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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: 10 THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW NOVEMBER 4, 1960 Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Cohen, 635 Briar Hill Avenue, are on a vacation at Bal Harbor, Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Tanzman, of Saint John, N.B., visited with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Duckman, 611 Vesta Drive. Dr. Tanzman attended the meetings of the Canadian Society For The Study Of Fertility, and was elected the director of the Maritime Division. Mrs. Sol Sussman, of Brooklyn, N.Y., visited her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Vogel (nee Gloria Susaman), and new-born son, Jordan Ellis, 11 Kainona Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. S. Politsky, 3453 Bathurst Street, and their son and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. M. Paul, and Bennett, aged three and one-half years, and Bobby, two, 3455 Bathurst Street, motored to Kiamesha Lake, N.Y., where they spent ten days. JBen Kasman, 254 Codsell Avenue, was in Montreal, Que., for the funeral of his father, Beril Kasman, 4674 Hutchison Street, Montreal, husband of the late Mrs. Sarah Rachel Kasman. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Greeny and, Eleanor and Marilyn, 2430 Ba- •• Lift Inwrine* • Aamiltiti • Group Iniurinct • AcclMnt ft Htilth Iniurinct MURRAY J. KATZMAN, C.L.U. 2 CirMon Strut, Cirlton Towtr, Suitt 151& •US.: EM. 8-0345 RES.: ME. 34503 »••••*• ft, ««M »*•« HELEN SIMPSON Floral Stylings for all S . O / Occasions 2518 Yongt St.—HUdson 5-1145 TORONTO 12 Distinctive Designs for Weddings, Bor-Mitzvohs, receptions —ot the Synogogue, or ot hom«. - MUMIR nOtlSTS' TILIOJtAMI DIUVEftY ASSOCIATION FOR SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS irs ZUCHTERS STARLIGHT ROOM CATERERS WEDDINGS - BANQUETS •AR M1TZVAHS - SHOWERS J15 Ad«lQid« St. W. IM. 1^647. FOR THE BEST IN MUSIC CALL MURRAY ALTER and his Orchestra RU. 2-3931 TOWERS *• «* ••*•> •*. deaux Street, Montreal, Que. visited with Mr, and Mrs. B. Green, 21 Baycrest Avenue, his brother-in-law and sister; Mr. and Mrs. M. Green, his brother and sister-in-law, and Marshall and Barry, 155 McAllister Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. J. Iron, his nephew and niece, and Gerald, Marty, and Cheryl, 19 Baycrest Avenue. In Montreal, Que., for the bar-mitzvah of Stephen Barry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Feldman, 8596 Stuart Avenue, who was called to the Reading of the Law, at Beth Aaron Synagogue, were: Issie Feldman, 33 Celt Avenue, his grandfather; Mr. and Mrs. David teiner, and Gail, 86 Exbury Road; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kuret-zky, and Renee, Marvin and Jo-Ann, 117 Baycrest Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. David Chesney, and Robert and Sandra, 7 Canton Avenue; and Melvin Steiner, 86 Ex-bury Road. In Oshawa for the bar-mitzvah of Hershel Jerome Stemeroff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stemeroff, 795 Summerville Avenue, Oshawa, Ont., were: David Stemeroff, grandfather, of the Jewish Horne for the Aged; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Click, 102 Winston Park Boulevard; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lucatch, 482 Atlas Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stemeroff, 3270 Bathurst Street; Hyman Stemeroff, 102 Winston Park Boulevard; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tulchinsky, 176 St. George Street, Brantford, Ont.; Mr. and Mrs. J. Schwartz, of Far Rockaway, N.Y.; all uncles and aunts of the bar-mitzvah boy. Also present were: Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sautman, and daughter, Leslie, 165 Bunting Road, St. Catharines, Ont.; Dr. T. Tulchinsky, 179 Spadina Avenue; Jerry Tulchinsky, of Montreal, Que.; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Frisch, of Far Rockaway, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Goodman, and son, Barry, 145 Livingstone Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Irving Dobbs, 24 Tavi-stock Road; Mr. and-Mrs. L. Fishman, 2 Wycomb Road; Miss Bessie Schweitzer, 145 Livingstone Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. T. Goodman, of OHllia, Ont; Mrs. L, Schwartz, who is visiting here from Israel; Mr. and Mrs. J. Goodman, 611 Glengrove Avenue West; all cousins. A luncheon was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stemeroff for out-of-town guests. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tward, 9 Brett Avenue, are at'the Skylark Hotel, 9th Street and Collins Avenue, in Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Milstein, 665 Roselawn Avenue, flew to Los Angeles, Calif., where they spent five weeks. On their return trip, they spent ten days visiting in Chicago, III, Morley Cadesky, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Cadesky, 1654 Bathurst Street, and twin brother of Charles Cadesky, who visited them has returned to Telshe Yeshiva Rabbinical College, in Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. Max Speisman, 67 Elwood Boulevard, is visiting her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Sol Shinder (nee Zelaine Speisman), of Ottawa, Ont. In Montreal, Que., for the bar-mitzvah of Stephen Barry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Feldman, 8596 Stuart Avenue, were: Mr. and Mrs. I. Feldman, 33 Celt Aver nue; Mr. and Mrs. David Steiner, Gail and Mel, 86 Exbury Road; Miss Marlene Mellinger, 493 Brunswick Avenue, the fiancee 6f Mel Steiner; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kuretsky, Renee, Marvin, and Jo-Anne, 117 Baycrest Avenue; and Mr. and Mrs. David Chesney, Robert and Sandra, 7 Canton Avenue. Mickey Colomby, 890 Eglinton Avenue West, is back after a two-week vacation in Acapulco, Mexico, and other places there. Dr. and Mrs. William Breslin, 31 Glenayr Road, will be in Montreal. Que., for the has-mi tzvah of Karin Sheila, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Marks, 655 Grosvenor Avenue, Montreal, on November 4, at Temple Emanu-El. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Swartz, 680 Roselawn Avenue, will be in Montreal, Que., for the bar-mitzvah of Joseph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Balinsky, 4850 Mira Road, Montreal, who will be called to the Reading of the Law, on November 5, at Shaar Hashotnayim Synagogue. Abe Winston, 1352 Avenue Road; and his son, Irving Winston. 577 St. Clements Avenue, visited the former's mother-in-law, Mrs. A. Sonenberg, 2349 Melrose Avenue, Montreal, Que. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zender, and Miss Ruth Zender, 24 Shallmar Boulevard, were in Montreal, Que., for the bar-miUvah of Lawrence Roy, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Altrows, 4150 Melrose Avenue, Montreal, who was called to the Reading of the Law. at Chevra Kadisha-Bnai Jacob Synagogue. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Shinder, of Ottawa, Ont, spent their wedding trip at the Nevele Country Club, in Ellenvill*. N.Y. Mrs, Shinder is the former Miss Zelaine Speisman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Speisman, 67 Elwood Boulevard. Mr. Shinder is th« son of Mr. and .Mrs. Harry Shinder, of Ottawa, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bimbaum, 86 Atlas Avenue, were at horn* in honour of the engagement of their daughter, Mitt Annette Bimbaum, to Milton Roaan, aon of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Roata, 91 Wend«r-DriTt, wit* OM hundred and fifty guests present. Mra. Birn-baum wore a grey, metallic sheath which was made with a draped panel at the side. Mrs. Rosen wore a blue, striped sheath. Miss Annette Birnbaum, the bride-to-be, wore a green satin dress; with a fitted bodice; scooped neckline; long sleeves; and a full skirt. The buffet table was arranged with sweet peas, gladioli, and roses; and two candelabra, on a lace cloth. Miss Carol Bernstein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bernstein, 58 Winona Drive, and the fiancee of Samuel Miller, son of Mrs Clara Miller, 3890 Bathurst Street] and the late Max Miller, was guest of honour at a shower at Murray House, given by: Mrs. Miller, and Mesdames E. Green, 37 Palmer-ston Square; and Etty Bernstein, 77 Charleswood Drive, grandmothers of the bride-to-be, with one hundred and seventy-five guests present. Mrs. Miller wore a blue, lace sheath with its own jacket. Mrs. Green wore a blue, silk, printed sheath. Mra, Bernstein wore a turquoise-blue cashmere sheath, with large shawl collar. Mrs. Bernstein, mother of the bride-to-be, wore a ruat-coloured lace sheath, Each had an orchid corsage. Miss Carol Bernstein wore a mauve peau de soie dress, with a fitted bodice: scooped neckline; three-quarter-length sleeves; and slim skirt, edged in lace, with an overskirt; puffed at the sides. She had a mauve orchid corsage. Miss Gloria Lucille Sherman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Sherman, 274 Betty Ann Drive, and the fiancee of Lewis Lightstone, eon of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Light-stone, 243 Wychwood Avenue, was guest of honour at a miscellaneous shower given at Murray House, with one nundred and forty guests. The hostesses were: Mesdames Lightstone, A. Sherman, M. Dzie-wiencki, sister of the bride-elect; W. Lightstone, sister-in-law of the groom-to-be; P. Sherman, grandmother of the bride-elect; M. Sherman, sister-in-law of- the bride-elect; S. Lightstone, Art Wolf son, cousins of the groom-to-be: and Mrs. Freda Gotlieb. Mra. Light-atone wore a light blue, peau de soie dress, with a lace bodice, and round neckline. Mrs. Sherman wore a rose-coloured, peau de soie dress, with a bouffant skirt Their corsages were of white carnations. Miss Gloria Lucille Sherman, the bride-to-be, was in a pink silk organza dress, cut with short sleeves; and a bouffant skirt; with a white orchid wrist bouquet. Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fishman, 548 Atlas Avenue, was called to the Reading of the Law, in celebration of his bar-mitzvah, at Minsker Farband Temple. He is the grandson of Aubish Feldman, 548 Atlas Avenue. A Kiddush luncheon followed. The next evening two hundred guests were received at Murray House at a dinner and reception. Mrs. Fishman Was in a champagne-coloured, peau de soie, gown, appliqued in Alencon lace and seed-pearl-beads, which had a draped bodice; and full skirt; with an orchid corsage. Seated at the head table with the above family members were: Mr. and Mrs. Abe Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Fishman, Dr. and Mrs. E. Feldman, Mr. and Mrs. A. Robins, of Sudbury, Ont.; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Feldman, Mr. and Mrs. Izzy Feldman, Mr. and Mrs. Max Tishman, Mrs. Jenny Wise, Mrs. Dora Feldman, and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rubinoff. Dr. Feldman was master of ceremonies. Mr. Feldman, grandfather, asked the blessing over the challah. The head table was centered by two large arrangements of roses, chrysanthemums, and gladioli. The candles were lit by the family members, head table guests, and: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shapiro, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Feldman, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Feldman, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Milne, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Debow, Stanley Fishman, and his fiancee Miss Merle Cadesky. Cher-rie Miller, Karen Debow, and Jeremy Shapiro assisted with the lighting of the candles. Florists 1034 Egllrtton Avoniw W«tt RU. 3-4233 Alffrad charge. We types of airvto, at M i»«d«U*« !• «U MURRAY HOUSE fS J OOD FOOD OOD SERVICE Tht Mtjestic Room Sett* 450 People. All Four Dining Roomi Fully Air Condttiontd IIPMAn KITCf OH. Itrktty KM*W lit** *•»<"*'*• tf ML IAMI DAVII OCMS 207 Mvarfey Si. • PIMM WA. 2-3200 for l«fomoti< Fr*»ri*ons Mr. «ad Mn. JACK ARONS. MARRIAGES SAHKER-STORK For Wodding*/ Bor-Mftxroru, Staot, ttc. RtMnrt Tht Modern Air-Condinoned KING DAVID HALL or TOP OF THE TOWN ROOM Mr. and Mrs. Karl W. Stork, 8 Lilywood Road, announce the marriage of their daughter. Miss Anita Florence Stork, to S. Gary Sahker. son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Sahker, of Bayonne, N.J., which was solemnized on Thursday, October 20, by Rabbi Abraham L, Feinberg, of Holy Blossom Temple, in his study. They are residing at 8 Lilywood Road. SHINDER-SPEISMAN ••1 M C*fl MM Taw» Havat Ava.W. Atk n» far 21 t* 300 Catwtaf Ltd. RU. 1-J5tf FREIMANN'S PASTRY SptcfolfzJng In Birthday A Wadding Cakes For orders call MAIN STOM 1244 Bloo* St. W. U. 4-4963 BLOOR I YOH6I SUBWAY WAImit 1-3543 The marriage of Miss Zelaine Speisman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Speisman, 67 Elwood Boulevard, to Sol. Shinder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shinder, of Ottawa, Ont., was solemnized on Sunday, August 14, at the Beth Sholom Synagogue, at half-past five o'clock. Rabbi David Monaon, assisted by Cantor Henry Wahr-man, officiated. The bride, who was given in marriage by her parents, wore a gown of organza, designed with a fitted bodice and bustle back, embroidered with flowered lace applique. The long skirt extended to a chapel train in back. She had a finger-tip-length veil, which was attached to a jewelled crown; and she carried a white bible, adorned with white orchids and flying streamers. The maid of honour was Miss Margo Speisman, sister of the bride. She wore a pink organza gown; with a bouffant skirt, and short sleeves. She had a rhinestone tiara; and carried a bouquet of white roses. The bridesmaids were: Misses Martha Horowitz, Annette UrowitZj and Phyllis Wasserman, all. cousins of the bride; and Mrs. David Malek, sister of the groom. They all wore light blue organza shirtmaker dresses; with three-quarter-length sleeves, and bouffant skirts: They each had a rhinestone tiara; and carried bouquets of white roses. The junior bridesmaid was Betty Jo Kramer, cousin of the bride, who wore a dress identical to that of the bridesmaids; and had accessories to match. Susan Speisman, cousin of the bride, was flower girl. She wore a pink organza dress: with a full skirt, and puffed sleeves. She had a matching hat, and carried a nosegay of white roses. Lionel Shinder, brother of the groom, was the best man. The ushers were: David Malek, and Jack Sherman, brothers-in-law of the groom; Sol. Shabinsky, cousin of the groom; Mendel Somer. Lyon Wexler, Arnell Goldberg/Arnold Gosewich, and Alfred Freidman. A dinner and reception followed at the Synagogue, and three hundred guests were received. Mrs. Speisman, mother of the bride, wore a blue silk organza gown; with a knee-length skirt in front, and full-length in back. She wore a matching nat; and had a white orchid corsage. Mrs. Shinder, mother of the groom, chose a blue lace cocktail gown; with short sleeves, and a scooped neckline. She had a matching hat; and a COlEMMfS DELICATESSEN RESTAURANT Spadallaljif (• M««tra«l Smoked Meats 3015 B«tft«rt» StffM* 0»pnlft Uwr*M« Mmtm RU. 9-1141 A»U »*rU*r fraat **4 r«tr BANQUBT ROOM BOW ar«U*U« IM •••tUc* W« fMtvr* M •••Hatat «f f«W tr»y» th*t e** W wot to nUtirw dttJav iklT*. W» ab* carry SUTtnUla'i By* Brw*. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR TEEN-AGERS Combine Accredited Summer School and Comp for eight weeks in Switzerland Alto touring hUtorial sites DAILY WINCH COHYiRSATIOM Ml Sperf* 'Ml P»r*OMlly •M«rr«4A>vft^alW Mem>velHk^^fcv % tf#>A^tt 7 9O eft aw •* M*wAaMk^ei 1 1 •w^t^wMiiyf rawvMM^wr *t vrwn • •^v vviviif TV rwwiHM* • l» «73 Mfferia R*atf, Apt. SIS, MMtrtal - Mtl. ptoM, HU. f.7 white\orchid corsage. Mr. and Mrs. Sol. Shinder spent their wedding trip at the Nevele Country Club, in Ellenville, N.Y. The bride travelled in a charcoal gray suit, with light gray accessories; and had a corsage! of red roses. They will reside in Ottawa, Ont Here for the occasion were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shinder, parents of the groom, of Ottawa, Ont.; Mr. and Mrs. David Malek, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. H. Sherman,\ Mr. and Mrs. J. Hal-pern, Mrs. K. Katliner. Mr. and Mrs. H. Shinder. Mr. and Mra. C. Shinder, Mr and Mra. H. Wexler, I>on Wexler, and his fiancee, M^ss Rickl Kelman; Mr. and Mrs. M. Shibinsky, Mr. and Mrs. I. Sandier, all of Ottawa, Ont.; also, Mr. and Mrs. S. Gosewich, Mr. and Mrs. M. Goldberg, and Arnell Goldberg; Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Achbar, all of Ottawa, Ont: Dr. and Mrs. L. S. Kramer, and children, Betty Jo, and Steven; and Mrs, Ruth Kramer, all of Los Angeles, ICalif. BIRTHS Born, to Mr. and Mrs. David Sheldon (nee Sylvia Wolfe), of Caracas, Venezuela, on October 27, in Caracas, a son, Michael Lawrence; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Sheldon, 176 Searle Avenue; and of Mr, and Mrs. Morris Wolfe, 1713 Duflerin Street WHAFS MY LINE? THE BEST IN MUSIC OF COURSE IRU-9-1376 ARCHIE GINSBERG AND HIS ORCHESTRA FOR YOUR SIMCHA mm* IO OT ay AIT HOfPMAN Mil* O. 121 Dy««v«r Bead, T«r*at« tU. 2.JSM Music of Distinction WITH SAM siivn HU OrcffMftra - IM.I M. S-MU Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cohn (nee Esther Engel), 93 Overbrook Place, on October 4, at Women's College Hospital, a son, Gary Michael; brother of Rita, aged nine and one-half years: ana of Marlene. four and one-half; grandson ox Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Engel, 71 Ridgevale Drive; and of Maurice Cohn. 1174 Davenport Road and the late Mrs. Sarah Cohn. BAR-MITZVAHS David, son of Mr. and Mrs. Moishe Weingarten, 154 Dunblaine Avenue, will be called to the Reading of the Law in celebration of his bar-mitzvah, at North Bathurst Talmud Torah, on November 5. He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. J. Cohen, 154 Combe Avenue; and of Mrs. Sarah Weingarten, 25 Westover Hill Road, and the late Charles B. Weingarten. ENGAGEMENTS Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bernstein, 58 Winona Drive, announce the engagement of their daughter. Miss Carol Bernstein, to Samuel Miller, son of Mrs. Clara Miller, 3890 Batherst Street, and th« late Max Miller. The marriage will take place OB January 15, 1961, at fire o'clock, at Adatli Israel Synagogua, with Rabbi Erwin Sehild officiating. Mr. and Mrs. William Klein, ert, 51 MontcUir Avenue, announce the engagement of their daughter. Miss Renee Kit inert, to Harvey H. Solarsh, son of Mr. and Mn. Coleman Solursh, 94 Brae-more Gardens, The marriage will take place on Tuesday, January 17, Ittl, at B«ta TMdac Syna- is one of only three English-language weekly consumer magazines in all of Canada with Audit Bureau of Circulations Membership The others ore TIME ond TV GUIDE QUEBEC - ONTARIO - THE MARITIMES

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