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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW SEPTEMBER 11, 1964 vis or SNOWDON 04WV)t Ia7 TewHt I ^¦fe^aos^BoaHaafh obs9 aaaSMaf*aal 4ooaV MARY ROAD Cantor Abraham Kalfuat^and Mrs. Kalfuss, 788 Davaar Avenue, are spending the High Holidays in Lake Placid! N. Y, Mr. and Mrs. R. Kaplan, 7915 Cote St Luc Road, were in Miami Beach, Florida, travelling via Eastern Air Lines. Dr. Charles Shagass, Professor of Psychiatry," at the State University, in Iowa City* Iowa, and Mrs. Shagass, and Kathy, and Tom, of Iowa, visited their parents: Mr. and Mrs. A. Wallersteln. 4829 Fulton Street; and Mr. and Mrs. Morris Shagass, 2785 Bedford Road. They are visiting her brother. Dr. Harvey Wallersteln, in London, England; and will go to Stockholm, Sweden; Copen- UMv«r*lty 4-7U7 for Bmr Mftxva* or WosMJa* OHtt & P. 7>eU*4€« & 5*** DANISH SJLVTtSMITHS also Repairing A Kosllvoring C P. NImm, 1211 MMk*y It., MmTtmI Lindsay Hat Shop 'exclusive millinery - large ossort-• ment of high fashion hats - we; >also carry a lovely line of corsetry< and imported silk and woollen' suits and dresses. 5991 Victoria Avo. 737-2281 -rt-i#>*r----tii---- hagen,. Denmark; and Paris, France; and, on their return home, to Birmingham, England. Their other daughter, Carla, who is spending two weeks. with her grandparents here, is a fourth Jear student at the University of (adison, in Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Spector, 6400 Randall Avenue, spent two weeks at the Poinciana Hotel, in Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Feldman, of Tel, Aviv, Israel, visited their son, and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Avrum Feldman, 346 Outre-mont Avenue. Miss Mary Krupp, 5336 Park Avenue, spent two and one-half months in Europe, having travelled via Air Canada. She met her brother, Sergeant Major Herbert Krupp, who is stationed in Soest, Germany, with the Canadian Army, and Mrs. Krupp. They visited Southern Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy, including two weeks at Tirrenia Beach, in Italy; Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France, including a week in Paris. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Finkelstein, 3822 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ont, visited their nephew, and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Rosen-herger, 8167 Stuart Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Block, of Brooklyn, N. Y., visited their sister-in-law, Mrs. Ella Block, 1045 St Viateur Street West. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Handelsman, 6264 Borden Avenue, spent a month holiday at the Poinciana Hotel, in Miami Beach, Florida. Mrs. Annie Rockman, of Miami, Salon de Haute Couture Jacqueline Inc. Invites you to a Fashion Show In the evening on Tuesday Sept. 22 - Thursday Sept. 24 - Friday Sept. 25. PJeose phone for complimentary tickets. 1010 ST. CATHERINE ST. WEST" — 878-9106 DOMINION SQ. 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AaVko roo,aro1np woifjrt roa'oeH— mm4 aay acoWooM coococotoaj ImIs* or aUat dofocts, also wllhoof «ay dwgo to yo» S. PorrldootUa hi 10 yoars wttft alilaw fraasss o« 0% of yoov fatorost os* pjafffoaj of aroflts yoawty 4otoraslajod] by ••- of too wiU» or ilii for krotlaaa FONTAINE DE BEAUTS INC. Sett* 1412 1118 SWrWooko Street West, Mantreal 2 •4*4171 TSUPMOMI M2-4171 arenvNr. anQ mi and Harold.Joel, born eon, Frank;___ Eachran Avenue, ,'¦> , 4 'TOMrs, Nathan g&Wtortf e>J son, William, 4646 St K4vin visited her father, Moses EMjrtein, of Israel; and her brdther-ln-!avfr, and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schwartz, of Haifa, Israel, having travelled via El Al Israel Air Lines. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Gallay, of Sydney, N. S., visited their son-in-law, and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. Edward Lechter (nee Lydia Gallay), and new-born son, Joel Andrew, 6826 Decelles Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vaiiler, of London, Ont, were here for the funeral of her father, Louis Hen-delman, 6276 Northcrest Place, who died on Thursday, July 80, at the Jewish Hospital of Hope. Samuel Nadler, formerly of 8281 Forest Hill Avenue, will move on October 1, to 6694 Decelles Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rosenstein, of Long Island, N. Y., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Weingarten, 4267 Esplanade Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. I. Rappoport, and son, Jeffrey Rappoport, formerly of 2605 Soissons Avenue, have moved to 6777 Mountain Sights Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dalfen, formerly of 4774 Meridian Avenue, have moved to 6800 Qote St. Luc Road. Miss Eva Levinson, of New York, visited her brother-in-law, and sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reach and Miss Tillie Levinson, 5010 Sherbrooke Street West Mr. and Mrs. Max Botner, formerly of 4560 Decarie Boulevard, have moved to 5766 Cote St Luc Road. Mr. and Mrs. William Blank, and daughter, Hedy, 4912 La-combe Avenue, were in Ottawa, Ont. Frank, and Leonard Freedman, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Freedman, 271 Dufferin Road, spent three weeks at Ederi Roc Hotel, in Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. W. Rinzler, 4233 Badgley Street, are spending the High Holidays in Ste. Agathe, Quebec. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Leest of Bronx, N. Y., spent the High Holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Eh Manis, 6950 Fielding Avenue. Mrs. Isidore Reisler, and Sheryl, and Lome, 4059 Mackenzie Street, spent the season in Plattsburgh, N. Y., where Mr. Reisler joined them weekly. Mr. and Mrs. Morrie Schwartz, 660 Eglinton Avenue, Toronto, Ont., visited his brother, and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs. Joseph Schwartz, 6792 Mountain Sights Avenue. * Mrs. Tanya Straus, formerly of 4706 Carlton Avenue, has moved to 5450 King Edward Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Krupp, formerly of 8101 Linden Street, have moved to 5666 Edgemore Street. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zelig, and Bruce, and Martha, formerly of 3160 Kent Avenue, have moved to 9 Belsize Road. Mr. and Mrs. J. Moroff, 980 Churchill Road, were in Toronto, Ont., for the bar-mitzvah of their nephew, Daniel, son of Mr, and Mrs. Ben Moroff, 275 Winnett Avenue, who was called to the Reading of the Law, in honour of his bar-mitzvah at Beth Radom Synagogue. Mrs. Ida Bubis, of Brooklyn, N. Y., visited her brother-in-law, and sister, Mr. and Mrs. H. Reisler, 5400 Crevier Street. Mr. and Mrs. Morty J. Cohen, and son, Steven, formerly of 6510 Robinson Avenue, have moved to 5746 Melling Street Mrs. Louis Crystal, and son, Michael, 4034 Mackenzie Street; and her sister, Mrs. Maurice Breitv man, and Nancy, and Joel, 815 One Hundredth Avenue, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Whitzman, 131 Willow Street, Halifax, N.S. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Moses, and Joseph, and Jerry, 6060 Grand Boulevard, were in Burlington, Vermont. Abe Katz, of New York, was here for the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Rachel Katz Rubenstein, 1842 Emmanuel Street who died on Monday, June 22, at the Royal Victoria Hospital. En6D6EmenT8 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gryfe, 66 Robingrove Road, Toronto, Ont, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Sandra Gryfe, to Carl A. Solomon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Solomon, 638 Bedford Park Avenue; Toronto. >(^;^ryfe , is the «aft^Ehjer;of;»^^ and Mrt,^a$&f gtolnlts) re crest ¦; iffld ofJH&lM Mrs; Samu^ flrfiM~Wm? wood Avenue: a\ll of >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>* ond grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Goren, 4610 Plamondon Street; great-grandson of Mrs. Fanny Goren, of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. Louis Derkson, 3510 Bedford Road, uncle, and aunt. Samuel Bercovitz, 5402 Waverley Street, held the baby during the ceremony. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dworkin (nee Irene Shames), 4260 La Peltrie Street, on August 8, at the Reddy Memorial Hospital, a daughter, Susan Lisa; sister of Barry, aged two and one-half years; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. Dworkin, 4885 St. Catherine Road; and of Mrs. Becky Shames, 5333 Hutchison Street, and the late Ben. 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