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Title: 1962-05-18-06

Full text: Page 6 JEWISH WESTERN BULLETIN Friday, May 18, 196: * By ROBERT YENOR SUDDENLY it's Spring the sun is shining brightly, and the barometer is rising, oh to be able to spend this week end at the •beach (you think), then you dash madly to find last year's pretty bathing suit, you carefully packed away, eagerly you try it on only to find that well . . . let's face it, you have gained weight, your heart sinks'and you decide to go on a strict DIET . . . depriving you of all the things you love to eat. This is the time to take a good look at the figure you have, and visualize the figure YOU WANT, and this is the TIME TO GO ALONG TO SEE SLENDER FORM STUDIOS located at 2405 West BROADWAY, RE 6-9888, for a FREE FIGURE ANALYSIS. Here you will be received by a friendly and experienced staff who will discuss your figure problem with you and recommend and show you how to use the figure contouring equipment designed for you to obtain the results you desire without starvation diets and pills. Robert Yenor who is the new manager of SLENDER FORM STUDIOS guarantees the figure contouring methods his Studio uses. This proved and tried method is based on the theory that YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CAKE . . . AND EAT IT TOO. The maximum time it takes is approx. 2 hrs. per week, in a friendly private atmosphere with SLENDER FORMS expert figure analys-ists Mile. Pat and Mile! Claudette. There it is! LADIES DON'T SIT AND FEEL SAD at the fact YOU CAN'T GET INTO THAT BATHING SUIT. Start to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT TODAY. Call RE 6-9888 for your free RECEIVE B.B.Y.O. PRESIDENT CERTIFICATES—Standing (left to right): Steve peckow, Ian Lifchus, Barry Turner, Allen Black, Ron Appleton, Ken Steinberg. Seated (left to right): Donna Liberson, Carol Chertkow, Esther Saposnick, Jenny Putterman, Esther Blumanfald, and Judi Freiman. BBYO council awards past term presidents Irial tt^atment and figure analysis and let SLENDER FORM get your figure perfect for those lovely summer days to come.But' that's expensive, you may think? This-is where SLENDER FORM STUDIOS will amaze you. The cost Is so little, and budget terms are arranged to suit your purse strings. CALL RE 6-9888 TO-j B'nai B'rith Girls No. 269 fer DAY ! ! ! the September to December The Vancouver B'hai BYith Youth Organizations co-ordinating Council was recently very proud to present past president certificates to those youth who had served as presidents of their respective chapters during the past year. Receiving the awards were: Allan Black who served as Aleph Godol of Vancouver AZA No. 119 during the term of January to June, 1961; Barry Turner, for his term of office as Aleph Godol of Vancouver AZA No. 119 for September to December, 1961; Ron Appleton, Aleph Godol of Totem AZA No. 646 during the January to June, 1961 term; Ken Steinberg, who served as Aleph Godol of Totems AZA No. 646. during the September to December, 1961 term; Esther- Saposnick, who served as president of Tamar B'nai B'rith Girls No. 269 dUr-iii^g the termf-of January^ to June, 1961; Carol Chertkow, serving as president of Tamar term; Judi Freiman, for her term of office>as president in Elana B'nai B'rith Girls No. 669, January to*June, 1961; and Jenny Puttermfft, who served seryed; ::as pt^ident of Elana Chapter B.B.G. No. 669. for her term of office, September to December, 1961. The recipients were presented RABBI (Continued from Page 1) El Al Israel Airlines flies to Teheran and 14 other cities :r Europe, Africa and Asia. Congregation Beth Israel who will be a delegate. The convention takes place May. 20-24 at Kiamesha Lake, New York. "There has been a great deal of talk in recent years about the rise of 'clericalism' and the increasing 'power' of the rabbi Because he has been wary of being categorized in this way, the rabbi has tended to surrender his primary role as the guide and philosopher of Jewish education on the national and regional scene," Rabbi Woythaler said. "It is important for the rabbinate to assert its key role in setting the blueprint for Jewish i education. I quite agree with Rabbi Edward Sandrow, the President of The Rabbinical Assembly, that if the synagogue is the centre of Jewish life, then the rabbi, alongside the well-rained Jewish educator, must be the key figure in education. "Unfortunately, Jewish education has not always become re-igious elducation." One of the main sessions of the convention will be on "The Values of Religious Education." This, Rabbi Woythaler said, will be devoted to discussing "what -ind of a human being we, in he Conservative Movement, are trying to mould," or "how much we differ" from the other Jewish religious movements. Rabbi Woythaler said it was his opinion, backed by a considerable amount of evidence, that while Conservative Jewish education has had considerable successes on the elementary level, "we haven't done enough an the teen-age level — high schools, youth work, etc.," and it is here that the stress must be laid. "What we are trying to do basically," he went on, "is to make the American Jewish community realize that Jewish education is not an end in itself, but that the 'total human being' is the end; we want to see what Jewish education can contribute to the development of the Jew as a total human being." Rabbi Woythaler said that what the Rabbinical Assembly will attempt to do is create a revolution in Conservative religious education. It will mean the re-education of Rabbis and educators themselves, and the goal will be the "provision of intensive education for our children to provide a new genera-lion of leaders, as in the past." Wj^ these awards on behalf of the Council by the presidents, chairmen or representatives of the sponsoring lodges and chapters of B'nai B'rith men and women. Mr. Sam Gordon, P.P., member of Men's Grand Lodge executive board, was called upon ta present the certificate of honorary president to this Council to Mr. Alec Jackson, P.P., member of Grand Lodge executive board, and the outgoing president of the Vancouver B'nai B'rith Youth Organizations Coordinating Council. A social hour followed and refreshments were served. All youth chapters displayed their regional, district and national trophies and awards especially for this meeting. Horold Freedinqn, 54f passes oil April 29 Harold Freedman passed away on April 29 at 54 years of age. He was born in Brandon, Manitoba, and was a resident Of Vancouver for the last 26 years. He is survived by his wjfe, Eve; a son, BarrieVanQ^'daiwigh-'^' ter, Rochelle; five bi'oth^rs: Dave, Frank and Bill of New York, Charley of Edmonton, and Harry of Vancouver; three sisters: Mrs. V. Coen of England, Mrs. S. Gimpel of New Jersey, and Mrs. J. Goldman of Winnipeg. Cord of Thanks We wish to express our deep appreciation for the great kindness, comfort and sympathy given us by friends and relatives during the recent loss of our dear huslicnd, father and brother. S^doi thanks to Rabbi Chirnomas, Cantor Rosenberg and n<e ChevraiKa-disha. Mrs. Harold Freedman, Barrie, Rocheil^, Harry "Doc" Freedman Relatives and friends ore advised that the UNVEILING OF HEADSTONE in loving memory of the late MATIA BELL will take place SUNDAY, MAY 27th ct 11 a.m. at the Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Rabbi B. Woythaler and Cantor A. Deutsch will officiate ^^^^^^ 7- ^■X'i-^.-;K^-r*^i'*vi^f^ V

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