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Title: 1988-09-22-01

Full text: ■ 4 1 f ■ K ■ t: SHABBAT SBALOM Vol. LV, No. 36 TiSHREI11,5749 tHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22,1988 ,-,75.Cents:.' ■ ♦ i 1 '-\ Ir JEWISH ISSUES STIR U.S. Simchat Torah coming Oct. 3 BY DAVID FRIEDMAN BALTIMORE —^Vice-^i^ident George Bush and Goy^ Michael Dukakis liaye both rejected the concept of a Palestinian state, and have pledged to make the Middle East peace process a high priority if elected president. In speeches delivered less than two hours apart to the 34th biennial conventiph of B'naiB'rith International here, the two presidential candidates also soundlycondemned anti-Semitism and all forms of racism./; s,......■., This condemnation was more than routine si^ce at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans, Jewish Republicans had charged that while the Republican platform rejected anti-Seniitism^ the Democratic platform was silent on .thejssue.' Dukakis noted that on Nov. 9, the day after the presidential election, the 50th anniversary of KristaUhacht will be observed, marking the day when the Nazis broke the windows of Jewish homes and stores throughout Germany and Austria. Dilkakis said this event. By HOWARD ROSENBERG with alarm following a report in the Washington Jewish Week thsLt said Vice-President George Bush has appointed an ethnic coalition for his presidential campaign that includes a Holocaust revisionist and people with fascist associations The leaders of the ethnic outreach campaign 'include:;:'''' ♦Jerome Brentar, co-chairman, a GroatioiLAmerican who has been active in groups that deny the Holocaust took place; ^Flbiian Galdau;hpnorary chairman, a Romanian Orthodox priest described by Naii hunter Simon Wieseiithal as New York chief of Romania's anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi movement, the Iron Guard, which is stillinexistence; and ♦Philip Guarino, vice chairman^ a Catholic priest'who has been listed as a member of P-2, a conspiratorial Italian group led by long-time fascist Licio Gelli, with whom Guarino is close. Late reports said^ush had REJOICING on Simchat Torah in a Sephardic synagogue In Israel. Climaxing Succot, which begins this Sunday night, Sept. 25 at sunset when Jews the world over "dwell In booths*'under the heavens, Simchat Torah completes the High Holy Day season. The year-iong reading of the Torah is finished and the cycle begunanew. which inaugurated the Holo^ caust, was greeted with indifference by the world. *it is up to all of us, public officials and private citizens, to speak out forcefully against anti-Semitism, racism, and every form of bigotry, whether i n. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles or New York, or anywhere else in America," the Massachusetts Democrat said. "That is a responsibility we-a 11 share, but it is especially the res^ponsibility of the president of the United States." Bush declared that as the United States approaches the next century, "it's time to leave the tired- old bigotry baggage behind us. There is no room in this country for racism or for anti-Semitism." The Republican candidate stressed that "it's the duty of every American, especially those who aspire to leadership, to condemn it wherever and whenever it appears. I condemn anti-Semitism now and I will always condemn it." Bush said he will continue the Reagan administration's support for the Justice Diepartment's Office oC Special Investigations, which hunts down and prosecutes Nazi war criminals who entered the United States illegally. The statement on the OSl was not in Bush's prepared text, and was apparently inserted because of a story appearing in the Washington Jewrrsh Week rcgSLrding the CANDIDATES - Page 6 dlismissed Brentar from the campaign. Bush's American Nationalities Coalition also includes Laszlo Pasztor, who served in Hungary's pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic Arrowcross regime as a junior envoy to Berlin, though he has since expressed regret over jthat period of his life. Still others have been identified by the Washington Jewish Week as long-^time agitators against the Office of Special Investigations, the Justice Department's Nazi-hunting unit, and=^have been quoted as making anti-Semitic statements. Abraham Foxman, nation-' al director of the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement, calling for "an immediate investigation by the Bush campaign of the backgrounds of members of its ethnic coalition who are known anti-Semites and have been linked to Holocaust revisionist aiidahti-OSI activities. "There is no place in any political campaign for anti-Semites. The league urges that these persons be summarily removed." Chris Gersten, executive director of the National Jewish Coalition, said, "Obviously it creates a very serious problem." He said that if some of the individuals mentioned as anti-Semitic are indeed so, "then I'm confident that the Bush campaign will make the appropriate decision." Albert Vorspan, senior vice-president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, attacked the Bush committee in a statement, saying Bush "should either REVELATION — Page 6 > H CO M JD W < H 00 Sid Bild Photo MAYOR GORDON CAMPBELL (centre, left photo) cuts ribbon marking official opening of newiy-renovated Jewish Community Centre. At left is Stephen Rogers, MLA Vancouver South, and at right is JCC president Alan Farber. Below left, Campbell chats with Sidney and Gertie Zack. Artist Miilicent Shapiro introduces her opening exhibit while crowd at right gathers for opening program.

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