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Title: 1951-06-21-03

Full text: Thursday, June 21,.1951 JEWISH WESTERN BULLETIN Poge 3 nest By ELiAlaU BEN-HOBIN Je:i^usalem,br rather Yeruish-alaim, is supposed to mean "The City of "Peace;" Jerusalem, however, has riot )been as peaceful as its name .implies, either in centuries gone by or in recent timies. The siefe of Jerusalem and the bombardriierit and destruction rained on; the Holy City by the Arab Legion, formed one of the saddest chapters of Israel's War of Independence. At long last, it.seems that peace is returning to th6 "City of iPeace." We refer to "The Conquest of the Desert." Under this title, an International Exhibition and Fair is scheduled to take place in Jerusalem in the Spring, of 1952; The Exhibition will show the means by which various nations have fought the desert 'and conquered it for cultivation and colonization. The Fair will display agricultural equipment, fertilizers, construction machinery—^ everyr thing that is employed when wilderness is transformed into a fruitful area. In addition, an international scientific symposium will be held at thie same time in Jerusalem. Scientists from the four corners of the earth will exchange views and experiences on such subjects Eilipressidns of Unify as g^logy and minerology, utilization of energy from the sun! and; the similar prob-- lems of the desert. The interna^^ Exhibition arid I^ir; deypted to "The Con--quest of the Desert" is beirig* organized on the iriitiative of the, . . „ ., , ^, , ,,r 1 Israel Government and a nuriiber^I ^^T^^ Schara Tzedeck Chapel at 3642 W., Broadyray of public institutions.- Bui hisrew opened last Sunday with an appropriate and dignified, is another storyfrom Israel, w^ yet impretentious cerenionial prograni, before a representative ieU^ of; a different kternational gathering o£ Vancouver Jewry. The building, was officially gathering which will also be con- opened by Mrs. I. J.. Klein, who was one of four recipients of vened in Israel. This time, moi'e- gold ke^ys, in reco^^^ and service toward the over, the initiative cbriies from atta the chapel. Abe Wosk, Sani Levi and Jack abroad. - I Diamond were the other J. B. Jaffe, whq^i<^^^ awarded to Jack Dia- Dr. Z. Muntner, an Israel scientist and member of the inter-I man of the proceedings open riiitional Academy for Sciences in ed the program. by recalling Paris, has .recently annoimced to the gathering that the Jewish that the International Orgariiza- Chapel is called in Hebrew ti6n for Scientific Research wUl "Chesed^ Shel Ernes,'' "tlie hold its next Congress, in 1952, j^ouse of sincere graciousness in Israel. Dr/Muntner added that kgcause none can respond to "the scientists participating in the express their thanks for the last Congress,in HoUand—a few gracious deed performed^" months ago-^ve emphasized the jg^jshiaw regarding the bur-act that IsraeL connects all parts is "very plairi and of the world and ofiers the inost ^.^^jg^,, j^^^ ^^^^^^ out. conyement place ior gathenngs ^„ ^1^^ remains which will benefit the entire L^^^ rubies, ^ith gold world community. or silver, with fancy robes or ex-After three short years of state- pensive apparel. Our investiture hood, Israel is already becoming upon the riiortal remains is only more than "just another' little a 'Talith' (ceremonial prayer nation." It is not surprising. The shawl), or the plain, white 'Tach-mission >yhich Israel fulfills in richim'(shroud). Rich or poor, the Middle East goes far beyond king^ prince, wise man, strong the absor-ption of hundreds of man, artist or statesman, all are thousands of homeless Jews and | e^ual and alike in burial." (Continued on Page 6) An Invitation is Extencded to the Entire Jewish Comnnunity to Attend Friday Night Services at the Beth Israel Synagogue at 9 p.iii. SCHWARTZ Nqtional Executive Direcl-<^, Zionist Organizotion of Conodo WILL GIVE A GUEST SERMON Services will be conducted by Robbi Dcavid G. Kogen assisted by Mr. K. Katznelson who will chant the liturgical music. SPECIAL OFFER ;We Will,send .a: 'V^, ■. , 6.M0NTH TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION For Only $1.00 to GRyone who doesn't get the Bulletin et present We will send the Bulletin under this offer to anyone in Canada, United States, British Commonwealth or Israel. This ofiFer is good until July 1. Please send a six-month subscription at the special rate of $1.00 to the following who do not get the Bulletin at present. Name 'Address............................................ Phone Name Address............................................ Phone Enclosed please find a check for........................to cover the new subscription(s). 'Brief addresses were given by I the three Vancouver Rabbis, Rabbi Ch. Bl Ginsberg, Rabbi David C. kogen and Rabbi Leon M. Moze-son. From the story of how Moses v/ent out of his way to return the remains of Joseph back to the Holy Land, Rabbi kogen drew a prosaic analogy. He paid special tribute to the people who worked seiilessly for the achievement of the new chapel, naming in particular, Abe Wosk, Sam Levi and iJack Piamond. Rabbi Kbgen expressed the hope that the" new Chapel will become a true community Chapel. "There may be .^differences among us Jn the way we do things," he said, "but this should not make two chapels necessary. Let us first all help to pay for this new chapel, and later we can concern ourselves with its setup and operation and the resolution of our differences. The Chapel sijduld be a reminder to help make our dear departed live oh in us." Rabbi Mozeson echoed the hope that the new chapel will "d^ little business" but it was his duty to announce a funeral to take place in the chapel the next day due to the passing of Mrs. E. H. Kalen- sky- .'. ■ "A religious God-fearing man has a better chance to live longer," Rabbi Mozeson stated. Three ways to prolong life, he said are "to embrace almighty God and forget about our own small problems, through prayer and by getting rid of hatred. If we have an argument let's talk it out," he urged. In the new chapel, he said, everyone who passes away will be looked after without differentiation. Jack Diamond presented the gold keys which were awarded to Abe Wosk and Sam Levi. Before doing so he called for further contributions and support for the chapel. Speaking in his capacity as Chairman of the ScAara Tzedeck Cemetery Board, Mr. Diamond paid tribute to Ezidor Morris, president of the Chevera Kad-isha and to several members of the Cemetery Board and Chapel Conunittee including I. Flader, D. A. Chertkow and Irving Chert-kow, as well as Messers Wosk and Levi. Mr. Diamond also welcomed Mr. M. Fouks, president of Schafa Tzedeck and Rev. Shuster, who both recently came out of the hospital after illness. (Irving Chertkow is in charge of all funds collected for the Schara Tzedeck Chapel.) Ben Pastinsky presented the mond and paid tribute to Mr,,Dia7 mond for his outstanding service to Congregation Schara Tzedeck. Cantor David Reznik sang L'-Dovid Mizmor,,a cantorial definition of Schara Tzedeck and El Moleh Rachamim. Cantor Fred Gartner was unable to attend as he had to leave town earlier than planned. THE SETTLEMENTS OF THE HULEH VALLEY will be sowing cotton for the first time this year. A load of 500 tons of cotton recently arrived from Turkey is to be used for this experiment. i i i I m. m i We DO Cover TELEVISION AERIALS and dt No Extra Cost under Fire Irtsuronce Policies or Floaters issued by our office For Your Home or For Your Personol Effects Phone: BA. 4171 —Josepho Studio Photos Jusf before the new Scboro Tzedeck Chapel wos officiolly opened lost Sunday the people who participated in the ceremonies posed for camero. (Top) From left to right are: Mrs. M. Fouks, Rebbetzin Ginsberg, Rabbi Ch. B. Ginsberg, Mr. I. J. Klein, Mrs. I. J. Klein who officially opened the door. Rabbi David C. Kogen, Cantor David Reznik, Robbi Leon M. Mozeson, Mrs. Jaffe, Mr. J. B. Jaffe who was chairman of the opening ceremonies, Mr. M. Fouks, president of Congregation : Schara Tzedeck, Abe Wosk, chairman of the Chapel Committee; kneeling ore Sam Levi and Jock Diamond, chairman of the Cemetery Board. ^ (Centre Photo): Jock Diamond (left) is seen presenting gold keys to Abe Wosk and Sam Levi (right) in recognition of their service to the congregation and towards the achievement of the new ehopel. (Lower Photo): B^n Pastinsky presents a gold key to Jack Diamond in appreciation of his service and support for the congregation.

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