oar ulfgrun, at TOOT grocer'*, oc by phone Phone Lombard 44S8 W. R. EDWARDS Artistic Monuments 1283 Dundas Street West DoT^rcourt Road TORONTO DEER PARK GARAGE & LIVERY, LIMITED PHONE RAND. 1300 DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE ---------&-CYLINDER CADILLAC LIMOUSINES & SONS Master Cleaners and HARRY HORN 72 Queen Street West FOR ADVICE ON ALL MATTERS OF INSURANCE Telephone M*in 2602 After 5 o'dock, Trinitj S41*w HEBREW SUNDAY SCHOOL REOPENED The Hebrew Sunday School reopened last Sunday morning and is being conducted in co-operation with Lbe Talmud Torah instead of as an independent body. Rabbi M. J. Mintz will supervise the teaching and programme. Teachers: M»es MoJry Mm to, Beck Drann, COMMUNITY CENTRE SMOKER The first of the monthly smokers of the Jewish Community Centre took place in their building Ust Thursday evening. Jess Abelson, chairman of athletics, presented the programme, topped by a sparkling boring bout.

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