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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: THE CANADIAN iewi8h HEVIEW Smart Women Buy covers Custom Cut and fitted in your homo by experts Separate cushions with zippers and air vents. Two'Year Written Guarantee - Free Estimates RU. 7-3133 1904 Avenue Rood Schlifer, S. Budd, secretaries; M. Dlakin, dues treasurer. Newly elected board is: Mesdames Irving Atin, Harry Bergen Harry Berlin, Samuel Bloom, Sydney Brody, Larry iBrumsn, Maurice Cohen, Joseph Feldt, Fred Fine, Sidney Fox, Louis Freedman, Jack Gertz-bein. David Gold, Jack Graham, David Greentfarten, William Gry-ie, Melvern Katzman, Louis Kir-shenblatt, Benjamin Kramer, Maurice Landis, Jack Litman, Harry Novack, Jack Oberman, Etta Pearl, Albert Sandler, Walter Shaul, Myer Shelson, Samuel Shulman, Philip Solish, William Sipper, Joseph Steiner, John Still-man, . Harry Swartzfeldt, Abe Wagman, Sidney Weiner, Bernard Weinstein. toronto meetings (Additional Toronto Meetings are on Page Six) it sons of jacob * Benevolent Society Bowling Club held its banquet in the Club Oasis Room of the Barclay Hotel. Present were: Ralph Marans. chairman, and Mrs. Marans; S. Wein-garten, secretary, and Mrs. Wein-garten; Mrs. Ruby Stein, treasurer, and Mr. Stein; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Orlans, Mr. and Mrs. J. Shomsky, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Siegel, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Elbaum, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nash, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fineberg, Mr. and Mrs. B. Minard, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weingarten, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nefsky, Mr. and Mrs. J. Clad-man, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Manny Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Levine, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. A. tSwSftz. Mr. and Mrs. .Murray Kadis, Mr. and Mrs. William Wal-lensky, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Las-cow, Mr. and Mrs. A. Savlov, Mr. and Mrs. William Charney, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stein, Mrs. R. Fen-wick, Robert Steinberg, and Nathan Fireman. Prizes were won bv: Ralph Marans, and Mrs. M. Kadis, high average; Louis Orlans, and Mrs. R. Stein, second high average; Joseph Shomsky, Mrs. B.. Minard, Mrs. M. Wilson, high single flat; Ralph Weingarten, and Mrs. R. Fenwick, high triple flat; Joseph Cladman, and Mrs. Manny Ross, high single with handicap: Robert Steinberg, and Mrs. J. Nefsky, high triple with handicap. New executive nominated is: Samuel Weingarten, chairman; Manny Ross, secretary; Mrs. Murray Kadis, treasurer. * beth sholom * Synagogue: Mildred Arnoff Memorial School held its graduation exercises, and confirmation. The invocation was given by Rabbi David Monson. Grade 6 A. of Talmud Torah, teacher, A. Szwizgold, were: Gerald, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bernstein, 47 Park Hill Road; Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Brand, 25 Duncannon Drive; Maurice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Israel Esses, 78 Ridelle Avenue; William Grajower, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Parker, 54 Gloucester Grove; Marlene, daughter of Mrs. Emma Goldstein, 36 Menin Road, and the late Abraham Goldstein; Joel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hibloom, 49 Stayner Avenue; Samuel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Zelig Leitenberg, 206 Gloucester Grove; Larry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Orenstein, 1014 Briar Hill Avenue; Allan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pernica, 579 Lauder Avenue; Shelley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Schwartz, 546 St Clements Avenue; Fern, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Shiman, 152 Ava Road; Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Silver, 616 Briar Hill Avenue; Melvyn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Solmon, 4 Old Park Road; Jay, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Swartz, 10 Westover Hill Road; Jerome, son of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Teitel, 96 Chiltern Hill Road; Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weinstock, 22 Park Hill Road; Myrna, and Sheldon, children of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zelunka, 123 Elm Ridge Drive. Grade 6 B. of Talmud Torah, teacher. Rabbi M. Kirshenblatt, were: Garth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Drahinsky, 550 Briar Hill Avenue; Isaac, son of Mr. and Mrs. Israel Ehrlich, 187 Glen Cedar Road; Lome, son of Mr. and Mrs. 8idney Fromer, 581 St Clements Avenue; Jeffrey, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Goodman, 11 Mar-wood Road; John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Greenspan, 80 Chiltern Hill Road; Franklin, son of Mrs. Annie Hoffman, 123 Dynevor Road, and the late Meyer Hoffman; Louis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Urine, 755 Briar Hill Avenue; Kenneth, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Upton, 13S Wembley Road; Fred, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Handel, 24 Ridge Hill Road; Sol, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Roeenbaam, 109} Eglinton Avenue West; Andrew, eon of Mrs. Lola Rosenberg, 47 Latimer Avenue, and the late Manny Rosenberg; AJlan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sfcaaoff, 7*3 Briar Hill Avenue: Murray, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. 8ia*er, 23 Ridge Hill Drive. Grade 6 A. Elementary School, teacher, Mrs. Sarah Ma-tos, eonftrmanta were: Judy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Berj^baum, 415 Gkngrove Avenue West; Nona, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Davis, 69 Fairleigh Crescent; Bryna. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fischman, 37 Gloucester Grove; Sari, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Levenson, 44 Shallmar Boulevard; Cecily, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lubm, 15 Fairleigh Crescent; Cindy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Raskin, 15 Shelbourne Avenue; Deborah, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Sherman, 14 Ridge Hill Drive; Lyba, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Steinberg, 141 Elm Ridge Drive; Linda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Wells, 26 Ridelle Avenue; Cheryl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wilen-sky, 8 Heathdale Road. Valedictorians were: Elementary School, Lyba Steinberg, Cecily Lubin; Talmud Torah, Samuel Leitenberg, Maurice Esses. Diplomas were presented by: Rabbi David Monson, Cantor Henry Wahrman, Dr. Joseph Diamond, Azriel B. Karney, Marvin Urbas, Sidney Silver, William Crocker, Max Shecter, Henry Donsky. Presentation of Mildred Arnoff Memorial Awards was made by: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Arnoff, Samuel Blank, Fred H. Ganz, Mrs. Henry Lurie, and Manny Ezrin; to the Elementary School by A. Swartz, S. Zale. Presentation of Certificates of Honour was by: A. Riman, Jack Win-nick, Harry L. Barkin, Bernard M. Gottlieb, to: Maurice Esses, Soup-coff awa#d, by Louis E. Soup-coff; Merle Enchin, Isaac Unger-man, by Joel Wasser; Saul Mim-ran, Samuel Racko, by Sidney Racko; Sandra Solmon, Harry Ash Award; by Mr3*.J?• Waltman; Ruth Wqinstoct, Israel Rapaport Memorial, by Azriel B. Karney; Jerome Teitel, Dora Balshin Memorial Scholarship, by Murray Balshin; Joel Hibloom, Beth Sholom Brotherhood Scholarship, by Frank Cadesky; Samuel Leitenberg, Beth Sholom Sisterhood Scholarship, by Mrs. S. Bernstein. The address of welcome was made by Marvin Urbas, chairman of the board of education; greetings by Sidney Silver, president, of Beth Sholom Synagogue; and Dr. Joseph Diamond, director, Bureau of Jewish Education. The School choir was led by Miss Charlotte Marcus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Marcus, 14 Menin Road; Cantor Henry Wahrman, and Beth Sholom Choir participated. Mrs. Sarah Barkin was organist. After the exercises, a reception was held in the Gerald Schwartz Memorial Auditorium. ir bnai israel-beth * david Synagogue, Albert Pappenheim, Rabbi: Newly-elected officers are: Irving Atin, president; Peter Gordon, Myer Shelson, vice-presidents; Louis Swimmer, secretary; Julius Wise, treasurer; David Dunn, Sol Gordon, Samuel Shulman, trustees; Max Goody, immediate past president; Cecil Foreht, past president; board of governors; Jacob Adler, Paul Albright, Barry Ber-ger, Sidney Beube, Sol Budd, Norman Cappell, I. H. Chapnick, Jack Chisvin, Meyer Dorren, Alex Ei-sen, Joseph Feldt, Alex Fienberg, William Fienberg, Louis Freedman, Samuel Frohman, Stanley Frucbtman, David Goldberg, Ben Goodman, Victor Goodman, David Greengarten, William Gryfe, Irwin Hoffman, Robert Iseman, Seymour Iseman, Melvern Katzman, Louis Kirshenblatt, Samuel Lip-sky. Jack Litman, Morris Litovitz, Jack Manner, Norman Oster, Henry Risman, Richard Rovan, Max Sandler, Murray Shaw, Manny Sherman. Isadore Shulman, Hyman Stoll, A, Vanek, Morris Va-nek, Bernard Weinstein, Ben Winters, Harold Cohen, Mrs. Murray Vernon. Newly elected Brotherhood officers are: Harold Cohen, president; Richard Rovan, Louis Freedman, vice-presidents; Samuel Shulman, treasurer; David Dunn,- Alfred Pilch, Harry Berger, secretaries; Melvern Kaltxman, immediate past president; Samuel Bloom, Sol Budd, M. Cohen, Alex Eisen, Sidney Forcht Nat Goldstein, Harry Gorman. William Gryfe, Louis Kirshenblatt. Samuel Lipsky, Jack Litman, Ruby Marks, . Harry Sandler. Max Sandler, Murray Sherr, Philip Solish, Philip Stone, Albert Taub, Ben Winters, Wilfred Yaphe, trustees. Sisterhood installed these officers: Mesdames Murray Vernon, president; H. Cohen, membership; P. Stone, fund-raising; T. Bloom, cultural; all vice-presidents; A. Pilch, J. ir holy blossom * temple Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut and Rabbi Jerald Bobrow blessed each student individually in front of the Ark at confirmation services. The confirmants were: Ann* Judith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard B. Arent, 21 Flanders 'Road; Nancy Carole, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Monte C. Beder, 109 Glenayr Road; Elizabeth Donna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Bohnen, 170 Armour Boulevard; Barry (Stephen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Borden, 687 Briar Hill Avenue; Eric Melvyn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jjoseph Bornstein, 16 Fernwood Road; Robert Julian, son of Dr. and Mrs. Sidney A. Carlen, 4 Ormsby Crescent; Daniel Mitchell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Garfield Cass, 2500 Bathurst Street; Michael Allan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Charles, 309 Rushton Road; Deborah Lynn, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joshua J. Chesnie, 349 Court-leigh Boulevard; Terrie Susan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cohen, 226 Coldstream Avenue; Philip John, and Richard Jeffrey, sons of Mrs. Dora Covent, 2603 Bathurst Street; Leonore Kathryn, daughter of Mrs. Marie Cymbal, 3892 Bathurst Street; Wendy Anne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Bertram Danson, 114 Bombay Avenue; Douglas Masters, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Davidson, 1643 Bathurst Street; Merryl Ellen, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Epstein, 174 Old Forest Hill Road; Paul Raymond, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. Fieldstone, 18 Ridgewood Road; Gary Brian, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Freeman, 69 Strathearn Road; Arthur Murray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Gans, 301 Richview Avenue; Ernest Lepon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Selwyne M. Ginsler, 35 Blithfield Avenue; Elaine Karen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Goodman, 722 Briar Hill Avenue; Barry Abraham, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Gordon, 32 Whitmore Avenue; Lome Stephen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Green, 2500 Bathurst Street; Barbara Gail, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Greenberg, 99 Searle Avenue; Frederick Alan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Grossberg, 108 Glenayr Road; Elaine Debbie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Harris, 252 Cortleigh Boulevard; Susan Rose, daughter of Professor and Mrs. Charles Hershfield, 3 Windmill Road; Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs: Irving Hertzman, 1643 Bath-urst-Street; Ronald Joseph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Hunter, 279 Chaplin Crescent; Ellen-Jill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Kaplun, 1840 Bathurst Street; Richard Melton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Kardish, 90 Wembley Road; Louise Janice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Karry, 137 Dewbourne Avenue; Bonita Joy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin E. Kates, 705 Oriole Parkway; David, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kaufman, 24 Strathearn Boulevard; Barry James, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kay, 90 Duncairn Road; Mona Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. King, 84 Re-gina Avenue; Kathy-Jill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. David Kof-man, 221 Hillhurst Boulevard; Susan Janet, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Asher Leranbaum, 47 Prince Charles Drive; Raisyl Ann, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Leslie, 34 Hawarden Crescent; Jane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Levy, 1677 Bathurst Street; Sharon Beverley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Manny Lipman, 28 Ridge Hill Drive; Jill Carole, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lister, 1 Millbank Avenue; Carole, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lokash, 685 Briar Hill Avenue; Marlene Susan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hartley Maldaver, 156 Gordon Road; Corinne, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Mana-ce, 76*8 Spadina Road; Judith Barbara and Lesley Yvonne, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott L. Marrus, 11 Manitou Boulevard: Marsha Tina, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Martin. 21 Madoc Drive; Mildred, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Massey, 17 Ros-trevor Road; Murray Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Miles, 15 Regina Avenue; Joy Susan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abbey A. Muter, 213 Dun vegan Road; Paul Herman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. Newman, 1 Ridgewood Road; Karen Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Pachter, 83 Ava Road: Robert David, son of Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Pritzker, 20 Kimbark Boulevard; Marlene Rheva, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max J. Robins, 167 High Park Avenue; Jeffrey Raymond, son of Dr. and Mrs. Albert Rose, 225 Cortleigh Boulevard; Roland Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ross, 43 Prince Charles Drive; Sandra Roslyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Rothschild; Lome Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Salutln, 630 Vesta Srive; Linda-Jane, daughter of rs. Alisa Satchel, 1693 Bathurst Street: Rossi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shuster, 33 Ridelle Avenue; Joel Jay, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Siegel, 660 Briar Hill Avenue; Jonathan Hart, sen of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stan, 617 Vesta Drive: Gerry Stephen, son of Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Solursh, 2949 Bathurst Street; Heather Sue, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Sol-way; Gary Elliott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Soren, 121 Strathearn Road; Jill Elizabeth, daughter of Gilbert Sterling, 178 Strathearn Road: Stephen Jay. son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stern, 40 Brookview Drive; Temma, daughter of Mrs. Ruth Stulberg, 330 Kingswood Road; Jeffrey Roger, aon of Mr. and Mrs. Lionel H. .Stutz, 18 Strathearn Road: Bernard Paul, son of Mr. ana Mrs. Calvin Swartz, 130 Highboume Road; David Alan, son of Dr. and Mrs. Irving Wayne, 153 Sandring-ham Drive; Daryll Rayna, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Weingarten, 5 Windmill Road; Barbara Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weisberg, 37 Ridelle Avenue; Myron John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wolfe, 733 Avenue Road; Carol Lynn, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Hyman C. Zack, 567 Briar Hill Avenue; Frank Edward, son of Mr. and Mrs, Irving 0. Zaid, 86 Wembley Road. ir beth radom ir Synagogue Sisterhood dinner meeting saw Mrs. Samuel Wilkes, outgoing president, install these officers: Mesdames Harold Pelchovitz, president; Morris Swimmer, vice-president; Morris Karalniek, secretary; Ralph Glass, treasurer; and chairmen: E. Schopp, social; J. Green, fund-raising; S. Yarmo, membership; Harvey Pacter, program; Henry Rosenbaum, welfare; Alec Givertz, trustee. Conveners "were: Mesdames P. Hoffman, and M. Swimmer. ir machzikei bnai * israel Synagogue Sisterhood was entertained by Mrs. Alexandre Mest, at her new home, 70 Prue Avenue, at a buffet dinner meeting. Newly-elected officers were: Mesdames B. Rose, president; Alexandre Mest, vice-president; S. Cohen, treasurer; F. Cohen, H. Arbus, secretaries; T. Cohen, M. Feld-man, social conveners; committees: M. Marcus, sunshine; B. Osolky, F. Tobe, M. Silver, I. Lachter, fund-raising; E. Fisher, C. For-gang, A. Lax, telephone; H. Karn, K. Fromowitz, H. Arbus, F. Taub, visiting sunshine. A silver tray was presented to Mrs. Alexandre Mest on the occasion of her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and as a gift for her new home. Honoured guests were: Mrs. T. Dvorin, of Chicago, 111.; and Mrs. H. Baker, president of the Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the Machzikei Bnai Israel. ir bnai brith ir Armour Heights members at the District Number One convention, at the Concord Hotel, in Kiamesha Lake, N.Y., were: Arnold Mandel, president, and Mrs. Mandel; David Robbins, first vice-president, and Mrs. Robbins; W. Roberts, second vice-president, and Mrs. Robert?; Mr. and Mrs. M. Levita, Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Shear, Mr. and Mrs. S. Gangbar, Mr. and Mrs. ii. Axelrod. Wilson Heights Chapter bowling banquet was at the Club Oasis Room of the Barclay Hotel. Present were: Mrs. David Mitz, chairman, and Mr. Mitz; Mr. and Mrs. William Budd, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bender, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wagman, Mr. and Mrs. Morry Pottins, Mr. and Mrs. A. Sugar, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Dalkin, Mr. and Mrs. M. Yuchtman, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Katzman, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Chapley, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gasee, Mr. and Mrs. Amek Adler, Mr. and Mrs. A. Roher. Prizes were won by: Mrs. David Mitz, high average; Mrs. M. Katzman, high triple; Mrs. A. Sugar, high single; Mrs. Oscar Bender, high triple with handicap; Mrs. M. Pottin, high single with handicap. * bnai zion * Association featured "Ladies Ko-vod Night", and honoured Israel's "Yom Ha-atzmaut." Samuel Himel presided. Rabbi David Monson, the guest speaker, reported on his trip to Israel. Lazar A. Lifschitz, vice-president spoke on the building of a community centre at Yotvota, in the Negev, named for Rabbi Monson. New officers are: Samuel Himel, president; Lazar A. Lifschitz, Louis Spegei, vice-presidents; Joseph Steinberg, treasurer; David Siegel, Sol Pearl, secretaries; Wilfred Joel, executive. Peter Brown, past president, welcomed the new members: Isaac Aufgang, M. Man-del, Julius Marcus, Charles May-son, Paul Kamin, I. Pezim, Charles Troster. Mrs. Robert Cherner was chosen "The Lady of Kovod Night", for 1962, and received an Israeli silver plate. *mizrachi hapoel* Hamixrachi Senior Women's Organisation annual donor dinner was given at EiU Chaim Talmud Torah, 1 Viewmount Avenue. Mrs. 8arah Weingarten, president, received the guests. Seated at the 58^6" 58 CHICAGO KOSHER PRQWK5T8 58 FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INSPECTED Under the iupervUlon of Rabbi F. Rfsonman Now available in al! chain stores, groceries, appetisers, and delicatessens throughout Canada. manufactured by UNION KOSHER SAUSAGE Co. Ltd. 56 LIPPINCOTT STREET Phone: 368-4244 TORONTO Resorts — Ontario I TAUB S LODGE PORT CARLING, MUSKOKAi For your restful vacation reserve new at reasonable rat**. Dellclev* KesJter cuisine prepared by excellent cook, Swimming, beating, fishing, week-end dancing. Facilities -lor children all ages. Ooed golfing facilities close by. Coll Mn. Anna Taub, WA. 2-9387. head table were: Rabbi Walter Wurzburger, guest speaker; Mesdames Sarah Weingarten; J. Ei-senberg, past president; Charles Proctor, J. Sugar, vice-presidents; G. Stern, honoured vice-president; B. Bomberg, secretary; Leah B. Sternberg, recording secretary, and Jewish National Fund convener; Fannie Heller, treasurer; A. Kozupsky, trustee; R. Chesley, president of the Women's Council Organization; C. Kaminker, vice-president of Council; K. Devore, treasurer of Council; Johnny Wayne, who presented the entertainment, and Mrs. Wayne. Mrs. G. Stern introduced Rabbi Walter Wurzburger, who spoke on his trip to Israel, and was thanked by Mrs. Charles Proctor. The door prize was won by Mrs. A. Kozupsky. At the closing, at the Centre, 86 Vaughan Road, with Mrs. Sarah Weingarten presiding, Mrs. Leah B. Sternberg read the minutes. A report was given by Mrs. B. Bomberg. Mrs. C. Proctor, who paid up for a "Mother-in-Israel", was presented with the first charm by Mrs. E. Weisbrod. Mrs. B. Lef-kovitz was refreshment convener. The raffle was won by Mrs. K. Langner. A tea in August will be at the summer home of Mrs. B. Lefkowitz, and Mrs. I. Rosenberg. Bruria Chapter met at the home of Mrs. J. D. Shafir, 195 Brunswick Avenue. Mrs. I. Kelner presided. Mrs. S. Orfus reported on the clothing drive for Israel. Present were: Mrs. M. Bernstein, 14 Wells Hill AverUie, and her daughter, Miss Sharon Bernstein, who is the fiancee of Max Shafir, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Shafir. A raffle, donated by the hostess, was won by Mrs. J. Skulka. Refreshments were served by Mrs. J. D. Shafir, LAKE SIMCOE ISLAND GROVE, bungalows, two and three rooms, friendly colony, laundry, all service*, reasonable. ME. 3-6434 or HI. 7-417$. LAKE SIMCOE Gamebridge Beach; summer home; four bedrooms; tw* wafflFoomi; guest house; children'* camp. FOR SALE OR RENT. HI. 4-2 3 45 ROOM AND BOARD Can you give room and board te an older man or woman, where they will feel wanted and accepted* Iff you have a room available and are interested please call, Mrs. Sugar, Jewish Family and Child Service, EM. 2-5201. Mrs. M. Bernstein, and Miss Bernstein. * daughters of * israel Charity Society, closing meeting and luncheon had Mrs. I. H. Chap-nick presiding. Speakerwere: Mesdames C. Weiner, vice-president; S. Petegorski, and A. Slote-roff; Sick conveners. Mrs. J. Landsberg, chairman of distress; and Mrs. J. Slovin, vice-president, gave an outline of activities. Mrs. S. Kurin is a new member, Mrs. M. Turk (Eva Fishman) sang Jewish folk songs. The Canadian Jewish Review is still the only Jewish publication ----—in Canada printed in any language reaching the Jewish community which is not sponsored by a group or an organization and which is able to claim membership in tbc Audit Bureau of CircnlstioDt.

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