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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: W fpS^P&^^I JBWlflH BBVJBW NOVEMBER ' '•'"' . .•i-j^^jgk-*'".t ir-' '•''.' its?'^s-'-f'j*^v'-*-**f*;*J*?>i*^e^^-'*^^^^^-v'<^r,*-j,^v^ »•».,•,>'<•, • ^Tit^J^/^ WAJ»> ^ 7^«.AiAA^ : :..:•.'• • -;:- -;V..J" .^..:;^'.V.-'J >er, of their >, Florida, ia ih-Jaw and daughter. Mr. Morton; Laufer, and J*^* *M*W» aged one and one-half years J and new-born daughter, Alls* Gay/ 6d Chelmsford Avenue. Dr. and Mrs. Allen Breen. of Vancouver, B.C.. visited with their sister-in-law, Mrs. Bertha Bernstein, 1601 Bathurst 8 Mr. and Mrs. Fred New York, were vis,w* nephew and niece, Mr. k Norman Welnstein, 47 No Terrace, David Archinoff, and Irwin, and Glenn, 37 Northgate Drive, will visit his mother, Mrs. Sarah Man-delxys; and his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. I. Mandel-zys, and Nathan; all of 4722 Maplewood Avenue, Montreal. Quebec. He will be present at the marriage of Miss Joyce Stroll, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Alex Strofl, 2155 Scott Street, to his cousin, Rubin Kravits, son of Mr. and Mrs. 'Ben. Kravits; all of Montreal; on November 4,' at Shomrim Laboker-Beth Yehuda-Shaare Tefillah Synagogue. In Montreal, Quebec, for the marriage of Miss Claire Edith Fleisher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morry Fleisher, 5218 Saranac Avenue, to Seymour Taran, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Taran, 5060 Borden Avenue, all of Montreal, at Shomrim Laboker-Beth Yehuda-Shaare Tefillah Synagogue, were: Mr. and Mrs. M. Picov, 15 Chris- f ~ ~«\ ,W;jiejtyrn _____Arlatan DrlYO. Hfci • Brtada Elaine Nffcter of Mr. and Mr*. . . 26 Pretoria Avenue, who ted from the University of .,____o, with an honour Bachelor or Am degree in Modern Langua-has been awarded a scholar. lee ip to teach in Toulouse, France, where ah* attends the University of Toulouse. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lerman, of r £ MM i£tB Ann Betty Ann fin Picov, 283 Betty Ann Drive, cousins of the bride: and Mr. and Mrs. H. Goldbach, 63 Garthdale Court. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Zwirek, of Montreal, were here for the brith of their godson, Howard Marvin Richmond, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Richmond, 221 Pannahill Road; brother of Ellen, aged five years; and Barbara, sixteen months; grandson of Mrs. Dora Bossin, 221 Pannahill Road, and the late Bernard 'Bossin; and of Mrs. Celia Richmond, 1 Killarney Road, and the late flyman Richmond. Mrs. Gertrude Singer, of Win- • Lfft l • Aw»m*t MURRAY J. KATZMAN, C.LU. 2 CvltM Stmt, CvftM Titrw, totta 1919 •VS.: MS4M9 Rlt.i Mi. Great-West Ufe ASCUMAMCI OOUTANV AND HIS ORCHESTRA Play The Style Of Music To PleoM Your Crowd RU. 2-3931 - Ml. 3-4701 CLUB 501 "WHERE THE ELITE MEET" AM cxdvshr* D«tallt retardta* •••b«r»M». Call WA. 4-1302 1 to 9 p.m. Monday to frMcy. MAURIC1 TURK md Ms ALAN KAB& You will get year best price FOR YOUR MORTGAGE very •«* MnrSc*. PoBacfc livestaeBts 70T-7544 . LffTBt n IMF HARRY HARRIS JIWISH HOUR m 1 4*o Mrs; L. Glickman, 821 Pratt Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, is spending some time with her son fid daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. orton J. Glickman, 675 Roselawn venue. : Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Sherkin, 21 Mayfalr Avenue, spent their honeymoon in Nassau, The Bahamas, and Miami Beach, Florida. Mrs. Sherkin is the former Miss Carole Troister, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Troister, 5 Bonna-cord Drive. Mr. Sherkin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sherkin, 32 Ridelle Avenue. Mrs. Jack Wolfe. 3 Valencia Crescent, entertained at a tea at her home. Mrs; Irving Feldman, 102 Neptune Drive, visited her mother, Mrs. Rose Rosenthal, 5609 Went-worth Avenue; and her father-in-law and sister-in-1 1030 Ball Avenue; all "of real, Quebec. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Glazier, and Rana, and Maria, formerly of 155 Fairholme Avenue, have taken up new residence at 30 Fra-serwood Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. J. Halberstadt, 144 iBannockburn Avenue, visited their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. Riback, and Stuart Mark, Elissa Esther, and new-born son, Ephraim Bruce, of Bayside, N.Y. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gelb, 44 Sparrow Avenue, entertained at their home in honour of their son Michael, who celebrated his second birthday. He is the brother of Susan, aged seven and one-half years. A birthday cake decorated the table. Mr. and Mrs. M. Dorsey, 127 Walmer Road, are on vacation at the Cromwell Hotel, in Miami Beach, Florida. Mrs. Irving Feldman, 102 Neptune Drive, was in Montreal, Que., at fhe home qf Mr, and Mrs. Saul Trbttenberg, 2757 Bedford Road, her brother-in-law and sister-in-law; and visited with her mother, Mrs. Rose Rosenthal, 5600 Went-worth Avenue; and with Joseph Feldman, and Miss Shirley Feldman, 1030 Ball Avenue, Montreal, Que., her father-in-law, and sister-in-law. She was present at the six-teenth birthday party of her niece, Sandra Schlenger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. Schlenger, 5609 Went-worth Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Izzy Snyder, 134 Ava Read, returned from a week's holiday in New York, where they stayed at the new Americana Hotel. Mrs. Molly Reich, of Israel, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Gitel Newman, and her nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. M. Weinstock, 18 Granite Street. Mr. and Mrs. 0. James, 2 Heath-dale Road, were in Montreal, Quebec, for the fiftieth wedding anniversary of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. A. Duskes (nee Sarah Lewis), 2855 Bedford Road, Montreal. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mintz, 4 Mascot Place, spent their honeymoon in Nassau. The Bahamas, and Miami Beach., Florida. They travelled via Trans-Canada Air Lines. Mrs, Mints is the former Miss Joanne Beverley White, daughter of Mrs. Shirley White, 6 Milfbank Avenue, and the late David White. Mr. Mints is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham* Mintz, 195 Spadina Road. Mrs. Samuel Gangbar, 265 Park Home Avenue, visited her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. S. Sherman, and Jeffrey, Mark, Paul, Michael, Ridd, Neil, and Jason, 1105 McDonald Street, Chomedey. Quebec, Mr. ana Mrs. Joseph Millstone. 45 Ridgevale Avenue, entertained at their home, in honour of their daughter, Harriet Diane, on her sixteenth birthday. She is the sister of Miss Barbara Millstone, Michael, and Cathy. Sixty-five guests were received. Miss Franeea Irene Richman, daughter of Mr*. Sally Richman, 110 Ridelle Avenue, and the late Alex Richman, and the fiancee of Martin Wasaarmaa, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wantrman, 172 Ranee Avenovwaa entertained at a luncheon b^thaw hostesses: Mea- a B«UK Jt, Birch, A. Sabsay,v and B. BJHnirt. The bride-to-be' wore a bUck, Jmiltvl «ufc trimmed with red, and a black ahd white, knit-ted blouse: and had a corsage of red and white roses. The marriage will take place on December^22, 1963. Miss Patricia Wolf, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wolf, 65 Ueadowbrook Avenue, and the fiancee or Howard Welnberg. son of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Welnberg. 854 Winnett Avenue, was guest ox honour at luncheon. The hostesses were: Mesdames I. Merker, aunt of the; H. Segal, M. Eisen, M. Rdtsfcin, C. Levenatein, C. Chousky, M. London, Y. Tobias, M. Kodak, J. tBetesha, and L. Zar-nett Mrs. M. Weinberg, sister-in-law of the groom-to-be, was present. Miss Wolf, the honouree, wore a full black chiffon, skirt; with a gold lame, fitted bodice. -- Mr. and Mrs. P. Sunderland. 8270 Bathurst, Street, entertained at their home to celebrate the birthdays of their grandchildren: Gail Maxine, aged two years; and Ira David, one, children of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wolfe, 3 Valencia Crescent. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gould, and Paula: Miss Esther Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bainerman, Miss Vidia Frankel, Jav Sokoloff, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cohen, and Myra; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sachs, all uncles, aunts and cousins; and Mr. and Mrs. William Sluser. Ronald Maurice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Freedman, 19 Meadow-brook Road was called to the Reading of tne Law, in celebration of his oar-mitzvah, at the Adath Israel Synagogue. He is the brother of Ilona, aged eleven and one-half years; Lorraine, nine; and Barry, seven and one-half; and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Freedman, 247 Carmichael Avenue; and of Mrs. Annie Ander. 54 Winnett Avenue, and the late Frank Ander. A luncheon followed the services. Seated at the head table were: Jay Hoffman, Carol and Warren Hellen, Mark Arnold, Ronny, Frank, and Karen Ander; cousins of the bar-mitzvah boy; and Ilona, Lorraine, and Barry, brother and sisters of the bar-mitzvah boy. Jacob Freedman, grandfather, asked the blessing over the challah. Mr. and Mrs. Saul Sone, 76 Ta-vistock Road, were honoured at a surprise party to celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Gelespy, 61 Foxrun Avenue, assisted by Miss Linda Sone, and Stuart Sone, their daughter, and son. Jodi Lynn, aged four years, and Ian Avery Gelespy, one, are their grandchildren. Mrs. Goldie Rubin, mother of Mrs. Sone, was present, also: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Langbord, and Dale; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Levine, 21 Tichester Road, her brothers-in-law and sisters; Mr. and Mrs. Lou Rubin, and Maureen; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rubin, Brian, Carol, and Paul, all of Aurora, Ont., her brothers and sisters-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. Saul Feldman, and Alan, 59 Nassau Street, his brother-in-law and sister; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Novog-radsky, 26 Royal Dal ton Road, his nephew and niece; Mrs. Annie Gelespy, 1035 Eglinton Avenue, William Solomon and Michael Solomon, of Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Epstein, 84 Tavistock Road; Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Teplin-sky, 104 Tavistock Road; Mr. and Mrs. David Kelman, 108 Tavistock Road; and Mr. and Mrs. Saul Salzman, 136 Tavistock Road. MARRIAGES MINTZ-WHITE Federman, A. flhuher, B. llorinU, The marriage of Miss Joanne Beyerley White, daughter of Mrs. Shirley White, 6 Milfbank Avenue and the late David White, to Fred Mintz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Mintz, 195 Spadina Road, was solemnized at Beth Tzedec Synagogue, on August 21. at six o'clock, by Rabbi Michael Cel-niker, assisted by Cantor Joseph Cooper. The bride wore a gown of white peau de soie, appliqued with beaded lace motif; and had a softly gathered skirtj?hich continued as a chapel trsTn. A crown of seed-pearl and rhinestone beads held her fingertip veil of tulle illusion { and she carried a bouquet of white orchids, and stephanotia. The matrons of honour were Mes-dames Joseph Rosenthal, and Joseph H. Prancoz; sisters of the bride. The former wore a gown of pale orchid-coloured chiffon; and the latter, a similar gown in a deeper shade of that colour. They had matching headdresses; and carried roses and carnations, tinted in matching shades. Marvin Mint*, -brother of the groom, was best man. The ushers were: Marvin Davis, and Jerry Wilier, cousins of the groom; Harold Langer, Harold Risman, Arthur Wiseman, Sheldon Loftspring, Stephen H. Puller, and David A. Rubin, Three hundred guests were present at a dinner reception at the Synagogue. Mrs. White, mother of the bride, wore ajgown of pale-green pea« da sole, with beadwork on the bodice, and on a panel down th« trout of the «kSrt: with a •utrafag headdress: and had an orchid corsafe, tinted deep-pink. Mr*. Hint*, mother of the (room, was fownwt lantoeTHnaare peau d« sole, with btadwork on the bodice; and had a matching head-dr*ai; aod a paJe-maore orchid corsagd. Mr. »nd Mra, Fred White spent their honeymoon in NMMU, The Bahamas, and Miami Beach, Florida, trayelllng_via Trans-Can* ftd* . Airx tfae».;:3rfce . bride went away In ah emerald-green silk jacket dress; and had a white orchid corsage. They are residing at 4 Mascot Place. Here from out of town were: Mr. and Mrp. B. Fishman, of Niagara Falls; Ont,; and Mrs. Max Klyman, of Detroit, Mich.; uncle, and aunts of .the bride; Mrs, Tiliie Bpigon. of Detroit, Mich., a great-aunt of the bride;, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mintz, of Detroit, Mich., an uncle, and aunt of the groom; Mr. ana Mrs. Samuel Mintz, and Susan, and Charles; Mr. and Mrs. B. Handelman, and Steven, and Howard; Dr. and Mrs. Morris Mint*, and June, and Marjorie; and Mr. and Mrs. Max Pines, and Esther, and Jack; all of Detroit, Mich.; and Mr. and Mrs. John Mintz, and Iris, and Candy, of Mansfield, Ohio; all cousins of the groom. SHERKIN-TROISTER The marriage of Miss Carole Troister, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. 6. Troister, 5 Bonnacord Drive, to Marvin Sherkin. son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sherkin, 32 Ridelle Avenue, was solemnized on June 26, at half-past five o'clock, at Beth Tzedec Synagogue, by Rabbi Stuart K. Rosenberg, and Rabbi David Monson, assisted by Cantor Joseph Cooper. The bride was fiven in marriage by her father, he wore a long, white, organzine gown, fashioned with a high neckline; and long, pointed sleeves; embellished in pearls and crystals, and had a cathedral train. A dome-shaped crown of crystals held her short, tulle illusion veil; and she carried a bouquet of white orchids, and stephanotis. The matron of honour was Mrs. David Starkman, sister of the bride. She wore a mint-green, organza gown, with hand-made roses embroidered on the long skirt: narrow shoulder straps; and a flowing panel at the back. Her headpiece matched it; and she carried a cascade of apricot-tinted roses. The maid of honour was Miss Gail Sherkin, sister of the groom. Her gown was of apricot-coloured organza, with lace trimming. She had a matching hat; and carried a cascade of apricot-tinted roses. The junior bridesmaids were: Noreen Troister, sister of the bride; and Cheryl Appel. Each wore a gown of apricot-toned organza, with jewel neckline; lace motif, on the fitted bodice; and accordian-pleated skirt; also a tiara of self-material roses; and carried cascades of apricot-tinted roses. The flower girls was Dina Baltman, cousin of the bride. She wore a long gown of apricot-coloured organza; with puffed sleeves. The best man was Elliott Teitle. The ushers were: David Starkman, brother-in-law of the bride: Ernest Baltman, cousin of the bride; Allan Gar, Kenneth Sherkin, Stephen Reiken, Ralph Abrams, Murray Shiner, Robert Lubin, Howard Cadsby, and Fredrick Yack. A dinner reception followed at the Synagogue. Mrs. Troister, the bride's mother, wore a long mint-green gown of lace embroidered in pearl-beads and crystals, with a bouffant skirt; also a matching, lace tiara; and a wristlet of white orchids. Mrs. Sherkin, the groom's mother, wore a long, apricot-toned, organzine gown; with bouffant skirt which came to a point in front; also a headpiece of matching material; and had a mint-green, orchid wristlet. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Baltman, 189 Brighton Avenue, grandparents of the bride; Mrs. Gittel Baltman, 142 Everden Road, great-grandmother of the bride; and Mr. and Mrs. G. Sherkin, 10 Almont Road, grandparents of the groom, were present. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Sherkin spent their honeymoon in Nassau, The Bahamas, and Miami Beach, Florida. The bride travelled in a blue, silk linen suit; with a white hat They are residing at 21 Mayfair Avenue. Here for the wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. A. Seigel, of London, Ont; Mr. and Mrs. W. Solomon and Mr. and Mrs. R. Milbert, ox Montreal, Que.; Mr. and Mrs. H. Freeman, of North Bay, Ont; Mr. and Mrs, L. Leibel, of Winnipeg, Man.; Mr. and Mrs. David Goldstein, and Mindy, and Robin, and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rosen, of Detroit, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. R. Schwartz, of Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. A. Lickver, of New York: Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bisen, of Nashville, Tenn • and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Moss, of Chicago, 111. BIRTHS Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Kamen (nee Grace Kriger), 802 Ridley Boulevard, on October 21, at New Mount Sinai Hospital, a son, Joshua Ian; brother of Howard, aged six years; and Daniel, two; grandson of Mrs. Anne Kri- Er, 22 Knightswood Road, and the te Harry Kriger; and of Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Kamen, 1071 Erfin-ton Avenue West. Bora, to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Beli (nee Charlotte Golden). 11 ShaUmar Boulevard, on October 19, at New Mount Sinai Hospital, a daughter, Lisa Cheryl: ffrand-oUogfcUr of Mr. and Mrs. Jack GoMen( US D«wbourna A VMM: and of Mr. and Mra. &ao| Bab, 4ft De Qunwr Bo»kT»rd; and fnat-rranddauffcter of Jacob WIUIKB, 88 Maplewood Presents complete Kosher Facilities at the 89 Avenue Road For your "ftachas" big or small, well be your expert hosts. For inquiries, please call HANS FREAD - WA, 3-1116 DEATHS Mrs. Ida Wiener, 7 Paton Road, died on October 20, at St. Joseph's Hospital, at the age of seventy-eight years. She was the widow of Louis Wiener; and is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Rose Berkowitc, 7 Paton Road; and two great-grandchildren: Larry, and David, children of Mrs. Rose Wiener, 150 Overbrook Place, and the late David Wiener. Rabbi Er-win Schild officiated at funeral services, assisted by Cantor Murray Nixon. Interment was at Roselawn Avenue Cemetery. Shiva was at the home. Mrs. Wiener was a member of Adath Israel Synagogue. Mrs. Betty Gold. 63 Wembley Road, died on October 21, at her home, at the age of forty-eight years. She is survived by her husband, Reuben Gold; a son, Stanley Lloyd Gold, of Waterloo, Ont.{ a daughter, Miss Linda Ruth Gold; and a grandson, Jeffrey Gold. She was the daughter of Alex Clare^ field, 837 Briar Hill Avenue, and the late Mrs. Ethel Clarefield; and the sister of: Mrs. T. Marsch (Sylvia), of New York; Mrs. Louis Caplan (Riva). 29 Prince Charles Drive; Mrs. H. Ross (Ann), 127 Munro Boulevard; Frank Clare-field, of Toronto; and the late Louis Clarefield. Rabbi W. Gun-ther Plaut officiated at funeral services, at Holy Blossom Temple. Interment was at Holy Blossom Memorial Park. Shiva was private. Claire Dreier and Mary Smith-Howard of Wedding-Party Enterprise! Limited 310 Tweedsmuir Ave., Apt. 1210, Toronto. 925-1012 Specializing in Counselling and the complete direction and handling of Weddings. Private Parties — Banquet* Commercial Gathering* Bar Mitzvahs — Convention* Fashion Show* and *pedal event*. Patronixe Review Advertisers, Say: "I aaw your ad in the Canadian Jewish Review". HELEN SIMPSON Flora! Styling* for all Occasions Aaron Kdelist, 100 Poplar Plains vRoad, died on Friday, October 12, at the New Mount Sinai Hospital, at the age of sixty-five years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Paula (Bessie) Edeliat; a son, Max Ede-list, 100 Poplar Plains Road; two daughters: Mrs. D. K. Yolles (Faye), 186 Hillhurst Boulevard; and Mrs. M. Wolch (Ruth), of Winnipeg, Man.; five grandchildren: Snaryn, and Kenneth Yolles; Forrest, Howard, and Frede-rica Wolch; two brothers: Louis Edelist, 77 DeQuincy Boulevard; Hytnan Edelist, 44 'Brookview Drive; and a sister, Mrs. Aaron Lockett (Esther), 3835 Bathurst Street. Rabbi Walter Wurzburger officiated at funeral services at Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue. Interment was at Mount Sinai Memorial Park. Shiva was at the 'home. Mr. Edelist was a charter member of Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue; and of D'Arcy Street Talmud Torah. Mr£' Sarah Hoffman, 6 Drexel Road, died on Wednesday, October 24, at the Doctors' Hospital, at the age of seventy-eight years. She was the widow of Max Hoffman; and is survived by four daughters: Mrs. Leah Shore, 6 Drexel Road; Mrs. J. Waldman (Irene), of White Plains, N. Y.; Mrs. D. Sil-verstein (Betty), 525 Chaplin Crescent; and Mrs. B. Luborsky (Janet), of Windsor, Ont.; six grandchildren: Mrs. Abraham Ziskin (Irma), 93 Chalkfarm Drive, and Hershel Shore. 185 Brighton Avenue; children of Mrs. Lean Shore; Dr. Morton Gurtin, of Providence, Rhode Island, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Waldman; Mrs. M. Marcus (Judith), of New Ro-chelle, N. Y. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Silverstein; Merle, and Michael Luborsky; and eight great-grandchildren: Mvra, and Mindy Ziskin; Risa, Linda, and Mitchell Shore; Amy, and William Gurtin; and Susan Marcus. Rabbi Aaron Zimmerman officiated at funeral services. InUrment was at Mount Sinai Memorial Park. Shiva was at the home, Nathan Saltxman, 3560 Bath-st Street, died on Saturday, October 20, at the Bayerest Hospital, at the age of seventy-nine years. He was the widower of Mra. Rebecca Sahsman; and if survived by two tons: Benjamin Saltsman, 102 Rajah Street; and Morris Saltaman, 15 Btaa Forest Drive; two daughters: Mra. H. Wergaf (Balk), 11 Bafntrae Court East; and Mrs. Max Clara*? (Freda), 662 CotdatratB Aramoa; s*r*n raadeafldraa: Mra. A. Marcus RoaljB), of Akron, Ohio, Jack Wtraan, 9 Roaatav Road, and MraTlSton Shore (Hflda), 26 GoOfnr Boad, efcOdroi of Mr. and Mn. B«ajaa% SaHxmaa; Nancy, daughter o* Mr. aad Mn. Monk ***** W«ftr, 680 >vviiML an4 < 2518 Yonfl« St.~-HU*oa 5-1145 TORONTO 12 Distinctive Designs for Weddings, Bor-Mitzvoh$, receptions — ot the Synagogue, or ot home. M1M1II FLORISTS' OIUVUY ASSOCUT1ON N. J., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Charney; and five greatgrandchildren : Robert Lawrence, Charles Brian, and Sherri Lynn, children of Mr. and Mrs. A. Marcus; Steven Mark and Brian Sheldon, children of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Saltzman. Rabbi Benjamin Hauer officiated at funeral services. Interment was at the Keltzer Section of Dawea Road Cemetery. Shiva was at 15 Blue Forest Drive, home of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Saltzman, son and daughter-in-law. Mrs. Eva Fireman, 680 Rose-lawn Avenue, died on Thursday. October 25, at the Toronto General Hospital, at the age of seventy-four years. She was the widow of Abraham Fireman; and is survived by three daughters: Miss Betty Fireman, Mrs. S. Frank (Gertrude), and Mrs. L. Gelman (Mildred); three sons: Samuel Fireman and Nathan Fireman; and Dr. Harold Fireman, of Ottawa, Ont: ten grandchildren: Jeffrey and Michael Frank; Ronald, Alan, and Cathy Gelman; Jack, son of Mr, and Mrs. Samuel Fireman; Sydney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Fireman; Leslie, Jay, and Kalla, children of Dr. and Mrs. Harold Fireman; and three sisters: Mrs. Bessie Goldberg, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Mrs. B. Rubea-stein (Sarah), and Mrs. H. Rose (Lily), both of Newark, N. J. Rabbi David Monson officiated at funeral services at the College Memorial Chapel. Interment was at Yavne Zion Congregation Section of Bathurst Lawn Cemetery. Shiva was private. Ixidor PestaL 20 RotMtu Road, died at NewMount Sinai Hospital, on October 10, *fc the ag« of seventy-eight reAr*. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. PmuHn« Petfm; two daughters! ttr*. If. tanger (Rose), 7 Cbrfirtiaft Cnteait; and Mrt. I. Wallace (Tnaea), 44 Art. more Roadj two aoitti Norman Pe-si*, tt KaifiiUwood'BoaxI; and Murray Petfra, *7 Btormont Avenia« grawmram* Paul, and David, ftpa e*Jfft and nue; Mro. **~ -*"*-•• •iW» STG 1 W iter -- „_ f 2, and Stephen, sons af M/. and ra, Norman P«*f»; aa* Murray Pe- .- zw I'm* ~----i*"TJI» S^^^* ^B« \JFVVV* afato (Fanmr), sfr Qk&farrj Ava. --------^dMra. C. Fia* (Harriet), , Ont; tw*^ - ?*•?: BabU Erwte Schfld

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