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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW tmOAAY 18, t*S Social %US— 7m*tp Mr, and Mrs. Irving Margies, of Port Hope, Ont,. visited their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Marc - Rotenberg (nee Honey Margies), and Risa, aged six and one- Half years; Anne, four: and new-born son, Matthew Adam, 225 Strathallan Wood. Mrs. Meyer Dick, 5160 Macdpn-ald Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, visited her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hart, 14 Monclova Road, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Basch, 289 Hillhurst Boulevard, were visited by their cousins. Mr. and Mrs. I. Ludwig, of Tel Aviv, Israel. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Milner. 88 Dell Park Avenue, are spending three months in Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Garson, and Cheryl Elaine, and Allen Harvey, ^fo^merly of 4340 Bathurst Street, have taken up residence at •191 McAllister Road. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Milner. 88 Dell Park Avenue, are spending three months in Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Lawrence Steinhart, Bathurst Street, spent their honeymoon in Trinidad, W.I. Mrs. Steinhart is the former Miss Joan May Mandelcorn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Mandelcorn, of Buffalo, N.Y. Mr. Steinhart is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon G. Steinhart, 137 Elm Ridge Drive. In Buffalo, N.Y., for the marriage of Miss Joan May Mandelcorn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Mandelcorn, of Buffalo, N.Y., to Allan Lawrence Steinhart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon G. Steinhart, 137 Elm Ridge Drive, were, in addition to his parents: Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Abrahami, Mrs. R. Berg, Mr. and Mrs. H. Black-stein, Mr. and Mrs. H. Bockner, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Baine, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bellman, Mr. and Mrs. I. Bullion, Mr. and Mrs. L. Blu-menfeld, Mrs. Doris Bertram, Miss Ann Bullion, Mr. and Mrs. V. Bok-ser, Mr. and Mrs. H. Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. H. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. L. Colman, Mr. and Mrs. L. Cyna, Mr. and Mrs. S. Dessau, Mr. and Mrs. J. Drexler. Mr. and Mrs. P. Gantman, Dr. and Mrs. H. Gerston, Mr. and Mrs. P. Grafstein, Mr, and Mrs. B. Gorman, Max Grad, Mr. and Mrs. Max Kelson, Mr. and J - For Experienced Advice Oe • AMatttM • IHt tn»riM« • Otmi l*svraac« • Acclfeat « H«alHi frairi»c« MURRAY J. KATZMAN, C.L.U. SUPISVISOft 2 Cwltei StrMt, Caritta Twtr, $»itt 1510 •US.: US-SM5 III.: Ml »-W03 Twt great-west life let • • ¦ y *- > v}-. Alter AND HIS ORCHESTRA Play The Style Of Music To Please Your Crewe1 RU. 2-3931 - Ml. 3-4701 BELLA VISTA RESTAURANT where the finest italian and canadian cuisine is served. take-out service 5f EgBaton Ave., Eatf (SmrHi tide near Y«*fa) HU. 9-8304 MAURICE TURK e«d U> «fd)*«n Feafvrlso, ALAN KAMI 335-tt43 LISTEN TO m HARRY HARRIS JEWISH HOUR 1-2 pjm. CKtH 143© Directed by 0thrr Far ix 4-2*4* er 11. 14440. Mrs. H, Keison. Mr. and Mrs. H. Coren, Mr, and Mrs. T. Kumer. Mr. and Mrs. I. Lidsky, Mr. and Mra S. Levenstein, Mr. and Mrs. B. Liebman, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mor- Senstern.Mrs. J. Portnoy, Mr. and ira. S. Quarter, Mrs. Ann Rosen. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rosen, Dr. and Mrs. I. Rother, Mrs. Sadie Rother, Mr. and Mrs. Mac Robins, Mrs. Sally Richman, Mr. and Mrs. B. Roxender, Mr. and Mrs. R. Stein. Mrs. Edith Steinhart, and Michael and Karen; Mr. and Mrs. Max Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. M. Shul-man, Mra. Rose Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William Sniderman, Mr. and Mrs. N. Schwartz, Mrs. Sarah Sussman, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sussman, Mr. and Mrs. M. Solomon, Mr. and Mrs. M. Salz, Mr. and Mrs. Max Salkow, Mr. and Mrs. B. Taradash, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wagman, Mr. and Mrs. H. Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. M. Wein-maker, Mr. and Mrs. D. Zlot, Mr. and Mrs. D. Zweig, Mr. and Mrs. J". J. Zweig, Mrs. Irving Zaid, and Mr. and Mrs. H. Zelltt; all of Toronto, Ont. Also present at the marriage were: Leonard Gold, who waa the best man: LouIb Silver, Melvin Steinberg, Howard Eisen, Stanley Solomon, ushers; Alfred , Stein, and Stephen Stein, junior ushers; Misses Paula Steinhart, sister of the groom, and Reva Nai-man, who were bridesmaids; all of Toronto. Also present were: Mr. and Mrs. -S. Taylor, of London, Ont; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steinhart, and Carlt and Mr. and Mrs. H. Rothenstein, of Hartford, Conn.; Mr. and Mrs. H. Steinhart. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Pligeil, ana Lillian and Alan, Mr. and Mrs. William A Iter man, Mrs. Helen Shapiro, Mr, and Mrs. Morris Herskovitz, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hersh, and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Steinhart; all of New York. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Miles Cooper, 4854 Bathurst Street, spent their honeymoon at the Ne-vele Country Club, in Ellenville, N.Y. Mrs. Cooper is the former Miss Evelyn Silver, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Silver, 4975 Yonge Street. Mr. Cooper is the son of Howard Nathan Cooper, and Mrs. Elizabeth Schreiner, both of Toronto. In Ottawa, Ont., for the bar-mitzvah of Henry Green, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Green, at Beth Sholom Synagogue, Ottawa, were: Mr. and Mrs. H. Brodkin, 201 Pannahill Road. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Colt, 136 Hove Street, are in Los Angeles, Calif., visiting his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Godfrey, and Dolores, and Myra. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shapiro, of Windsor, Ont., visited their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Laufer (nee Rebecca Blankier). and new-born daughter, Bonnie Brenda, 26 Dell Park Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stitsky, 2 Dorado Court, spent their honeymoon at the Nevele Country Club, in Ellenville, N.Y. Mrs. Stitsky is the former Miss Dianne Roslyn Gelman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gelman, 400 Winona Drive. Mr. Stisky is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mandel, 128 Hillmount Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Irving Barmack, and Susan and Carol, formerly of 50 Mount Royal Avenue, have taken up new residence at 114 Brighton Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gordon, and Julie, and Debbie, formerly of 4 Meadowbrook Avenue, have taken up new residence at 66 Prue Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Goldberg, and son, Sandford, 153 Everden Road, have returned from Detroit, Mich., where they were present at the bar-mitzvah celebration of Len Harold Farber, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Farber, who was called to the Reading of the Law at the Adath Sholom Synagogue, in Detroit. Mrs. Murray Goldman, 80 Pur-don Drive, is on an extended holiday in Miami Beach, Florida, where she will be joined by Mr. Goldman. Mendel Szternfeld, of Winnipeg, Man., visited his cousins, Mr. and Mrs. B. Grossman, 48 Acton Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. A. Rabin, and Judy, 57 Burncrest Drive, were in Montreal, Quebec, for the marriage of Miss Evelyn Berkow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Berkow, 4982 Borden Avenue, to their nephew, Irving Rabinovitch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rabinovitch, 7085 Fielding Avenue, all of Montreal, at Shaare Zedek Synagogue. Mr. and Mra. Nathan Freedman, 162 Shelborne Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Prince, 158 Shelborne Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weinstock, 153 Shelborne Avenue; and Mr. and Mra. Isxie Ginsberg, 309 Rosemary Road, are spending a four-week vacation in Miami Beach, Florida. Mrs. Allan Lawrence Steinhart, Bathurst Street, the former Miss Joan May Mandelcorn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Mandelcorn. of Buffalo, N. Y., prior to her marriage to the son of Mr. and Mra. Solomon G. Steinhart, 137 Elm Ridge Drive, waa honoured at a luncheon given by Mrs. Steiahart, la the Empress Room of the Park Plasm Hotel, with one huadred and eeventy-flve guests present. Mra. MandeVom, of Boffalo, N. Y* mother of the •ride, waa here far the fatty. Mr. and Mra. Solly Kates, 8S70 Bathurst Street, entertained at their home, to celebrate the fourteenth birthday of their son. Sheldon. He is the brother of Shayna, aged seven years; and grandson of Max Schecter, 8270 Bathurst Street. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kirsh, and Harvey. 63 Fairholme Avenue; Mr. ana Mrs. Sol Zulauf, and Debbie. Randi, and Leslie, 63 Oakwood Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mori-field, and Stephen and Lisa, 108 Kennard Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Zulauf, 58 Oakwood Avenue, celebrated the fourth birthday of their daughter, Randi; who ia the sister of Deb* bie, aged seven years; and of Leslie Alan, two months; granddaughter of Max Schecter, 3270 Bathurst Street Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Solly Kates, and Sheldon, and Shayna. 3270 Bathurst Street; Mr. ana Mrs. Alex Kirsh, and Harvey, 68 Fair-holme Avenue; and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mortfield, and Stephen and Lisa, 103 Kennard Avenue; uncles, aunts and cousins. Randi wore an orange-coloured velvet dress. Berny, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kanarek, 246 Searle Avenue, was called to the Reading of the Law, in celebration of his bar-mitzvah, at Beth Emeth Synagogue. He is the brother of Marvin, aged sixteen; and Rita, nine. A Kiddush luncheon took place. The following week a dinner reception was held in Rambam Auditorium, in Brooklyn, N.Y. Mrs. Kanarek wore a shocking-pink, chiffon sheath, with a beaded bodice; and had an orchid corsage, tinted to match. Rita wore a white, silk dress trimmed with red; and had a wristlet of red roses. In a candle-lighting ceremony were the immediate family, and: Rabbi Joseph Kelman, who presented a Tallith to the bar-mitzvah boy; Rabbi and Mrs. Irving Brody, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herschman, Mr. and Mrs. Max Roth, Mrs. Irene Miller, Miss Sharon Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fread, Dr. and Mrs. Elias Herschman, Mrs. Harold S. Shore, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Friezer. Judy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blustein, 83 Forest Heights Boulevard, was given a party on her sixteenth birthday, by her parents, at their home. She is the sister of David, aged twelve years; Gary, eleven; and Norman, five; franddaughter of Mr. ana Mrs. oseph Grossman, 8 Nassau Street; and of Samuel Blustein, 155 Elm Ridge Drive. The hostess wore a chiffon gown, in cocoa, beige, and coral shades; and had a corsage of white roses. Judy wore a pale-blue peau de soie dress; with a bouquet of pink flowers. Present were: Michelle, and Brenda Alter, Lynn Romberg, Myra Sklar, Elaine Pollock, Peggy Smurlick, Rosanne Rubenstein, Sharon Kantor, Barbara Rotenberg, Dena Chaplick, Terry Friesner, Judi Carson, Lyba Steinberg, Bonnie Salter, Elaine Goldman, Janis Segal, Joan Bren-zel, Carol Freedman, Janis Brom-8tein, Sharon Grossman, Sandy Binstock, Esther Meyers, Karen Koshern, Dennis Schwartz, Ira Friedman, William Adler, Mark, and Gershon Hundert, Harvey Meirovitch, Howard, and Ronald Spraga, Martin King, Barry Kodis, Barry Taube, Robert Is-cove, Alan Appelbaum, David Frimmer, David Shulman, Paul Levine, Marshall Kramer, Melvin Merker, Melvin Bornstein, and Melvin, and Stanley Grossman. Miss Harriet Bornstein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bornstein, 472 Bedford Park Avenue, and the fiancee of Frank Bergson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ab Bergson, 50 Wigan Crescent, was guest of honour at a tea given at Shaarei Tefiliah Synagogue, with eighty guests present, by Mrs. Bergson. The hostess wore a three-piece ensemble of black, knitted wool; with the blouse threaded with gold metallic; and a matching hat Mrs. Bornstein, the mother of the bride-to-be, was in a beige, peau de soie suit; with a beige hat Miss Bornstein was attired in a green, chiffon sheath; with matching, flowered hat; and a corsage of Talisman roses. Those who poured the beverages were: Mesaames Joseph Eisen, and C. Sherman, aunts of the bride-elect; D. Brenneis, and Philip Rubinoff, aunts of the groom-to-be. That same evening, Mr. and Mrs. Ab Bergson entertained at/ a cocktail party, at Shaarei Tefiliah Synagogue, in honour oJf the bride-elect, and groom-to-pe. There were one hundred guests present Mrs. Bergson wore a Black, silk chiffon gown, with sheath skirt; and trimming of gold brocade. Mrs. Bornstein was in a turquoise-blue, organza gown, with beaded top. Miss Bornstein, the bride-elect, was in a gown which had a sequinned top; and white, chiffon skirt Here for the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Klein, of Waterloo, Ont Miss Sara Rozraan, daughter of Eliezer Rozman, 515 Glengarry Avenue, and the late Mrs. Bella Rozman, formerly of Haifa, Israel, and her fiance, Paul Gros-bein, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mannie Groabein. 12 Bitteroot Road, were honoured at a buffet dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Groabein, 141 Dennison Avenue, grandparents of the groom-to-be. Mra. Nannie Groabein wore an olive-green; wool sheath. Mrs. Nathan Groabein wore a gown of beige faille, with beadwork on the bodice, Mise Sara Rozman. the bride elect, wore a gown of emerald-green silk, with A-line skirt, adorned with beadwork on the bodice, tad at the hemline. Others present were; Mr, and. Mrs. Norman Groabein, and Eric, brother and sister-in-law of the groom-to-be; Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gros-bein, and Jacqueline; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grosbeln. Mr. and Mrs. Hllliard Kroll, and Mrs. Bea Ar-ron; all uncles, and aunts, of the Soom-to-be: Mrs. Lily Cohen, and rs. Yetta Markman; great-aunts of the groom-to-be; Mr. and Mrs. David Kasdeh, of SmithvlUe, Ont: Mr. and Mrs. Max Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Lahdesburg, Mrs. S. Goodman, Mr. and Mrs, R. Kroll, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stel-nick, Paul Groabein, Mrs. Anne Piekes, Mrs. Mildred Weber, Miss Claire Zukerman, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Marcus, and Mrs. Anne Kroll; all cousins of the groom-to-be; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Seigel, cousins of the bride-elect; Mrs, M. Stelnick, Mr. and Mrs. William Shankman, and Mr. and Mrs. David Elite. Miss Marcia Blumenthal, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blumenthal, 75 Wenderly Drive, and the fiancee of Paul David Goodman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Goodman, 35 Wasdale Crescent was guest of honour' at a bridal luncheon, in the Empress Room of the Park Plaza Hotel, for one hundred and fifteen guests given by: Mesdames Louis Goodman, mother of the groom-to-be; ana Joseph Blumenthal, mother of the bride-elect. Seated at the head table with the above were: Mrs. Arthur Berman, 21 Lyonsgate Drive, sister of the groom-to-be; and Miss Bonnie Blumenthal, sister of the bride-elect; and Arlene Susan Berman, niece of the groom-to-be. Mrs. Goodman chose a white and purple, printed silk, sheath dress; with a corsage of white gardenias. Mrs. Blumenthal wore a blue, printed silk dress; with straight skirt; and had a corsage of white gardenias. Miss Marcia Blumenthal, the honoured guest, was attired in a white chiffon dress: with silver sequins at the waistline; and a bouffant skirt. Her flowers were a wristlet of red gardenias. The head table was decorated with a centerpiece of red and white snapdragons and carnations, on a white cloth; and candelabra with red tapers on each end of the head table. Here for the occasion were: Mesdames Max Craft, Mack Robins, and Morris Bernstein; and Miss Minnie Bernstein, all of Detroit, Mich. Simey, son of Mrs. Lillian Sei-den, 191 Baldwin Street, and the late Frank Seiden, was called to the Reading of the Law, in celebration of his bar-mitzvah, at Bathurst Talmud Torah. He is the brother of Miss Faith Seiden, aged eighteen years; and of Charles, fifteen; and grandson of Mrs. Minnie Salem, 191 Baldwin Street Following the services, Kiddush was observed. The following evening, two hundred guests were received at a dinner and reception, at the Synagogue. Mrs. Seiden wore an emerald-green, peau de soie, sheath, with a beaded bodice; and had a white orchid wristlet Miss Faith Seiden wore a blue chiffon dress; with a full skirt; and had a corsage of white roses. Mrs. Salem wore a gold brocaded dress, with a bodice completely beaded; and had a corsage of Talisman roses. Seated at the head table with the above were: Mr. and. Mrs. Irving Meisel, of New York; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Salem, Mr. and Mrs. David Bederman, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Borchivor, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Benjamin Goldhar, uncle of the bar-mitzvah boy. asked the blessing over the challah. Charles Seiden, brother, was master of eeremonies. In the candle-lighting ceremony with the above Were: Mr. and Mrs. David Alter, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Alter, cousins, of Rochester, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Meisel, and Mr. and Mrs. Max Seiden, cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Leider, 40 Ridgeyale Drive, celebrated the bar-mitzvah of their son, Michael Stephen, who was called to the Reading of the Law at Adath Israel Svnagogue. He is the brother of Teddy, aged nine years; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. William Weis-dorf, 2550 Bathurst Street A Kiddush and luncheon followed. That same evening, a dinner and reception took place at the Svnagogue. Mrs. Leider wore an ice-blue, peau de soie ball gown, adorned with lace appliques, and seed-pearl-beads, which had a heart-shaped neckline; and bell-shaped skirt Her flowers were a wristlet of white orchids. Mrs. Weisdorf was in seafoam-green chiffon; with a mauve, orchid corsage. Seated at the head table with the above were: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weisdorf, and son, Mark: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Levine. and CaTol Ann, and Norman, uncles and aunts; and Mr. and Mrs. Alec Koenigsberg. Louis Stulberg, great-uncle, asked the blessing over the challah. Those who lit candles were: Mr. and Mra. William Weisdorf. grandparents; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weisdorf, Mr. and Mra. Frank Levine, and Carol Ann and Norman, Mark Weisdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hurwits, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stalberg, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stulberg, Mr. and Mra. Morris Weisdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cohen, Neil Solomon, Ricky Morrison, Stanley Zuckerman, Peter Fink. Leo Gotlfeb, Paul Chadwkk. Shelly Berg, Lorne Kotxer, Lome Singer. Jack Klahanoff, Keith Ray, Howard Mints, Stephen and Daniel Foster: and family of the bar-mitrrah boy. Hera for the bar-mi txvah ware: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stalierf, Mr. and Mrs. Max 8tolharg, and Mr, and Mra. Ben Mailman; ail of Detroit, Mica. of old york lane APPROACHING MARRIAGES Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seiden, of Detroit, Mich., announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Miss Adrienne Rosalind Seiden, to Bernard White, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ,White, 54 Tavistock Road. The marriage will take place on Sunday, March 17, at five o'clock, at Beth Sholom Synagogue, with Rabbi David Monson officiating, assisted by Cantor Henry Wanrman. adoptions Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klinger (nee Sophie Nest), 9 Warwick Avenue, announce the arrival of their chosen daughter, Selila Rebecca; granddaughter of Mrs. Feigei Klinger, 3998 City Hall Avenue, Montreal, Que. births Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cowitz (nee Debbie Gliman), 542 Lawrence Avenue West on January 26, at New Mount Sinai Hospital, a daughter, Risa Shelley; sister of Lori, aged two and one-half years; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bliman, 81 Borden Street; and of Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Cowitz, 185 Glen Cedar Road; great-granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Rosensweig, 81 Borden Street; and of Max Cowitz, of Toronto. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Percy Katz (nee Ruth Rubinstein), of Oshawa, Ont, on February 1, at the New Mount Sinai Hospital, a son, Joel; brother of Jay, aged sixteen months; and grandson of Mrs. Sarah Rubinstein, 3890 Bathurst Street, and the late Aaron Rubinstein: and of Mrs. Bessie Shapiro, df Chicago, III. IN MEMORIAM MILLER: In loving memory of our beloved mother, Mrs. Esther Miller, who passed away on February 1, 1961, the 24th day of Shevat, always remembered and sadly missed by her children. Mrs. S. Shlffman (Rose); Morris, Charles; and grandchildren. deaths Mrs. Marilyn Ross, 210 Brighton Avenue, died at the Northwestern General Hospital, on February 3, at the age of twenty-five years. She is survived by her husband, Edwin P. Ross; a daughter, Wendy Susan, aged seven years; Stephen Cole, and Joel Howard, twins, five; and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller, 2500 Bathurst Street. Rabbi Joseph Kelman officiated at funeral service. Interment was at Dawes Road Cemetery. Shiva was private. Isadore Applebaum, 264 Vaugh-an Road, died on January 24, at the age of seventy-eight years. He was the widower of Mrs. Zelda Applebaum; and is survived by three daughters: Mrs. M. Petrus (Lillian), of Los Angeles, Calif.: Mrs. C. Hutchins (Isabel), and Miss Martha Appleton; both of New York; two sons: Oscar Appleton, 637 Millwood Road; and Eli Appleton, of New York; nine grandchildren: Dr. Earl Petrus, of Korea; and Mrs. S. T. Julian (Marilyn), of Santa Monica, Calif.; children of Mr. and Mrs. M. Petrus; Miss Loretta Appleton, of New York; and David, Murray, Anne, and Alan: children of Oscar Appleton, and the late Mrs. Dorothy Appleton; and Laurie, and Mark, children of Mr., and Mrs. Eli Appleton; and three great- Sandchildren. Rabbi Benjamin auer officiated at funeral services. Interment was in Txomer Society section of Bathurst Lawn Cemetery. Shiva was at 637 Millwood Road, the home of Oscar Appleton. Mra. Hannah Mager, 137 View-mount Avenue, died on Wednesday, January 23, at the age of se-venty-eeven years. She was the widow of Wolf Zelik Mager; and e weddings e Luncheons • Teas e bar mitzvahs e birthdays ^a fashion shows In AL SIEGIL'S Famous glut 0

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