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Title: CTN-8-23_0017

Full Text: THE SPOTLIGHT INDEX and STORY Vancouverites extended warm and friendly groetinffs to Narcissus Queen Stephanie Loo and her tour ffroup from Hawaii last week, led by veteran travel agent Yew Char. The 18 tourists were greatly impressed with the scenery and hospitality. Highlighting: the three-day visit was the Chinese Luau dance sponsored by Chinese Association of Commerce at Marco Polo. Here's the index for the photos. (All photos about Narcissus Queen tour by Harvey Lowe). 1. Oozing with charm is Narcissus Queen Stephanie Loo as she takes a leisurely stroll during garden party at the Ronald Graham's residence. 2. The tour members were greeted at the airport by executives of the Chinese Association of Commerce which included, from the left: Richard Mar, Charlie Kent, Princess Melissa Young:, Queen Stephanie Loo, Princess Darrah Lau, George Y. W. Wong and Quon H. Wong. 3. The entire tour group posed for this photo at the airport before joining motorcade for the ride into town. 4. Princess Melissa Young: at Garden Party at the Ronald Graham residence. 5. Beauteous Melissa Young and Darrah Lau extend aloha to Harvey Lowe. 6. The tria of beauties who helped to brighten the local landscape last week were Melissa Young, Stephanie Loo and Darrah Lau. 7. Darrah Lau was greeted by the famed Levy brothers when she showed up at Garden Party at the Ronald Grahams. 8. A close up picture of Darrah Lau. 9. The scene switches to San Francisco where Mr. and Mrs. Paul Soong, he the manager of Four Seas Restaurant, hosted a dinner for Republic of China's beauty rep-CHI NATOWN NEWS, AUGUST 18, 1961 re mutative Holly Ma. (Ed C. Lee phot"). 10. The Vancouver Sun Free Swhn Class location in Stanley Park provided an idyllic backdrop for display of International Ladies Gar-n«*nt Workers Union label fashions made in Vancouver. Mmlels arc: Diane Jensen, Susan Chew, Joan Dunbar and Be mice Cook. (Campbell Studio photo) 11. 'Joyors welcome was extended to American Newspaper Guild president Arthur Rosen stock by models B*»tle Morphett and Susan Chew, when ANG held its convention in this city last month. (Campbell Studio photo) 12. Hong; Kong: beauty Hosie Fang greets Dolly Ma as latter arrived from Taipei to attend Internationa通 Beauty Congress at Long Beach. See SF Calling:. Ed C. Lee photo. 13. Lily Wang represented Republic of China in the Miss Universe pageant at Miami Beach last month. She was warmly received by Paul Soong, manager of Four Seas in San Francisco. (Ed C. Lee photo) COVER PHOTO Statuesque and shapely trio wowing their hosts at Chinese luau dance at Marco Polo in honor of Narcissus Quoen Tour from Hawaii are, from the left, Princess Melissa Young, Queen Stephanie Loo and Princess Darrah Lau. See Town Talk. (Harvey Lowe photo) SHOW BIZ (Continued from page 9) panese houseboy, Eddie, is being played by Marc Marno who did it in New York. Marno, who is of French-Japanese ancestry, is making his movie debut. Tsuruko Kobayashi, also from the Broadway cast, has an important role. Meanwhile, Masaichi Nagata, whose Daioi studios have produced such international prizewinners as "Rasho-mon" and "Gate of Hell" has discussed co-productions in Japan with Hollywood's MGM and Warner Bros. Page 17 J

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