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Title: 1953-11-20-03

Full text: Friday, November 20, 1953 JEWISH WESTERN BULLETIN Page Three ISRAEL PRODUCtS AT PIONEER BAZAAR p -'I Mrs. J. Grosshiqn and Mrs. M. Norton, both formerly of Israel, will be in charge of the Isroeli booth ot the Pioneer Women's Bazaar on Sunday,' November 29. This'booth Will feature in particular the outstonding Shemen soap and cosmetic products from Lrael, as well as information dbout the Jewish state. The Bazaar takes place at the Community Centre from 2 p.m. until late. Gen'l Zionists TEL AVIV (ZINS)--The Gen-. eral Zionists will demand the post of Deputy Prime Minister in a new cabinet without Ben Gurion, and possibly the posts of Development Minister and Vice-Minister of Education. In addition, the General Zionists de mand changes which wi strengthen their influence upon the Israel government's economic policies. "Haaretz," largest Israeli in dependent; daily, says that the General Zionists have not ye formulated their final demands However, it is certain that in ad dition to the post of Deputy Prime Minister, for which. Israe Rpkach or Dr. Peretz Bernstein are being considered, they wil ask for strengthening their position in the Finance Ministry, or broader powers for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in order to carry out their economic program. "Haaretz" adds tha Mapai will oppose these demands and will examine the possibility of a smaller coalition without the General Zionists. Ben Gyrion Will Tel Aviv Daily TEL AVIV (ZINS)— "When and why will Ben Gurion rie-turn to the political scene?" asks "Haaretz", independent Israeli daily, in an editorial. And it replies: "Most observers believe that Ben Gurion will return as savior and redeemer after all other leaders will have failed. He believes that the people will finally become diappointed with the coali-, tion government of Mapai and the General Zionists, and then Ben Gurion will return to political . life." : ■ ' . "However, JVlapai will .not be able to place the blame fof its own failures upon its coalition liarther (the General Zionists-ed) at the next elections. Ben Gurion will then reappear to save Mapai from a complete rout—and even If the rescue is at thd expense of other Mapai leaders and their prestige, they will have to rejoice T^:^^^§s^ the great leader will have i^i^M^E them from a tight squeeze ,,r||to deliver the death-blow tp i|ftg5||}eneral Zionists. According tb iaw^l^reasoning, Mapai will re-c;iaiv6 an absolute majority and Gurion will remain as the. ^li^ ruler." SCHARA TZEDECK CHANGES DINNER DATE TO AVOID CONFLia WITH PW BAZAAR The Communify is snvited to paiticipafe in a CHANUKAH INSTITUTE and WORKSHOP in the SCHARA TZEDECK AUDITORIUM WEDNESDAY, NOV. 25/8:30 P.M. The INSTITUTE and WORKSHOP will feature: ^ Display of Chanukah Gift Items for young and old (Everything from toys to Barton's Candy to gift wrappings) % How to tell the story of Ghonukah to youngsters. ^ Fun and gomes for Chanukah ^ Preparing a Chanukah Party H A talk on the significance of Chanukah Chanukah songs and reoding . . . and recipes for lotkes, too! , Registration 25c per person Auspices Scharo TtedeckMen^s Club and . Ladies'Auxiliary , Complying with a request of the Community Council, Congre gation Schaira Tzedeck this week decided to change the date of its membership dinner. The dinner was originally scheduled for No vember 29, which would have brought it into conflict with the Pioneer Women's Bazaar.. It wil now be held on Sunday, Decern ber 13. In announcing the new date Rabbi Goldenberg told the BuUe tin that the change was only made possible as a result of a special effort in rearranging the internal, |affairs of the cohgrega tibh during this period. It was for the congrejgation to make a certaih sacrifice in this connection rather than come into conflict with the community on account of the bazadr. The problem has thus been satisfactorily resdlved after it' was thoroughly discussed at a meet-ing of the executive of the Community Council last week. A suggestion had be^n made that because of conflict with an endorse(fc^:affair. Bulletin publicity be withheld from the Schara, Tzedeck Dinner. ' Mrs. C. Margolis, chairmj^n of the Pioneer Women's Council, told the; Community Council executive that the bazaar had been planned months in advance. She expressed the view that it would be adversely affected by the holding of the Schara Tzedeck dinner on the same date because many Pioneer Women and Labor Zionist members are also affiliated with the Schara Tzedeck. The inajority of executive members present agreed that the Schara Tzedeck dinner was a membership function and technically therefore, it did not require epdorsation. Arthur Fouks expressed the view that the Congregation was egally entitled to hold its affair on a date for which an affair by another organization had been endorsed. However it was mdral-y wrong in doing this, he added, knowing that a conflict would be created. Rabbi Bernard Goldenberg, who apeared at the meeting in behalf of Schara Tzedeck, undertook to ake back to the congregation the opinion of the Council. He insisted however on the right of he congregation to space in the Bulletin for a legitimate undertaking. The executive was polled on he question of Bulletin publicity m this case and voted five to four n favor of granting such publicity even if the Schara Tzedeck dinner were held, on the same djate as the endorsed Pioneer Women's Bazaar. With* the announcement of the new date for the Schara Tzedeck Dinner, the Community Council may derive satisfaction that its conciliation efforts have been successful in this case. Canvass For Home For Aged Next Sunday, Nov. 22 Those closely associated with the Jewish Home for the aged were enthusiastic in their support Vof i the annual,; campaign launched last Saturday evening. The joint meeting and social eye-ning was well attended though the general community was noticeably absent. On Sunday, November 22 a breakfast meeting of canvassers and workers will be held at the Comimunity Centre. An appeal is being made for community wide support in this worthy project. ■ Anyone who can possibly give some time to it is urged to participate and'attend the breakfast meeting. Germany Mediator Of Israel-Arab Peoce? PARIS (ZINS)—Dr. Von, Bren-tano, Chairman of the Christian-Democratic Party (Dr. Adenauer's Party) in the West-German Parliament, made a statement to an Israeli newspaperman that Germany is prepared to act "as mediator between Israel and the Arab countries in the hope that she will be more successful" than the United States and England. Von Brentano recalled the fact that Germany was successful in overriding Arab protests against reparations to Israel and felt that the German government would have sufficient influence to convince the Arabs on a round table discussion with Israel. Friday Night Services At Schara Tzedeck At the Friday Evening Services, Nov. 20 at 8:30 p.m. in the Schara Tzedeck Synagogue, Rabbi Bernard Goldenberg will preach on the subject: The Wrestling Match That was Televised for The Ages"^—an indication where Jewry's most creative area lies. Cantor David Resnik and the young boys choir will chant ii-1 urgical music. Following the Services in the Synagogue, the entire congrega-ion and guests assemble to the Auditorium for refreshments, community singing and a round-able discussion on the Rabbi's alk. TRADE AGREEMENT BETWEEN MEXICO AND ISRAEL JERUSALEM (ZINS)—At its last meeting the Israel government approved a trade agreement with Mexico, which provides for mutual export priority rights. To date there has not been any regular trade between the two countries. During the first half of the current year. Israel bought Mexican products totalling 2,331 Israeli pounds, and Mexico bought Israeli products for only 1,000 pounds. The arrival of Israel's Ambassador Dr. Kesari in the Mexican capital and the inauguration of'normal diplomatic relations between Israel and Mexico will help establish normal trade relations between the two countries. FATHER OF ISRAEL'S PRESIDENT DIES > JERUSALEM (ISI)—Zvi Shim-shi, father of Israel's President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, died here on November 4 at the age of 91. Zvi Shimshl was born in Smor-gon, Russia, in 1862." In 1906 he Pioneer Women's Annual Bazaar SUNDAY, NOV. 29 Community Centre Israel Once. Again Lond Of Honey TEL -^VIV <IIP)—A few weeks ago, the first test transport of Israel honey, amounting to over seven tons, proved so popular in England that a further'10 tons left last week. Some of this shipment is destined for the Belgian market. Plans are presently being ,.readied for the - dispatch- of an additional 50 tons. Bononas From Jordan Valley Senfh To Ifoly TEL AVIV (IIP)—More than 50 tons of bananas grown in the Jordan Valley were sent to Italy recently. Negotiations with other countries for the export of Israel grown bananas are presently underway, and it is hoped to export several thousand tons during the coming season. was deported to Siberia for Zionist activities. He came to Palestine in 1923. He published numerous articles in the Hebrew and Yiddish press in Russia and Israel as well as a book, "Zich-ronot al Poltava" ("Poltava Memoirs"). PAY YOUR 1954 SUBSCRIPTION NOW AND GET A FREE CALENDAR Home for the Aged Provides a Home i for Homeless Senior Citizens Jr. Cong. Services A^ Talmud Torah Mr. H. Sherman, acting principal of the Talmud Torah announces that the Talmud Torah unior Congregation will once again commence. The first service will be held, this Saturday, November 21 at 10:00 a.m. Following the services the PTA will serve refreshments." BINGO NITE ot the Tolmud Toroh Every PKone PILSENER e OLD STYLE LUCKy LAGER • RAINIER CASCADE * U.B.C. BOHEMIAN OLD COUNTRY ALE BURTON Typ« Ale S.S. STOUT • 4X STOUT mmoRDBmGBYMAll GRPMONE^ Agents limitc^ pa-i2 This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.

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