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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW MAY 20, 1968 (J BRIDAL WEAR . . . By Appointment only, Please! 5180 Queen Mary Road * HU. 8-6048 - HU. 1-5852 Sock! Vote*—ttlcntreal Mr. and Mrs. Leo Simkover, 4100 Kensington Avenue, were in Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and England. They travelled via K.L.M. Royal Dutch Air Lines, and Air Canada. Daniel Gampcl, of Washington, D. C, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. Gampcl, 5831 Hutchison Street. Mr. and Mrs. Ari Perecowicz, 5024' Emerald Avenue, spent their wedding trip at the Nevele Country Club, in Ellenville, N. Y. Mrs. Perecowicz is the former Miss Eleanor Kahn,' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kahn, 5225 Cavendish Boulevard. Mr. Perecowicz is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Aba Perecowicz, 3925 St. Kevin Street. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barry Frank, 200 Varry Street, spent their wedding trip in Miami Beach, Florida; travelling via Eastern Air Lines. Mrs\ Frank is the former Miss Shirley Edelstein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edelstein, 5G15 Chamberland Crescent. Mr. Frank is the son of Mrs. Anne Frank, 2522 Bedford Road, and the late Henry Frank. Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Perlman, and daughter, Miss Natalie Perl-man, and son, Bernard/formerly of 1500 Ducharme Avenue, have moved to 4162 Carlton Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Huberman, and daughter, Miss Sheila Huberman, formerly of 772 McEachran Avenue, have moved to 1000 Pratt Avenue. ..Mr. and Mrs. C. Isaacs, and Carl, and David, of Natick, Mass., visited her mother, Mrs. Dora Stein-man, 5672 Durocher Street. Mr. ami Mrs. David Aisenthal, and Saul Aisenthal, Abe Aisenthal, and Issie Aisenthal, formerly of 2032 Bedford Road, have moved to 522 Crevier Street. Mr. and Mrs. Issie Ackerman, and Steven, and Debbie, formerly of 5830 Decelles Place, have moved to 2200 Gold Street. Mr. and Mrs. A. Gordon, formerly of 5047 Dunmore Avenue, have moved to 5320 Macdonald Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. J. Mazur, and Brahm, and Mitchell Neil, formerly of 5840 Decelles Avenue, have moved to 1126 Reynald .Street. Professor and Mrs. Harry Gonshor, and son, Elliot, of Washington, D. C., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Gonshor, 5422 Prince of Wales Avenue. Professor Gonshor is Professor of Mathematics at Howard University, in Washington. Irving Rumack, 3098 Goyer Street, and his sister, Mrs. Sadie Goldberg, of Montreal, were in Toronto, Out, for the funeral of their sister, Mrs. Minnie Sidlofsky, 1364 Danforth Avenue, who died at Bavcrest Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. M. Heitner, formerly of 7460 Kingsley Road, have moved to 250 Clarke Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. H. Schneider, and son. Gordon Schneider, formerly of 5301 King Edward Avenue, have moved to 1189 Maria Crescent. Miss Belle Povering; of Toronto, Ont., visited her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Vineberg, 7400 Kil-dare Street. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Butovsky, of Ottawa, Ont., visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Prashker, 614 Smart Avenue. Dr. and Mrs. Edward Shtull, of Boston, Mass., have taken up residence in Montreal. Dr. Shtull is the son of Mr. and Mrs.. Philip Shtull. 4853 Carlton Avenue. Mrs. Shtull is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Presner, 5569 Wil-derton Avenue. Dr. Shtull received the Bachelor of Science degree, from McGill University; and attended Tufts University in Boston. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gordon. 4902 Carlton Avenue, motored to Miami Beach, Florida, to attend the graduation of their son. Cadet Staff Sergeant Martin Gordon, aged eighteen years, at Miami Military Academy. Mrs. Gordon wilt spend several weeks there while her son is taking a six-week course in American History. /Mr. and Mrs. David Perlman. and son, Derek Blair, formerly of 1043 Macdonald Street, Chomedey, have moved to 4360 Barclay Avenue. A treasure-trove of Canadiana . . . • Eskimo Art e Hooked and woven rugs • Hand loomed fabrics and bedspreads • Canadian Pine furniture CANADIAN HANDICRAFTS GUIL0 SHOP, 2025 Peel Street VI. 9-9978 Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Kogan, and Ronald, and Sean, 1281 Forest Road, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kates, of Toronto, Ont. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cohen, and son, Odcd, formerly of 4880 Pla-mondon Street, have moved to 5042 Mountain Sights Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Spiegelman, formerly of 6450 King Edward Avenue, have moved to 4530 Cote des Neiges Road. Mrs. Fanny Tattlebaum, of Sault Ste. Marie, visited her son-in-law, and daughter, Mr; and Mrs, David Bloom, and Lynn, Maria, and Matthew, 1065 Korman Street. Mrs. Elizabeth Kerstein, formerly of 4646 Goddard Street, has moved to 5555 Dudemaine Street. Mrs. Serene Fleischman, formerly of 1877 Dorchester Street West, has moved to 2048 Clermont Avenue. Mr. and Mrs, Max Mendelsohn, formerly of 6005 Coolbrook Avenue, have moved to 4205 Bourret Street. Mrs. Gertie Camlot, formerly of 4165 Mackenzie Street, has moved to 11240 Joseph Casavant Street. Mr." and Mrs. Nathan Polansky, formerly of 1400 Pine Avenue West, have moved to 3210 Forest Hill Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Morey Lesser, and Bruce, of Ottawa, Ont., visited her brother-in-law, and sister, Mr. and Mrs. M. Singer, 4377 La Peltrie Street. Miss- Claire Wolfson, formerly of 5210 Musset Street, has moved to 5565 Coolbrook Avenue. Mr. and-Mis. Israel Erdman, of Washingtdn, D. C, visited their son, and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Erdman, and Harvey Michael, Lawrence Richard, and Felice Harriet, 5714 Eldridge Street, to be present at the bar-mitzvah of Lawrence Richard, who was called to the Reading, of the Law, at Beth Zion Synagogue. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Mayberger, and sons, Mark, Steven, and Shane, of Ottawa, Ont., visited her brother-in-law, and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Weigensberg, 4255 Prince Charles Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. William Singer, 325 Brighton Avenue, Toronto, Ont., visited her brother, and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Saul Nish, 1315 Ridgewood Drive. Archie Satenstein, of Moose Jaw, Sask.j visited his brother, and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Satenstein, and Susan, Jeffery Jay, and Gary, 1467 Mercantile Street. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tiger, and daughters, Daniela, and Vicky, formerly of 5584 Clanranald Avenue, have moved to 5370 Bellfield Place. Mr. and Mrs. M. Kahn, and sons, Hillary, Jeffrey, and Clifford, of Spring Valley, N. Y., visited her brother, and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs L. Satens, 4123 Mackenzie Street, Chomedey. Mrs. J. Taub, and her son, Neil, of Los Angeles, Calif., visited her brother-in-law, and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Satenstein, and Susan, Jeffery Jay, and Gary, 1467 Mercantile Street. Mrs. Rebecca Gasoi, 4820 Bourret Street, visited her son-in-law, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Morton Kushner, and. daughter, Terri Cheryl, and son Leslie of Hollywood, Florida, formerly of Montreal, to attend the bas-mitzvah of Terri Cheryl, who was called to the Reading of the Law, at Temple Sinai. She visited her sister, Mrs. Rita Schechter, and daughter, Dorri Sue, and son, Jerry, of Hollywood. ~~ Mr. and Mrs. Morey Lesser, and James, Neil, and Bruce. 94 Hil-iiard Avenue, Ottawa, Ont., had with them for a Passover Seder: Mr. and Mrs. Philip Weber, and daughter, Sandra, and son, Howard; and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stern, and daughter, Heather; all of Ottawa. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Snyder, and daughter, Miss Beverley Snyder, of Ottawa, Ont., visited her brother-in-law, and sister, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Appel, 5580 Macdonald Avenue. Mrs. Elsie Zimring, formerly of 4525 Harvard Avenue, has taken UKivenity 6-7167 for lor Mittvoh or W*dding GJft* DANISH SIlVfftSMlTHS also Repairing A Retilvering C t. f«fKM», 1711 Mj Iona Street, announce the engagement of their daughter, Mi-s Linda ZariUky, to Gerald Anisman, son of Mr. and Mr?. Samuel Ani;nian, 8-50 Brunet Street. Th<-> engagement of Miss Frances Lee Hymovitch, daughter of Mrs. VICKI CRAYi\E ^ Sin9«r with p«r*ortolftY plwtf / Available for all $imv prices avoiloble. Imported Wigs ond Hairpieces. Mode of 100% Europeon ^ ........... ' • ' j< •.a Humon Hoir ond regulor quality. Styling and service. 50% OFF TRAINED CONSULTANTS Titty ^ettytte Comultantt fpr tnitrnotlonal Wig Deslgnt, London, England. 1500 STANLEY STREET, SUITE 301 -— TEL.: 844-7817 (corner Burnttdo) Branches in all Principal Cities Home Service 'WIGS ARE OUR ONLY BUSINESS" J> >»>>>¦>¦>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>)$ Mr. and Mrs. Karl Spilcr, 12079 Joseph Casavant Street, announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Frances Spiler, to Michael Israel Shoore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shoore, 707 Algonquin Avenue, to take place on Sunday, May 22, at half-past six o'clock, at Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue. Consult with Esther Rozalinsky of Snowdon obout decorating your home for bedspreads and draperies — also for your Bridal Selections and giftware. Choose from our collection of Bone Chrno, Sterling Flotware ond Stemware. 5190 QUEEN MARY ROAD, SUITE 3 4 8 1 - 3 8 3 8 The marriage of Miss Linda Wagner, daughter of Wrilliam Wagner, of Montreal, and Mrs. Alice Wagner, 4734 Dornal Avenue, to Joel Gordon Berson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyman P. Berson, 4320 Royal Avenue, will take place on May 22, at 32 o'clock, noon, Rabbi Charles Bender officiating. jl riricess ^ Electrolysis Studio Permanent hair removal 1255 University St., Shell Tower Bids. Phone: 878-9791 HAND BEADING Professionally dene by oar experts for Oowns and Sweeter*, all k\n4t of ImMu. Wo do rooalrs. Work and servlco avoraafeed. C/f-MRS. L. ISRAIL Rl. 8-9744 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tompkins, 5718 Leger Street, announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Nancy Tompkins, to Kenneth Harris Overland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Overland, 7780 Ostell Crescent, to take place on Sunday, 3Iay 22, at three o'clock, at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, followed by a reception at the Roval Embassy Hotel. LADIES! Thero I* messy i» yoor closet/ If lf» clwttored With imports or originals in perfect condition. Largo sixes welcome. Sell them through — La Boutique Fantasque 2075 Crescent Street—288-3655 Moderately-priced dresses and knits * the newest ;; fashions for all occasions. Come in and be convinced. 5325 RUSTIC PLACE, esrth ef Plimondon, oi«r tardea* Ttnaiaas < Phone: RE. 3-2580 mflRRIflGES WEISS-WHITE The marriage of Miss Barbara White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. White, 5615 Alpine Avenue, to Ronald Weiss, son of Mr.-and Mrs. Abe Weiss, 4770 Mackenzie Street, was solemnized at Young Israel Synagogue, on Sunday, November 7, 1965, at half-past six o'clock, by Rabbi Men/" dell Lewittes, assisted by Cantor Z. Halperin, aJid Reverend R. Mel-ler; and Rabbi J. H. Kupietsky, of Long Island, X. Y., great-uncle of the bride. She was given in marriage by her parents. She wore a gown of white peau de soie. The fitted bodice was re-embroidered with Alencon lace and seed-pearl-beads; and was made with a round neckline; and long sleeves. A chapel train, which was attached at the shoulder-line, was trimmed with lace, re-embroidered with seed-pearl-beadi. Her shoulder-length veil of tulle illusion was held by a bow of peau de soie. She carried a prayer book, with white orchids, stephanotis and satin streamers. Mrs. David Lipson was matron of honour. She wore an aquamarine-blue satin gown; made with a beaded, removable, over-blouse. Her hat matched it; and she carried a cascade bouquet of white and aquamarine-blue and white carnations. Mrs. Norman Wei.-s, sister-in-law <-;f the groom; nr.d Miss Shirley Wei--, sister of the groom; were attendants. Mrs. Weiss wore- t-.n r-quaiv.arine-blue, brocaded silk gown; with its own jacket; arid matching headdress. Miss Weiss wore an aquamarine-blue crepe gown; with a beaded bedico. Her hat matched it. Each carritd a briquet of white, and a q u.iiv. a v i r. •:• -blue-tir.ted earn a tions. Norman Weiss was hi- brother's lest mam The u-m rs. were: Brian White, brother of the- bride; Lawrence White, Juhr: White, cousins; of the- bride; Louis Clrossbaum, eejv-.Mii of the- groom; liwin Freed-man, Larry Shaffer. Samuel Aber-man, and Larry Smith. Standards of white and aquamarine-blue carnations, and pink gladioli; and candles in wrought-iron stands, decorated the Synagogue and hall. An orchestra played. Three hundred and fifty guests were received. Mrs. White, mother of the bride, wore a gown of white and gold-coloured lace, set over aquamarine-blue, peau de soie. She had a matching tiara. Mrs. Weiss, mother of the groom, wore a gown of aquamarine-blue, embossed velvet. She had a matching headband. Each had a bouquet of white orchids, pinned to a beaded purse. Mr. and.Mrs. Ronald Weiss spent their wedding trip in Montego Bay, Ocbo Rios, and Kingston, Jamaica; the bride going away in a beige and black wool suit, under a black coat; with a corsage of white orchids. They have taken up residence at 6550 Trent Avenue. Mrs. Weiss is the great-granddaughter of Shulim Dresner; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Scbau-ber; and Mrs. Rose White. Mr. Weiss is the grandson of Mrs. Y. Grossbaum. The great-grandfather, and grandparents were in the wedding procession. Here for the marriage were: Dr. Anchel Dresner, Abe Dresner, Mr. and Mrs. Max Dresner, Rabbi and Mrs. J. H. Kupietsky; all of New York; Mrs. A. LeVine, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Simon. Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Simon; all of Halifax, N. S.; all uncles, and aunts of the bride; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dresner, Miss Channie Kupietsky, Mrs. Jonah Kupietsky; all of New York; Mrs. Otta Rauchwerger, of Tel Aviv, Israel; all cousins of the bride; Mr. and Mrs. Max Kamil, of New York; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grossbaum, of Quebec City, Quebec; Mrs. Fanny Levy, Mr. and Mrs. A. Spector, Mr. and Mrs. M. Wasserman, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weiss; all uncles, and aunU of the groom; all of New York; Mr. and Mrs. W. Berg, Mr. and Mrs. M. Warnow; cousins of the groom; all of New York; and Mr. and Mrs. M. Clarfield, of Quebec City; and Shulim Dresner, great-grandfather of the bride, and Mrs. Dresner, of Miami Beach, Florida. CLASSIFIED BRIGHT FURNISHED room to let; Cote des Neiges area. New apartment building; with swimming pool. Kitchen privileges. Business lady, or nurse. Call 738-6352. Let me entertain you! make your simcha so much more with songs by Harvey Rost. Yours for all happy occasions. Phone: 735-0101 TRAVEL AGENTS Cambrian Travel Agency Ltd. Complete Travel Service Hotels — Steamship* — Air Lines — Tours — Cruise* — Travel Insurance, teservallon* e*d tkk1$ 313 Dorvol Ave., — Donrol Phone: 636 0400 ;Opp»i;t« St*lMb«r« S4»«ppJ*9 C«*tr*) CHILDREN'S CAMfS OVERWEIGHT GIRLS 8 - It Bsn F»« 0» A Cf sti|i CVi l*H+s S

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