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Title: 1988-07-21-09

Full text: Thursday/July 21,1968 — THE BULLETIN —13 Opening crowd packs JCC Zack Gallery I ---Ever Wondered . . . Who Sells Those Three Wheeled Scooters? WE DO! Ultra Ughts JCanes Walkers J Commodes Rentals/Sales Wheelchairs ByJANNETTE MULHOLLAND At several points during the evening of its official opening the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery at the Jewish Community Centre held so nuiny people it was impossible to squeeze more in. Over 3S0 people came out for opening ni^t^ crowding into the gallery to see new works by B.C. artists who have exhibited at the JCC over the past five years. Peo- Coilector wishes to pufchase Judaicil/Hebraica. Contact Michael — evenings and weekends. 222-1859 OCEAN VIEW PRIVATE CARE HOME 15628 Buena Vista Ave.. White Rocit ALZHEIMER CARE We have a whole floor (3,000 sq.ft.) with outdoor walking space in a carefully lanclscap|ed secure courtyard with Ocean View. Our well tra ned staff provide Alzheimer care complete with relaxing music and specially designed social activities catering to residents' special needs. CALL 531-8588 OR 531-8955 KORRES MOVING & TRANSFER LTD. Suite 40 2182 W. 12th Ave. VancouveriB.C. Special Thicks fordean'ups Moving IVansfer • Cranec Storag* • Mini-Stofsge Picking Cartons 734-5535 Evttnings & Holidays^ 732-9898 pie spilled over into the adjacent new lounge, and restaurant tabled area. The evening was a huge success for the organizers and a pleasant surprise for the artists and the Zacks and their family. **We were only expecting around 200 people,-said JCC Cultural Arts coordinator Vivienne Davicioni, *'so we were very pleasantly surprised by the 350 that turned out.**. **It*s absolutely fabuloust;** enthused Gertrude Zack, whose artwork is currently on display there and after wl^om,.^ along with her husband, the gallery is named. hope that it (the gallery) will draw attention to all the other wonderful developments of the Centre,*' she told The Bulletin. The gallery*s high vaulted ceilings and skylights lent an air of spaciousness to what would otherwise have seemed an over-crowded event. Many guests seemed surprised by the JCe reconstruction. In his welcoming. speech, JCC executive director Gerry Zipursky invited all those present to attend the Centre's grand opening gala planned for Sept. I. "Twenty-five years ago its founders had a vision for the JCC and thanks torthem we have what we have today," he said. ' JCC president Alan Farber welcomed guests and, introducing Sidney and Gertrude Zack, thanked them for their involvement with the Centre and for sponsoring and hosting the reception. He spoke of their generous contributions and also thanked JCC staff and committee meSmbers for their efforts in inaking the SidBild Photos OVERFLOW crowd • (above) attended opening of JOG'S Sidney and Gertru^deZack Gallery. The Zacks are seen inside the gallery flanking Centre president Alan Farber. evening a success. Guests had opportunity to meet several artists whose works were being displayed. The exhibit 'Metamorphosis' featured a mixed media: photography, pottery, jewellry, painting, weaving, sculpture and drawing. Participating artists included: Hinda Avery, Ruth Bishop, Diana Zoe Coop, Janis Diner Brinley, Eric Grill, Dorothy Field, Marion Podlovsky,Bettina Lewis, Gertrude Zack, Lori Goldberg, Carolyn Kramer, Mar-cia Pitch, Phyllis Serota, Ronnie Tessler, Elsa Schamis, Sharada Filko, Una Dayan Frimer, Leni Taussig. Catering for the evening was provided by Jeff Gerber's BTayavon. 'Metamorphosis* continues until Wednesday, July 27. 684-8044 PACIFIC WHEELCHAIRS #5.1725 Robson Vancouver lyAN.ILTO. Sold & Serviced By The Experts 384-3817 PACIFIC WHEELCHAIRS (VAN.) LTD. 2634 Douglas SL Victoria Wheelchairs Only Or Siiaiom registration underway prayers used in Services, not learning street Hebrew,** according to Siegal, whose house once doubled as the Or Shalom school. The school reports that annual registration fees anp moderateand no child will be denied access because of financial difficulties. Or Shalom School is held in ^ the 0r Shalom Minyan' House, 4764 Quebec St. For further information call Prof. Siegal at 228-8727. Or Shalom religious school will enter its third consecutive year with an expanded program this Fall. "We intend to have three classes,** said Charles Siegal, parent coordinator for Or Shalom, "one for kids aged five and six, one for seven and eight year olds and one for nine, ten and 11 year olds.** He stressed that effort was made to keep the class size small so more can be accomplished. "We would like six to eight-kids per class. 1 don*t think we would go beyond 12 children per class.** The curriculum focuses on Torah and history, Jewish ethics and niitzvot, holidays, customs and Hebrew. Creative expression, especially through music is encouraged, according to the schooKs registration announcement. Or Shalom describes its congregation as Traditional Egalitarian. "Many of us remember our V elementary Jewish schooling with dread. So we want the kids to be excited about learning things Jewish. Obviously everyone wants the kids to learn about everything, but the spirit of learning is more important to us than learning Hebrew by rote,** Siegal explained. "The Hebrew that will be taught will be useful. Children will become familiar with Old friend on Kol radio WE BUY ISRAEL BONOS -Israel-based charitable organization wishes to purchase State of Israel Bonds issued prior to 1985. T Highest cash prices in U.S. or Canadian dollars payable within one week. Call (604) 438-5774 - Phyllis I I I I I I I Jl Shalom Dancers perform with grace in the heat ByGARYPOGROW astic and disciplined troupe. The women are generally stronger dancers than the men and they also seem more comfortable on stage: Some of the dances are very limited in their inventiveness. The Chassidic ones for exiarn-ple, essentially, just use the familiar cliehes of shrugs and plealiinggestiires that we have seen before. All in all, the members of the company iare better dancers than their choreography shows. Perhaps upon their return, the Shalom Dancers might commission a Judith Marcuse or a Linda Rabin to work with them. They are capable of it. Also supporting the dancers during the evenings were Myrna Rabinowitz and Shir Hadash. The trio — Susan Polsky, who replaced Hanna Siegel, Harley Rothstein, and Rabinowitz — sang some of their original songs. ^ Alan Farber, president of the JCC, read greetings from Prime Minister Brian Mulro-ney and the Hon. Jdtin Fraser which arrived too late to be included in the program along with messages from Premier Vander Zalm and Mayor Campbell. A familiar face was recently featured in Kol IsraePs (Israel Radio International) periodical when Sara Manobla was* pictured busily at work on her weekly English language magazine program. Studio Three. Manobla*s program covers IsraePs vibrant arts science. Her approach is eclectic, reports the periodical, covering the full range of performing arts from the Israel Phil- harmonic to jazz and folk. Judaica and historical exhibitions alongside the avante, garde. Studio Three is broadcast on Thursdays at 1100, 2230 and 0100 (GMT). Kol IsraePs broadcasts reach Vancouver on shortwave at four, five and six p.m. at 9815,9435,7460 kHz and at nine p.m. on IjfSO, 9815, 9435 and 9010 kHz. -t it was too hot fora concert. The room was sweltering. The cooUng system couldn't be turned on because all the electricity was needed to work the theatrical equipment. Turn on the fans and the entire system would blow. But the audience stayed, pridefully cheering on their dancers as they fanned themselves with programs and drank gallons of pop. And the stage was too small. It was a miracle that the dancers didn't collide or fall all over themselves. They performed with much grace and skill as they overcame the limits of the Jewish Community Centre's stage June 15 and 16. That miracle and the encouraging support from the community are two reasons why the JCC's Shalom Dancers are going to Irael as the Canadian representatives^ to ihe 1988 Carmiel Dance festival. The evenings were a "send off as the troupe performed J[2 works of Israeli and Chassidic themes. Because of the small stage, one could only get a glimpse of the full range of the company. They are a bright, enthusi- 3057 Granville (between 14th & 15th) 736-3378 ISRAa RECRUITMENT DRIVE ..... Men and wonnen (18 to'65) needed tOiWork for 3 weeks in an - ^ ISRAEL ARMY CAMP We give you a subsidized airfare. • Room in Barracks • 3 Kosher meals daily For more information call (604) 261-1654 in Vancouver. (evenings after 6 p.m.) ' or write 788 Mariee Avenue, Toronto, Ont. M6B 3K1 L____________________Jl I r

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