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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: THE CANADIAN JlWIiH RIVIIW AFBH IS, 1HO HELEN SIMPSON Floral Styling* far all Occasions 251§ Yengt St.—HUdMM 3-1145 TORONTO 12 Distinctive Designs for Weddings, Bar-Mitzvohs, receptions — ot the Synagogue, or at home. MIMIU FLORISTS' TILIMAPH DILIVIRY ASSOCIArtON Music o/ Distinction WITH SAM SILVER AND His Orchestra Office: AX. 34*41 - Jto.i tU. 24JU For Experienced Advice On • Wt fHUrilKt • AMWlttM • 6r«jp lisuriftc* • Accident ft Kitltb IMVUHM MURRAY J. KATZMAN 66 King Str««t We«t BUS.: IM 1-8345 RES.: Mi. 3-0503 Lirl Aft* •* MCI C« M » A • « • it* •<«•! ••i«*r>i*. •*•*•* tU FAMOUS STUDIO PINI UMIRA PORTRAITS IV APPQINTMCNT WEDOINCSwIAt. MITZVAHS IN MOVIIS. CAHOIM M M IN COUtfl. ^m ' •OftDON MENOLT U.S. ft CANADIAN AWAttS St. • WA. 24*41 . TffWft FOt TNI BEST IN MUSIC CALL MURRAY ALTER and his Orchestra RU. 2-3931 FOR SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS IT'S ZUCHTER S STARLIGHT ROOM CATERERS WEDDINGS - BANQUETS BAR MITZVAHS - SHOWERS 315 Adtloid* St. W. EM. 8-4647. ARCHIE GINSBERG and his ORCHESTRA The Fabulous Continentab At its »Mt. RU. 9-1376 Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Wolman, 56 Heathdale Road, are back after a vacation at Pebble Beach, Calif. Paul Soles, son of Mr. and Mra. Arthur L. Soles, 66 Strathearn Road, won the Calvert Award of the western Ontario Drama Festival, first prize for the best supporting role as the director, in "Six Characters In Search Of An Author." Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kreidsteln, 217 Chaplin Crescent, spent their wedding trip in Acapulco, Mexico. Mra. Kreldsteln is the former Miss Carolyn Alter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alter, 217 Chaplin Crescent. Mr. Kreidstein is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Kreidstein, 108 Delaware Avenue. Neil Sherman, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Sherman, 329 Albany Avenue, is spending Passover with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosenbloom, 6288 Trans Island Avenue, Montreal, Que. Mr. and Mrs. Menach Yorkuni, and children, Oded, aged five years, and Kami, two, of Kibbutz Kissu.fixn, Israel, are visiting with bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Green, 17 Belvedere Avenue. Mrs. Anna Steinner, of Chile, South America, was here for the ^bar-mitxvah of Michael Richard, son of Mr. and Mrs, Moshe Diamond, 12 RooksgroVe Avenue, who was called to the Reading or the Law, in celebration of his bar-mitzvah, at Anshei Chmielnik Synagogue. While here Mrs. Steinner waa also reunited with her soMrin-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Menach Yorkuni (nee Gila Steinner), of Kibbutz Kissufim, Israel, and grandchildren, Oded, aged five years, arid Rami, two. Mrs. Joseph Weinstein, of New York City, is visiting her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Saul Leese; and children: David, Michael, and infant daughter, Ellen Hadria, 21 Pinemore Crescent. Here for the bar-mitzvah of Aaron, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Book, 85 Lynnhaven Road, who was called to the Reading of the Law, at Beth Tzedec Synagogue, were: Mr. and Mrs. A. Book, his grandparents; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Book, Murray Book; uncles and aunt; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fine, and Marsha, Diana, and Ronald, of Montreal, Que. Mr. and Mrs. A. Lukawitz, of Haifa, Israel, are visiting with •his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. L. Lukawitz, 29 Talbot Street. Mrs. M. Cravitz and son, Shawn, 270 Brunswick Avenue, sailed on the Saxonia from Montreal, Que., to spend two months in England and Europe. They will visit Mr. and Mrs. D. Kravitz, and son, Monty, in Leeds, England, the parent* and brother of M. Cravitz. Accompanying them to Montreal were: M. Cravitz, Mrs. G. Weinstein, and son, Ritchie, 163 Dun-blaine Avenue; and Mrs. Annie Ludwig, 270 Brunswick Avenue-They stayed at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. In Montreal, Que., for the bar-mitzvah of Jerry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pekeles, 710 Bertrand Street, who was called to the Reading of the Law, at Shomrim La-boker-Beth Yehuda-Shaare Tefil-lah Synagogue, were: Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gordon, 74 Spadina Road; Mr. and Mrs. B. Albaum, 136 Falkirk Avenue, uncles and aunts; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gordon, 706 Briar Hill Avenue; Mrs. C. Pollack, 488 Coldstream Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. A. Solman, 21 Ardmore Road; Miss Ellen Albaum, 136 Falkirk Avenue; cousins; and Saul Stern. Mr. and Mrs) J. Weinberg, and children, Elaine Leslie, Deborah Karen, and Sheri Natalie, formerly of 921 Wilson Avenue, have taken up new residence at 55 Fay-wood Boulevard. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bernard Geldblatt, 599 Lawrence Avenue, West, spent their wedding trip at the Nevele Country Club, in Ellen-ville, N.Y. Mrs. Goldblatt is the former Miss Marian Trefler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Trefler, 599 Lawrence Avenue West. Mr. Goldblatt is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Goldblatt, of Portland, Maine. WIDE WIDTHS WITH HIGH FASHION C-EEE ttOBLOORW. (ATM) Mr. and Mrs. I. Fine, 166 Alberta Avenue, and Sandra, Mar-lene, Marsha, and Rochelle. celebrated the first and second Passover Seders with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mandel, 20 Peverii Hill Road North, and Marvin and Harriet, who with Marsha Fine, asked the Four Questions. Mr. and Mrs. R. Steinman and son, Raymond, 46 Katherine Avenue, celebrated the first Passover Seder with their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. H. Steinman, and daughter, Beverly, 80 Kennard Avenue; his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. D. Steinman, and son, Victor, 46 Katherine Avenue; his mother, Mrs. Rebecca Steinman, 3560 Bathurst Street; and her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Starr, Sharbot Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lanys, and sons, Shane and Marty, 179 Over-brook Place, celebrated the first Passover Seder with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Fine, and sister, Miss Helen Fine, 1576 Eg-linton Avenue West; and her sisters and brothers-in-laws; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Weldman, 136 Kennard Avenue: and Mr. and Mrs/Sydney Fisher, 1022 Briar Hill Avenue. Marty Lanys asked the Four Questions. Mr. and Mrs. Saul R. Green-glass, and children, Eric and Patti-Ellen, 161 Ava Road, celebrated the first Passover. Seder with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Greenglass, 17 Fraserwood Avenue; his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. T. Lebo, 627 Briar Hill Avenue; and children, Donna and Paul; and Mr. Lebo's mother, Mrs. H. Lebo. Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Brodey, 323 Rushton Road, gave a cocktail party in their home in honor of Mrs. iBrodey's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cherniovsky, who are visiting them for three weeks from Johannesburg, South Africa. Sir Ernest and Lady MacMillan; Walter Suaskind, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Simon-sky, Mr. and Mrs. R. Bolstad, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burner, of Kitchener, were present. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steinberg, and son, Frank, 85 Invermay Avenue, celebrated the first Passover Seder, with members of their families: his mother, Mrs. Sima Steinberg; Mr. and Mrs. Saul Shulman and Frances and Sandy; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steinberg; Mrs. Zelda Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Wally Price and Elaine, Carol, and Gail; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Petigorsky, of Hamilton, Ont.; Mr. and Mrs. B. Steinberg, Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Steinberg, and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Pollock. Saul Shulman conducted the Passover service. Frank Steinberg asked the Four Questions. Miss Susan Rosen thai, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. Rosenthal, 675 Roselawn Avenue, and the fiancee of David Lavine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lavine, 892 Avenue Road, was guest of honour at a bridal tea, at the Pump Room of the Lord Simeoe Hotel, with two hundred guests present, given by Mrs. Lavine, mother of the groom-elect. Mrs. Lavine wore a. beige, silk sleeveless gown: with, a high neckline and fitted bodice; and a full skirt. Mrs. Rosenthal, mother of the bride-elect, wore a black and white chiffon dress; with a high neckline, long sleeves; and a full skirt. Miss Susan Rosenthal, the bride-elect, wore a blue lace, dress, styled with a fitted bodice, cut low in the back; and sleeveless; and a very full skirt; and she had an orchid corsage. Mrs. Fay Pasternak, 528 Castle-field Avenue, celebrated the first Passover Seder with her sons and daughters-in-law, Mr. and Mrs, Leon Pasternak, 528 Castlefield Avenue, and Mr.- and Mrs. Jack Pasternak, 121 Winston Park Boulevard; her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Pasternak, and sons, Jack and Sidney, 528 Castlefield Avenue; Mrs. V. Slodove, and daughter, Lorraine, 514 Euclid Avenue, mother and sister of Mrs. Leon Pasternak; and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schwartz, 1 Kirkland Boulevard, sister of Mrs. Leon Pasternak. Leon Pasternak conducted the Seder. Sidney Pasternak asked the Four Questions. Cantor and Mrs. H. Jacobs, 373 Joicey Boulevard, celebrated the first Passover Seder with their sons-in-law and daughters: Mr. and Mrs. M. Kerbel and children. Diane, Susan, and Joseph, 180 Reiner Road; and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fraser, 1 Rockcliffe Avenue; their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jacobs, and daughter Lisa, 96 Cuffley Crescent North; Cantor Jacob's brother, Louis Jacobs, of Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. Jacob's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Led«rman, and sons. Mel-vin and Sidney, 31 Pine Hill Road; Mr. and Mrs. T. Berkle, and son. Samuel, 16 Alexis Boulevard; and Mr. and Mrs. G. Sokolosky, 14 Wasdale Crescent. Cantor Jacobs conducted the Seder. Samuel Berkle asked the Four Question?. Miss Bayla Federman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Federman. 40 Clifton Road, and the fiancee of Marvin Abrams, son of Mr. and Mrs, A. Abrams, 73 Brunswick Avenue, was honoured at a miscellaneous shower, given at Murray HOUM, with seventy guests present, by Mrs. M. Isenberg, 323 Warren Road, and Mrs. S. Tsenberg. 2 Dellbank Road. Mrs. Federman, mother of the bride-elect, wore a beige shantung sheath, made with a fitted bodice, and V-neckline, and short sleeves; and she had a corsage of yellow roses. Mrs. Abrami, mother of the groom-to-be, wore a blue peau de soie sheath, styled with a fitted bodice, and scooped neckline; and she had a corsage of pink roses. Miss Bayla Federman wore a blue crepe dress, fashioned with a fitted bodice, and scooped neckline, and cap sleeves, and a bouffant skirt. She had a corsage of pink and white roses. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rom, of Oak-ville, Ont.. gave a dinner dance at the Starlight Room of Zuchter'a Restaurant, in honour of Mr. Rom's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George Rom, of Los Angeles, Cal., formerly of Orillia, Ont, who made their first visit to Toronto in thirteen years. The guests were: Mrs. Mary Brown, sister of Mr. Rom; David Rom, a" brother, and Mrs. Rom, of Detroit, Mich.: Mrs. Harry Fishbain, sister, and Mr. FJshbain; Mrs. A. Gertner, sister, and Mr. Gertner; Mrs. Frank Oberman, niece, and Mr. Oberman; Mrs. Morton Bums, niece, and Mr. Burns; Mrs. Ben Winters, niece, and Mr. Winters; Joseph Fisher, nephew, and Mrs. Fisher; Mrs. Samuel Sherkin. niece, and Mr. Sherkin; Arnold Rom, nephew; Kenneth Gertner, nephew; Mrs. Ralph Abrams, great-niece, and Mr. Abrams; and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Oberman. The table was decorated with a welcome home cake, and a table decoration of carnations, snapdragons, and roses, arranged with small trellises and candles; and an inscribed anniversary cake in honoui4 of Mr. and Mrs. A. Gertner, 583 Melrose Avenue, who were celebrating their twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. David, son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kerbel, 23 Peveril Hill Road North, was called to the Reading of the Law, in celebration of his bar-mitzvah, at Holy Blossom Temple. He is the brother of Norman, aged nineteen years; and Robert, fifteen; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Max Feldman, 20 Mark-dale Road. Following services a luncheon was given at Regency Towers, with one hundred ana eighty guests present. Mrs. Kerbel wore a two-piece, beige, shantung sheath; with three-quarter-length sleeves; and had an orchid corsage. Mrs. Feldman wore a blue peau de soie sheath; and her corsage was of red roses. Seated at the bead table with the famity were: Rabbi J. Eisen who asked the blessing over the challah; Mr. and Mrs. J. Silver; Martin Max-well, of Beverley Hills, Calif.; and Mrs. H. Finn, of Dayton, Ohio. The head table had two arrangements of blue and white carnations, and white candelabra on a white linen cloth. Those who took part were: Bonnie and Donna Kerbel, Mark and Lee Silver, Susan and Elaine Hotz, Robert and Mark Hotz, of Hamilton, Ont: Richard Reyman, Lindy Lipsky, Jerry and Rodeen Cooper; Karen and Shelley Feldman; Mrs. B. Brenhouse and son, Elliott, of Montreal, Que.; Sheldon Gold, Norma Walman, Larry Binder, and Teddy Morris. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hersko-witz, 1598 Bloor Street West, celebrated the bar-mitzvah of their son, Norman Moshe, who was called to the Reading of the Law, at Yeshivah Torah Chaim. He is . the great-grandson of Mrs. Hannah Fishman, 1240 Danforth Avenue. A Kiddush luncheon was served. The following evening a dinner and reception was hela at Murray House with two hundred guests present. Mrs. Herskowitz wore a champagne-coloured, embroidered organza sheath; with a large bow in the back forming two chiffon panels; with an orchid corsage. Mrs. Fishman wore a printed silk sheath with a chiffon, three-quarter-length redingote; and had a corsage of red roses. Seated at the head table with the family were: Rabbi G. Felder, Mr. and Mrs. J. Miltz, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bialik, and Mr. and Mrs. N. Gries; uncles and aunts of Norman; Mr. and Mrs. A. Mansdorf, of New York; Mr. and Mrs. A. Sternberg, Mr. and Mrs. H. Klien, and Cantor J. Zigelman, who asked the blessing over the challah. The table was trimmed with two compositions of red roses and carnations and the white table cloth was arranged with red roses along the front The candles were lit by the family members, head table guests, and: Mr. and Mrs. L. Fishman. Mr. and Mrs. N. Wieseblat, and son, Aaron; Mrs. L. Exlebert, Mrs. P. Klein, Mr. and Mrs. D. Marcus, Mr. and Mrs. M. Ptashnik, Mr. and Mrs. J. Betal, Mr. and Mrs. J. Shiavitz, Mr. and Mrs. S. Barac, and Mrs. S. Shaver. Marvin Gries lit a candle with Mrs. Fishman, great-grandmother of the bar-raiUvah boy. Miss Sharon Blume, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Blame, 22 Al-lenvale Avenue, and the fiancee of Albert Bliman, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Bliman, £00 St Clair Avenue West, wss honoured at a miscellaneous shower, given at the Murray House, with one hundred For Woddingt, Bor-Mitxrohi, Stoof, otc, RoMrvo Tho Modern Alr-Conditioncd KING DAVID HALL or TOP OF THE TOWN ROOM •ccommo4«tlon for 25 to 300 Call tM Town HOMN Rttfouront Cotetlng Ltd. Ill If Union Avo. W. , *U. 1-3569 Atk ut tboml puking ficilihet. Help Protect Your furnffure; CUSTOM MADE PLASTIC COVERS Crystal cl«ar, 9 gauaa Durovlnyl Nan Inflammable Plastic. Makes everything Dust — Altorgy — Moth and Dirt proof. Cut In your own homo by exports. loch place Individually tJppared, air vonri on all cuskloni. Cleans with a "wlpa of the cloth'7. Two year guarantee, sea your furniture through our covers. Shur-Fit Plastic Covers Company for Iroo airlaMrfas pfeaio coil «nyt/mo. Sidney Zone ME. 3-1058. "Career opportunity In the sales field, for a mature young woman/ between ages of thirty and forty-five. Drawing account against commissions. Phone for appointment, RU. 9-1223." and twenty-five guests present. The hostesses were: Mesdames J. Brightman, of Detroit, Mich.; S. Rosenberg, 381 Whitmore Avenue; H. Bruner, 124 Searle Avenue: and J. Wayne, 89 Chiltern Hill Road; all aunts of the bride-elect;' T. Warren, 32 Brucewood Avenue, and M. Lewis, of Lindsay, Ont.; cousins of the bride-elect. Mrs. Blume wore a green, silk, print sheath, fashioned with a portrait neckline; shirred sleeves; and a fitted bodice; and had a corsage of gold-tinted roses. Mrs. Bliman wore a light blue, silk sheath; and had a corsage of Talisman roses. Miss Sharon Blume, the bride-to-be, wore a pale blue dress which was styled with a large collar; a fitted bodice; and a bouffant skirt. Her wristlet was of white gardenias. The head table was centered with mixed spring flowers, arranged on a white tablecloth. Here for the occasion were: Mrs. J. Brightman, of Detroit, Mich., aunt of the bride-elect; and Mrs. M. Lewis, of Lindsay, Ont., cousin of the bride-elect. Miss Marilyn Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Johnson, 62 Baycrest Avenue, and the fiancee of Billy Mandel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mandel, 180 Glen-cedar Road, was honoured at a bridal luncheon given, with one hundred and seventy guests present. The hostess was: Mrs. J. Mandel, mother of the groom-to-be. She wore a champagne-coloured cocktail gown, designed with a round neckline; a sleeveless, fitted bodice, and a bouffant skirt. She had a corsage of yellow roses. Mrs. Johnson, mother of the bride-elect, wore a green, silk sheath dress, fashioned with short sleeves, and a scooped neckline; and had a corsage of pink roses, Mrs. .Fannie Jacobs, 135 Portland Street, grandmother of the bride-elect, wore a blue, lace dress; and had a corsage of red roses. Mrs. S. Feldman, 248 Wilmington Avenue, sister of the bride-elect, wore a green, silk, shirtmaker dress; and had a corsage of pink roses. Miss Marilyn Johnson, the honoured guest, wore a black, peau de soie dress, styled with a stand-up collar, three-ouarter-length sleeves, and a fitted bodice. Her flowers were a wrist bouquet of white orchids. Seated at the head-table with the above family members who received were: Mrs. J. Burstyn, 189 Dunblaine Avenue; and Mrs. Harry Mandel, 141 Castle wood Road, both aunts of the groom-to-be. The head table was trimmed with a centerpiece composed of various spring flowers, arranged with greenery on a green tablecloth. Here for the occasion were: Mesdames Joseph Mandel, H. Rotman, S. Mandel, M. Mandel, J. Mandel, R. "Rot-stein, A. Blain, H. Mandel, J. Rotman, and H. • Waxman; all of Hamilton, Ont. Miss Angela Ogus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Z. Ogus, 28 Lois Avenue, and the fiancee of Dr. Joseph B. Houpt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham D. Houpt, 665 Eglinton Avenue West, was guest 'of honour at a tea, given at the home of Mrs. S. Mandel, 26 Gas-tlewood Road, aunt of the groom-to-be, with one hundred ana fifty guests present. The hostess was Mrs. Houpt. mother of the groom-to-be. Receiving with her were: Miss Angela Ogus, the bride-elect; Mrs. Ogus, Mrs. L. Starkman, 102 Baldwin Street, grandmother of the groom-to-be; Miss Blossom Houpt, sister of the groom-to-be; Mrs. B. Moupt, 659 Rushton Road, his sister-in-law; and Mrs. S. Mandel, 26 Castlewood Road, his aunt Mrs. Houpt wore a silver-gray silk suit, made with a slim skirt, and a fitted jacket; and had pink roses for her corsage. Mrs. Ogus wore a navy-blue and white silk suit; and had a wristlet of ted roses. Mrs. Starkman wore a rose-coloured, lace afternoon dress; and had a corsage of yellow roses. Miss Blossom Houpt wore a summer cotton, orange and white afternoon dress. Mrs. Mandel wore an off-white lace dress with rhinestpne pattern. Miss Angela Og^is, bride-to-be, wore a white, silk, dress, made with a scooped neckline; fitted bodice; and bouffant skirt which was short in front and longer in back; with a mauve orchid corsage. Mrs. Starkman, poured the tea. Assisting in serving were: Mesdames S. Pearl, 68 Heddington Avenue, aunt of the groom-to-be; B. Houpt, 659 Rush-ton Road, his sister-in-law; H. Rubenstein, 58 Heddington Avenue; G. Goldman, 28 Castlewood Road; A. Mandel, 235 Pannahill Road; S. Gangbar, 240 Pannahill Road; and M. Pearl, 228 Searle Avenue, all cousins of the groom-to-be. a/uL cL JttL JU/DWL JuiA&a/tcL .• S want fa Ae/ut Sylvia* J/VL /*a/uutia/L (Do it now! Thxt bteL thiny* to ? a. &U&L facm, honuL. in. touch* with* th** t>UL tow/L and, I/UL ti&L that WAW. to 265 CroJf St. Woof Monfiool 1, Qvo* UN. 1-1541 IN CANADA: $1.00 for 1 CA1AT MfTAIN. IUKOK: M 21 Toronto i, EM. 4-1436 fj.00 *~ * T»~* BtA*X U.1. for 1 y^r; M.OO fw

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