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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: 94 CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW April 1, 1966 portraits — weddings — bar mitzvahs impressive colour movies Phone: 787-8371 1358 EGLINTON AVE. W. Social WrteJ—Twohtc Mr. and Mrs. Yankel Jessel, 27 Westover tHill Road, attended the funeral of the late Rabbi M. Adler, of Shaarei Zedejk Synagogue, in Detroit, Michigan, who was fatally shot during a bar-mitzvah service. With them was their son, Rabbi David Jessel, of Detroit, Michigan. Over ten thousand people from the United States and Canada attended the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. B. Horenfeldt, 163 Ava Road; Mr. and Mrs. Y. Mor-genstern, 650 Briar Hill Avenue; and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooper, 4JL4 Glengrove Avenue West, are spending the Passover holidays in Israel, having gone via El Al Israel Air Lines. Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron Zimmerman, and Miss Helen Rochelle Zimmerman, and Scott David, formerly of 146 Overbrook Place, .have moved to a new home, at 32 Lissom Crescent. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mandel, and Miss Sheila Mandel, 19 North-mount Avenue; and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Capp, and Corey and Sherri, 67 Robingrove Road, returned from a holiday to Miami Beach, Florida, via Air Canada. Mi*, and Mrs. Fred Greenbaum, formerly of 173 Hillmount Avenue, have moved to a new home, at 49 Alamede Crescent. Mr. and Mrs. I. Moses, formerly of 109 Baycrest Avenue, have taken up new residence at 3832 Bathurst Street. Mr. and Mrs. I. Blatt, 6 Fraser-wood Avenue, visited their son-in-law, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosenberg, and Brenda, and BEST WISHES FOR HAPPY PASSOVER HOLIDAYS MURRAY J. KATZMAN, C.L.U. SUPERVISOR 151 Bloor Street West, - Suite 530 BUS.: 927.1933 RES.: ME. 34563 Great-West Life o-n murray alter and his orchestra With music to please your crowd ru. 2-3931 maurice turk and his orchestra Featuring ALAN KAIIL 535-8843 Michael Mark, of Montreal, Quebec. Mr. and Mrs. M. Fainbloom, of Montreal, Quebec, visited their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kerzner, 495 Glengarry Avenue. Mrs. Essie Tarnofsky, of Montreal, Quebec, visited her sister, Mrs. Fannie Finkelstein, 3822 Bathurst Street. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kossman, 20 Cadillac Avenue, will be in Montreal, Quebec, for the bar-mitzvah of their cousin, Donald Peter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kossman, 426 Mount Stephen Avenue, who will be called to the Reading of the Law, on April 2, at Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue. Mr. and Mrs. A. Chernick, 31 Evergreen Garden, are on a three-week vacation to Miami Beach, Florida, travelling via Air Canada. Mrs. May Stein, 19 Ranee Avenue, has returned from a vacation to New York; and Miami Beach, Florida, via Air Canada. Mrs. Anne Day, 3311 Bathurst Street, is spending Passover with her son and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Max Day, and David, Susan, Matthew and Ari, 108 Lake Avenue, Newton Centre, Massachusetts; and on the way, visited her son, Daniel Day, of Ottawa, Ontario. . . Mr. and Mrs. M. Sniderman, formerly of 490 Wilson Avenue, have taken up new residence at 11 Goldfinch Court. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Turk and Helene, 63 Wenderly Drive; and his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Turk and Joseph, 61 Wenderly Drive, celebrated the tenth birthdays of Helene, on March 27; and Joseph, on March 26; while they were present at the bar-mitzvah of Morris Julius, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Tarkinow, of Woodstock, Valley, Connecticut, who was called to the Reading of the Law, in honour of his bar-mitzvah, at Temple Bnai Israel, in Willimantic, Connecticut. Mrs. Rose Kerkofsky, formerly of 169 Northcliffe Boulevard, has taken up new residence at 4 Mascot Place. Mr. and Mrs. Yankel Jessel, 27 Westover Hill Road; and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Zionce, and daughter, Maria; and son, Carey, 7 Maxwell Street, were at the bar-mitzvah of their cousin, Eric, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Packer, of Cleveland, Ohio, at the Temple On The Heights, in Cleveland. Rabbi R. Rosenthal officiated, assisted by Cantor Saul Mizels, head-cantor, of The Cantors of America Association. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Orn-stein, of Fort William, Ontario, are visiting with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Leon going on a trip? film wholesale EAST TORONTO CAMERA WHOLESALE 887 Queen St. E. — 469*0393 Fre« Delivery Tennenbaum, 78 Neptune Drive. Mrs. Dora Gletnick, 170 Briar Hill Avenue, is visiting with friends in Miami Beach, Florida, having gone via Air Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Drukmaler, 3549 Bathurst Street, held a Ben-Zucher at their home to honour the birth of their grandson, Jeffrey Stuart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Feldman, 4800 Bathurst Street, the twin brother of Michelle Lisa. His godparents are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zuk, 54 Maxwell Street, uncle and aunt. Harry Drukmaler, grandfather, held the baby during the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. David Aaron Wodlinger, 889 Avenue Road, celebrated the bar-mitzvah of their son, William Randolph, who was called to the Reading of the Law,, in honour of his bar-mitzvah, at Beth Tzedec Synagogue. He is the brother of Miss Joan Wodlinger and Miss Susan. Wodlinger; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Breslin, 754 Avenue Road; and of Mrs. Rose E. Wodlinger, of Victoria, British Columbia. He is the godson of -Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lip-man, 34 Strathearn Boulevard, uncle and aunt. Kiddush was observed. Mrs. David Aaron Wodlinger wore a gray wool suit; and a Paisley-printed hat. Miss \Susan Wodlinger wore a two-piecef blue wool suit; and a white straw hat. Miss Joan Wodlinger wore a\ two-piece, pink wool suit; and an off-white straw hat. Mrs, Samuel Breslin, grandmother, were a ^two-piece, black gabardine suit; and a' hat of pink roses. Mrs. Rose E. Wodlinger, grandmother, work a yellow, wool suit; and a bliack straw hat. Out-of-town guests were: Mrs. Aaron Fagelson and Mrs. Edward Heimanson, of Chicago, Illinois; Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Kagan, of Montreal, Quebec; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wodlinger and Miss Karen Wodlinger, of London, Ontario; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ambush, of Rochester, New York; and Mr. and Mrs. P. Rubin, of St. Catharine's, Ontario, all cousins; and Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Palter, and Joel,*of Oshawa, Ontario. The same evening a birthday party was held for, William Randolph, at the home of his uncle and aunt, and godparents, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lipman, 34 Strathearn Boulevard. Those present were: Gary Staller, Ricki Kirshenbaum, Mark Zimmerman, Jason Dorfman, Warren Grossman, Noah Shopsowitz, Mickey Vigoda, Pamela Shain-house, Sharon Zubata, Gail Pos-luns, Lisa Levitt, Louise Lipman, Elsa King, Laurie Miller, Gelda. Disenhouse, Daphne Intrator, and Rachel Goodman. Mr. and Mrs. M. Ostro, 4 Kere-van Street, celebrated the har-mitzvah of their son, Michael, who was called to the Reading of the Law, in honour of his bar-mitzvah, at Toronto Hebrew Day School. He is the brother of Elliott, aged ten years; and Helen, three. Kiddush was observed. Mrs. M. Ostro greeted her guests, wearing a navy-blue suit with green trimming. The following day, a dinner and dance reception was held, at which two hundred and fifty guests were present. Mrs. M. Ostro received her guests, in a gown of pale pink, peau de soie; and a white baby orchid wristlet. Mrs. S. Ostro, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, aunt, wore a black and silver-coloured silk gown; and a white and red carnation and rosebud wristlet. Rabbi Morris Noble, of Chicago, Illinois, cousin, asked the blessing, and performed the prayer service, with the assistance of Michael. Helen'Ostro, 116 West^ mount Avenue, cousin, was master of ceremonies. Rabbi S. Burak, Erincipal of the Associated He-rew School, spoke. Helen Ostro, sister, also made a speech. Taking >part in the candle lighting ceremony were: Mr. and Mrs. H. Ostro, and Helen and Michael, 114 Westmount Avenue; Mrs. Helen Hersh, of New York; and Mrs. S. Ostro, of Sao Paulo. Brazil, all uncles and aunts; Rabbi and Mrs. Morris Noble, Mr. and MrsSB. Ja-vasky, and Jerry, Beverley, David, Howard and Susan, 10 Palm Drive; Mr. and Mrs. M. Lister and Miss Beverley Liister, 77 McAllister Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. S. Ja-nowski, and Serka, Joseph and Victor, 7 Vinci Crescent; Mr.and Mrs. R. Applebaum, and Sharon, Marlene and Neil, 197 Tavistock Road; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stone, and Terry and Linda, 24 Glenbell Crescent; Miss Gertrude Noble, 67 Berden Street; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Noble, of Buffalo, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Max Glazier, 555 Sheppard Avenue West; Mrs. Doris Jacobs, and Noland Jacobs, 125 Almore Avenue, all cousins; Mr. and Mrs. L. Lesorgen, of Bayside, New York; Mr. and Mrs. J. Gutt-man, 28 Beaver Valley Road; Mr. and Mrs. S. Osulky, 3896 Bathurst Street; Charles Osulky, 18 Model Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. M. Ostro, and Elliott and Helen, and Mich-, ael Ostro. The orchestra of Murray Alter played. The decorations were of white and red roses, with chrysanthemums and carnations, tinted blue. Mr. and Mrs. David Cappe, 59 Old Park Road, celebrated the bas-mitzvah of their daughter, Barbara Paula, who was called to the Reading of the Law at Beth Tzedec ^Synagogue. She is the sister of Maureen, aged fifteen and one-half years; Maria, ten; and Sherry, six; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Cappe, 119 Bannockburn Avenue; and of Mr. and Mrs. S. Freedman, 59 Old Park Road. Kiddush was observed, at which three. hundred ; and fifty guests were present. Mrs. David Cappe wore a two-piece, black and white checked, silk and wool suit; and a yellow straw hat. Maureen wore a mulberry-coloured wool suit; and a black velvet hat; Maria, a pink and white linen dress, with a white leather hat; Sherry, a black and white linen dress, with a straw hat. Barbara Paula, the bas-mitz-vah girl, wore a gray wool dress, with its own jacket. The same evening, a dinner and dance reception was held, at which four hundred and twenty guests were received, by Mrs. David Cappe, in a pink and green satin, peau de soie gown; with a jewelled bodice, and hemline. Mrs. S. Cappe and Mrs. S. Freedman, the grandmothers, wore pink peau de soie gowns; with beaded bodices, each in a different shade of pink. Maureen wore a white and gold-coloured lace and satin; Maria, a long, white, taffeta dress, with green trimming; and Sherry, a long white, taffeta dress with gold-coloured trimming. Barbara Paula, the bas-mitzvah girl, wore a long, white and green cloque dress. A. Singer, 495 Wilson Avenue, great- eglinton and wilson district Room wanted, with or without boord for an elderly/ retired bvti-ness man, in good health. Please call, days, at RU. 7*4266 or evenings at 4S3-5767. RED CROSS IS ALWAYS THERE 1 / 282485

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