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Title: 1974-03-08-11

Full text: m m OOmAMA' LAUUmS NEW Fridoy, March 8, 1974—THE BULLETIN—11 ;To launch the fifth edition of Council Cookbook, the National luricil of Jewish Women, Van-ijiiver section, is welcoming the >inmuni to members of the Is raeli Defense Forces, from Sinai to Golan. The specially preparied packets contain edibles and coins, tofaciliate the (Observance of the two Purim Mitzvbt of Mishloach Monos and Mattorios LoEvyonim. (Mishloach Mbnos is the sending food gifts to friends, and Mattonos LoEvyonim, donating to the needy.) imAiimpRmmS'- ■ U Womei I's Mission experierices war impatt 7c>or/fl trip readJBd- GOLDEN AGERS OBSERVE PURIM AT SPECIAL EVENTS By MARLA CROPPER This is the first in a series of articles which will bring to the Vancouver Community impressions and experiences of the five women who represented Vancouver on the first ever all Canadian Women's United Jewish Appeal leadership mission. Mrs. Abe Charkow, this week's interviewee recalls that the 21 women on the mission had usually belin in Israel heretofore on happy occasions, but had gone this time to show unity with Israel in its grieving aftermath of war. '■We had all of Jierusaleni to ourselves; •' she points but noting that the. iinusal snow they encount-ered embodied a feeling of deso-liatehess -^everything was shut down although Jerusalem haidal-ready been quiet enough because of the,Wai% I was struck by the isolation of the city. A high point occurred when a man realized we were non-Israelis and came up and embraced us to thank us for coming to Israel at this time. The Israelis really appreciated our coming and our show of support. They said they realized we could have been in Florida or Havyaii." One of the most penetrating im-prjes^ionis fpr Mrs. Charkow was meeting 180 new Russian immigrants. * 'We went to Lod airport at 2 a.m. to meet them, this beingJ;he customary time of arrival. The impact was tremendous, to see HENRT KISSINGER Snowman seen in Jerusalem by, left to risrht/ Mrs. S. Belzberg, Mrs. S. Kaplan, Mrs. A. Charkow. these bewildered, travel-weary people and their patience and ability to cope with this whole new environment. **I saw one young family from Tashkent, with a rather Gypsyish appearance. They had four children, no luggage to speak Of, but on the top of their various bundles, was strapped a potty for their children." On the other side of the spectrum, Mrs. Charkow reports meeting a movie producer from Leningrad who had heard all about Canada through shortwave radio Canada. "Many of the Russians could spealc Yiddish and even some Russian," Mrs. Charkow observes, concluding, "One woman we met was a gynecologist from Leningrad. When she asked what we ivere doing in Israel, and when! explained, she bega^^n to cry — 'You mean you really care!'" their contribution to the lunity Purirn Carnival at the this Sunday, March 10, |5 p.m. Golden AgeCIubmeni-wiUsell specialty foods: Mrs^ ;ra Dayan and Mrs. G. Moses undertaken to make pita', fel-jand curried rice; Mesdames . Osipov and Fanny Stern will hat cheese knishes; Tea and ^e, will also be available. 1 Monday, March 11, tJi |. Purim party will feature the :tion of Queen Esther andKing iuerus to reiffi over the day. [(Selection is basedon qualities lairacter and those chosen are led and garbed in suitable fcsv In their honor a special tram pf music will be pro-: by Dr. Gunther Geyer. Club is will proyide the hamanta-ifpr tea, with those not baking Iributing $1 .per person io go *.e club's fund-raising for !s-ih honor of the King and m. fi^.^v,.: le latter part of tiie month find club members making annual trip to Victoria, where will be ientertained at lunch le Victoria branch of National icil of Jewish Women, followed visit to the legisiatiye seS-and tea with the HPremier rinister of Human Resources iriell as otfier members of the slature.--'-.'- le trip is limited to club jbers, who aire aiiked to sign ith Mrs. AUegra Dayan. Ac -lOdation is On a first-come f^served;ba^isy withcos^ '■jrson.v^--'-"'-;-' '■''"',■':.■.:-■-■■:]■■ furnishings are now being purchased for the club's lounge, with opening scheduled for April at a gala celebration. The next Satu rday night sociiil is being planned for March 16 or 23, details to be anhdunced in the club's newsletter. Being considered as ah expansion of the group's cooking classes are a "Sure Losers Luncheon Club'', for those wanting to embark on a weii^t loss program, and a- "Walkie-Talkie Group", for persons who would enjoy walking together for exerciser The club's opening meeting for March observed members' birthdays occiiring during the month. Featured at this progam, at which miembers of Bellingham Seniors club were entertained at lunch, was a show of fashions created by club miembers at their regular weekly sewing class under! directipn of Fae Goldman, with c \ Marjprie Morris. The event cori-cluded with a program of songs by the club's choir and drama group, directed by Barbara Minuk and accompanied by Mrs. Sara Anton..'- . ',v-^;. , • The birthday celebrants were: Mesdanies: Bessie Adelman,, J. Bangs; Minnie Barish, H, Brook; Ragna Dahle, Allegra JJayan^ R. ^> Grossman, Roise Kaplan, Esther Levi, E. Lewiri; Freda Lubinit-zki, Sara Matlin; Amelia Pipernp; Doris Shundy Anne R(rthsteihy Ahnb Simons, Mr. and;Mi:jsfeH.Melen(ty Saul Lechtzier. Also^bserved w^s ^e wedding anniversary of MrV and Mrs: Cari Lehan. ^ >v SpecialiEing in G«filte Fiih J Freth Seafoods Avonabte Every Day. j Check and Cotnport ■ ■■ 9 ■ @S W«> I«VIIIV to liiilid dince Miirih 2i All single Jewish adults, aged 20 and Oyer, areNbeing invited to a live band dance on Saturday, March 23. 8:30 p.m. in the Devonshire hotel ballroom, 849 W. Georgia. The event, organized by a group of conimunity young adults who are independent of any organization, aims to help the single Jewish community get acquainted and meet new friends., Dress is casual; Organizers note that this evening promises to be bigger and better than recent similar eves which drew large, enthusiastic attendances. Further information is available from Rebecca Weriger, 733-1374, or Keii Waldman, 325-9347. S/0fe fotiraefflefifs in JCCGms room 6146 Fraser St. Phone 325-0356 ; ... J OLYMPlA CUSTOM TAIIORINO LTD. • SNIFFER HILLMAN • AVIGNON FRENCH DOUBLE KNIT BY CAMBRIDGE • RODEX COATS 125 E. Hastings St. (at Nanaimo) 253-1310 (26 years some locotron) The new Gakes Room at the Centre has been operating for over a month with Golden Agers, teens juniors, and families becoming involved in the games and facilities offered. During the week of March 25 -31, the Games Room will host a "Tournament of Champions." Three days/ March 27, 28 and 31 will be devoted to scrabble, chess, mATHoN' Am Cfwrw scours Centre Scouts, for boys aged 11 to 14j have been involved in many new activities oyer the past few months. Scout David Freed-man is about to receive his Team Sportsjnan award, and Ethan Min -ovitz recently obtained His Collector's badge. Three Centre Scouts are planning to attend the August 1-10 Canada-wide 'Jamboree of Chal-\ lenge' at Camp Barnard on Vancouver Island; David Freedman, Duane Margolese, and Ethan Min-ovitz win join some 3,000 other Scouts, Ventui-ers and leadersina program which will include swimming, canoeing, sailing, archery, salmon bakes, sports, campfires and many other special events. Attendance at the meet will be quite expensive, officials stated, and in order for the boys to be present they will partake in an eight-mile 'Hikathon' April 28, for which sponsors are being elicited. Persons interested in sponsoring a Scout can sign up at the Centre front office or contact Gayle Myers, Scout liaison, at the Centre, 266-9111. and checkers and ping pong tournaments. There will be three categories — adult, teen and junior. Each contestant is asked to present a nominal entry fee and a Centre membership. Prizes for first and second place will be offered and there will be judges present. Persons interested in entering any one or two of the above tournaments, are asked to sign their name in the Games Room or contact Gayle Myers, Centre program worker, 266-9111. Georgia Street All the foods served are prepared to our own specifications and recipes to please the most discriminating connoisseur of itaiian cuisine. I 685-6481 642 Burrard Street. Open Sunday 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. WHOLESALE it FINE QUALITY RETAIL ^ r FOR YOUR HOME, OFFICE OR STORE > LARGEST SELECTIQN IN VANCOUVER , LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE ! 40 to 60% OFF RETAIL AportmenI and Hotel Replocemenr Corpets o Speciolry Call PETER ZACKS'CARPET MILL SALES 253-4204 Evet. 274-2217 1345 Clark Drive ENTER At REAR BUNK BONNIE COSMETIG ho8 a Bonus for You from ISTEE LAUDER WITH ANY PURCHASE OF $7.50 OR OVER OFFER GOOD UNTIL MARCH 16 756 PARK ROYAL SHOPPING CENTRE Wesf Voncouver — Phone 922-1415

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