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Title: 1956-09-28-04

Full text: e Four J E W I S H WE STERN B U L LET IN Friday/-SepJteailfeirv28, 1956 .1 _ eh J mei NATIONAL COUNCIL OF JEWISH WOMEN COUNCIL'S FIRST national > vice-president, Mrs. N. ZieiTians of, Calgary will be acting consultant at the second annual executive workshop to be held Tuesday, October 2 at the Hotel Georgia from 9;30 a.m. to 3 p.m. , . . "Knowing your Job", "Improving Communications" and "Volunteer Services" will come up 4ot examination at the workshop. £x perienced members from the entire ' Council family will act as group leaidr ers and resource personnel. . All active Council members may attend. * « ■ * , AFTERNOON GROUP —- All members of the committees for the Jumbo Bingo Night are requested to meet at the Beth Israel, at 5 p.m., on the night of the bingo, September 30. HADASSAH CHAIM WEIZMANxN CHAPTER willhold Its meeting on Tuesday, October 2 at 12:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. H. Frpme. Co-hostesses are Mrs. B. Prosterman and Mrs. Rose Sqskin. Miss Vera Chechik will show ^ an interesting film . . . Members who have not yet brought their "Bazaaf Shower" contribution are asked to do so. * * * NAOMI CHAPTER will hold an executive meeting on October 2 at 1 p.m. sharp at the home of Jennie Slutsky, 241 W. King Edward Avenue . . . This is the last meeting before the bazaar and there are a great many plans to discuss. * * * HENRIETTA SZOLD Chapter held a successful china shower at the home of Shirley Kort, with Mrs. Dorothy Chechik convening ... . Members ars asked to deliver clothes for this chapter's "Whale of a Sale" to the depots so that they can be sent to tlaie deaners. Sally RoidS^ Rose Margolese are looking after pick-ups. * * * > BEN ZVI CHAPTER will hold a bazaar shower at the home of Lillian Rotstein, 4037 Oak St., on Monday, October 1 at 8:30 p.m. Members and friends are cordially welcome to spend an enjoyable evening. * sic * LILLIAN FREIMAN CHAPTER will hold a luncheon and ba- zaar shower on Tuesday, October 2 at 12:30 p.m. at the Centre . . . A most interesting and ilhusual program has been prepared. - LADIES AUXILIARIES SCHARA tZEDECK LADIES ALIXILIARY will hold its first luncheon meseting of the season on ^October 3, in the Schara Tzedeck auditorium. Several matters of supreme importance will be discussed and all voting members are urged to attend. Mrs. Rita Hamer and Mrs. Dora Yorsh will convene the luncheon. Mr. I. Wolfe, a native son of Van--couver arid a prominent rnember of Schara Tzedeck has recently returned from.Israel and v^^ill give an interesting talk on his trip there , . . Mrs. Clare Lancaster is in charge of programming and Mrs. Ella Northy will chair the meeting. ■■*■'•■* * PERETZ SCHOOU P-TA will hold its opening meeting of the sea son in the form of a Meml)ership Tea, to be held on Thursday evening, October 4 at the home of Mrs. Ruby Wyne, 1106 West 47th Avenue. The committee in charge are: Clare Cole, Norma Winfob, Nancy Zlot-nik. Ruby Wyne and Gallia Chud ... Election of officers for the coming year will take place, and installation will be conducted by Saul Wyne. All members of the P-TA and friends, and mothers of new children attending the school are cordially invited to attend. NGJ V\OVVEN PLAN blNCiO^^J JAcKPuT NIGHT CARD OF THANKS The conveners of the Medical Aid to Israel Tea wish to thank all those who participated in and contributed towards making the 9th Annual Aid to Israel Tea such an outstanding success. Special thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Fratkin for the generous use of their lovely home. Also our thanks to Mrs. Abe Fratkin for the beputiful door prize which was won by Mrs. Sid Gorman, and to Mrs. E. Lando for the lovely Raffle Prize won by Mrs. Biely. B'NAI B'RITH WOMEN PACIFIC CHAPTER B'NAI B'RITH NO. 763 wUl hold its next general meetipg,\foaday, October 1, at McGavins Auditorium, 2091 W. Broadway, at 8:15 p.rii'. sharp. The Meri*& Fashidn Show.that was to be held on Monday, October 1 has unavoidably been cancelled. Please return all tickets to Ticket Chairman, Blanche Spartqn. AU members are requested to refund the money on tickets sold and have the tickets returned. The membership party will take place on Wednesday, October 0 at the home of Mrs. Jack Sparton, 1264 W. 11th Ave. All members and prospective members are invited to attend . . . The B'nai B'rith Oneg Shabbat will take place this year on Friday, October 12 at the Beth Israel Synagogue. VANCOUVER CHAPTER NO. 77 are having a social evening Saturday, September 29 at 8:30 p.m. Mr. and M^s. H. Yacht, 7749 Granville St., KE. 5816Y, are loaning their, home for this evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. Harrison and Mr. and Mrs. D. Simon will assist the hostess. Card playing groups are invited to get together for their favorite games. A pleasant and friendly evening, and delicious refreshments - are promised ... October 2, first Tuesday of the month, is the date of oiur next general " meeting, < with Sophie Miller, president in the chair, with news about convention and future .plans for the The comminee in charge of the Bingo Jumbo Jackpot night for Notional Council of Jewish Women, Vori-couver section, is seen here oto recent meeting making pions for the offoir. From left to right seoted ore M. Silvermon, Mrs. H. Fisher, Mrs. A. Herstein, Mrs. H. B. Weller, Mrs. M. Levine; Stonding left to right, are Mrs. J. Korbin, Mrs. S. Kort, Mrs. J. Zimmerman and Mrs: J. Rose. —Photo by A. E. Allen Ltd. coming winter activities, Volunteer helpers for the rummage sale are asked to report «at 10 a.m. October 4 at United Chahners Church Rooms 12th and Hemlock St. PIONEER WOMEN KINNERET CLUB will hold membership tea on Saturday eveniui October 6 at the home of Sara Rubin 937 West 33rd Avenue . . . All mem hers and friends are cordially invited PIONEER WOMEN'S/COUNCIL are holding an Ihstallation Dinner on Sunday, October 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the Centre. There will be ah enjoyable program and giiest speaker. Mrs A. Buchman is convener. TAMAR BBG wUi; hold gym night every Thursdaf at 7 p.m; in MIZRACHI WO/UeN OF VANCOUVER will hold their Mimuaz YMSMNm ter of the home of Mrs. Rose Doshevsky;, 131 West 15th Ave., on Sundoy, Sept. 30, 2 to 6 p.m. Everyone Cordially Invited. Come ond Bring Your Friends A. Quarf-ermaine ond Sons LES QUARTERMAINE, Proprietor GENERAL PAINTERS AND DECORATORS Sproying Interior — Exterior - Wollpoper — Paper Honging Phone: CEdor 2711 2412 Granville St. VANCOUVER 9, B.C. Established 1913 the Kiiig EdMvard High School Gymnasium ajt 12th and Oak Streets. Basketball coach will be Sid Brail. Th^ next executive meeting wUl be October 2,at the home of Bertie Lando, 1499 Angus Drive at 7:15 SHARP* The next general meeting is October 9, 2:00 p.m. in the Community Centre .. j The MIT class; will start at 1:00. The Hallowe'en dance will be held on October 27. Conveners ^ are Lana Raisen and Sharon Yacowar. * * * TOTEM AZA will play against 119 at football on Sunday, September 2.1 at Douglas Park at 1:00 p.m. weather permitting . . .A "Torah Tumble" will take plal;e on Saturday, Sept. 29 at 8:00 p.m. in honor of Simchas Torah at the home of Brian Wine, 1316 West 57th Avenue. This is open to everyone with dates only, admission 50c a couple. Refreshments ... An executive meeting will take place Sept. 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the Centre. . . Basketball practice on October 4— all those who wish to try for the team should attend ... A meeting of the "Fireball" committee will be held on October 6 at the home of Lee Dobbs, 4433 West 8th Ayenue to do^ typing, BB curling banquet * Monday at Montef iore the.B'nai B'rith Curling Club will hold its Third^Annual Banquet at the Montifiore Club Monday, October 1, 6:30 p.m. All those interested in curling^ this season are asked to attend.' If jitou do not attend and wish to curl, caU Ron Markin, CH. 9320, or Val Warren, KE. 9259, before the banquet. The presentation of last season's bonspiel awards will be made to the wiiming rinks' at the banquet. Only seven sheets of ice have been reserved for Sunday mornings, which means not everyone will be able to curl. Those curlers who pledge attendance for the entire season, .will be assigned to rinks. Jumbo bingo will laid^ varied NCJW projects ceive advanced Vprofes$ibhaI training in social welfare, in the U.S., and^ Wh6 says you can't do two things at the same time? You can, arid we'll show you just how. You can /support the vital projects conducted by the Nat'l Council of Jewish Women -and have a whale of a good time doing it! Locally Countil sponsors scholarships for teacher training, the Golden Age Club, the many volunteer services including the library .^af ? the Community Centre. Nationally Council aWards scholarships to senibr memberis for *ppstgraduatfe work in Geriatrics,; and contributes to> the Mental Health Field. Overseas^ ^^ur expanding activities include; the newest ^Council Section in Israel, ^ the scholarship ^^ "qualified persons from Jewish i communities abroad an opportuiiity to re- all those who heed rides, cohtact >I. Relihan, DI. 6819 . . . Boy^ ages 14-18 wishing to join this chapter are asked to contact Bruce Cohens KE. 8273-L. - "■■t":".. apply it in their homeland; the Ship-a-box for nursery materials in" Israel, and also, in Israel, training given in Social Work, special nursing services with particular references to rehabilitation and psychology, and of course. Council continues its support of the School of Education of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the only institutioii in Israel training secondary school teachers,, for which NCJW has received a citation. All this your are not hearing for the first .time, but that does not diminish its importance or continued, if not increased, support. , .Xl?i? I§.,^,h!y,,»'e inyitiflg.you.tpi^ the Jumbo Bingoi Jackpot Night^— and have yourself a time. Fabulous Cash Prizes every 15 minutes, door prizes every 30 minutes,, snacks and home cooking. You can't miss. The date is Sunday, September 30th, at the Beth Israel Auditorium, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. . . LILLIAN Z. MR; AND JAMPOLSKY 'express their appreciation to the' many people who' caine out to the first Kpsh(Mti^^ at Leon ^ we will continue to serve KOSHEil piNItfERS (under strict rabbinical supervision) EVERY SUNDAY FROM 5 TO 9:30 P.M. Come and bring your family Reserve now by phoning BA. 4681 Ample parking space LEON'S 1601 Broodwoy of Fir INTRODUCING SCHOOL OF DANCING ' Specializing in Every Phase of t^^ Donee • BALLET • TAP « FREE STYLE MODERN • TOE « ACROBATIC • MODERN JAZZ b MUSICAL COMEDY •HEALTH AND BEAUTY • BALLROOM - Associeffe Tcoei^ct: PEGGY POOL Individually setected Grace Macdonald instructors teach classes for beginners, internrediates, odvonced end pr6fessionaI dancers in every oge group in Vancouver's most modern Donee School. All classes are under the personal supervision,of Grace Macdonald. Accepting Enrollment Noyr for Children .4 Years ond Up CLASSES F0;( BUSINESS GIRLS FORMING NOW-All Cfosses ore. Limited. You Are Invited to Visit Our Beautiful Modern School. THE GRACE MACDONALD SCIiOOL OF DANCING ai82 West 12tli Ave. (Flliw EKchonge Bldg.) Telephoned BA. 5518

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